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Track  1                          Time 6:11-6:21
Weather. Traffic. News. Police looking for man in shooting, bullet barely missed toddler in crib. British intelligence identify James Foley killer as rapper Jihadist ‘John the Beatle’. Man arrested for letting 8 year old grandson steer wheel because he was too drunk to drive. Sports.  A.J. Burnett struck out 12 in 7 innings. Phillies won 3-2 against the Nationals last night. It was rumored that Mark Sanchez would be replacement for Sam Bradford, but Sanchez said he hasn’t heard from his agent or anyone with the Eagles. At US Open, Venus Williams had to stop her service game twice because of a bee.  Kimiko Date-Krumm eventually fell in three sets, losing 2-6, 6-3, 6-3 to Williams. Steve used to go to US Open. MMRchive session today. WOW. 
Track  2                          Time 6:33-7:12
Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Shirley Manson, 48. Adrian Young, 45. Melissa McCarthy, 44. Chris Pine, 34. Star Wars and Star Trek mash up wouldn’t work. Kathy got her cupcake holders. Macaulay Culkin, 34. I wonder if Mila could still taste the Michael Jackson on him. Tom Ridge, 69. Wayne Simmonds, 26. SA. Entertainment News. Last night was the first time the Emmys were on Monday since 1976. Billy Crystal tribute to Robin Williams. Outstanding Drama Series went to Breaking Bad. Outstanding Comedy, Modern Family. Julia-Louis Dreyfus and Bryan Cranston kissing upon Dreyfus accepting award for Veep. Anti-smoking campaign attempting to shame celebrity smokers for giving ‘free marking’ to big tobacco. Kim Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie were caught texting during moment of silence at VMAs. Preston can’t stand when people always stare at their phones. Or people who wear hoodies and headphones at the same time. None of the three have responded to backlash. Maybe they’ll text it out. Matt Damon accepted Ben Affleck’s ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Kevin Bacon revealed he was picked on in high school when he ’21 Jump Street’ed himself’ when preparing for Footloose. Lindsay Lohan has downgraded twice this week when partying recently in NYC. I was at Chuck-E-Cheese, they made me leave the ball pit. Back in the states. What happened to Speed the Plow? Yvette Nicole Brown is done with fake hair. Ashton Kutcher at top of list for 3rd year for Highest Paid TV Actors. Jn Cryer is number 2. Clips. As Above So Below director discusses challenges of filming in catacombs. November Man, Pierce Brosnan, talks about difference with past and current characters. Steve’s parody of Blair Witch Project. 
Track  3                          Time 7:24-7:52
Guns N’ Roses. Traffic. Casey has always wanted to get into skateboarding. New study from Allstate: Philadelphians are among worst drivers in nation. Steve agrees it’s annoying driving in Philly. Kathy thinks New York is scarier to drive in. Sign coming from airport to 95 is too small. Most aggressive drivers Preston has seen are on AC Expressway. Marisa is a fast driver. Nick is most aggressive driver on show. Caller Brian. Roosevelt Blvd is horribly designed. Impossible with GPS. Is it illegal to drive around parking lots at 14 or 15? Rumors driving age will be moved back to 18. You used to be able to get license on 16th birthday. Preston’s sister got license down south at 15. Washington is the worst. Caller Joe. Reason Philly is so bad is streets are so small, no shoulders. Bell Park is Schuylkill  times 10. Within first 6 months of license, cannot have more than one passenger under 18, other than family.  Expected to have car collision every 6.2 years in Philadelphia. Case Heineken Light. Caller 7.                                                           
Track  1                          Time 8:02-8:12
Nice and sunny today. Traffic. Tattoosday. Bizarre File. Cheerleaders. 78 year old woman caught with 41k in her bra. 69 year old man arrested for doing yard work while naked. Drunk and belligerent at time of arrest. Women can now go around topless in Philadelphia. Chinese police cracking down on drivers who flash lights at other drivers. Police making drivers stare into headlights for 5 minutes plus 50 dollar fine as punishment. Airline passenger used Knee Defender which stops seat in front of you from declining. Turned into heated argument ending with emergency landing of flight. Both in economy plus seating which has 4 inches more than coach. Convicted felon caught breaking parole after posting video for the ALS challenge. 
Track  2                          Time 8:24-9:01
Possum Kingdom. Traffic. Birthday Shart Outs. Chris Morano and Listener Kevin. Arby’s Meat Mountain Sandwich. Arby’s released poster of all the meat they serve. People kept asking for ‘that one’. Not on menu, but will give you the ‘meat mountain’ if you ask for 10 dollars. Casey could eat 9 in two minutes. Approximately 14.7 ounces of meat. 1120 calories. Casey hasn’t had bologna in a while. Dear Diary, I haven’t had bologna in quite a while. Remember to try it. Airplane Knee Defender. Airline traveling is not fun. Do the people using these recline their chair? Caller Bill. Product comes with courtesy card to give to the person in front of you to explain you are using this product. Caller Emily. Spent summer abroad. Was given etiquette course that said not to recline seat. Caller Ben. He is 6’7. Will ask person in front of him not to move seat back and will offer to buy drink or cocktail. Casey thinks airplanes should accommodate a few rows for taller people. Caller Brian. Thought seat was broken. When going to the bathroom saw the Knee Defenders. Pushed seat back and popped them off. Does the same company sell chatty passenger defender? Amish and Mennonites. Amish family building a new garage for family that brought home two abducted children. Caller Rich. Works in casino, saw Amish man waiting in line for poker table. Casey wore Darth Vader mask at poker tournament. Caller Maria. Mennonites and Amish have same basic beliefs but Amish aren’t allowed to conduct a modern convenience such as driving. Walking Dead. Caller 6.
Track  3                          Time 9:13-9:43
The Pretty Reckless. Traffic. Jim Brown’s dad died. Rape Nail Polish. Four undergraduate students at North Carolina State University developed nail polish that can detect multiple date-rape drugs. There is nail polish that changes color when inside versus outside. Shark Repellent Bracelet. Four high school students found solution to staying in water when sharks are around. Created magnetic bracelet that will send shark away. Steve though he created cure for cancer:  toothpaste, mouthwash and hair gel. Johnny Ding-ding from Delco invented a park bench bowl. Lego Thieves. Thieves have been stealing Legos from trucks because they are so easy to sell online and hard to trace. Legos at retail price are very expensive. The good thing about Legos is that they are time consumers. Lego Death Star costs about $400. Caller Katie. Says entire Star Wars collection would cost between 2-3 grand. Texter says there is a Lego documentary. Caller Anthony. Breaking Bad meth lab made of Legos. 10 ridiculously prices Lego sets. Kathy doesn’t think she has the patience to put together big Lego sets. Caller Jake. In college orientation used Lego Mindstorms which are programmable. Would program Lego fights.  Philly Lego Brick Fest. 
Track  1                          Time 10:00-10:19
Traffic. D’Yer Mak’er. Tattoosday. Arby’s GM in studio. Tom done by Jen from Tattoos by R.C. Tom from Northeast. Remembrance beer can for grandfather rosary for grandmother. Preston & Steve and WMMR 93.3 logo on can. Redd’s Wicked Apple Ale. Next week guest from Inkmaster and two local tattoo artists. Bizarre File. Egyptian feminists Aliaa Magda Elmahdy protested Islamic state with photo of her and veiled woman pooping and bleeding on the black Islamic State flag. Women must wear veils and cannot leave house without male. Two women stoned to death for adultery. 2011 Elmahdy posed nude in photos on Facebook. Nothing delivers a message like poop. Colorado town marshal resigning because couldn’t adjust to altitude. Oregon man arrested for using a kilt to shoplift electronics. Canadian man missing for almost 40 years and declared dead has been found alive in United States. Cruiser expecting to fix roadway lines after leaving drivers confused. Followed crooked and curvy lines from temporary tape striping that peeled up. Arby’s Brings Us Meat Mountain Sandwiches. Tanya from Clifton Heights. Arby’s selling Meat Mountain for a couple weeks. Double and triple stack Reubans. Nick enjoys Meat Mountain. Preston says it’s really good. John Stewart goes after Arby’s a lot on Daily Show. Can start ordering Meat Mountain at 10 am.
Track  2                          Time 10:24-10:34
LQ. Hollywood Trash. Jessie Kinch won Rising Star. Justin Bieber got cops called on him at Dave and Buster’s because another kid was having a birthday party. LA. Music News. Bailey Banks & Biddle. Godsmack cancelled Uproar Festival headline performance on Saturday from unforeseen technical issues. 10 other bands did manage to perform. Received negative feedback. A man arrested for robbery and meth by LAPD claimed he was Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots. Claims Dave Nevarro and Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin are his friends on Facebook and goes to Ozzy Osbourne’s house. LAPD admitted they had been fooled initially. Sammy Hagar accepted ALS ice bucket challenge by jumping into icy lake to conserve water. Haggard challenged Van Halen. Genesis R-Kive coming out with big hits. 
Track  3                          Time 10:45-10:51
Weather. Wrap Up. Jen from Tattoos by R.C. Tom getting the Tattoo. LOTD: O. Miller Light. Pierre returns from vacation. Great White shark spotted off of Cape Cod, seals bringing in sharks. 

LQ: What do you have when your balls turn orange?
LA: Ninjago

SQ: Tom Selleck regularly wore what major league team hat on Magnum PI?

SA: Detroit Tigers


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