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                 Time 6:11-6:21
Weather. Traffic. News. A river search in the Schuylkill tipped off by a survivor from a robbery/attack who was dumped at the river told police about his situation, in the river the police found two dead bodies Suspects posing as officers robbed a food distribution center on Delaware avenue. A 17 year old boy was shot and killed. Sports the Phillies beat the Washington Nationals 3-1 last night at the ball park. Lane Johnson will sit out the eagles first four games after testing positive for a banned substance. Serena Williams beat Taylor Townson last night in the US Open, 15 year old CC Bellis won her first match in the Us Open, she is now the youngest to win a US Open match. Coming up later we’ll be on Fox Good Day, STW. 
                          Time 6:33-7:09
Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Tony Kanal 44, Alex Lifeson 61, Glen Matlock 58, Aaron Paul 35, Paul Reubens 62, what else are you supposed to do in the adult theater? Barbara Bach 67, Julie Brown 51. SA Entertainment News Sofia Vegara’s appearance from the emmy’s has been highly criticized as sexist. Pamela Anderson is giving Rick Saloman another chance. Natasha Lyonne was spotted with Fred Armesion kissing and getting cozy. Conrad Hilton needed the jaws of life to get out of his vehicle after getting in a car accident, there were no major injuries reported. Lindsay Lohan is apparently into women now, orange is the new finger. Donald Trump took to twitter to criticize Seth Myer’s emmy hosting from this past Monday night. CBS is being sued over a fating hippo toy that can be seen on NCIS, Folk Mantis Inc claims that the fart sound effect was dubbed over and CBS is being sued for selling the hippos now. Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop ended their relationship after 5 years together. Sarah John Stamos is taking a charge for a revival of Full House, he’s working with the original creator and executive producer, some of the cast is already on board for the project, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier are rumored to be on board as well. Lee Daniels posted a picture of himself with Oprah and Mike Epps saying “and we’re off” with the hashtag “PryorMovie”. Severous Snape as Ronald Regan. Kim Kardashian will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of 2 Broke Girls which will air on October 27th. Former Bachelorette suitor Chris Soules will be the next bachelor. Clips Jennifer Aniston talks about her excitement about the role in her upcoming film Life of Crime. Robin Wright talks about the deeper meaning of her new film. 
                          Time 7:20-7:45
STW. Traffic. Online Purchases Kathy says Ebay is good for things that are hard to find. Casey brings up craigslist and how he got great dining room furniture on craigslist. An ebay analyst looked at what states buy the most of. DE buys the most robot vacuums. NJ Men’s fragrances, PA buys video games. TX tactical and hunting goods. ND cars and parts, NY Firearms and supplies, NC baby products. Caller Vince says he bought a Durango online 12 yrs ago, he drove all the way to Michigan to get it. Cars with high Miles Steve says newer cars you can do way more than that.  Preston knows someone with a Ferrari and he says that the maintenance is so expensive. Colleen calls and bought a car online for her 16 yr old and only paid $200 delivery. Kathy hates paying for shipping she always tries to get it free. Nicole calls in and she drove a car that was over 300,000 miles. Chuck says his dad sold a car with 357,000+ miles on it. Preston has a surprise for Fox Good day.

SQ: What was Cookie Monster’s name before he started eating cookies?
SA: Sid

                 Time 7:55-8:09
Dr. Chet Wainwright will be with Preston on Good Day shortly. Traffic. STW. Good day Mike tells the guys about a survey on what makes the happiest marriage. Mike asks what’s with Steve’s hair. Steve says he feels like a cat on Christmas morning with the antlers on. Bizarre File A brand manager for the Bissel vacuum company ate a serving of spaghetti off of a subway floor. A 9 year old girl accidently killed a shooting instructor in White Hills, AZ when she lost control of the uzi she was being instructed to use. A Houston construction worker was impaled in the chest by a circular blade from a power saw. Police arrested 2 men who pulled their pants down and shouted obscenities at each other on a woman’s yard. These are my balls! A Brazilian man has been rescued from a body bag in a mortuary 2 hours after being pronounced dead. STW
                 Time 8:20-8:51
Weather. Traffic. A USC football player says he hurt his ankle’s rescuing his nephew from a swimming pool but the legitimacy of that is being investigated. President Obama will be awarding the medal of honor to a deceased Civil War officer after his death in the Battle of Gettysburg and his family thanks to a decades-long campaign by his descendants and Civil War buffs. There is actually some science behind the hair of the dog cure for the hangover. The hangover is actually a result of methanol in the drink but the ethanol in other alcoholic beverages helps to cancel out the methanol. When you drink booze, your body converts the methanol into formaldehyde. Some say coconut water works well. Casey thinks any trace of a headache is a hangover.  Preston took a break from drinking and now he says he’s much more of a lightweight. Listener Anna calls and says that Russians do a shot of vodka after drinking to avoid/cure a hangover. Nick’s friend in college went to the gym when he had a hangover to sweat it out. Preston said he’s puked on champagne, the champagne hangover is pretty bad. Listener Dave calls in because he had his first two day hangover, he said it was worse than food poisoning.  Casey said he can’t drink anything when he’s hung-over. Preston used to say really depressing things when drunk.  The phrase “hair of the dog” came from using dog hair to treat some medical situations.  STW. Jim Florentine caller 5 and 6. 
                 Time 9:03-9:38
WOTW. Traffic. If peanut butter wasn’t enough now there’s cookie butter. It debuted in 2007 on a Belgium TV show and there was only one flavor and it’s available at Trader Joe’s and amazon. Casey said he’s impulsive when it comes to food. Casey’s dad got into an argument with a fry chef at Charlies’s so they had to ban it from his house for a while. Pumpkin spice chewing gum is a thing now. The level of excitement for pumpkin spice is ridiculous. Casey never swallowed it before and he swallowed gum for the first time. Belly Button A study was done and the “ideal” belly button has a ratio of 46-54. Listener John calls in and he says he has a fear of them, he’s uncomfortable just talking about them. Preston found something in his. Casey says they smell. Did you smell it? Casey was tricked in high school about the smell. Calender Girl Chelsea says she has a fear too and swears her’s is unraveling. Listener Rich says he had a umbilical hernia and his leaks and hair comes out sometimes. Listener Mike says his wife’s smells bad. Listener Dan says he has an innie/outie and you can feel a hole in there. Jim Florentine caller 7

         Time 9:49-9:59
Traffic. Chelsea’s belly button reminds Preston of a character from the Doom movie. Homer Simpson did the ice bucket challenge. Bizarre File A Canadian family discovered the ghost they thought was in their house was actually a ten foot Burmese python. A 75 year old woman was found guilty for killing her husband in the 70’s and hid the body. Simon Cross died after being impaled by a fence while falling out of a tree. The person who broke into an off the grid cabin in Maine said the thief took a pair of bear heads, two lawn chairs, and three flashlights.  A convicted sex offender was found having sex with a mattress behind the fence at a car park with a portable dvd player playing loudly. Jim Florentine Caller 12. STW. 
                 Time 10:10-10:25
Weather. A to Z starts this weekend. Preston wanted to download a song but it’s an “album only” track and was trying to decide if he wanted to buy the album or not. Casey said cds should start doing digital downloads like dvd’s and bluray’s do. Length of song determines if the song will be album only or not. LQ Hollywood Trash Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Dennis Haskins. Kim Kardashian Two Broke Girls LA. Music News Rob Zombie hosted the 10th Anniversary Johnny Ramone tribute this past Sunday. Kings of Leon cancelled two more shows because of Nathan Followill’s injury. Def Leppord will play at Wembley for the NFL’s Oakland Raiders vs Miami Dolphins game in London. STW Caller 12

                 Time 10:35-10:
Thanks to Cinema 2 Wigs for the wig, It’s video intern Kaley’s last day. Casey told Pierre he had Beth make something for him that he hopes he likes. Caller Matthew is the STW winner. Pierre is in the studio and he says this weather has been the nicest summer he’s ever had in Philadelphia. LOTD. Tomorrow Alex Holley will be on our show as well as two ladies who plain to row across the pacific ocean. Thank you and have a great day. 

LQ: According to Lindsay Lohan Orange is the new what?

LA: Finger.


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