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We broadcast live from Speed Raceway in Horsham, Pennsylvania.


Here's what happened on the show today:

Time 6:12-6:22

Weather. Traffic. News Temple University student was assaulted on move-in day. Punched in the face may have been race related. Kathy didn’t like her roommate in college because of smoking. 7 Gang members of the South Money Goons are accused of killing a man. Delaware county man charged with attempted murder after waiting outside of his victim’s home with a hammer. Sports Phillies beat Seattle. Little league Las Vegas beat the Taney dragons. Eagles will play the Stealers tonight. Granny and Grampy Grand Prix is tomorrow. Kacie McDonnell is moving to Kansas City. Preston and Steve girl Brittany Taylor is stopping by.

Time 6:34-7:08

Black Keys. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Serj Tankian of System of a Down is 47. Hayden Panettiere is 25. Kristen Wiig is 41. Carrie-Anne Mossis 47. Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City is 58. Peter Weir is 70. Sergey Brin is 41. Amy Fisher is 40. Clarence Williams III is 75. Alicia Witt is 39. Brody Jenner is 31. Marisa Magnatta is 31 today. Going to dinner with her mom and she is attending more events. SA Caller Nancy. Entertainment News Dannielynn Birkhead won’t receive any money that her father left behind. Jackie Chan gave public apology for his son’s drug arrest. Chan was appointed anti-drug ambassador of Beijing in 2009. Robin Williams’ body was cremated and ashes were spread across the San Francisco Bay. Billy Crystal will lead a special tribute to Williams during the Emmy Awards. It’s important to Crystal that the tribute is funny to celebrate the comedian. Whoopi Goldberg has regrets of staying on The View. Trying to make the show more political. Bill Murray’s Rock the Casbah will hit theaters April 2015. Zac Effron’s fling with Michelle Rodriguez is over. They got into an argument but he wants to keep things going. Aaron Paul made an offer to Aaron Hill to come out to Los Angeles after Hill was beaten at party while everyone watched. Lindsey Lohan’s credit card was declined. Clips To Be Takei: George Takei. Welcome to Sweden: Amy Poehler. Ultra Street Fighter 4 give away for caller 18.

Time 7:21-7:53

Metallica. Weather. Traffic. People are moving into college. Kathy’s Move in day at Westchester. Saw sign that said “fathers thank you for your daughters.” Casey was scared for college but his brother comforted him. Nick went to college with one of his best friends and was the bad roommate. List of how much college kids will spend on back to school shopping. Dorms are very basic almost like a prison. Casey advises shower slippers for freshman. People pee in the shower. Kathy’s friend couldn’t poop at school so she drove home. Roommate horror storiesKathy moved away from smoker roommate and moved in with a friend. Girls will switch rooms but guys will deal with it. So if someone is sleeping 5 feet away from you. Hence why you should wear sandals in the shower. Caller Jeff says suitemate passed out while peeing. Caller Jessica friend’s roommate wore her underwear. Caller Tina men had to remove shower curtains because they were pleasuring themselves too much. Caller Craig says son’s roommate doesn’t speak English and called him cowboy. Food management is always difficult. Nick stole lucky charms. Casey stole beer but it was urine. Caller Niko says girlfriend cheated with his roommate. Caller Jackie’s roommate had albino rat. Kathy had a cute RA. My name is Chet Weinwright..Granny and Grampy Grand Prix.

Time 8:05-8:27

Foo Fighters. Happy Birthday Marisa. Granny and Grampy Grand Prix. Bizarre File William McDaniel was arrested for calling police after he didn’t get sex after a lap dance. Think Tank to Amnesty International to suck it over Twitter. Intern did it from their account rather than a personal account. Woman lived after jet ski exploded while she was on it. Italian restaurant names dish “long live the Nazis.” It was supposed to help make the German connection to the dish. Try the Osama Benlaquis. Paramedics had to negotiate a maze after an elderly woman injured her arm. Granny and Grampy Grand Prix Meeting Grannies and Grampies  reading Zachery’s email. Grandparents are in Norristown and live in the house that grandfather built. Grandmother was hesitant but Zachery’s mom convinced her. On the phone with Zachery’s grandmother Esther. Hoping to have fun and is competitive. She drove a motorcycle. She has 8 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Reading Brittney’s email. On the phone with Brittney’s grandmother Maggie. Likes Jazzercising. She was 24 when she moved here from London. Borderline violent in soccer. Style helps so plan a distracting outfit. Preston and Steve think a woman will win the Granny and Grampy Grand Prix.

Time 8:38-9:02

The Pretty Reckless. Traffic. Kacie McDonnell went to Villanova, was with Fox Good Day and is leaving for Kansas City. Did a local commercial and then joined Fox. She will be working with the NBC Station. She will be reporting traffic so she will get used to the roads this weekend. Kathy was doing traffic at first. What happens if he finds another team? We are a team and we will cross that bridge when we come to it. She has thought about the sports world but she likes the separation between her career and Aaron’s career. She has been doing some anchoring. Kansas City Trivia Challenge Kansas City has more fountains. BBQ restaurants. Gangster Pretty Boy Floyd was involved with KC massacre. KC is known as the soccer capital of America. Reverend Sylvester Graham had the Graham cracker named after him. Tornado Alley. She is nervous for tornados. KC has a large history of jazz music. She met her boyfriend on Twitter and says he is very nice. Aaron loves Andy Reed. They leave in two weeks and they are driving. She trusts her boyfriend and he was raised right.

Time 9:14-9:34

Talking Heads. Traffic. Granny and Grampy Grand Prix. Vegan Oatmeal cookies. They don’t taste bad they just don’t taste. Eating it with yogurt isn’t that bad. It reminds me of the food they give to bad prisoners. It has nutrients but there is no appeal. Farmer’s Almanac says We are in for a really cold winter. Is the brutal winter worth a great summer? Two thirds of the country is predicted to have a very cold winter referred to as refrigerator nation.  80% success rate for the Farmer’s Almanac. The ice bucket challenge benefits raising money for ALS. Brittany Taylor she is in the Hooters Hall of Fame. She’s earned bragging rights and is sent around to open Hooters’ locations. Her favorite place to go is the Virgin Gorda Island. She is on the road a lot and has met many great people. She is taking the ALS Challenge with her mom. Her mom looks like Linda Hart. We should do a dating game for Brittany. We know a guy who has new teeth and just got his jam back.

Time 9:46-10:01

The Police. Traffic. Ice bucket challenge with Brittany Taylor and her mom. Bikini is much smaller than we anticipated. One guy slammed on the brakes to look. She challenged Preston, Steve, and Mayor Nutter. We have a soaking wet hot mother daughter combo in our parking lot right now. I think the car should be washed. She’s the greatest woman in the world. Bizarre File Man hauled 11 passengers on a flatbed to Dorney Park. South Carolina police arrest woman after she punched neighbor that passed gas in her face. Plane lost its power over Tulsa and two teenagers landed it without a scratch. Florida man that was arrested for peeping in windows also wanted to fight a fire hydrant. Police arrested a St. Petersburg man after asking his girlfriend to bury a man he thought he killed after knocking him unconscious. India man started peace walk backwards after he forgets how to walk forward.  Military Clydesdale event give away for caller seven.

Time 10:13-10:34

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Ice bucket challenge with George Bush. Hip City Veg. LQ. Is there a bug on my face?  Hollywood Trash Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were seen back together. Ronnie Magro and Sammi Giancola broke up. Jermaine Jackson is mad about NFL’s lifetime ban on Janet Jackson performing at the superbowl. LA caller Jason Music News Dave Grohl’s daughter  Ophelia Saint Grohl was born. Breaking Benjamin has posted a new video to their Facebook page with their new lineup. List of 10 richest bass players: Paul McCartney, Sting, Gene Simmons, Flea, John Paul Jones, Adam Clayton, Roger Waters, Geezer Butler, Tony Kanal, Krist Novoselic. Who is the greatest rock bassist of all time? Getty Lee is my favorite…I’m biased. Katie Perry and Rihanna were asked to pay to play in the NFL half time show. Chrissie Hynde revealed that “Don’t Get Me Wrong” was based on John McEnroe.

Time 10:44-10:55

Weezer. Weather. Granny and Grampy Grand Prix Intern Gabe’s last day and Intern Lindsey’s last day. Gabe is in a band called Magnetic North. He’s from Middletown, Delaware. Lindsey loved it here and the Jane Goodall interview was awesome. Nick and Beth were very helpful. Thank you Gabe and Lindsey. Who was your favorite Gabe? I think Casey because I haven’t beat him in words with friends. Wrap Up LOTD. Workforce blocks. Chevelle tickets. Matt Cord will be at the Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Prizes for grandparents

SQ: What is Nocturnal Enuresis

SA: Bed-wetting

LQ: A Taiwan restaurant served a dish called long live the nazis and which other offensively named dish?

LA: Osama Benlaquis.


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