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 Here's what happened on the show today:

                                 Time 6:07-6:17

Great week of weather. Traffic. News Largest earthquake to hit San Francisco bay area in years occurred Sunday. Philadelphia police are looking for answers in the murder of 2 women shot execution style on Saturday. A young boy and his mother were taken to the hospital after drinking cleanser in a milkshake from Dairy Queen. Sports  Phillies 7-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals. South Korea won the Little League World Series. Union won 4-2. Wow Free music Monday Recap VMA’s, Granny v. Grampy Grand Prix.

                                  Time 6:29-7:10

Nice way to start the week. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Rob Halford is 63. Elvis Costello is 60. Gene Simmons is 65. Time Burton is 56. Tom Skerritt is 81. Regis Philbin is 83. Sean Connery is 84. Claudia Schiffer is 44. Nick’s got something genetically wrong. Regis always forgot about Nick at the Camp Out. Rachel Ray is 46. Billy Ray Cyrus is 53. Alexander Skarsgard is 38. Blake Lively is 27. Kathy Romano is 36! SA Entertainment News Guardians of the Galaxy #1 in box office. Rap producer Suge Knight was shot twice at a Hollywood Club, he and two others were taken to the hospital. They are trying to identify the shooter. Miley won Video of the Year, at the VMA’s for wrecking ball. Lorde won Rock Song of the Year, for Royals. Best Pop Video, Ariana Grande for, “Problem,” featuring Iggy. Katy Perry won Best Female Video for, “Dark Horse,” featuring Juicy J. Richard Attenborough died at age 90. Gwyneth Paltrow has supposedly supported Chris Martin dating Jennifer Lawrence. Shia Lebouf had a woman stalk him and trespassing at his home. Courtney Stodden claims that an encounter with Gary Busey lead him to slap her mother. Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara are all leaving Mythbusters. Clips “The Awesome’s”- Seth Myers. “As Above So Below”- John Erick Dowdle.

                                  Time 7:21-7:50

Twisted Sister. Traffic. Casey’s sister Jody is 43. Fantasy Football He went late because he had a fantasy football draft. Seems like it’s a bigger deal this year than before. Casey’s draft was harder this year than it had been. One year he picked the running back who broke his leg the night of the draft. Kathy’s husband is way into it. Casey doesn’t like when spouses get mad about it. Like who cares about a lot of the things you do. Preston could not be less interested in fantasy football. Steve doesn’t really either. Casey is officially in one league but he’s helping Matt Cord in another league. Sometimes they have a monkey point out stocks to predict how they’ll do. Preston thinks they should do that with fantasy. Casey says Nick Murphy is like a monkey. Nicks brother was in two leagues once and picked one league himself and then had Nick’s son who was 3 or 4 pick the other. His son’s picks did better. Caller Bill says he auto drafted one year. He wound up almost winning the league and his friends were so mad. Kathy’s husband used to sit in front of TV with computer and on the phone that bothered Kathy but him on the computer while he was getting his doctorate didn’t. Casey says that’s her problem. It’s all just a time killer till we die. If the Eagles lose and your teams do bad it’s the worst Sunday. Caller Tim says fantasy football is dungeons and dragons for jocks. Casey had the 11th pick last night. Playing fantasy football for the past few years is like getting a doctorate. Caller knew someone in 12 leagues. Caller Emily was finally allowed to be in league last year and she made it to championship. Casey hates his team, The Bed Wetter’s.

Stupid Q: Raffish Ralph, Weasel McGreed, and Farmer Ben were all characters in what children’s series?

Stupid A: The Berenstain Bears

                                  Time 8:00-8:14

Zeppelin. Traffic. Kathy says thank you to Plymouth Township Fire Dept. They drove by the house for Jace’s birthday. Bizarre File Joseph Louise Fry was being chased by police when a woman jumped out of her car, tackled him, and asked him: how does it feel to be taken down by a mother and grandmother? Two brothers sliced the scrotum of their mother’s tenant. A judge has ordered that a delivery man’s penis be measured after he is accused of exposing himself. He said his penis is too small. Richard Gibson from Louisiana has kept all of his toe and finger nail clippings since 1978. He used to hide the jar when people came over. Someone ate Preston’s foot shavings a while back. Casey made a song for the contest. They also put pubic hair on a pizza once. Wow

                                  Time 8:25-8:54

Beautiful weather. Traffic. VMA’s Steve watched every second. Casey’s wife made him. Nick watched it for a little bit but couldn’t take it. The show belongs more to pop. The Ariana Grande thing clicked for Steve last night. Casey doesn’t like Nikki Ménaj as a human being but loves her song Anaconda. Has she had butt implants? If so that’s a big thing to implant. Miley won Video of the Year. She had a homeless youth accept the award on her behalf. Katy Perry was sitting next to Riff Raff. In high school he went by Horst Christian Simco. He and Katy Perry have a song together. Taylor Swift’s isolated vocal track sounds great. Best Hip hop Video went to Drake for, “Hold on We’re Goin’ Home.” Best Male Video was Ed Sheeran. Best Female Video was Katy Perry. Best Pop Video was Ariana Grande. Beyonce accepted the Video Vanguard award. Kim Kardashian introduced Sam Smith and had a huge cleavage bearing dress. Jim Carrey fell last night and tried to play it off while onstage with Jeff Daniels. Jim Florentine caller 5 and 6.

                                  Time 9:08-9:36

Pearl Jam. Traffic. Little League Congrats to Broomall- Newtown Township Babe Ruth who won the National Little League World Series title. They finished their season with a 20-1 record. They had a ceremony for the Taney team with the mayor. Simpsons Marathon They’ve been watching the Simpsons marathon. Some people are upset because the wide screen versions cut some stuff out of episodes. Nick wasn’t allowed to watch when he was a kid, eventually his parents came around. Casey’s kids see a cartoon and they think its ok. The episodes are in order but Steve’s wife swears she saw a repeat. HD Steve hates watching regular DVDs now that he has blue ray, and HD, and 3D. Nick is a snob about it like Steve. Nick’s parents always change back from the HD channels. Steve says for film fanatics the blue ray is great. They have a ton of extras. Even on iTunes. Caller Wesley’s wife doesn’t like HD so he switched the preferences on the box to automatically go to HD channels. Nick doesn’t like 3D Steve loves it. Some movies are better to watch in theaters. The Dark Knight was awesome. Caller Tyler says he and his roommate got in fights cause he watched everything in SD. Caller mike has not been to the movies in five years. Steve likes the movie experience but agrees when people are distracting it ruins it. Casey told his 5 year old at, “Guardians of the Galaxy,” to stop talking for the rest of the movie. Caller Dave’s wife doesn’t like watching in HD. But if she’s already watching TV then it’s up to her. Steve’s TV is 80, his bedroom TV is 65. He has to put on sunblock in the bedroom. Heineken Light caller 14.

                                  Time 9:46-9:58

Tom Petty new music. Preston didn’t listen to the song Casey and him were talking about the hierarchy of priests in the Catholic Church. Traffic. Bizarre File a newly married groom posted a pic of his drunken wife on reddit standing in the drive through at taco bell after the reception still in her wedding dress. A German court sided with the land lady in evicting a tenant with a noisy sex swing. A man was arrested for a DUI after he rolled his car on the off ramp and then continued to drive away. He had a laceration under his left eye. Steve hydroplaned once and went on two wheels then went back down to four. The Amazing Party and Costume Store in Toronto’s bestselling mask are of Mayor Rob Ford. A Forklift operator punctured a box with bear spray in it and the store had to be evacuated. Alex Bellini plans to live alone on a melting Iceberg for one year in Greenland to show the harsh effects of global warming. Traffic lights are magnetic. Casey hasn’t ridden his scooter much recently.

                                  Time 10:08-10:24

Weezer. LQ Hollywood Trash Suge Knight was shot 6 times after a pre VMA party turned violent. Nearly 200 stars have signed a statement against Hamas. Back up dancer for Nikki Menaj was bit by a snake. LA Music News Preston says if you’re a guest on a song don’t announce your own name. So many people were featured in other people’s songs at the VMA’s. Riff Raff was in a rap group with Andy Milonakis. Royal Blood released there CD on Monday. ACDC drummer Phil Rudd has confirmed that the band will appear in concert again. Singer Chris Martin and Jessica Lucas star as ballerinas in Coldplay’s new music video. Paul McCartney is #1 tour on Billboard chart. A statue of Amy Winehouse will be unveiled in Camden, England. Free Music Monday caller #4 Made in America is coming up this weekend. Thursday night Nick will be at a Budweiser Clydesdale event at urban saloon. Audio 1 minute of the show making mistakes all during one break a few years ago.

                                  Time 10:33-10:42

STP. Wrap Up Kathy’s birthday today! She’s gonna go tear it up. Go fishing. Guy caught a 4 foot shark in Florida and a huge Grouper came up and ate it. Justin Guarini did a great ice bucket challenge video like flash dance. Justin wants to get the River Valley Vocal band back together. Gary Lower calls in to wish Kathy a Happy Birthday. LOTD WOW Kathy shares a bday with some great people. Casey shares a bday with America, the country. Rodney was at the Grand Prix on Friday.

Lesson Q: When Gary Busey got hungry what was it he ate?

Lesson A: The TV remote.


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