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                                  Time 6:10-6:21

Wednesday nice day. Traffic. News 1 person dead and 2 injured after accident in Huntington Valley. 1 person rescued after vehicle went into Cobs Creek yesterday afternoon. Constellation brands beer divisions are recalling some clear bottles that may contain glass in the bottles. They could make it a promotion- Mexican diamonds. You can visit their website for more information. Sports Hisashi Iwakuma struck out 11 batters for the Mariners. The Taney Dragons will take on the team from Las Vegas tonight. STW Live on Fox Good day today. Granny vs Grampy Grand Prix Craig Robinson on the program today. Sin city

                                  Time 6:30-7:09

Our system just totally went down. SQ Birthdays Amy Adams 40. Andrew Garfield 31. Fred Durst 44. Robert Plant 66. Joan Allen 58. Al Roker 60. Someone made a crop circle of his face for his birthday. Connie Chung 68. Ukee Washington 56. Langhorne Slim 34. SAEntertainment News Zoe Saldana acknowledged her pregnancy in an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video. The Foo Fighters have done the best Ice Bucket Challenge video. Brody Jenner seems to want to separate himself from his family. He doesn’t get along well with his dad- well now mom. New rumors surrounding Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez’s marriage that they have been living apart for months. Johnny Depp’s will be teaming up with his 15 year old Lilly Rose for a comic book movie, “Yoga Hosers.” Anna Kendrick spotted out with new man Ben Richardson. Reese Witherspoon has a new home in Nashville. Cindy Crawford and her husband pulled their kids out of high school to try and keep them safe from the toxins in the caulk on the window seals. Katie Couric will not be filling in for Savannah Guthrie on NBC. The Strain will be coming back to FX. Kelly Osbourne’s has a new fashion line “Stories.” Lindsey may be going down the same path as before. Lindsey was looking wobbly walking in South Hampton over the weekend. That’s a British word for ‘pretty.’ Mo’ne Davis the 13 year old pitcher has become the first little leaguer ever to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Clips Chloe Grace Moretz, “If I Stay.” Chelsea Handler, “Chelsea Lately.” Granny vs Grampy Grand Prix. Fox Good Day and Craig Robinson.

                                 Time 7:20-7:47

Weather. STW Traffic. Oatmeal. Little League World Series. Mo’ne Davis on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Dave Belisle tells his team from Rhode Island that it’s okay that they lost and that it’s ok to cry. Casey played baseball his whole life. Nick wants a coach like this to talk to his son. Steve had a bad coach. Sons were on the team. Preston played football and it got serious in 6th and 7th grade. Coaches were riding him decided he wanted to quit. The coach called him at home and tried to get him to keep going. Caller coaches’ girls’ softball team thinks this guy sees himself as a player not just a coach. Casey’s kids are at a level where half the kids on the team aren’t listening. Caller Bob says 6 of those players named “Matt Rockefeller” as favorite player. Matt was supposed to be on team but committed suicide. Terrible story, nice tribute. Sportsmanship important. There’s so much bad news that people are rallying around this Taney team. Parade in 2008 was a great day for Philly. Nothing wrong with a band wagon. Caller Kevin former motivational speaker. Caller Max has a team player that’s a motivational speaker. We’ll go live on Fox in a moment.

                                  Time 7:58-8:08

STW. Traffic. Bizarre File Swedish chicken smuggler was apprehended with 500kg of frozen chicken. An Illinois mother was accused of lying about her and her son having cancer and was arrested on her way to the Dr. Phil show. An officer was on patrol when a 1 legged man was wielding his leg at the 2 legged man. A third man appeared as the two legged man walked away and attacked him with a metal bat. Italian police arrested a mob boss who was a transvestite, and wrote poetic letters so was nicknamed the ‘poet boss.’ A burglar was arrested after he showered and shaved in a victim’s home. Sin City 10 callers. Craig Robinson. More Grannies and Grampys to meet.

                                  Time 8:18-8:51

WOW Budweiser Clydesdale event. Traffic. Yesterday Preston saw Gadzooks ice cream. Losing glasses for lasik Preston needs a stronger prescription. Casey’s been wearing glasses lately. Steve’s wife just got glasses recently. Kathy has had them since she was a kid. Nick Murphy is considering Lasik. If he gets this procedure and it works he will feel odd because he likes the way he looks with glasses. He and his wife just had a kid. And you’d like to be able to find him. You could get glasses without lenses. Yeah but is that stupid? Steve used to think so but not anymore. We know Nick is smart so it’s not vain. He just wants to accessorize. No different than a hat, tie or corncob pipe. Maybe Preston will put a trach in his neck as an accessory. Steve whens the last time you went to the optometrist? That’s butt stuff, right? There are some people who wear glasses with no glass. It’s like a condom with just the ring on. Hasn’t scheduled the procedure yet. He’s color blind. Is there anything that can correct color blindness? There are glasses but they’re like $500. They’re on Amazon. Fanny packs back in Matthew McConaughey was wearing a fanny pack. Kathy has one. Would you be ok with wearing a faux fanny pack? Steve’s dad wears the fanny pack. These fanny packs are more decorative. There are Louis Vuitton fanny packs. Preston’s friend started using a glasses strap. Nutella shortage May be a Nutella shortage because of a frost in Turkey that wiped out Hazelnut crops. Prices getting higher. Is there still a helium shortage? Yeah I just bought a bag yesterday very expensive. They have to mine it. Budweiser Clydesdale event caller 8. Granny Grampy Grand Prix

                                  Time 9:03-9:26

Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Traffic. New Daily Rush is up. Foo Fighters ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Chico’s Vibe shout out. Meet the Grannies and Grampies Ashley nominated Nana, Dolly. 80 years old 80 mph, no seatbelt. Life of the party playing drinking games and gambling with 21 y/o grandson and friends in AC. Got a tattoo of leprechaun at 65. Zip lined in Mexico 2 years ago. Ashley is 29. Dolly says it’s all true. She wears a seatbelt on 95. Got the tattoo to do something out of character. She drives a Camry. Road on the back of a Harley in FL last year. Preston says she’s gonna win. Chad says poppy, Frank, at age 80 works for family business every day. He thinks poppy has what it takes. Frank says he’s gonna beat Dolly. Drove a go cart many years ago. He’s not gonna practice. Christine says Mom-mom, Mary, is life of the party. Known for having a lead foot. Always up for an adventure. Mary says we have a great show. She thinks Dolly is going to win. Is worried about helmet getting stuck on her head. Christine drives a batmobile. No kids wanted to sit in the front seat; she wasn’t offended until her mother wouldn’t sit in the front seat.

                                  Time 9:35-9:56

Secret Text Word. Traffic. You might want to take you’re panties off for our next guest, he asks ladies to do that a lot. Craig Robinson. Take yo’ panties offff. It’s been a long time. Craig is doing dart commercials with Jake Johnson. With the kind of movies you’re involved with, there is a lot of improv. Is there now more of a commitment to create extra content? Yeah it seems like it, but the stuff that happens naturally sells the best. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is to be released on Christmas. But they did say it changed. It’s supposed to be ridiculous. He keeps quoting the movie and no one has seen it yet. Have you seen “Get on Up”? No one has seen it yet. WHATTTT. He learned how to play the saxophone for the movie. If everyone’s nice at Helium he may play. I just unsold 100 tickets. He used to be a music teacher and there’s going to be a new show about his life as a music teacher. They shot “Get on Up,” In Mississippi. He got to play piano while Mick Jagger sang. He watched Venezuela and Mexico little league World Series games yesterday. Chicago is his home town they just moved on yesterday. Craig misses doing the office when he sees it, but he’s ok other than that. It’s like that ex- girlfriend feeling. He’ll be at Temple University the night before Helium. There’s always love in Philly, he’s been looking forward to getting back. Bizarre File Chinese alcohol manufacturer has been caught putting Viagra in his drinks. $21,000 is missing after the money fell from the top of Revel Casino when it was not put into the armored car. Casey found a bag of pot in college once. A British man was walking on the beach when he used a round object he found to play fetch with his dog. It happened to be a live grenade from WWII. A rock climber proposed to his girlfriend and then fell while rock climbing later that day alone. Russian scientists have been conducting test on the outside of the international space station where they found sea plankton. The plankton can survive in space but how did they get there? Sin City 10 callers.

                                   Time 10:07-10:22

Black Crows. Shart out to guys who are blaring Preston and Steve. Shart out to girlfriend Carla who is an ER nurse from Brad. LQ. Hollywood Trash Cindy Crawford has pulled her kids out of school because of cancerous window caulk. Kardashian bought a house infested with mold. Ian Ziering may be pricing himself out of Sharknado 3. LA Music News Nickel Back released a lyric video for their new single. Bush will release its sixth studio album on October 21st. Gwen Stefani is going to be on the voice. The Foo Fighters Ice Bucket Challenge may be one of the best. They act out scenes from the movie Carrie. Kim Thayil of Sound Garden took a jab at Billy Corrigan. Ace Frehely is back with his first ever solo album. STW caller 3. Steven King accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. Nick just noticed a TV that’s been in studio since 2008.

                                   Time 10:32-10:40

Thank you to Craig Robinson who will be at Helium this Sunday. Thanks to the Grannies and Grampies who were on. Matt Cord will be there as well. STW. Congrats to winners. LOTD Tommorrow on the show we’ll have Kacie McDonnell and calendar girl Brittany Ice Bucket Challenge. Sin City 8

Stupid Q: What is a sternutate?

Stupid A: A sneezeLesson Q: When mining for helium what is very light?

Lesson A: Pick axe.

STW: Biceps


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