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                          Time 6:10-6:21
We are at Speed Raceway this morning for the Granny/Grampy Grand Prix! Weather. Traffic. News Police say a man who was breaking into a pick-up truck was shot and killed over this week. A young boy who was missing from Arizona may be in Philadelphia. 17,000 tickets issued to people who were fined for running a red light in New Jersey are being refunded due to a possible computer glitch. Sports The Eagles won against the Steelers, 7-0. The Taney Dragons lost last night to Chicago in the Little League World Series. Phillies are back in action tonight against the Cardinals. Thad Young might be traded to the Timberwolves. Everyone is ready to go this morning & the racing should begin at 7:00. Speed Raceway in Horsham Pennsylvania on Blair Mill Road. Greeneggs café is here.

                          Time 6:32-7:06
People are slowly arriving at Speed Raceway. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Vernon Reid; 56, Tori Amos; 51,Cindy Williams; 67, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje; 47, Rodrigo Santoro; 39. SA. Entertainment News Pamela Anderson took to Facebook yesterday stating that she does not approved of the ALS ice bucket challenge due to the charity organization’s testing on animals. Chris Martin took Jennifer Lawrence out to a Vineyard for her birthday. Hugh Jackson shared a new video on instagram doing 400 pound dead lifts. Chris Pratt wore his Guardians of the Galaxy costume to pay a visit to children staying at the LA Children’s Hospital. Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis moved into a house together where they will be raising their first child together. Our Grannies and Grampies are taking their first run at the track. William Hung just got married. Michelle Rodriguez  reportedly hooked-up with Cara Delevingne due to her split with Zac Efron. Elizabeth Vargas’ regression to alcohol may have been due to her separation from husband, Marc Cohn. George R.R. Martin spoke to a crowd in London this past week and stated that some main characters may be getting killed off in the next Game of Thrones book. A woman who appeared on the show “Dating Naked” is suing VH1 for showing her naked. Suzanne Somers claim that the producers from “Three’s Company” tried to run her career. Clips Liv Tyler talks about the variety of characters in The Leftovers. Joseph Gordon Levitt explains what he liked about the first Sin City. Our Commentator for this morning is Scott Palmer. He will be describing everything that is happening at the race. Prizes. Matt Cord is here & said that all of the handicapped parking spots were taken. Trophy. 

                          Time 7:16-7:30
We’re ready to go at the Speed Raceway! Traffic. The Racers are getting ready to go. The Donny Osmond sex doll is here! Heat #1 The racers are: Grandma Jo, Granddad Allen, Grandma Margret, & Grandpa ‘Wiggy’ Hassel. Matt Cord will be commentating the first qualifying heat & our P&S girl Brittney Taylor will be our flag girl. They’re off! Grandpa Joe is the late one, but Grandpa ‘Wiggy’ is going for the lead. Granddad Allen takes the lead in the #3 car followed by Grandma Jo, his wife. Grandma Margret seems to be going on British time & is driving on the left-hand side of the road. Granddad Allen is the winner of this heat & almost lapped Maggie. Granddad Allen used to be a fire truck driver so that helped out with his speed, but doesn’t feel bad that he beat his wife. His wife may feel bad about it though.His nickname is Granddad “Quick Finish” Johnson – Nick says that he has a quick finish Johnson too. Our next heat will be coming up very soon. Speed Raceway. 

SQ: When Disney Land opened in 1955, what year was Tomorrow Land designed to look like?
SA: 1986
                          Time 7:41-7:52
We are broadcasting live from Speed Raceway & Green Eggs is catering the event. Traffic. Visit Florida. Casey will be at Xfinity live today. Bizarre File A fourth month old baby boy is in the hospital after a circus camel bit his head and left his with multiple fractures. A Virginia man with the last name of “Stoner” was arrested and charged with marijuana possession. A man who lived nearly 3 decades in the woods is trying to try become more accustomed to society again. However, he is being charged with over a thousand robberies since he was stealing food from campsites/homes. Doctors in India remove a skeleton from a mother’s body that has been in her body for over 36 years due to an ectopic pregnancy. A group of boys trying to complete the ALS Ice Bucket challenge were electrocuted after releasing the ice water from a cherry picker that was too close to live wires. A cat was found alive after jumping from 12 stories. There was a collision on the course just a moment ago. 
                          Time 8:08-8:27
We have a great crowd today at the Speed raceway. Granddad Allen was our first winner & our 2nd heat is about to head out soon. Traffic. Trophy. Matt Cord is out on the racetrack with Brittney Taylor. Preston did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge yesterday in a Superman costume. Race heat #2 contestants are: Gram Ester, Pop Pop Ed, Gam Gam Gloria, & Grampy Joe. Right out of the gate, everyone is bunched up then Gram Ester takes the lead. She is still lead, but Grampy Joe isn’t too far behind her at all. Ester is holding him off and not letting Grampy Joe get the lead. Gram Ester held the lead the entire time and wins heat #2! All of the years that we have been doing this gran prix, Preston has never seen that extreme of aggressiveness. Gram Ester did notice the car that was right behind her and is completely ready for the championship race. We now officially have a battle of the sexes. Ester spent a lot of time as a truck driver. A listener brought a bunch of doughnuts and wanted to challenge Casey again to a rematch of the doughnut challenge. Private Joe Junk is going to attempt the 8 doughnut challenge. Budwiser Clydesdale event & Made in America. 8 doughnuts, 2 minutes – he’s chewing, but having a bit of trouble, & ate 6 out of 8. 

                          Time 8:42-8:59
We are well underway this morning at the Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Traffic. Thanks to Green Eggs Café, Prizes, & Speed Raceway. We’ve had two races: Granddad Allen – who was our 1st winner & Gram Ester – our heat #2 winner. Heat #3 contestants: Grandpa Fred, Grandpa Bill, Nana Dolly & Grandma Mary. Mom mom Mary takes the lead with Grandma Mary right behind her. Grandpa Bill just takes second place, but keeps switching places with Grandpa Mary. Mom mom Mary is still keeping the lead and hit the wall, but almost stole the first place position. Grandpa Bill the Elf is not too far behind, but cannot make it to the lead. Mary is holding the lead, it was close, but she won with less than a car length behind her. Mom mom Mary is our heat #3 winner. Bill almost cut her off, but she managed to make it. Nana Dolly just made it around completely! That was one of the closest races that the gang has ever seen in the history of these races. Our final race is going to be five laps with only three racers and will have multiple obstacles. Mom mom Mary is so happy that she is crying and has time to take another nap! Allen, Ester, & Mary are going to be the last competitors. There are deals at Speed Raceway today! 

                          Time 9:14-9:38
We’re getting ready for the final race of the 2014 Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Intern Kill Bill is at the event & Casey felt in staring at him. One of the main reasons why this is so much fun is that we see so much love for the grandparents in the family. Sometimes we forget how important these people are in our lives. Things have changed for the final race and we have added obstacles. Kim Kardashian & Donald Sterling are two of the people that could possibly be plowed over on the race track. Championship race time! Gram Ester, Granddad Allen, and Mom mom Mary are ready to go! Trophy. Five laps with cardboard obstacles. The flag is waved and the races is on! Gram Ester takes the lead, but then Mom mom Mary quickly stole the first place position. The cardboard obstacles are completely taken out! Mom mom Mary still has a slight lead, but has Gram Ester a couple cars behind her. Granddad Allen is making this a very close race, but is still holding up the back. Mom mom Mary may have taken a nap, but is still is taking the lead. We have to have a restart because Brittney waved the checkered flag. They still have two laps left! Mom mom Mary back in the lead and just took out cardboard Bill Weston again. One more lap to go! It’s still Mom Mom Mary, Gran Ester, & Granddad Allen. It was a close race, but Mom mom Mary is the Grand Prix winner! She is in tears and she can’t feel anything but the love of her family. She was going to back out at the last moment, but didn’t want to disappoint her granddaughter. She drives fair, but is known for the lead foot. Mom Mom Mary is about to do a victory lap. 

                          Time 9:50-10:08
This has to be one of the best years of the Grand Prix! Everyone was coming up to congratulate Mary. Speed Raceway & prizes. Bizarre File A chess tournament ended on a somber note after 2 players died within hours of each other. A man complained after his wife posted pictures of the couple without his permission. A man was shot in the back of the head, crashed into his house, walked to the hospital, & survived. Two phone thieves called the police when their phone-stealing plan wasn’t going well. A 25 year old man was attacked by dingoes on the beach. More grandparents in Meth around the San Diego area. LQ. Hollywood Trash Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have confirmed their divorce from each other. Kevin Sorbo is in trouble for a Facebook post about Ferguson. Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden brought her home to meet his family. LA. Music News Scott Wheiland is not behind bars in Beverly Hills, but was actually a doppelganger. Dave Grohl releases some of the interviews he got for his upcoming movie. Weezer pushed back its date for their CD release back a week. John Mellencamp and Meg Ryan have split up after 3 years. 

                          Time 10:19-10:28
Preston is a little out of breath because he just raced Brittney. Casey is really disappointed that Preston raced without him though. The go-carts are really fast & Preston did a complete 180 on purpose without a problem. Thank you to everyone that came out today, Don Lenn Trophies, Matt Cord, Speed Raceway, and Green Eggs Café for everything today. Congratulations to Mom Mom Mary for winning today’s race. LOTD Casey Skip Friday. Enjoy your weekend and we have a lot of great stuff happening for you next week! 

LQ: Hugh Jackman was so strong, he was able to resurrect what?
LA: Atlantis



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