Producer's Notes - 10/31/14

Posted 10/31/2014 12:05:00 AM

Next week on the show:

Anthony Michael Hall - In Studio

Sean Heyes - PHONER

Topher Grace - PHONER

Audra Mclaughlin and Sean Lacey - In Studio

Here's What Happened on the Show Today...

Time 6:08-6:21
Good Morning. Weather and Traffic. News.  A survivalist accused of killing two state troopers has been captured in an airplane hangar ending a seven week manhunt. 29 year old Brittany Maynard was planning on ending her life after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer has changed her mind. A police department in Montgomery County has created a safe zone for transactions they have made online.  They can complete these transactions in the police station lobby. This is perfect for Steve because he’s making a transaction from a transgender Ebola patient. Sports.  The Lighting beat the Flyers 4-3 last night. Drew Brees threw for 297 yards and the Saint beat the Carolina Panthers 28-10.  LeBron ...

Producer's Notes - 10/30/14

Posted 10/30/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Slutty Halloween Costume Contest (7a)

Sir Roger Moore (9a)

SSGT Daniel Matthews & Mark Schultz (9:30a)

Time 6:09-6:22
Weather. Traffic. News. Talks between SEPTA and the union getting close to an agreement. We have one of these about every 5 years. The problem is there is a bunch of unions. State police plan to monitor home of nurse who treated patients with Ebola. Claims no need to be quarantined because she had no signs. Husband of democratic state senator in Delaware caught stealing signs of Republican politicians. It’s illegal and arrest warrant has been issued. Sports. San Francisco Giants are the World Champs. Sixers had a loss against Indiana Pacers. Flyers have a game against Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30 tonight. We made announcement of Camp Out yesterday. Dr. J will be on the show later. Big Hero 6: 5 callers.
Time 6:30-7:05...

Producer's Notes - 10/29/14

Posted 10/29/2014 12:05:00 AM

On tomorrow's show: 

Matt Ritter (7:45)

Allison Janney (9:00)

John Mulaney (9:00)

Jacqueline London (10:00)
Heres what happened on the show today: 

 Time 6:05-6:23
It’s Wednesday & we’re mid-week! Weather. Traffic. News An unmanned commercial rocket meant to go to the international space station exploded during the launch. There was 5,000 lbs of food on board, but wasn’t necessarily needed by the individuals living on the space station. This was the second launch that was planned for this rocket. Bullying will not be tolerated at Central Bucks West High School The district cancelled the rest of the season after there was an alleged hazing issue. Slap it, lick it, grab it and fondle it is our new game. Human remains were found by workers after they were digging for a swimming pool. The bones are not from a recent death, but rather from over 100 years ago. Sports Royals ...

Producer's Notes - 10/28/14

Posted 10/28/2014 12:05:00 AM

On Tomorrow's Show:

Dan Croce @ 8am

Here's what happened on today's show:

                          Time 6:11-6:19
Time to go! Weather. Traffic. News Police are investigating a possible dog-fighting ring in a house. NJ officials say that the woman who was treating patients of Ebola is now being released from quarantine. The nurse is complaining on the treatment she has received during her time of containment. Molten lava has been flowing throughout the big island of Hawaii. We should fly there and play the real game of lava. The vast majority of population has been relocated while others are in safety shelters. Sports. The Redskins won against the Cowboys. The Giants are leading the World Series. LA Kings are coming to town tonight to battle against the Flyers. WOW LQ Big Hero 6
                          Time 6:31-7:05
Black Crowes Hard ...

Producer's Notes - 10/27/14

Posted 10/27/2014 12:05:00 AM

On Tomorrow's Show: Jeff Ross @ 9am

Here's what happened on today's show:


Time 6:06-6:16
Weather. Traffic. News. Police have charged 24 year old Patricia Shurig with aggravated assault for throwing baby into ocean in Atlantic City. Woman jumped off jetty in an apparent murder/ suicide with the child. 14 year old girl shot in Washington school shooting died. Septa Union has come to a decision to strike. Strike is mostly about pension benefits. Sports Arizona Cardinals John Brown caught 75 yard TD pass with less than 2 minutes remaining to beat the Eagles Sunday. World Series Giants won, now up 3-2 in games. St. Louis Cardinals prospect Oscar Taveras pronounced dead at the age of 22. Bob Bedard was originated in the old studio. WOTW Movie giveaway Big Hero 6.
Time 6:27-7:06
Come With Me Now WMMR. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Scott Weiland, 47. Kelly Osbourne, 30. John Cleese, ...

Producer's Notes - 10/24/14

Posted 10/24/2014 12:05:00 AM

Today on the Show:

Time 6:12-6:22
Good Morning.  Weather. Traffic. News. Central Bucks High school cancelled the varsity and junior varsity football games for the rest of the season due to hazing allegations. Steve asks Preston to choose waterboarding or finger in the butt?  A doctor, Craig Spencer was praised for getting treatment for the Ebola virus after returning from Africa. He apparently ran a popular kissing booth.  Nearly 200 high school kids are panicked after their test score have been lost. Sports.  The Denver Broncos beat the San Diego Chargers 35-21. Steve Nash will miss the entire season for the L.A. Lakers.  The Eagles are preparing for the Arizona Cardinals this Sunday and The Philadelphia Flyers have a game tomorrow against the Detroit Redwings.
Time 6:33-7:04
R.E.M. Traffic, Straight from Kathy’s morning stretch. SQ. Birthdays. Bill Wyman is 78. Kevin Kline is 67.  F. Murray Abraham, from Scarface ...

Producer's Notes - 10/23/14

Posted 10/23/2014 12:05:00 AM

Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:07-6:14
It’s Thursday. Weather. Traffic. News. Second terrorist attack in Canada by mass murderer. Gunman was shot to death. Serious accident on PA Turnpike, tractor trailer and passenger vehicle collided. One person killed. Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola is virus free. Sports. Royals beat Giant 7-2 in the World Series. Game 3 in San Francisco tomorrow night. Flyers beat Pittsburgh 5-3. Sell-out crowd sang “O Canada” to honor Canadian soldier who was killed. Eagles left guard Evan Mathis returned to practice after a left MCL sprain. Foo Fighters going to be playing a club show in Washington D.C. tomorrow night. Joe DeRosa coming in.

Time 6:26-7:07
Red Hot Chili Peppers. SQ. Birthdays. Robert Trujillo: 50. Ecuadorian chef told Preston they could have been eating a rodent at Jose’s wedding. Weird Al Yankovic: 55; Ryan Reynolds: 38; Ang Lee: 60; Sam Raimi: 55; Nancy ...

Producer's Notes - 10/22/14

Posted 10/22/2014 12:05:00 AM

On Tomorrow's Show: Joe DeRosa @ 9am

Here's what happened on today's show:

 Time 6:08-6:18

Weather. Traffic. News. Large fire in North Philadelphia forced 18 people out of their row homes. 2 West Philadelphia business owners claim their rep was ruined when false claims caused them to spend 2 days in jail. In Sayreville NJ, a coaching staff was suspended due to claims of hazing and sexual abuse. Parents are upset the season has been cancelled and say the kids are being punished more than the adults. Sports. San Francisco Giants beat Royals' winning 7-1 in the World Series opener last night in Kansas City. Blackhawks beat the Flyers 4-nothing last night in Chicago. The Phillies announced that they signed Jerome Williams to a one-year, $2.5 million contract. Preston forgot to set his alarm last night so he was late. His hair is a mess, He’s going to ask Matt ...

Producer's Notes - 10/21/14

Posted 10/21/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the show:

Live hit with Fox 29

Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

                        Time 6:08-6:24

It’s Tuesday. Weather. Traffic. News. Oscar Pistorius South African athlete sentenced to five years in prison for killing girlfriend. Comparable to our OJ Simpson case. Testified he thought his girlfriend was an intruder. They won’t allow him in the courtyard because he can bounce over the fence. Are convicts allowed prosthetics in prison? PA State Police say Eric Frein may have been spotted. Led officers to home and police dog smelled his scent at the backdoor, wasn’t there. Will he take himself out? Nick’s friends in the Poconos very spooked and haven’t hunted. Ongoing email pornography scandal that has cost people their jobs in Harrisburg, PA Supreme Court Justice suspended for allegations. Sports. Steelers beat Texans 40-23. Flyers have ...

Producer's Notes - 10/20/14

Posted 10/20/2014 12:05:00 AM

Date: 10-20-2014
Time 6:05-6:17
Monday morning. Weather. Traffic. News A woman in Northeastern PA says she saw accused gunman Eric Frein, she noticed a man presumed to be Frein near a high school with mud on his face and a rifle. Police say two men stole more than $16,000 from a Chickie & Pete’s in Delaware County, investigators are trying to determine if this’s an inside job. Ebola fears began to ease for those who had come into contact with the patient as the 21 day incubation period ended. Sports Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for career touchdown passes by throwing his 509th pass. The Dallas Cowboys beat the NY Giants, they’ve won 6 in a row. The Arizona Cardinals gave the Oakland Raiders their 12th loss in a row. The Flyers won their first game of the season this past weekend after Claude Giroux scored an OT winner ...

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