Rabbi's On This Day: Wednesday, 12/17/14

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


  • Eugene Levy (actor/comedian/writer, SCTVThe ManBringing Down the House, A Mighty WindBest In Show, the American Pie movies, For Your Consideration ) (68)
  • Giovanni Ribisi (actor, That Thing You Do!Saving Private RyanGone In 60 SecondsLost In TranslationLost HighwayAvatar) (40)
  • Milla Jovovich (actress/model/singer-songwriter, The Fifth Element, the Resident Evil movies, The Fourth KindZoolander, The Three Musketeers) (39)
  • Sean Patrick Thomas (actor, Save The Last DanceCruel Intentions, Barbershop) (44)
  • Bill Pullman (actor, SpaceballsThe Serpent And The RainbowWhile You Were SleepingIndependence DayScary Movie 4, Lost Highway) (61)
  • Ernie Hudson (actor, Ghostbusters, Oz) (69)
  • Paul Rodgers (singer, FreeBad Company, the Firm, the Law, Queen + Paul Rodgers) (65)
  • Mike Mills (bassist, R.E.M.) (56)
  • Jim Bonfanti (drummer, the Raspberries) (66)
  • Tracy Byrd (country star) (48)
  • Chris Matthews (journalist, MSNBC host of Hardball With Chris Matthews) (69)
  • Nat Wolff (actor/musician, Naked Brothers Band, The Fault in Our Stars) (20)
  • Sarah Paulson (actress, American ...

Black Metal Sock Puppets ‘Hail Santa’ With ‘Immortal Christmas’

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From Loudwire

Rabbi's On This Day: Tuesday, 12/16/14

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


  • Benjamin Bratt (actor, Private Practice, Law & OrderDemolition ManMiss CongenialityTraffic) (51)
  • Lesley Stahl (CBS journalist, newscaster, 60 Minutes) (73)
  • Liv Ullmann (actress) (76)
  • Billy F. Gibbons (singer-guitarist, ZZ Top) (65)
  • Tony Hicks (guitarist, the Hollies) (69)
  • William "The RefrigeratorPerry (former NFL player turned pitchman) (52)
  • Benny Andersson (of ABBA, "Dancing Queen") (68)
  • Miranda Otto (actress, The Lord Of The Rings, War of the Worlds) (46, disputed 47)
  • Anna Popplewell (actress, The Chronicles Of Narnia films, Reign) (26)
  • Krysten Ritter (actress, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, 27 Dresses, What Happends in Vegas) (33)
  • Christopher Thorn (guitarist, Blind Melon) (46)
  • Flo Rida (Tramar Dillard, rapper) (35)


  • 1770 Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven is born. He dies in 1827.
  • 1773, in what became known as the Boston Tea Party, American colonists disguised as Indians, protesting British tea taxes and monopoly of the tea trade, snuck onto ships docked in Boston Harbor and dumped ...

New Releases 12/16/14

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Check it out at New Releases Now

Foo Fighters Still #1

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Check out their Rolling Stone article with Dave Grohl

Check him out on Ellen60 Minutes and the HBO "Sonic Highways" trailer

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