Producer's Notes - 10/23/14

Posted 10/23/2014 12:05:00 AM

Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:07-6:14
It’s Thursday. Weather. Traffic. News. Second terrorist attack in Canada by mass murderer. Gunman was shot to death. Serious accident on PA Turnpike, tractor trailer and passenger vehicle collided. One person killed. Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola is virus free. Sports. Royals beat Giant 7-2 in the World Series. Game 3 in San Francisco tomorrow night. Flyers beat Pittsburgh 5-3. Sell-out crowd sang “O Canada” to honor Canadian soldier who was killed. Eagles left guard Evan Mathis returned to practice after a left MCL sprain. Foo Fighters going to be playing a club show in Washington D.C. tomorrow night. Joe DeRosa coming in.

Time 6:26-7:07
Red Hot Chili Peppers. SQ. Birthdays. Robert Trujillo: 50. Ecuadorian chef told Preston they could have been eating a rodent at Jose’s wedding. Weird Al Yankovic: 55; Ryan Reynolds: 38; Ang Lee: 60; Sam Raimi: 55; Nancy ...

Producer's Notes - 10/22/14

Posted 10/22/2014 12:05:00 AM

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Here's what happened on today's show:

 Time 6:08-6:18

Weather. Traffic. News. Large fire in North Philadelphia forced 18 people out of their row homes. 2 West Philadelphia business owners claim their rep was ruined when false claims caused them to spend 2 days in jail. In Sayreville NJ, a coaching staff was suspended due to claims of hazing and sexual abuse. Parents are upset the season has been cancelled and say the kids are being punished more than the adults. Sports. San Francisco Giants beat Royals' winning 7-1 in the World Series opener last night in Kansas City. Blackhawks beat the Flyers 4-nothing last night in Chicago. The Phillies announced that they signed Jerome Williams to a one-year, $2.5 million contract. Preston forgot to set his alarm last night so he was late. His hair is a mess, He’s going to ask Matt ...

Producer's Notes - 10/21/14

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Live hit with Fox 29

Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

                        Time 6:08-6:24

It’s Tuesday. Weather. Traffic. News. Oscar Pistorius South African athlete sentenced to five years in prison for killing girlfriend. Comparable to our OJ Simpson case. Testified he thought his girlfriend was an intruder. They won’t allow him in the courtyard because he can bounce over the fence. Are convicts allowed prosthetics in prison? PA State Police say Eric Frein may have been spotted. Led officers to home and police dog smelled his scent at the backdoor, wasn’t there. Will he take himself out? Nick’s friends in the Poconos very spooked and haven’t hunted. Ongoing email pornography scandal that has cost people their jobs in Harrisburg, PA Supreme Court Justice suspended for allegations. Sports. Steelers beat Texans 40-23. Flyers have ...

Producer's Notes - 10/20/14

Posted 10/20/2014 12:05:00 AM

Date: 10-20-2014
Time 6:05-6:17
Monday morning. Weather. Traffic. News A woman in Northeastern PA says she saw accused gunman Eric Frein, she noticed a man presumed to be Frein near a high school with mud on his face and a rifle. Police say two men stole more than $16,000 from a Chickie & Pete’s in Delaware County, investigators are trying to determine if this’s an inside job. Ebola fears began to ease for those who had come into contact with the patient as the 21 day incubation period ended. Sports Peyton Manning broke the NFL record for career touchdown passes by throwing his 509th pass. The Dallas Cowboys beat the NY Giants, they’ve won 6 in a row. The Arizona Cardinals gave the Oakland Raiders their 12th loss in a row. The Flyers won their first game of the season this past weekend after Claude Giroux scored an OT winner ...

Producer's Notes - 10/17/14

Posted 10/17/2014 12:05:00 AM

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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:09-6:22
Good Morning, Weather, Traffic. News.  Tractor trailer hit and run led to officers shooting at the vehicle. The first nurse infected with Ebola has arrived at a hospital in Maryland, and will treat the 26 year old nurse, Nina Pham. An irate group of women went after a school bus in North east Philadelphia. Three women attacked a school bus with baseball bats and mace.  Sports.  Travis Ishikawa hit the game winning homerun to beat the Cardinals 6-3 and advance to the World Series against the Kansas City Royals Tuesday night.  In football Chris Jones, blocked Nick Folk’s 58-yard attempt on the final play and gave the Patriots the win over the Jets 27-25. The Sixer lost their second preseason exhibition game, ...

Producer's Notes - 10/16/14

Posted 10/16/2014 12:05:00 AM
Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Ed Bassmaster – 8:15a
Andy McKee – 9:30
Jaeden Lieberher & Ted Melfi – Star & Director of “St. Vincent” - 9:15a
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:15-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News. Camera’s captured a prison guard punching an inmate while he was cuffed in a Philly prison. Second nurse diagnosed with Ebola says she had slightly elevated temperature on plane. Second nurse at Dallas hospital to contract Ebola flew on plane without being stopped. Mother of 5 year old girl who was reported missing is charged with creating false public alarm. Sports. Kansas City Royals are headed to World Series. Beat Baltimore Orioles 2-1. Giants beat the Cardinals 6-4. Flyers have missed defenseman Braydon Coburn. On the show we have Kathy’s friend doing health work in Liberia. Dr. Mike will be in for flu shots. Actor ...

Producer's Notes - 10/15/14

Posted 10/15/2014 12:05:00 AM

Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show: 

Katie Meylelr: 7:30am 

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Bernie Parent: 9:30am

Here's what happened on the show today...

Time 6:14-6:28

Weather. Traffic. News. Texas nurse that took care of first US Ebola Patient tests positive after reporting a fever. Man who killed baby and grandmother in botched kidnapping is sentenced to death. If he expressed remorse they could have saved his life, but he did not approach it that way. Sex Ed class called Teen Pep is a sex ed class taught by seniors to freshman.Kathy went to Hershey during sex ed day.  The issue is that they brought in the Finger Squad. Kathy can’t eat kettle corn without thinking of sex. Sports. Anaheim Ducks won 4-3 over the Flyers last night. Kansas City Royals won 2-1 over the Baltimore Orioles. San Francisco Giants won 5-4 over the St. Louis Cardinals. Preston got up early ...

Producer's Notes - 10/10/14

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Joe Rogan - Phoner

Ted Melfi & Jaeden Lieberher - ST. VINCENT

Daniel Stern - Phoner


Here's what happened on the show today...

Time 6:10-6:27
Weather. Traffic. News. Passenger’s alleged joke led to an Ebola Scare on a flight from Philadelphia US Airways. That’s not something you joke about. They brought 4 workers in blue hazmat suits to handle the situation. MontCo county man, Raghu Yandamuri, was found guilty for killing a baby and her grandmother. Delaware family is upset when teenage daughter was sent home due to wardrobe. She was wearing leggings but did not have a long enough shirt. In catholic school your dress shouldn't be above your knee or the length of your middle finger when your hands are on your side. There was a pizza man who got a 1200 dollar tip in Collegeville, that’s better news. Sports.  The Devils ...

Producer's Notes - 10/09/14

Posted 10/9/2014 12:05:00 AM

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Here's what happened on the show this morning: 
Time 6:09-6:22
It’s Thursday. Weather. Traffic. News. Man accused of murdering baby and his grandmother. Deliberations resume today. Representing himself. Montgomery County mother bought heroin and shared it with her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend. People used to be more afraid of getting addicted. First person diagnosed with Ebola in the U.S. died. New screenings at airports for people coming from Africa. Obama confident U.S. could prevent an outbreak. Sports. Chris Kelly scored game winner in Bruins 2-1 win over the Flyers. Reilly Smith finished with best record in NHL. Home opener tonight against NJ Devils. In preseason basketball Sixers beat Charlotte Hornets. In baseball playoffs Kansas City Royals will open against the Orioles. On show today, Ron ...

Producer's Notes - 10/08/14

Posted 10/8/2014 12:05:00 AM

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Ron Perlman - Phoner

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Kevin James -Phoner

Here's what happened on the show this morning: 

Time 6:15-6:25

Lunar Eclipse. Traffic. News. Woman says her twitter post got her kicked off her JetBlue flight. A few passengers thought the pilot was drunk, so he made everyone get off the plane to take a sobriety test, he was sober. Woman who tweeted about it was denied entry back onto the flight. Philly police are investigating a stabbing inside a Pathmark on Rising Sun. Employees and shoppers watched a man stab another man in the neck in the produce section. A lunar eclipse is taking place this morning. The show was able to see it this morning. Sports. Cardinals- 3-2 victory over the LA Dodgers. Giants beat the Washington Nationals 3-2 last night to return to the NL Championship Series. The Flyers' ...

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