Producer's Notes - 04/17/14

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Godfrey - IN STUDIO - 8:15am


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:07-6:20

Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Police say mother in Florence Twp. NJ tried to kill her children by driving her van into the river. A man Taylor saw and rescued the family. The man made 8 trips to and from shore to rescue the family. Woman was arrested for attempted murder. Search for 280 passengers continues after ferry flipped; 475 were on board. In a few days 3 cranes will be brought in to help remove the debris in hopes to find any possible survivors. A popular place to buy Easter candy was shut down by police, after racking up $12,000 in unpaid taxes. Sports Braves beat Phillies 1-0. Series wraps up this afternoon. Sixers win over Heat in final season game. Michael Carter Williams had 12 points. Flyers ...

Producer's Notes - 04/16/14

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Marc Summers- IN STUDIO- 7:00 AM

Jane Goodall- IN STUDIO- 9:30 AM

Here's what happened on the show this morning:                                     

Time 6:14-6:27

It’s a bit chilly as we get started. Weather. Traffic. News a violent confrontation between a police officer a women took place. It happened at 9th and Kerlin streets in Chester. There was a lot of yelling and running around a witness said. The office pinned the suspect down and started punching and tasing her. A man taking into custody was being charged in Boston with a hoax device. The incident took hours after the ceremony. The bomb was blown up by the bomb squad. A moment of silence was held at the finish line in honor of the bombings last year. An amber alert was ...

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FOX Good Day - 7:55

Jane Leeves - 9:00

Greg Kinner - 9:10

Philly's Hottest Hand Bra winner is announced! 

                           Time 6:15-6:27
It’s Tuesday morning! Weather. Traffic. News Police are investigating a fatal shooting outside of a club on Tuesday morning outside of the Copacobana club.. A mini sub hunting for the Malaysian airline had issues when it was searching in waters deeper than its operating depth limit. The IRS has received more than 100 million tax returns that they expect to get this tax season. Sports The Atlanta Braves won over the Phillies last night. Both teams will play again tonight. The Sixers won over the Boston Celtics last night. Michael Phelps is coming out of retirement in order to prepare for the Rio Olympics. WOW. 

                          Time 6:38-7:08
We have more ...

Producer's Notes - 04/11/14

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Monday on the Preston and Steve Show:


WMMR's Markus in-studio - 7:30am - in-studio

James Van Der Beek - 9am - phoner


Here's what happened on the show this morning:


We’re here and it’s Friday. 80 degrees on Monday. Traffic. News: Police looking for a sexual assault and robbery suspect in center city. The man met a stranger on an LGBT site, told him he had a gun and made him make several purchases of Visa gift cards. A FedEx tractor trailer crossed a freeway median near Sacramento and crashed into a school bus, causing a fiery explosion. Two more explosions then followed. 10 people were killed including at least 7 students. Authorities are confident that signals detected 15,000 feet deep in the Indian Ocean belong to the missing Malaysian airlines flight’s black box. Sports:The Flyers will open the playoffs on the road, either against the ...

Producer's Notes - 04/10/14

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Belle Knox Student Porn Star - 8am - In Studio

Gifford's Lane - 9am - In Studio


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:04-6:14

Weather. Traffic. News. A student slashed over 20 students and faculty members at a school in Pittsburgh. Suspect was charged with 4 counts of attempted homicide and 20 accounts of aggravated assault. He will be prosecuted as an adult. Surveillance cameras caught a shootout at a hotel on Roosevelt Blvd. Police are hoping someone comes forward with the identities of the suspects. The NY Times reported that Russia hid information from the FBI on the Boston Marathon bomber. Sports. Phillies lost 9-4 yesterday, third game in a row. Series wraps up tonight. Sixers lost tonight, making their record 17-61. Flyers have 3 games left in the regular season with 91 pts. They will be in ...

Producer's Notes - 04/09/14

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Jon Lovitz- IN STUDIO- 8:15 AM

Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:22

A little party here this morning. Weather. Traffic. News A Bensalem man used Carbon Monoxide to kill his mother. The mother was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. A train derailed on a busy Philadelphia street at Aramingo and Caster Ave. one set of wheels detached from the cars from photos of the scene. Australian official ship has relocated during the search of the missing Malaysian airlines plane. Sports Ryan Braun hit three home runs to lead the Milwaukee Brewers to a 10-4 win over the Phillies which spoiled the Phils’ home opener. Game tonight is at 7:05. The Flyers beat the Panthers 5-to-2 last night. On October 23, the Flyers were 1-and-7, but Claude Giroux said “We will make the playoffs.” The Captain ...

Producer's Notes - 04/07/14

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Dave Attell – Phoner
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Broadcasting from MMR studio 4F not the Preston & Steve Studio due to some technical difficulties. Weather. Traffic. News: Septa Union officials announced Sunday that they would not strike Monday but that no deal has been reached. The Union wants a 2-year deal with pay increases. The underwater sounds detected by a ship searching for the missing Malaysian flight are consistent with the ‘pings’ from the plane’s black box. An 11 year old boy was shot while playing outside in North Philadelphia when 15 shots were fired. He remains in critical condition. Another 11 y.o. girl was shot and killed by a 2 y.o. while playing with a gun. Sports: AJ Burnett got roughed up yesterday as the Phils fell to the Cubs. With 4 games remaining ...

Producer's Notes - 04/04/14

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Dave Attell - Tuesday

Giffords Lane In-Studio performance - Friday

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Time 6:04-6:14
Weather. Traffic. News: Talks between Septa and Union officials are going well. Strike may be avoided. Regional Rail lines and Lucy bus do continue to operate during a strike. Police say a 77 y.o. man was beaten with a wine bottle by a man who lived in his house in Huntington Park area. Charles Bangle and his wife Mary were charged with Tax Evasion from profits from Mac and Mancos. Sports: Columbus Blue Jacks won 2–0 in Philadelphia last night. Sixers play the Boston Bruins and are competing for the worst record in the NBA. Phillies play the Cubs this afternoon. WoW prize. 

Time 6:22-7:01
Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Josh Todd; 43, Robert Downey Jr.; 49, Hugo Weaving; 54, Craig T. Nelson; 70, Natasha Lyonne; 35, Maya ...

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Bam Margera - 7am IN STUDIO

Mike Birbiglia - 8am IN STUDIO

Scott Stapp - 9am IN STUDIO 



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Time 6:06-6:21
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News In Texas, am Iraqi war veteran walked into a public place and began shooting people. People are stating that this is not an act of terrorism, but may have been due to mental illness. A couple has been caught by cops for kidnapping an 80 year old woman and stealing money. Union officials are planning a union strike meeting for SEPTA officials. There are no definite plans to go on strike yet, but SEPTA riders should begin to make other plans. Sports The Phillies played well last night against the Rangers to 3-0. The Charlotte Bob Cats won over the Sixers last night making their all-time losing streak to 28. The ...

Producer's Notes - 04/02/14

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Brian Unger- 9:15 AM

William H. Macy- 9:20 AM


Here's what happened on the show today...

Time 6:08-6:19
Boobies it’s a Wednesday. Weather. Traffic. News fire has forced a number of residences out of their home in Conshohocken. One person was taken to the hospital due to smoke inhalation. Powerful magnitude earthquake cause tsunami in Chili. 300 inmates escaped a women’s prison. The tsunami watch is in affect for 6 more hours. Surfs up bro. A Bristol Bucks County man was arrested for murdering his father. The death was ruled a homicide. Sports Former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has signed with the Washington Redskins. Jackson will join Washington on a three-year deal. The Flyers fell to the Blues in St. Louis, losing 1-nothing. The Flyers are back home tomorrow night with a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Adrian Beltre singled home Shin-Soo Choo ...

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