Producer's Notes - 01/30/15

Posted 1/30/2015 12:05:00 AM

On Monday's Show: Billy Gardell 9:00 am

Here is what happened on today's show:

Time 6:09-6:22

WMMR. Weather and Traffic with Marisa, Kathy is out again today. News. President Obama was in Philadelphia Thursday night. Follow up story to the firefighter sex scandal, the woman in the middle of scandal is a person with special needs.  Officials say she was preyed upon by those sworn to protect her. A firefighter and the girl he saved weeks ago from a frozen pond have reunited for a cheerful thank you. Sports.  The Flyers won their third game in a row, beating Winnipeg 5-2. In golf, Tiger Woods is off to a rough start in his first tournament of 2015. The 76’ers are home tonight. It’s Soup Bowl 2015!!!! The studio is prepped and ready to go for TONS OF SOUP!! Nick is here and Steve thinks he is a reminder of Brian ...

Producer's Notes - 01/29/15

Posted 1/29/2015 12:05:00 AM

On tomorrows show:

Soup Bowl

Audra Mclaughlin (6:30)

Jose Garces (8)

Here's What Happened On Today's Show:                         

                          Time 6:12-6:26
WMMR. Good Morning. We are missing two people from the show. Weather, and traffic with Marisa! News. Police say two men were shot and one is dead after crashing into a house. Philly police arrested a man who attacked a 17 yr. old girl on a trolley. Mont Co. woman is accused of stealing $10,000 from Boy scouts and Girl scouts. Sports. By Jacky Bam Bam, the 76ers beat the Pacers, Flyers have a game tonight and David Montgomery is back in the Phillies Office with an honorary title. Sports report was typed up by Brittnay, Jacky’s girlfriend! Nick and Kathy are out with an ugly ...

Producer's Notes - 01/28/15

Posted 1/28/2015 12:05:00 AM

Here's What Happened On Today's Show:

Time 6:10-6:23

Weather. Marisa is filling in for Kathy. Traffic. News three women were injured after bricks fell through the ceiling of the LuLulemon store. Islamic state issued final ultimatum threatening to kill hostages. National weather service director says he did not do a good enough job before the snow storm. Matt O’Donnell’s open letter defends ABC. Sports Flyers win against Arizona. Martin Brodeur will retire. The Sixers will play against Detroit. Kathy is not feeling well and had flu like symptoms. Ed Bassmaster will have his own show. Preston made three different soups in preparation for the Soup Bowl. Nick is purposely not having soup before Friday. Ramen noodles are not soup. Preston and Steve drain the water out of the bowl. Text now to be the secret text word winner.

Time 6:36-7:09
We will give away painfully single mixer tickets later. Traffic. ...

Producer's Notes - 01/27/15

Posted 1/27/2015 12:05:00 AM

On tomorrow's show:

Ed Bassmaster

Here's what happened on today's show:

                          Time 6:09-6:26
We’re all gonna die! Accumulations low, 3-4 inches at most. 31 degrees tomorrow. Traffic. News Snow totals drastically updated, 2 to 4 inches in the city. Schools are closed or opening late. Travel ban in NJ. Numbers were adjusted around 5am. John Bolaris saved us! Kathy promised to make a snowman and Casey made a small one. A snow dwarf. Once schools close, it’s hard to turn that around. Parents of 1-month old girl charged with child endangerment after a ferret mauled their baby’s face. 25 percent of her face is damaged. Former Philly hero officer sentenced to probation for assault. Was shot in the face and chased suspect down. Sports LA Kings placed Mike Richards on waivers. No word on whether Flyers will claim him. Flyers playing tonight at 7. Zac Rinaldo suspended for 8 ...

Producer's Notes - 01/26/15

Posted 1/26/2015 12:05:00 AM

Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:14-6:24
Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. News winter storm warning has been posted for the majority of our area. Tonight the nor’easter approaches which will make the morning commute slightly difficult. snow will likely end during the afternoon on Tuesday. The body of a missing PA teacher, Christopher Tully, was found in the Schuylkill River late last night. A device was found on the lawn of the White House which prompted an increased security over the weekend. Sports Team Irvine won against Team Carter in the NFL Pro Bowl.  Team Toews beat Team Foligno in the NHL All-Star game. Villanova beat Crieghton last night. Duke beat St. John’s. WOW. 

Time 6:36-7:11
No Rain, Blind Melon. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Edward VanHalen, 60. Ellen DeGeneres, 57. David Strathairn, 66. Scott Glenn, 74. Bob Uecker, 80. Wayne Gretskym 54. Random birthday: Peter Sarasnak, Slovak ice hockey player. ...

Producer's Notes - 01/23/15

Posted 1/23/2015 12:05:00 AM
On next week's show:
Soup Bowl!
Here's what happened on Today's Show:
Time 6:06-6:21
Weather. Traffic. News. Five members of a Bucks County family accused of credit card fraud. Turned themselves into investigators Thursday morning. Investigation began after a 2013 fire in Claires house which she calls Claremont. Following the fire, they filed an insurance claim, which they’ve done three times. I did that too at Stevemont. There was a phone scheme targeting NJ hotel guests. Someone was making calls to guests claiming they were staff asking for credit card numbers. Nor’easter expected between 8-10 pm tonight. Nick has to do the Polar Plunge on Saturday. Sports. NE Patriots Tom Brady says he has not been contacted about inflated ball investigation. In tennis, second-seeded Roger Federer was ousted from the third round of the Australian Open, losing to unseeeded Andreas Seppi in four sets. Jeff Gordon announces the ...

Producer's Notes - 01/22/15

Posted 1/22/2015 12:05:00 AM
On tomorrow's show:
Rick Forman(9a)
Shannen Doherty(9:30a)
Here's what happened on Today's Show:
Time 6:07-6:18
Good morning! Weather. Mostly cloudy. 43 degrees, maybe Nor’easter tomorrow. Traffic. News After 9 hours, jury found Don Tollefson guilty. Tollefson acted as his own attorney. Thought he’d nail it when he brought in the monkeys and dogs. Withdrew guilty pleas, now facing up to 30 years behind bars. Nobody wins. Casey held out hope it was all bad bookkeeping. 53 year-old man shot at Germantown corner store. Salt-truck overturned on South Jersey highway. Sports Carmelo Anthony had 27 points, 11 rebounds, beat Sixers 98-91. Knicks ended losing streak. Flyers off until Tuesday. St. Joe’s beat UMass. Club Risque Ladies Night. Robert Irvine on the show today. Hottie Cam. Concert announcement at 7am.
Time 6:30-7:11
MMR rocks Incubus. Club Risque ladies here early. Check em out on the ...

Producer's Notes - 01/21/15

Posted 1/21/2015 12:05:00 AM

On tomorrow's show:

Hottie Cam - Club Risque (7:30a)

Robert Irvine (9a)

Here's what happened on Today's Show:           

                        Time 6:09-6:23
Weather. OMG Tornado. Traffic. News. Two officers were injured in a 3 vehicle crash after responding to a shooting. President Obama, state of the union was just under an hour. There were 81 moments of applause. The president should be introduced with a fog machine and laser lights like the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s. Sports. Flyers won 3-2 over the Penguins. They fought 4 times for a total of 66 penalty minutes. NFL found that 11 out of 12 game balls were under-inflated by 2lbs than regulation during the Patriots and Colts game. Sixers are back home tonight. Concert announcement. John Leguizamo will be in studio. Tommy Lee and Mick Mars Motley ...

Producer's Notes - 01/19/15

Posted 1/19/2015 12:05:00 AM

On Tomorrow's Show:

Ian Ziering (9:10a)


Here's What Happened on Today's Show:

Time 6:07-6:22

Good morning. Weather. Traffic. News Use caution after icing conditions, early Sunday ice on roads lead to three deaths, 155 trucks worked overnight to salt the roads. Preston’s dive way was covered in ice and was slipping walking around. 31 y/o man was killed during a 30 car pile-up after leaving his car. Another multicar crash including a tractor trailer occurred on the blue route resulting in two deaths. State police said they handled over 400 accidents in NJ yesterday. There was a shooting at Vice President’s house, shots fired at 8:25 secret service said a county sheriff detained a man after the shooting and was questioned, it was determined he was not involved in the shooting. SPORTS The Super Bowl is set! Seahawks will play the Patriots. Flyers beat the Buffalo Sabers. 6:20*** Word ...

Producer's Notes - 01/16/15

Posted 1/16/2015 12:05:00 AM

On Next Weeks Show:

John Oates (9a)


Here's What Happened on Today's Show:


Time 6:07-6:16

Weather. Traffic. News  Female Temple University student dies after falling eight stories. Pedestrian is stable condition at Jefferson Hospital. 12 suspects detained for question of fatal shooting in France. Flu causes schools to close because too many students are sick. Sports Flyers lost against Vancouver. 6:14** Mohammad Ali will return home for his birthday after being in the hospital. Word of the week will be given away later. Club Risque ladies night.

 Time 6:28-7:03

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Weather. Traffic. SQ Nick Valensi is 34. John Carpenter is 67. Kate Moss is 41. AJ Foyt is 80. Joe Flacco is 30. Random birthday is Mark Anthony Lacsamana Fernandez, a Spanish actor, is 36. SA Caller George Entertainment News Academy award nominations announced yesterday. JJ Abrams, Alfonzo Caron, Chris Pine, and Cheryl Boone Isaacs ...

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