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Here's what happened on the show today:


Time 6:12-6:23

Weather. Traffic. News. Questions on whether or not Philadelphia schools will open on time and if layoffs will take place will be answered today, based on budget concerns. Thousands protested from love park to the art museum in Philly against police brutality, in response to the death of Michael Brown. Two Amish girls apparently abducted from a roadside stand were found safe. DA is confident that they will identify the perpetrator. Sports Phillies open against SF Giants tonight. Eagles play second preseason game against Patriots tonight. Rob Manfred was elected baseball's 10th commissioner. Mo'ne Davis and the Taney Dragons have their first game at the Little League World Series today in Williamsport, PA. Several guests are coming in today. Green Eggs

Time 6:35-7:06

Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Ben Affleck, 42; Anthony Anderson, 44; Pat Priest, 78; Chris Judd, 45; Natasha Henstridge, 40; Zeljko Ivaneck, 57; Debra Messing, 46; P&S Girl Miranda, 25. SA Entertainment News Susan Schneider released statement announcing Robin Williams had early signs of Parkinson’s. His sobriety was intact while coming terms to the news. Zelda Williams posted heartfelt messages on Twitter, received monstrous responses. Disney honoring Williams by airing Aladdin. Ben Affleck opens up about casting process of Batman. Warner Bros  prepared him for the backlash. Steve needs to make more room in the office for Batman stuff. Chelsea Handler posted topless photo of herself on Instagram, not shy about approaching 40. Neil Patrick Harris reveals he had sex with women during high school. There is peer pressure to date women is overwhelming. Rupert Grint says he gets mistaken for Ed Sheeran, doesn’t mind. Scott Disick order 45 nine piece meals of chicken fries, spent $200. Michael Cera released an album for free on Facebook, they aren’t very good. Lots of flange on the vocals. New app from Tom Hanks turns iPad into old fashioned typewriter called Hanxwriter. American Horror Story: Freakshow casted Michael Chiklis and world’s smallest woman; just 2ft .06 in. Clips Domhnall Gleeson on Frank; Sylvester Stallone on The Expendables 3. The Roots played Drinking Stein last night. They considered the song for the theme of Rambo

Time 7:18-7:47

Congos on WMMR. Traffic. Swirl is a cool word, but is disgusting in porn. Preston’s son Carter said that he always likes to get on people’s good side. You should tell him the story of Joseph Stallin. Looking angry is the key to getting what you want. Slanted brows, tearing eyes, and tight lips work best. Don’t make actual threats, doesn’t end well. Some people have bitchface. Bill Weston has an angry face. You said vagina too much Steve’s sign of anger is a sigh. Preston gets quiet. Had a bad round of golf yesterday, still pissed off. Kathy explodes when she’s annoyed. Women happiest at 25, stressed out at 34 body concerns and family pressure make 30s less fun. Kathy and Marisa loved mid-20s. Marisa isn’t passed out in bushes anymore Preston’s wife did most of wedding planning, so did Kathy. Nick planned the food. Good scheme would be to get free samplings of wedding food. Call back, we got into a fight, he’s an alcoholic Compartmentalize life: focus on what is good. Stability makes life easier. College life was awesome, no responsibility. The show compares GPAs. Preston did so bad he had no GPA. Casey had plans to be in Peace Corps. Kids have the purest happiness. Sin City 10 callers Green Eggs

SQ: Which movie’s scenes were filmed at the Grand Oaks Golf Club in Florida?

SA: Caddyshack

Time 7:59-8:20

Weather. Green Eggs. Traffic. Bizarre File Woman found dead, stuffed into suitcase. Her teenage daughter and boyfriend are suspected. Three Swiss couples fined for not wearing seatbelts while having an orgy in a moving vehicle. Sweet tea at a restaurant had been infused with industrial cleaning solution by accident by an employee. It looked the same as sugar. A man died while trying to have sex with a donkey; it kicked him in the face and chest. Woman arrested for public nudity after committing a sex act with a lawn chair.  Steve Bandura the Taney Dragons little league team were selected from all the Taney league teams. Steve saw Monet Davis throwing a football with a perfect spiral, he talked to her and she joined the team as pitcher. Her best sport is basketball; she may run point as an eighth grader for a varsity team. Her analytical skills are amazing. Upwards of 35,000 expected to attend little league World Series. Other teams in Delaware Valley are competing in other championships. Steve’s wife is a Black Listna. Williamsport is a beautiful town.

Time 8:32-8:53

Granny Grampy Grand Prix Traffic. Verne Troyer in studio Meet and greet at Monster Mania. Verne has done a lot of stunt work. Baby’s Day Out was his first movie as a stunt double. Verne grew up on a farm, his parents made him do everything they had to do despite his height. In school, he was bullied a little bit but punched a guy in the face. Mike Myers is known for getting intense on set, but he allowed room for improv. Verne has great comedic chops. He got close to Heath Ledger while making his last film. Heath was all about the craft, not the fame. Verne is a huge fan of shark week. Bit Players with Verne and Phil Fondacaro is about two guys behind the scenes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory acting like oompa loompas. Verne’s condition causes smaller proportions of everything except… one thing. He has a lifetime membership to the playboy mansion. Miniskirts are crazy for Verne. People make less comments on his size than they used to. Verne is ok with making jokes, as long as it’s for entertainment value. Verne would be interested in directing if the opportunity came along. Monster Mania will be all weekend long. Modells caller 5

Time 9:04-9:19

Royal blood. Traffic. Green Eggs Sean Johnson and Doris Merrill in studio 34th annual National Veterans Wheel Chair Games. Doris is 90 and ½. Sean was paralyzed due to being shot. Doris has MS and cervical myelopathy. Philadelphia is a beautiful city. This is the first time her granddaughters are able to watch her compete. Doris wanted to be a part of the service, her husband despised women in the service. When her husband was alive, she would go down to visit the base at Cape May. It is important to teach children to respect veterans. In basketball, the rules are mostly the same but modified. A push on the wheel is equivalent to a step. Nets are standard height; you have to shoot much farther in a wheelchair. The reason Sean was shot was because the shooter almost hit him. Doris used to average 180 in bowling.

Time 9:30-9:48

Stone Temple Pilots. Traffic. Dolph Lundgren Expendables 3 is the dream team of action movies. Dolph is a third degree black belt in karate. It’s surreal that Dolph and Sylvester are still working together years after Rock IV. It’s a good time in his career; he’s got several projects going on currently, in producing as well as acting. Reportedly, Stallone was attacked by a wild boar but Dolph didn’t hear about that. Dolph was in a movie about robots that were programmed to kill zombies. Bizarre file Man accused of breaking into pharmacy and dragging a safe behind his car. Star athlete drank two gallons of water and two gallons of Gatorade which ended up killing him. Man’s arm fell off while he was piloting an airplane. He briefly lost control of the plane. Woman accused of several hit and run crashes while driving drunk with her 1 year old in her lap. During a domestic dispute, a man picked up a baby car seat with the baby in it and threw it at his wife. Green Eggs 7&8

Time 10:00-10:17

Daily Rush Casey caught Kathy talking with food in her mouth. LQ Hollywood Trash Alice Eve announced she engaged her high school sweetheart. Promo shot for Downton Abby features a modern looking plastic bottle. North West made her modeling debut with a black and white photo shoot. LA Music News New Slipknot song features drummer from Lamb of God. 25th anniversary of Mother’s Milk, the Red Hot Chili Peppers 4th studio album. Five Finger Death Punch unveiled a video for their new song. The video highlights homeless veterans. Film chronicling the band Twisted Sister is called Twisted F***ing Sister. Popular tourist spot in London, the cover of the Beatles’ Abbey Road, is causing safety and traffic problems. Breaking News: Casey McDonald is leaving Fox 29. Audio clip of her announcement. I’m surprised she would want to be that far away from me She has a job starting next month in Kansas City. Oddball caller 16

Time 10:27-10:39

Green Eggs Granny Grampy Grand Prix In studio shart outs. Wrap Up Intern Gab’s last day. It’s good to finally know your name. Had a great summer working here. Marisa runs a tight ship, Preston doesn’t need to know what happens. You get to wear whatever you want in radio. Letter of the day Tickets to Jimmy buffet front row. Pierre’s plan for the day. Advance Auto Parts Oddball Green Eggs


LQ: In which city did the robots kill the zombies, thus inspiring the Dolph Lundgren movie “Battle of the Damned"?

LA: Cincinnati


WOTW: Parot

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