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On Tuesday's show:

Julia Carlson & Caroline Evans from "Ink Master"


Here's what happened on the show today:


Time 6:15-6:29

It’s Thursday. Weather. Traffic. News. Two people found dead in the Schuylkill River weighed down with anchors. May have been gang-related. Police looking for 5 or 6 men involved in crime. Third person survived. Small group of authorities have to watch child pornography. At NJ hospital man shot and killed wife then killed himself. Couple’s son also found dead. NJ companies recalling chicken cutlets for listeria. Discovered during routine sampling. It’s not like mom to dose her chicken cutlets. Sports. Phillies won 8-4 against Mets. Eagles take on the Jets. Do you clean your belly button with every shower? On show today Alex Holley, Vicki Otmani, and Ariel Nelson.

Time 6:40-7:09

Black Keys. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Jack Black: 45; Jason Priestley: 45, Daniel Stern: 57; David Soul: 71; Scott Hamilton: 56; Billy Boyd: 46; Shania Twain: 49. She was the first person to expose her vagina at the Grand Ole Opry. Jennifer Coolidge: 51; David Fincher: 52. SA. Get the funk off. Entertainment News. Jennifer Lawrence planning on joining Chris Martin and band mates on tour. He writes her songs and takes her out to nice dinners. Better for high profile celebrity to date another one or someone out of the business? The celebrity population is diminishing. Prince Harry vacationing with friends and Camilla Thurlow new girlfriend. Celebrating 30th birthday. Vanessa Hudgens new music. Collaborating with best friend. Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company worth nearly 1 billion dollars. Central Perk will be opening as a pop-up café in NYC for 20th Anniversary. Discovery Channel ended Sons of Guns, William Hayden arrested for aggravated rape against own daughter. Johnny Galecki back on the market after splitting with Kelli Garner. Steve dated and broke up with Bill Weston. Ansel Elgort has broken up with high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan. Clips. Black Jesus modern day Compton. Corey Holcomb. Garfunkel and Oates Riki Linhome. Walking Dead. Caller 13.

Time 7:20-7:44

Wow.Traffic. Big Waves Hitting East Coast Draws Surfers. East and West coast being hit with bad current from hurricanes. Malibu surfer lost board and Laird Hamilton swam out and saved him. Casey wishes he could surf. Blue Crush makes surfing look easy. River surfing. Water park surfing. Is the surfing in water parks show real conditions? Is snowboarding comparable to surfing? Caller Michael. Camel Beach has a surf pool. Wife did it and top came off. Large wave pools. Casey saved a kid’s life in Dorney Park wave pool. A drowning swimmer doesn’t look like you think it would. They say a lot of times they look like Al Pacino. Caller Dan. Swimming during Hurricane Bill thought he was going to die. Some surfers say leash on board means death. Surf dogs. Labor Day weekend last hoorah at Jersey Shore. Caller Dave. In wave pool got picture taken while his face got planted in a guy’s rear end. Caller John. Camel Beach found dad and uncles at wave machine with college girls. Paddle boarding. Kayaking on Schuylkill River Trail. Caller Jay. Differences between snowboarding and surfing. Hurricane Cristobal. Heineken.

 Time 7:54-8:07

Avenged Sevenfold. Weather. Traffic. Xfinity Live. Casey competitive with Connect 4. Bizarre File. Fire and ice bucket challenge united. Man lit his head on fire first and was wearing a Confederate Flag. Water did not extinguish flames. NJ issued emergency bulletin to fire fighters. UK teen died after pouring water on his head and jumping off cliff. Shakieria Anquanette Shan Long stabbed a man in the neck after declining his request to have sex. Young man with disorderly conduct charge for waving rubber penis at motorists. Florida boy got trapped in hot car and police wouldn’t send help.

Time 8:18-9:04

Wow. Traffic. Xfinity Live. Email from Jeff Scott says he was able to listen to cousin who passed away thanks to P&S archived podcasts when he called in. Mystery Button in Hallway. One hallway with green button here that says play- what is it for? Joe vs. Volcano man quits job presses button that says never press and nothing happens. Kathy goes out and presses button: faint beeping sound. When you press it does your bra unhook? Pipes with valves in stairwells. If you touch the plastic case of a fire alarm it will set off. Does it squirt dye out? Preston set alarm off in airport. Can get locked in the vestibule here. Caller Kenny. Used to put dye in the clear part of alarms now it’s a black light dye. Caller Sean. Went to a mixer left through alarm doors and drew attention to himself. Used to float dolls downriver, civil war started because children upriver didn’t get any. What the Hell is That? Caller Ryan. Moved into old house in basement old fire alarms class looks like light bulb, gas inside possibly lethal. Caller Andrew. Add smell to natural gas to see if there is a leak. Caller Eleanor. What is the yellow meshing on telephone poles? Reflector for drivers. Caller Andrew. What is the building that looks like a teepee? Keep road salt for winter. On a hill on 476 mound of stones. Is that where MMR keeps all the rock? Caller Al. Route 1 cardboard cutout of kids with kite stuck in tree. Caller Jeff. Glass bulbs early version of fire extinguisher. Caller Lucy. Evacuation signs on Schuylkill without direction. Caller Kylie. Rubber wires that cross road. Can get idea of amount of traffic and speed. Caller Amy. On PA Turnpike two big fake trees. Cell towers. Caller Erin. On work trucks why is advertisement backwards? Looks written forward in rearview mirror. Caller Dan. While doing road work 5 foot high tripod with camera-looking object. Surveyors. Caller Frank. Square boxes under overpass of 95. Caller Pat. Wire mesh actually means that pole has been treated for termites. Caller Andrew. Route 73 giant tower with orange horns. Alert system. Caller Ray. Monitors flow of traffic.

Time 9:17-9:37

Weather. Wow. Traffic. Budweiser. Fox Good Day Philadelphia Alex Holley in studio new co-host. Mike Jerrick. Alex is from Dallas. Does Dallas care about Philadelphia? When it’s game time. A man took retirement money and built Eagles locker room on house. Picture of Holley is in journalism museum in Washington DC. Alex taller than Marisa. Interned for Tom Joyner. Tried out for Barney. The dinosaur didn’t even come in and say nice try? We have a sorority here, all girls except Preston & Steve. Alex has a Philadelphia bucket list- needs to eat 5 cheesesteaks before final decision on favorite. Fox 29 September 1st.

 Time 9:47-10:08

Royal Blood. Traffic. Breaking News. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married Saturday in France. Vicki Otmani and Ariel Nelson in studio set to row across Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii. The Great Pacific Race. Otmani coaches rowing. Winners took over a month, male pair took 75 days. Different methods. Boat about 20 feet long, never leave boat. Two sail boats patrol between California and Hawaii. Satellite phones. 12-16 hours of rowing per day. Great Pacific Current blow wind and waves blowing back toward US. Para-anchor. Leaving mid-May 2016 from Monterey. Race day first week of June. Raising funds. Take in 1.5 million calories each. 8,000 calories per day. On board desalinator. No one has died doing this. Weather is a welcome change. Motion sickness can be violent. Biggest fear is injury or not being able to keep food down. Mental exercises like meditation. Husband wakes them up in middle of the night to prepare to be thrown off and uncomfortable. Maritime law. P&S will be represented on boat. Need $80,000. Any money they get more than they need donating to Ocean Conservancy. Bucket for toilet.  

Time 10:21-10:44

Metallica. Breaking News. Nicki the masseuse had a baby. Bizarre File. A 15 year old boy broke his leg from attempting to go down a zip line with a t-shirt and fell 30 feet. Shirt got stuck. Treetop Adventures. Two men played Russian Roulette, the winner arraigned in court $100,000 bail. Winner was playing over a video chat, gun would not lock, when it finally did he put gun to his head and it just clicked. Other man took gun and shot himself. Man got killed from 600 pound boulder. Woman in England during ice bucket challenge went to farm she grew up on and got sprayed with animal crap. If you want to take Marisa on a date take her to a physical rehab place. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Pat Robertson on 700 Club said Robin Williams committed suicide because he was a heathen. Justin Bieber’s attorney said should’ve learned from Princess Diana when his car was hit by paparazzi. Homeless man who accepted Miley Cyrus’ VMA has a warrant out for his arrest. LA. Music News. Neil Young filed for divorce. Martin Scorsese directing film of The Ramones. Amy Lee released first new song in 3 years and solo recording, “Push the Button.” John Lennon’s killer still gets angry letters in prison. Brandon Flowers working on a second solo album. Bob Dylan starting North American tour. Broomall national champions will have a parade. Martina staying with Harriet from sales department.

Time 10:55-11:04

Rush. Wrap Up. P&S show keeps going later. Pierre is here. Avoid one plastic bag again to make a difference. What does the token at Whole Foods when you bring your own bag do? Gets you through easy pass. Shart Outs. Mike and Joe: service techs from Verizon. Caller 4. Save 5 cents every bag you save and you can donate the money. Xfinity Live. Budweiser. Wow. If you get 250 tokens they will spray your bush for you.


SQ: Which planet in our solar system is the hottest?

SA: Venus.

LQ: What is the Shania Twain song we were singing earlier this morning?

LA: “I Just Got a Boner”

WOW: Fool

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