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 Time 6:10-6:21

Good Morning. Traffic. News. Philly police officer was grazed in the head during a shooting on the 6400 block of Dittman street. Reported that he has already been sent home. Philly police have made two arrests for an attack against love park ranger. Chinese hackers steal data from 4.5 million hospital patients, some in north Alabama. Speaking of Chinese, Casey just started getting Chinese spam, tastes just like the original! Sports. Phillies beat the Seattle Mariners 4-1. Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel flipped the bird toward the Washington Redskins bench after a third-quarter incompletion in the 24-23 loss. The Eagles continue to prepare for Thursday night's preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Sin City Screening 5 Callers.

 Time 6:35-7:11

Smashing Pumpkins. Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Bill Clinton is 60. Tipper Gore is 66. Matthew Perry is 45. John Stamos is 51. Jonathan Frakes is 62. Kyra Sedgwick is 49. Ian Gillan is 69. Fred Thompson is 72. Kevin Dillon is 49. Adam Arkin is 58. Ginger Baker is 76. Erika Christensen is 33. SA Entertainment News Don Pardo died at the age of 96. Announcer for Saturday Night Live. Playback of Pardo’s voice overs from Saturday Night Live. A Nintendo spokesperson says that Robin Williams was loved at Nintendo and they are considering making a character based off of him. World of Warcraft announced they will honor Williams’ memory with a character. JK Rowling has expanded the Harry potter world announcing she has written about a singer, Celestina Warbeck. Ellen Degeneres posted a picture on Twitter of her and her wife celebrating six years together. Two lesbians still going strong. Sons of Anarchy actor Chuck Zito doesn’t disagree with War Machine’s domestic violence. Vanessa Hudgens gushed about her boyfriend Austin Butler. Janette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are no longer working together but McCurdy still has some beef with her ex co-star. Plays “One Less Problem.” Featuring guest DJ Fred Thompson. Jessica Seinfeld posted a picture of her and Gwyneth Paltrow together in their younger years with a sincere message. Clips When the Game Stands Tall with Jim Caviezel. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For with Eva Green. Sin City give away 10 callers. Jessica Seinfeld was married twice in six months.

 Time 7:22-7:45

Kongos. Weather. Traffic. Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Meeting grandparents. Reading email from Matt who entered his grandfather. Matt is singing the National Anthem in the bathroom. Matt’s grandfather Bill is on the phone. Says his grandson lost his mind. We have a picture of him in an elf costume. He has 9 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. He is looking for work and hopes that someone will pick him up as a substitute Nascar driver. Read email from Kristen nominating grandparents. Kristen says that they are mushy and she has never seen them compete against each other. Grandparents Joanne and Alan. Alan was a firefighter and Joanne sold aircraft for General Electric. They have seven grandchildren. Remember the lady who wanted to run a brothel? Casey wants her back. Jon Dorenbos getting ready for profile for HBO’s “Real Sports.” He has learned to forgive and move on from tragedy. He is outgoing now but there was a time that he was not that social. Dorenbos might watch the special. Sin City give away 10 callers.

Time 7:57-8:10

Kathy’s thinking of clams. Traffic. Nick says thank you to all police officers. Bizarre File 19 year old posed for mug shot wearing a t-shirt with a picture of his last mug shot. Man that goes by the name Penis collector was arrested for collecting penises of corpses. 15 foot alligator was caught in Alabama. Drug dealer was arrested after police discovered his tracking device on rooster. Ebola patients disappeared from Lyberia. Kansas City woman texted thief to get her car back. Streamers are birds in the desert that ignite in mid-air while flying over solar power plants. Casey fixed the mini-fridge in the office. Military members Budweiser event caller 14.

Time 8:21-8:41

Green Day. WOW. Traffic. Reality or Fakeity there are so many reality shows that we have never heard of before. We have been approached on a few times to do a reality show of this show and we turned it down. In this contest we will name a show and you tell us if it’s real or fake. Shart out to Shawn and Leslie in King of Prussia. Caller Matt Warrior Challenge is real: won Heineken lite. Caller Amanda TiTi and Boo Livin’ Large is not real.  Caller Jill Doing Da Vinci is real: won Heineken light. Caller Marian Yall Buggin’ is fakeity: won Heineken Light. Billy the Exterminator wore giant spikes on shoulders. Caller Melissa Hoagan’s Slogans is fakeity: Won Amazing Spiderman 2. Billy the Exterminator arrested for possession of drugs. Caller James Bachelorette in Alaska is real. Caller Ken Wane, Twist, and Zah: Stories from Lil Earth is fakeity: won Heineken Light. Caller Tom Celabra Kadabra is real: won Heineken light. Caller Michael LGBT for Two is fakeity: won Preston and Steve shirt. Caller Daniel Frozen River Ice Hobos is fakeity: won Amazing Spiderman 2. Caller Anthony Sushi Cab is fakeity: won Preston and Steve shirt. Caller Matt LaLa’s Full Court Life is real. Caller Patrick C note loves Miss Issippi is fakeity: won shirt. Caller Josh Volcano Bowlers is fakeity: won shirt. Caller Joanie Bridal Bootcamp is real: won shirt. Caller Matt Coolio’s Haunted food Courts is fakeity: Won Sin city tickets. Fat Guys in the Woods reality Show. Amazing Race Search in Atlantic City. Casey and Kathy should do it.

Time 8:53-9:28                                  

Sponge. Traffic. Piercings  Audio from when Marisa got her tongue ring taken out. Can you still see the hole? You can still see it but you can’t put a ring through it. Casey used to have earrings. Kathy does piercings but can’t have a tattoo. Steve got Preston a lumbar support and a ball return. Kathy needs red cupcake liners. Preston cleared up a golf issue he’s had. It was eating at me. The Pope wants to come to Philadelphia but can’t announce earlier than 6 months ahead. New product called Vodkila sounds disgusting. It won a silver medal at Wine and Spirits competition. Does anyone drink Vodka for the taste? Kettle and sprite mixture. Burbon Distilleries have over produced because of recent craze. Professor says PMS is evolutionary and symptoms are meant to drive away mates that can’t reproduce. Casey’s brother has an O positive blood type and is constantly attacked by mosquitoes but Casey doesn’t get attacked by ticks. I don’t think it has anything to do with blood type. Caller William. Caller Brian is A negative and has lime disease. Caller Lauren says Type O blood has more sugar. Facebook has recognized people are mistaking The Onion for real news so they are producing a satire tag. Caller Brandon comments article on Facebook that McDonald’s is selling human meat. Steven Spielberg killing Triceratops. Marlin Mason concert hoax. Sin City give away 10 callers

Time 9:39-9:55

Seether. Weather. WOW. Traffic. Dan Lauria Sullivan and Son just finished filming its third season. The show is the most fun he’s ever had. The Wonder Years was a dramady. The Wonder Years’ cast is doing well. Lauria is doing a play in November. Tries to do at least one a year. Wonder Years took over a week to film one episode. Sullivan and Son has 13 episodes. He absolutely mastered the irritated father look. Bizarre File Twin babies born are in the middle of custody battle because the wrong embryos were put in the wrong woman in Rome. 63 year old caretaker died after he was charged with drinking more than 102,000 worth of alcohol. Texas woman stole bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 so she could see her boyfriend. California woman gets kicked in the face and arrested after climbing into the giraffe exhibit in the zoo. The animal licked her and kicked her. She climbs in the exhibit because she loves giraffes.

Time 10:07-10:22

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Frozen songs in Spanish and French. LQ. Hollywood Trash Woman involved with Kylie Jenner in accident blames Jenner. Kanye West and Paul McCartney are recording music. Fergie says son French kisses her often and will cut it off at a certain age. LA Caller Bill. Music News

Eddie Vetter and Mike McCready are participating in the ice bucket challenge. Man that knew Pete Freights somehow drown. Metallica’s YouTube channel has posted new footage of the band backstage. Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue is in stores. They are in town this weekend for the last time. U2 plans to release album this year. Sin City give away 5 callers.

Time 10:31-10:39

Eve 6. If you’re not in the mood to rock shut the hell up. Matt Cord says people ask him for concert tickets. Preston can never get tickets. LOTD Wrap Up Thank you Red’s Apple Ale for sponsoring Tattoosday. Matt Cord in for Pierre workforce blocks of The Stones, Kings of Leon, and The Clash.

SQ:This actor’s movie roles included Thomas J. Senate, Miles Russell and Kevin McCallister.

SA: Macaulay Culkin

LQ: What band was Kathy thinking about getting tattooed somewhere on her chest

LA: Smashmouth


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