Producer's Notes - 05/27/15

Posted 5/27/2015 12:05:00 AM

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Marc Summers - IN STUDIO

Thomas Mann, Olivia Cooke, Alfonso Gomez - IN STUDIO

Nick Swardson - PHONER  



Date: 5-27-15

                 Time 6:06-6:22
Welcome back, friends! Weather. Traffic. News Parent of student involved sexting scandal says images were used as trading cards. Swiss police arrested some of the most recognizable faces in Fifa Soccer upper management for corruption charges. Floodwaters in Texas stranded hundreds of motorists and claimed several lives after additional rain and severe weather. Sports Phillies lose to the Mets 5-4 last night. Lerbon James scored 23 points for the Cavaliers to sweep the Atlanta Hawks in four games. The Rangers forced a game 7 in the Eastern Conference finals after winning 7-3 last night. Coolest Teacher Winner is Ms. Christine Jones. Next school up is Upper Darby High School. 

                 Time 6:33-7:07
Traffic. Coolest teacher Ms. Christine Jones is ...

Producer's Notes - 05/22/15

Posted 5/22/2015 12:05:00 AM

Next Week On The Show:

Marc Summers - IN STUDIO - Thursday 

Nick Swardson - PHONER - Thursday

Thomas Mann, Olivia Cooke, Alfonso Gomez - IN STUDIO - Thursday

Here's What Happened On Today's Show:

Time 6:09 -6:23
. Weather. Traffic. News Ex-convict arrested for killing a wealthy Washington family and their house keeper. Daron Dylon Wint. He is charged with first degree murder.  The chairman of Temple University professor, Xiaoxing Xi, is charged with an alleged scheme to share U.S technology with China. Pangu App will alert people where to park in the city. It will alert parkers on their smartphones to fill the meters. It will cover credit card processing fees. Sports The Rockies beating the Phillies 7-3. Ryan Howard hit a solo home run. Jerome Williams lost his first start. Steph Curry score 33 points beating the Rockets 99-98. The Warriors take a 2-0 lead. Frederick Anderson ...

Producer's Notes - 05/21/15

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We'll be kicking off the official opening of the Jersey Shore LIVE at Keenan's in Wildwood!


Here's what happened on today's show:

                                  Time 6:10-6:22

It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend. Traffic. News. Infant suffered serious injuries after bitten by family dog. Man found dead after being shot multiple times then ran over by car. 20 year old suspected bank robber handed over by his mother. Sports. Phillies beat the Rockies for their 7th win in 8 games. In the NHL Playoffs, Tampa Bay Lightning beat the New York Rangers 6-5 in overtime. And in the NBA, the Cleveland Cavaliers won last night in Atlanta. It feels like a Friday, we’re on the road tomorrow morning. Jacky Bam Bam’s reaction when he sees ...

Producer's Notes - 05/20/15

Posted 5/20/2015 12:05:00 AM

On Tomorrow's Show:

Dave Hakstol (8:15)

Arnez J. (9a)

Here's What Happened On Today's Show:

Time 6:07-6:20
Good morning, friends! Weather. Traffic. News James Kenney is up for being next mayor after his outstanding win. Falls Township Police are reviewing video footage to catch a tire slasher.. Wait a second, Slash was just in town. Police say they don’t have a motive or a suspect. Takata Corp. is calling for the largest auto recall in US history. Sports The Colorado Rockies ended the Phillies 6 game winning streak. Minnesota had 25% chance landing the first pick in the NBA draft. Last night was the longest NHL game in Chicago’s history. We have a winner for our coolest teacher’s contest from Upper Bucks Christian School. We need to congratulate Mr. Steven Duckworth! He is a science teacher and assistance baseball coach as well as an alum. Like Mr. Cotter! Welcome back, ...

Producer's Notes - 05/19/15

Posted 5/19/2015 12:05:00 AM

Here's what happened on today's show:

                         Time 6:11 – 6:27
Weather. Traffic. News The U.S. Marshalls and Philadelphia police have arrested a man for rape. The NTSB said that the damage on the front of the derailed Amtrak train was not caused by a firearm. 4 people have sued over the derailment and safety measures. 170 members of rival motorcycle gangs have been charged in a shoot-out. Bond has been set at 1 million dollars for each suspect. Twin Peaks is the name of the restaurant. It’s right next door to the Talking Clam. Sons of Anarchy shoot-outs never end with arrests. 150 different weapons were collected. Sports Phillies won their 6th game in a row. Dave Hakstol hired by the flyers as head coach. Adrian Robinson, former Broncos player, has died at the age of 25. Kathy is all done up this morning. She has a crush on ...

Producer's Notes - 05/18/15

Posted 5/18/2015 12:05:00 AM

On Tomorrow's Show:

Alan Kalter (9a)

Michael Giacchino (9:15)

Here's What Happened on Today's Show:

                        Time 6:10-6:19
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Amtrak announced that they will resume the train service. One person was killed in a crash when a car caught on fire after hitting a tractor trailer. Many streets were nearly deserted after a shoot-out between two different biker gangers in Texas. Sports The Phillies won their fifth game in a row. The Ducks opened their first conference with a strong start. The Houston Rockets beat the LA Clippers last night. MMRBQ was very successful this weekend. Keenans. WOW. Coolest Teacher of the Year.

                          Time 6:31-7:12
We need to draw our first school for coolest teacher! Traffic. Coolest Teacher, first school – Faith Christian Academy in Sellersville. SQ. Birthdays Tina Fey; 45, Jack Johnson; 40, ...

Producer's Notes - 05/15/15

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Next week on the Show:

Jonathan Kite (9am)


Here's What Happened on Today's Show:

Time 6:17 -6:28
Approaching the MMRBQ. Weather. Traffic. News All 8 victims have been identified from the Amtrak crash. One of the victims, Bruce Phillips, is filing a lawsuit. The US attorney in Philadelphia announces indictments on 16 individuals in connection crime operation that includes robbery and torture. Sports The Phillies win beating the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-2. Ryan Howard hits his 7th home run. The NFLPA files an appeal over Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension. The Cleveland Cavaliers advance to the eastern Conference finals. The Houston Rockets defeat the Los Angeles Clippers to force a game 7. Doc Watsons is stopping by.  

Time 6:40 -7:13
Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays  Jamie Lynn Siggler. 34 Chaz Palminteri 63. Madeleine Albright 78 George Brett 62. Emmit Smith 46. Ahmet Zappa 40. SA.  Entertainment News BB King dies at ...

Producer's Notes - 05/14/15

Posted 5/14/2015 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the show:

Ted Alexandro (8:30a)

Jim Gaffigan (9a)


Here's What Happened on the Show This Morning: 

Time 6:09-6:19

Good Morning. Weather and Traffic. News. Preliminary information says that the derailed Amtrak train was going twice the legal speed limit at 106 mph. The engineer of the train, Brandon Bostian was investigated shortly after leaving the hospital by NTSB investigators.  An exterminator has been found guilty in the murder of a young female nurse. Four people were injured in an early morning crash. Sports. Phillies beat the Pirates 3-2 last night. In the NBA Playoffs, the Atlanta Hawks lead their series 3-games-to-2 after an 82-81 win over the Washington Wizards last night. In the Western Conference, the Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies, 98-78, and they lead that series 3-2. In NHL playoffs The New York Rangers beat the Washington ...

Producer's Notes - 05/13/15

Posted 5/13/2015 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the show:

Brian Unger- 845am 

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson aka The Mountain- 9am                     

Here's What Happened on the Show This Morning: 

                                 Time 6:10 -6:24

A little cooler today. Traffic. News at least 5 dead dozens injured after Amtrak train derails and flips in Port Richmond area. The cause of the derailment at this time is unknown but Amtrak is investigating. Four Philadelphia police officers are being released from the hospital after being struck by a suspect’s vehicle. Japans three top carmakers recalled 5 million vehicles for exploding air bag. Sports Pirates beat the Phillies 7-2. Cleveland beat the Chicago bulls, the Rockets beat the Clippers. Tampa Bay Lightning won against the Montreal Canadians. LA trip scary Instagram video contest. Alan Thicke and Marc ...

Producer's Notes - 05/12/15

Posted 5/12/2015 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the show: 

Alan Thicke - PHONER - 9:30AM

Marc Maron - PHONER - 9:50AM

Here's What Happened on the Show This Morning: 

                          Time 6:15-6:27
We’re getting started! Weather. Traffic. News A major earthquake struck Nepal on Tuesday. Police gave no estimate on the damage, but the quake was measured at a 7.3. A window of a school bus was shattered on a special needs student after being pelted by rocks. Police in Burlington County say they arrested a woman after selling fake concert tickets for a Sheryl Crowe concert which was never actually scheduled. Sports The Phillies lost to the Pirates 4-3. The hawks beat the Wizards, 106-101. On the show: Kevin Smith, Duff McKagan, & Ming-Na Wen. Insidious 3 LA trip.    

                          Time 6:39-7:08
It’s going to be a warm day today. Weather. Traffic. ...

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