Producer's Notes - 09/22/14

Posted 9/22/2014 12:05:00 AM

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Totally Office Calendar day 1

Here's what happened on the show today:

Time 6:10-6:22

Weather. Traffic. News Bus carrying dozens of people overturned in DE on rt 1 in New Castle. Authorities have had no sightings of the gunmen who fired on a police barracks with an automatic rifle, Eric Frein. Mars chocolate is recalling M&M’s voluntarily for mislabeling an allergen warning. Sports Wide receivers Jerry Macklin lifted the Eagles past the Redskins yesterday for a final of 37-34, Eagles are now 3-0. Phillies lost in 10 innings against the Oakland A’s. Casey went to the Eagle’s game in his inflatable green suit. Guy chest bumped Casey and sent him flying backwards. Whenever they’d score a touchdown, he would inflate it and dance around. Eddie Alvarez on the show today, fighting Donald Cerrone (look up spelling). Agent Coulson, Clark Gregg on the show today. Laura Vitale ...

Producer's Notes - 09/19/14

Posted 9/19/2014 12:05:00 AM
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Eddie Alvarez (8:15) Clark Gregg (9:10) and Laura Vitale (9:30)
Here's What Happened on the Show Today:
Time 6:11-6:21
Friday morning. Weather. Traffic. News Three people including firefighters injured in a fire in Kensington, blaze spread to 4 alarms. Florida grandfather killed daughter and 6 grandchildren before killing himself.  Agency that operates Walt Whitman bridge has been approved for $2.6 million for bridge repairs. Three years after deck reconstruction was completed. Don’t we possess the technology to bring NJ closer? SPORTS Robby Irwin pitched 6 strong innings after Padres beat Phillies last night. Devon Hester set NFL record with 20th touchdown return leading Falcons past Buccaneers. Flyers GM and Kimo Timmanen press conference update for health. Meet & Eat. Casey is back today. 

Time 6:34-7:11
Red Hot Chili Peppers. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Jimmy Fallon 40, Jeremy Irons 66, Daniel Anwa 63, Lita Ford ...

Producer's Notes - 09/18/14

Posted 9/18/2014 12:05:00 AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:26
It’s Thursday. Weather. Traffic. News. Schools closed from false sightings of man accused of shooting two troopers in rural PA. He’s a trained survivalist who has expressed desire to kill people. Police questioning people who have attacked a gay couple in Philadelphia. One attacker fired from coaching job at Archbishop Wood. Victims attacked by 10-12 people. Both put in hospital. $10,000 reward for information. Almost one year ago Powerball bought at Center City won, last day to retrieve prize of $1 million. Winner in last year’s Mega Millions drawing has yet to retrieve prize. Sports. Phillies won 5-2 over Padres. Game tonight against Padres. Darren Sproles offensive player of the week. Eagle’s game Sunday against Redskins. Jonathan Dwyer arrested on allegations of aggravated assault. On show today Dawn Wells, John Heffron, Kenneth J. Lacovara, Ph.D., Aziz Ansari. 3 of a ...

Producer's Notes - 09/17/14

Posted 9/17/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the show:

Dawn Wells (8:00am)

John Heffron (8:15am)

Kenneth Lacovara (9:00am)

Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:14-6:32
Weather. Traffic. News Philadelphia Police say 12 suspects are characterized thanks to twitter for the hate crime that happened in center city. Children’s Hospital confirms four ‘Enterovirus D68′ cases found here.  Pennsylvania trooper killed and one injured by survivalist targeting cops. Franklin Mills will be changing its name to Philadelphia Mills and redesigning its store inside and out. Sports. The Minnesota Vikings have reversed course on Adrian Peterson, putting him on the NFL's exempt permission list until his child-abuse case is resolved, which bars him from all team activities, the team said in a news release this morning. Alexi Amarista had three hits, including a two-run homerun, to lead the Padres to a 5-4 win over the Phillies last night in San Diego. The Union lost in ...

Producer's Notes - 09/16/14

Posted 9/16/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Show: 

Don Jamieson (9:00a)


Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:06-6:16

It’s Tuesday. Weather. Traffic. News. Father shot man who climbed through daughter’s window. Intruder died, daughter may have known him. Possible sexual assault of schoolgirl on Roosevelt Blvd. After getting off Septa bus she was knocked out. President Barack Obama ordering military personnel to Africa to fight for control of Ebola. Ebola virus can potentially go airborne. Sports. Eagles beat Colts 30-27. Back home next weekend again Redskins. Jonathon Papelbon suspended for a lewd gesture then bumping an umpire after 5-4 loss to Marlins. Phillies lost to Padres 1-0. Game tonight against Padres 10:10 pm. Union one win away from winning championship. On show today Craig Berube and Ken Burns.

Time 6:30-7:10
Pink Floyd Happiest Days- Another Brick. Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays BB King is 89. Mickey Rourke is 62. Marc ...

Producer's Notes - 09/15/14

Posted 9/15/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Show: 

Coach Craig Berube (8:15a)

Ken Burns (8:40a)


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:12-6:23
Going to be a beautiful day. Traffic. News. 26 year old pregnant mother shot in Frankford, both mother and child dead. Pennsylvania state trooper injured in ambush is now conscious. Power outage at Six Flags in New Jersey. Sports. Jonathan Papelbon made rude gesture at Phillies game. Eagles play second game of season tonight. Robert Griffin III season is in jeopardy after injury. 3 of a kind. Club Risqué Ladies Night. 
Time 6:34-7:11
Lots of sunshine this week. Traffic. Casey is out today, Marisa is in studio. SQ. Birthdays. Tommy Lee Jones, 68. Oliver Stone, 68. Tom Hardy, 37. Heidi Montag, 28. Prince Harry, 30. Dan Marino, 53. Dina Lohan, 52. SA. Caller Matt. Entertainment News. Lindsay Lohan says she handled Whitney Houston’s body bag when doing community ...

Producer's Notes - 09/12/14

Posted 9/12/2014 12:05:00 AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:


Time 6:11-6:25

Weather. Traffic. News. South African judge finds Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide. Marisa made the sports intro go off. 4 children hospitalized with respiratory virus, attacks kids with asthma usually. Lesean Mccoy has responded to the .20 tip he left at PYT. His action was a statement; he thinks there’s a difference between good service and bad service and just having a bad day… that was bad service. Sports. The Pirates beat the Phils 4-1. The Marlins will have to play without Giancarlo Stanton.  He suffered facial lacerations requiring stitches, multiple facial fractures and dental damage after being struck under his left eye by a pitch. Ravens beat Steelers 26-to-6 last night. JJ Bootleggers coming in for a meet and eat.

Time 6:38-7:04

Weather. Traffic. Seether words as weapons. SQ. Birthdays. Neil Peart from Rush, Preston’s favorite band, ...

Producer's Notes - 09/11/14

Posted 9/11/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Show: 

Gilbert Gottfried (8:15a)

The Pretty Reckless (9:00a)

Tom Burgoyne (9:30 a)


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

                                  Time 6:09-7:19

Weather. Traffic. News. It’s the 13th anniversary of 9/11. For the 1st time, the National Sept 11th museum will be open today to the public. Nearly completed one world trade center will be filled with office workers by 2015. Barack Obama warns that we will hunt down terrorists who have threatened us. Clip from Obama. Obama said he’s dispatching nearly 5,000 troops. Florida developer has offered $90 million to buy Revel casino. Chris Christie is putting together job fairs for laid-off casino workers. Sports. Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Phillies last night, 6-3. Law enforcement official says he sent the video of Ray Rice punching his ...

Producer's Notes - 09/10/14

Posted 9/10/2014 12:05:00 AM

On tomorrow's show we have:

Marc Summers 8a

Sebastien La Toux and Amobi Okugo 8:15a 

Song #1 3 of a kind 9a

Pretty Reckless 9:30a 


Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:08-6:22
Weather. Traffic. News: Police chase on Market Frankford El started with a student avoiding paying and ended with the student climbing on top of a train. Police are looking for two young suspects for assault and robbery on a young boy in a wheelchair. President Obama is prepared to broaden airstrikes on ISIS in Syrian territory. Sports: Michael Franco hit a tie breaking single yesterday and Phillies to beat the Pirates. Eagles placed 3 players on injured reserves yesterday. Eagles signed Wade Smith. Ray Rice, his wife and NFL commissioner spoke out yesterday about the elevator incident. WoW, Back to School Ladies Night: 5 callers, Secret Text Word.
Time 6:34-7:08
Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Joe Perry, ...

Producer's Notes - 09/09/14

Posted 9/9/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Show: 

Joel McHale (8:45a) 

Aziz Ansari (9:30a)


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

     Time 6:12-6:26
Drizzle and showers on the way. Traffic. News. Home Depot confirmed payment systems were hacked. Breach goes as far back as April. Nick got a free Christmas tree from Home Depot. Possibly more people involved than Target data breach. Malaysian airline was struck by high energy objects. Theory was that the airline was hit by a missile but no evidence of where it came from. Flight 17 was flying from Amsterdam and killed all 298 people aboard. Upper Darby Laurel Manor reports of a man wearing nothing but a pair of black shorts is thought to be “peeping tom”. Sports. Ray rice was let go by Baltimore Ravens for striking his fiancé in an elevator according to leaked video. Lions beat Giants 35-14. Arizona beat chargers 18-17. ...

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