Producer's Notes - 03/03/15

Posted 3/3/2015 12:05:00 AM

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Cheryl Colleluori (In Studio)
Todd Herremans

Here's What Happened on Today's Show...

                          Time 6:09-6:22
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Fire at a sheet metal plant in Upper Moreland. Fire escalated quickly to 3 alarms, hit 5 alarms. Fire was gigantic. Sky Force was not in danger. Police in Radnor arrested a man who had been taping women and children with hidden cameras. 13 years ago, he was banned for taping girls at a swimming pool. Cell phone camera has made this behavior easy. Georgia postponed its first execution of a woman in 70 years due to concerns over the drug being used. Worried the drug may have been lethal. Sports Toronto Raptors beat the Sixers. Flyers agreed to a 2 year contract extension with Pierre Bellemare. Eagles didn’t use franchise tag on Jeremy Maclin. Plug in your HappyLamps. Weather for the Cardboard Classic should be ideal. ...

Producer's Notes - 03/02/15

Posted 3/2/2015 12:05:00 AM

Here is What Happened on Today's Show:

Time 6:08-6:19
Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. New Update At Philly International Airport ice and snow started causing problems including spin-outs and accidents, also a flight delays. A video of LA police shows them scuffling with a homeless man who was held to the ground and then shot. Police say the man grabbed the officer’s gun. A truck was found in Toms river no people were found however, a dog’s body had been located. A witness said the truck had been driving on the ice and preforming donuts. Sports Flyers beat the NY Rangers. Tampa Bay Lightning have acquired defenseman Braydon Coburn from Philly.  The Lightning gave up defenseman Radko Gudas.  This Friday is the Cardboard Classic! The full line-up of the MMRBQ will be reviled when Pierre comes in! Two weeks from Tuesday come join us for St Patrick’s Day!
Time 6:30-7:07
World ...

Producer's Notes - 02/27/15

Posted 2/27/2015 12:05:00 AM

On Monday 8:20am Dave Franco

Here is What Happened on Today's Show:

Time 6:09-6:21
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Update Driver injured after asleep at the wheel and crashing into a fire station. Police are looking for a group of teens involved in strong arm robberies in Spring Garden. The latest attack took place on Thursday in broad daylight. A woman was maced and put into a headlock and robbed. Padge Winslow “the Black Madam” took the stand yesterday in her own defense and will be taking the stand again today. She is accused of killing a young woman after injecting her with silicone during an illegal cosmetic surgery. She has been doing illegal butt injections since the mid 90’s. She faces up to 40 years in prison for 3rd degree murder. Sports Flyers lose 3-2 vs The Maple Leafs. The Sixers are back home tonight with a game against ...

Producer's Notes - 02/26/15

Posted 2/26/2015 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Show:

Black Listna Party 

Greg Proops - 8a

Will Forte - 9a

Angela Perfetto & Shawn Bullard - 9am

Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:05-6:15
Weather. Traffic. News. 3 people arrested on Weds with a connection to travel to Syria and join Isis. 30 year old arrested in Florida and accused of helping fund it. 3 dozen people arrested in connection with drug ring that has ties to Columbia. Mother arrested after leaving child in a freezing cold car for 45 minutes. Sports. The Bucks beat the Sixers 104-88 last night. Flyers play Toronto tonight at 7:30. The Wildcats beat Mississippi State 74-56.  WOTW Prize. Chickie’s and Petes. 
Time 6:27-7:06
The Pretty Reckless. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Teresa Palmer, 29. Preston fell in love with her when she came in the studio. Michael Bolton, 62. Teresa Palmer came in with Topher Grace and that’s the time ...

Producer's Notes - 02/25/15

Posted 2/25/2015 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Show:

Mr. Skin - 7a

Josh Duhamel - 8:40a

Dr. Fran Walfish, Sexologist - 9a

Here's What Happened on Today's Show:

                          Time 6:11-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News Video from a police crew’s camera shows house explosion from earlier in the week. Former marine was convicted in the deaths of American Sniper author and friend. Authorities cancelled the Amber Alerts for Eleanor Trotta after she has been found with her father who was taken into custody. Sports Justin Faulk had a goal and assist against the Flyers last night. Darren Hilliard scored 19 points in the second half of the Villanova game. Keith Olberman will not host his show after tweet calling PSU THON students pitiful. Abbie Jacobson from Broad City will be in the studio today, and we have a dual hottie cam today. Secret ...

Producer's Notes - 02/24/15

Posted 2/24/2015 12:05:00 AM
Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Abbi Jacobson - “Broad City” - Phoner
Here’s what happened on the show today:
Time 6:09-6:27
WMMR. Good Morning. Weather and Traffic. News. Police in Delaware have issued an Amber Alert for a three year old girl who was taken by her father. Road salt has accidentally mixed with tap water in the Delaware County area. A North Carolina woman was one of three winners in the third largest Powerball lottery. Sports. The Sixers lost to the Miami Heat 119-108. Chris Bosch is going home from the hospital after being treated for blood clots. The Flyers will play Carolina tonight. Game time is at 7pm. The Villanova Wildcats also have a game tonight, tipoff is at 7pm.  Cardboard Classic is in two weeks! Deborah Norville will be on the show later today and we have a Tatoosday taking place.

Producer's Notes - 02/23/15

Posted 2/23/2015 12:05:00 AM

Here's What Happened on Today's Show:

Time 6:07-6:19
Good Morning. Weather. Traffic. News Update Mike’s Gun Shop in Levittown Pike, police responded to an alarm and believe that there is a man on the roof. They believe that the man called in a false report of a found body to mislead them. Why would you rob a gun store? It seems like a high risk area. A 200lb manhole cover was blown off Locust street following two explosion. Peco says an underground wire was smoldering and a buildup of pressure caused the explosion. Imagine what that could do to a spin class. Penn State’s Thon is the world’s largest student fundraiser for pancreatic cancer raising $13.02 million this weekend and a total of over 100 million raised. 15,000 students and volunteers were at the event. Sports Flyers win 3-2, Sixers lost 103-98, Joey Lagona won the Daytona 500. This Friday ...

Producer's Notes - 02/20/15

Posted 2/20/2015 12:05:00 AM
 Here's What Happened on Today's Show:                   
                       Time 6:12-6:27
Good Morning. Weather. Traffic. News Update: Police arrested teenage neighbor in murder case in Las Vegas. A mother was teaching her daughter how to drive when they came into an altercation with another driver. The mother was followed back to her house and was shot. A limo driver was shot and killed in Philadelphia last night. Co-workers said he was having trouble with robberies in the area. On Thursday a Philadelphia police officer gave out ipads to school children who were not able to communicate due to autism. SPORTS Sabres beat Flyers 7-2 The Milwaukee Bucks, Sixers and Phoenix Suns have completed a three-team trade that sends Brandon Knight and Kendall Marshall to Phoenix, Michael Carter-Williams, Miles Plumlee and Tyler ...

Producer's Notes - 02/19/15

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Justin Guarini: Phoner (7a)

Paul DiMeo: In Studio (8a)

Zac Rinaldo: In Studio (9a)

Adam Scott: Phoner (10a)

Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:09-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News. Philly police say that 2 members of Nicki Minaj’s tour group were stabbed outside a Philly bar. Contaminated medical instruments are responsible for infecting 7 patients and possibly hundreds at UCLA hospital with CRE. Residents at The Creeks at Marshalton in New Castle haven’t had heat since Friday and the pipes started bursting. Preston has a kerosene heater in case his house loses power. Sports. La Salle beat Duquesne, 87-72. Pitchers and catchers officially report to Spring Training for the Phillies today. The Flyers play at home tonight a game against the Buffalo Sabres. Mad River doing a hottie cam this morning. Jim Jackson will be on the show. Kevin Hart will be on today, he is the ...

Producer's Notes - 02/18/15

Posted 2/18/2015 12:05:00 AM

On Tomorrow's Show: 

Adam Ferrara - IN STUDIO - (8:00)

Jim Jackson - IN STUDIO - (9:00)

Kevin Costner - (9:00)

Here's What Happened on Today's Show:

                         Time 6:07-6:20
We’re back after a couple days off! Weather. Traffic. News A family is mourning the loss of their Mom after passing from a brain aneurism and missing her wedding rings. 44 year old, Tammy Myers was shot outside of her home in Las Vegas after searching for an individual involved in a road rage incident. Carnegie Mellon University accidentally accepted multiple students then retracted multiple acceptances hours later. Sports The Columbus blue Jacks beat the Flyers 5-2 last night. The Sixers will take the Indiana Pacers Friday night. Nate Allen spent last night in Fort Meyers, Florida being questioned by the police. Today on the show we’ll go live ...

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