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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Steve Bandura – Coach/Manager for the Taney Dragons Baseball Team (8:15a)
Sean Johnson and Doris Merrill - 34th National Veterans Wheel Chair Games (9a)
Here's what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:11-6:22
Sunshine and 79 today. Traffic. News. 20 year old man died outside of concert trying to promote peace. Police searching for gunman. Truck drives into supermarket, killing township supervisor, Doctor Robert White. Septa officials reach tentative agreement in contract dispute. Sports. Howie Kendrick delivered a two-run single in the sixth inning, Angels' 4-3 victory over the Phillies last night. Jeremy Maclin left yesterday's practice after feeling his left hamstring tighten. He hopes to play in Friday night's preseason game against the Patriots. Nick and Marisa are going to Jimmy Buffett next Tuesday. Granny v Grampy Grand Prix. Jackie is very excited Ace Frehley will be on the show.
Time 6:34-7:05
Talking Heads on MMR. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Mila Kunis, 31. Halle Berry, 48. David Crosby, 73. Magic Johnson, 55. Steve Martin, 69. Susan Olsen, 53. Marcia Gay Harden, 55. Gary Larson, 64. Danielle Steel, 67. Jackee Harry, 58. SA. Caller John.  Entertainment News. Lifetime is airing biopic of Brittany Murphy. Billy Bob Thorton has had 4 unsuccessful marriages, thinks it may not be his thing. Anna Kendrick denied rumors of dating Lily Allen’s brother, Alfie Allen on twitter. Sources say Gwyneth Paltrow is moving on with Brad Falchuk. Farrah Abraham is now stripping at gentleman’s club in Austin, Texas. Claims she is doing research. Sofia Vergara is happy with her looks but open to plastic surgery in future. Kendall Jenner wants to set record straight, tweeting rumors are ‘absolutely ridiculous’. Madonna’s daughter Lourdes photographed taking hit of joint. Leah Remini isn’t shy about admiration to Jennifer Lopez. HBO bringing back The Leftovers for another season. Chris Pratt has taken on financial trouble of relatives. Clips. Jeff Bridges talks about original intentions for role in The Giver. The Trip to Italy actor Steve Coogan discusses differences between comedy and tragedy.
Time 7:16-7:48
Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Traffic. Nick saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last night. Turtle Shortage. Article claims pet stores are running out of turtles. People are buying them because of this movie. Casey used to have turtle, used to let it out of tank, wander around house. Kathy’s friend has turtle that he keeps in basement. Turtle will crawl onto lap and sit on his lap when out of tank.  Kathy’s brother brought turtle home and lost it in house. Found under sink. Nick’s family had tank with random reptiles. Caller John. Family turtle was lost for 8 years. Found under washing machine. Caller Sharky. Was cleaning room, after cleaning trash bag started walking away, accidentally threw turtle in bag. Caller Rick. Has had turtle since he was 7, now 30. What are multiple tortoises called? I’ve heard tortellini. Caller John. Friends mom adopted 2 tortoises, one is now 165. Worth 1Ž4 million dollars. Casey dated a girl who was terrified of tortoises because she swore she saw a tortoise rape another. Tortoise sex noise sounds like Steve. Caller Ron. Calling from Indiana. Owned reptile business. Says you can buy big tortoises at some stores, but would be expensive. Need permit for some. Caller Stacy. Bought tiny turtle. Dog ate turtle and threw it up about a week later, turtle survived. Kathy’s friend said turtle poops once a month, and it’s the size of human poop. Caller Chris. Found little turtle in drain pipe, turtle is now 5 lbs, walks around house and moves furniture. Some people believe that turtles will keep growing if you keep getting bigger tanks. Modell’s gift card.
Time 7:59-8:12
New music from Weezer. Traffic. Preston likes the new 6 ABC promo with Cecily Tynan and cheerleaders in air balloon. Cecily should be in the cheerleader uniform too. Bizarre File. Thief caught after disturbing wasps nest while urinating on it. 50 year old man died after he got vibrator stuck in his rear-end. Left it there too long because he was embarrassed to seek medical attention. It took 5 days before he went to hospital. Hotel forced to send out letter to British guests threatening 2,000 fine to anyone caught logging in pools. Logging is a past time of ‘Boozed up Brits abroad’, where Brits deliberately poop in their crowded pools before ‘watching the carnage unfold around them’. 3 year old girl survived 11 days in Siberian forest after puppy led rescuers to her. Seems a little unbelievable and far-fetched. Puppy hotwired a car and drove it back into town. Screening of Sin City: A Dame to Kill for.
Time 8:22-9:15
Casey is wearing very form-fitted Utley shirt. Wells Fargo sale. Traffic. Kevin Nealon. Has been doing stand-up for 35 years, before acting. Nealon remembers seeing Robin Williams back in his Mork and Mindy days doing stand-up. Kevin used to be locksmith. Preston wants to learn how to unlock locks. Steve’s brother used to be in secret service. Had access to locksmith kit. Kevin was being wire tapped by Anthony Pellicano. Kevin has project coming up involving Ellen Degeneres called Laugh Lessons. Legalizing marijuana in Colorado hasn’t lowered underground selling community. Should make an app to order marijuana. There is app that will deliver lighters, rolling paper, ‘munchies’ food, etc. Steve would rather be with someone who has smoked verses someone who is drunk. Actors smoke honey rose herb on TV when pretending to smoke. Kevin is now binge watching True Detective, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Could play transgender inmate. Transubliminal. Mr. Subliminal was first sketch he did on SNL. Steve’s niece talked about the Chippendales audition with Chris Farley.  Kevin was pretty good with not breaking on show. This was the closest he came. Stared at stretch marks on his belly not to laugh. Ace Frehley. Newly inducted to Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Very happy with end result of new music. Goes for feel and attitude, doesn’t get too technical. Tom Morello’s induction speech was amazing. Ace went to dinner with him the night before. Too many chef’s in the kitchen can spoil it. He wanted to keep it simple when writing music. Ace created the Kiss logo. Drew with felt pen, Paul just straightened the lines a bit. Had fun on the Tonight Show the other night with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon.  Jackie needs to interview Ace. Modell’s gift card.
Time 9:28-9:47
Queen on MMR. Traffic. Red heads being used to sell products. Preston has infatuation with two. Girl in the Wendy’s commercials and the girl in the new show Selfie. Also in Guardians of the Galaxy. 30% of TV ads during prime time feature a redhead. Caller Sam. Karen Gillan was on Dr. Who. She’s Scottish. Parisian brothel. JFK, Muammar Gaddafi and Marlon Brando were exclusive members of exclusive Parisian brothel. JFK asked for hot version of wife Jackie. I want mouth stuff, Jackie doesn’t do mouth stuff. Eating alone. What do we think of eating at restaurant alone? Preston, Steve and Casey don’t mind. Marisa hates it. Researchers reveal Americans are eating meals alone more than half the time. Oddball comedy Pizza party.  
Time 9:56-10:04
Linkin Park. Traffic. Bizarre File. First time leading in with audio. Recording from Portland Police Bureau, police responding to chicken crossing road. They weren’t able to determine if it was trying to get to the other side. Defendant in ongoing murder trial asked Siri for help in hiding roommates body. 22 year old beauty pageant arrested for walking in heels while receiving worker’s comp. Texas teenager lived in Wal-mart for 2 days and nobody noticed. Hid in two compounds he created himself. Would change clothes every 2 hours or so and even wore diapers so he wouldn’t alert workers. Kathy and Steve are going to camp out in Target. Performance artist announced he will have sex with a different person every day for a year. Case of Heineken Light.
Time 10:17-10:29
Red Hot Chili Peppers. Wells Fargo annual blowout sale. LQ.  Hollywood Trash. Ciara ended relationship with Future. Friends say her future plans are uncertain, suggests she might be rekindling her flame with the past. Obama was challenged to ALS ice bucket challenge and declined. Opted instead to make cash donation, learned his lesson after throwing up doing the Vladimir Putin cinnamon challenge. George Clooney’s fiancée  Amal Alamuddin not pregnant despite apparent baby bump in dress. Clooney himself issued statement stating the impossibility of any pregnancy because his condoms are made of custom made contractor garbage bags. LA. Caller Andrew. Music News. Frances Bean Cobain reached out to Zelda Williams on twitter in response to her quote she posted for her father. Zelda has since taken herself off of twitter because people were being so horrible towards her. Kings of Leon have been forced to cancel 2 weeks of shows. Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lorde and more have contributed songs for the soundtrack of MBA 2K15. Pearl Jam guitarist performed national anthem at Seattle Mariners game. Aerosmith forced to cancel Wednesday night show due to illness of drummer Joey Kramer. Paul McCartney concert closing show at Candlestick Park tonight.  
Time 10:41-10:47
Great weather this coming up this weekend. Wrap Up. Huge thanks to our guests. Great interviews. Pierre can’t wait to see the Daily Rush of Steve wearing wigs. Pierre wore wig so he didn’t have to cut his hair. LOTD. Thanks to our sponsors. We’re done, rage on!
SQ: What were the names of the robots in the Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em robots game?
SA: Red Rocker & Blue Bomber
LQ: Where was the second place that Magic Johnson ever played basketball?  
LA: Woodstock
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