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Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:24
Weather. Traffic. News. 2 armed suspects were waiting for homeowners to arrive and forced them inside. When police arrived suspect removed mask and had female homeowner show them her ID. Suspect then fired and was killed by police. Person died after being struck by an SUV on Academy Road. 2 men with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation have been charged with stealing 3.6 million in taxpayer money from PennDot. Sports. Flyers will induct Eric Lindros, John LeClair and Eric Desjardins into Hall of Fame. Phillies beat the Nationals 10-4 last night in Washington but probably lost Cliff Lee for the season. Game time tonight is 7:05. Christopher Titus is stopping by this morning. We’ll have live music from Langhorne Slim. McDonalds is stopping by for and Meet and Eat. Those who own a calendar have to say goodbye to Sarah Clayton since it’s August 1st.

Time 6:34-7:06
Bob Marley. Traffic. Stupid Q. Birthdays. Joe Elliot, 55. Lead singer of Def Leppard. Chuck, 54. Sam Mendes, 49. Great Director. Jason Momoa,35. Character on Game of Thrones. Plays a Barbarian Leader. Married to Lisa Bonet. Adam Duritz, 50. Lead singer of Counting Crows. Tempestt Bledsoe, 41. Coolio, 51. Casey’s Mom, 67. Pierre Robert’s Birthday. SA. Entertainment News. Miranda Kerr was on vacation when she heard about Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber fight. She wants to move on in her life and is embarrassed. Has denied she hooked up with Bieber. Scientology has ruined Maxim Chmerkovskiy’s friendship with Kristy Alley. Romance between Benji Madden and Carmen Diaz is going well and are talking about marriage. Monica Lewinsky will be an ongoing contributor to Vanity Fair Magazine. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sent each other love letters while they were shooting different movies. 43 year old man named Troy Warren was arrested for stalking Robin Roberts. Justin Theroux is keeping the romance alive with Jennifer Aniston. Sharknado 2 has broken records on SyFy with 3.9 million viewers. Rosewater will hit theaters November 7th. John Stewart took time off from show to film the movie. Clips. Chris Pratt talks how he learned from star-studded cast. Aykroyd talks about Boseman’s transformation into Godfather of soul. TMNT.

Time 7:20-7:45
Guns N Roses. Traffic. Shart Out. Granny and Grampy Grand Prix and we need people to submit. Send to Women being fought over by guys and liking it. Kathy had a boyfriend in fraternity in college and they didn’t like when she went to other fraternity’s parties. Casey was leaving a club and 20 guys were surrounding him. Guys also like when girls fight over them. Kathy kicked a door in because she thought a girl was trying to get after her boyfriend. Caller Rick: High school he got with girl he didn’t want to but he took her flower. Had girls fighting over him in school the next day. Caller Iva: Was fighting over guy she worked with. His girlfriend thought she wanted him and they started fighting. He loved it and now they’re engaged. Thinks his old girlfriend got married and had a baby. Caller: 2 ex-girlfriends happened to see each other at carnival and started a big brawl. One girlfriend said he hit her back and he got arrested. Kathy kicks studio door open. Caller Bear: has been a bouncer for 7 years and has seen a lot of girl fights. Guy shot Casey’s ex bf in head with bb gun. She wouldn’t let Casey go after him.

Time 7:56-8:15
Beastie Boys. McDonald’s is bringing in food and they have new flavors to shake into fries. Traffic. Cecily Tynan was at zoo and bullfrog wouldn’t stop peeing. Her reaction is priceless. Casey stumbled upon cooking videos. She took cooking show to YouTube. Plays clip of chicken wing and dessert videos. Goes by Sista Girl on YouTube and videos have taken off. She looks like Miles Davis. Bizarre File. Unanticipated Comcast fees made a customer so angry she pulled a gun on employee. An education blogger fired for writing about homophones. 57 year old man will serve 7 years in jail after shooting his girlfriend after a suicide attempt. He shot her in the chest. Woman will sue a zoo after a part of her finger was bitten off after trying to pet a lion. On a flight from Bejing to Detriot, parents let their toddler defecate on his seat by putting newspapers down. Kevin James tickets.

Time 8:26-8:56
Grateful Dead. Traffic. McDonalds brought by Shakin Flavor fries. Christopher Titus is here. Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars has epilepsy and he had to stay home and read instead of going to school because of seizures. In Toledo the people were weird and club owner was a criminal. People were trying to steal stuff in the merch line. His comedy became more about him. Some comics do the same show for years. Thinks if you have an addiction you have a will power problem and not a disease. Steve-O got over his addiction but thinks of it as a disease. His Dad would pour a beer into Pepsi can while driving. His father hated the show at first until he went to the store and the lady recognized him. Employee said if it wasn’t for fathers like you I would be in jail. Was asked to do a game show but it wasn’t on his list of things to do. Thousands of people in other countries wait to see guys from Pawn Stars. Realities stars are usually less than professional. Works on cars and at one point he had 13. Advice is to buy a car in good shape. Don’t go to the creepy car shops down the alley. Got pissed because his car broke the first day he took it out. Went on Craigs List and guy had a car for sale in Englewood. The car was so cheap and the guy said he was getting divorced so he didn’t want his wife to have it. He just shot his last comedy special and he’s making a new movie with his company. He will be at Helium Comedy tonight and tomorrow night.

Time 9:12-9:38
Tom Petty. Kings of Leon. Weather. TMNT. Traffic. The band Langhorne Slim is in studio to play live music. Since they all live in different cities they get together in the city they start the tour in. The big influences were Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain and Otis Redding. In Nashville everyone is a musician but it’s not competitive. They’re going to play a never before heard new song. Song Name: Givin In. Says it’s a very supportive show with the applause. TellUs360 is the venue they are playing at tonight. They play around here about once or twice a year. Union Transfer is one of his favorites in the country. Conan jammed on stage with them at The Troubadour. A fan of the band was going on Conan and handed their CD to one of Conan’s producers who gave it to Conan. He then wrote them a letter inviting them to play on the show. Singer grew up listening to Pierre Robert. Playing “Song for Sid” written for his Grandfathers who had passed away. He embraces the emotion in the song. He’s laughed, passed gas, and cried on stage. Their most recent album is called The Way We Move. In the Fall and Winter they’ll take off time to make new record.

Time 9:48-9:59
The Killers. Traffic. Granny and Grampy Grand Prix. PA Ren Fair. Bizarre File. A woman was barbequing with friends when grill accident rushed her to the emergency room. Doctor stuck scope down throat and she had a piece of wire sticking out of her throat nearly an inch long. A woman from Alabama accused of running over her husband several times after an argument. She was upset with him for being intoxicated and he had non-life threatening injuries. Man is dead after crashing his vehicle into a bee infested home. He had a medical emergency after he lost control of his car and crashed into abandoned home. It was so infested that they couldn’t get to him. Authorities are waiting on autopsy. Sam Bompas traveled to Syracuse University to attempt to cook with lava. They ended up cooking steak over the lava and there is no smoke. A Wal-Mart in Florida has become a favorite target for criminals and in January they made 202 arrests. TMNT.

Time 10:09-10:23
Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Preston times how fast he can get to the bathroom. LQ. Steve does Hollywood Trash really fast while Preston goes to bathroom. LA. Music News. Lollapalooza kicks off today in Chicago and more than 100,000 people expected to attend. Lollapalooza used to tour but they were losing money. Total of 130 acts will perform this year for its tenth year. Lorde will contribute a song to the Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1. The movie comes out November 21st. Volbeat drummer says band is start to gather ideas for 6th studio album. The front man is already starting and adding stuff in pieces. Rob Zombie is launching a campaign to fund his new movie 31. Zombie is offering fans a variety of high-quality rewards to people who want to support the movie. The movie is about 5 people who are kidnapped the 5 days leading up to Halloween and how they fight to survive a place called Murder World.

Time 10:34-10:45
Led Zeppelin. Someone requested stop thinking of clams played slowly. Sorority party was really fun. Couple hundred women there and they were all so fun. When they left there were 300 women and 5 guys there. Thank you to Cavanaugh's river deck it was such a great night. It is Pierre’s birthday and he brought Casey a DelCo sticker. LOTD Caller 5. Thanks to Christopher Titus for coming in. Langhorne Slim was great. McDonalds Shakin Flavor fries. WOTW. Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Have a wonderful weekend.

LQ: Jason Momoa is married to Lisa Bonet. What does Cosby hope Khal Drogo’s house have?
LA: A pool

SQ: The first 5 books of the Bible are sometimes called what?
SA: Pentateuch


WOTW: Broom

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