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Tomorrow on the show:

Todd Glass (8:15a)

Michael Giacchino (9a)

Here's what happened on today's show:

Time 6:08-6:20
Weather. Traffic. News. 16 year old NJ boy charged with reckless manslaughter- punched a 17 year old in head and killed him. It wasn’t an attack, more of a freak accident. Iraeli tank shells crashed into Palestine school that was used as a refuge. Water main break at UCLA campus has entire campus under water. Sports.  Cole Hamels dominated last night in a 6-nothing victory over the Mets in Queens. Newly signed UFC welterweight Joe Riggs was involved in a firearm-related accident in his home. Huge traffic jam on 76 east, Nick and Kathy were stuck in it. Sorority Party. 

Time 6:32-7:05
Weather. Traffic. SQ. Christopher Nolan, 44. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67. Hilary Swank, 40. Lisa Kurow, 51. Laurence Fishburne, 53. Christine Taylor, 43. Tom Green, 43. Vivica A. Fox, 50. Jaime Pressly, 37. Bud Selig, 80. Anita Hill, 58. SA. ENews.  Martha thinks Blake Lively is “Silly” for creating a lifestyle blog. She doesn’t party, she’s just like Steve. 'Bachelorette' star Nikki Ferrell slams show's producers after sex secret is revealed. Matt Cord watches the Bachelorette and tweets about it. Kendall Jenner denies that coming from a famous family has helped her modeling career. There’s no way that a girl from Iowa who looks like her would have an easier time than her. Zoe Saldana opens up about why she loves her body more than ever and poses nude for Women’s Health. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin attended a movie screening together. Maya Rudolf has finally filed the birth certificate for her daughter who was born last year. Scarlett Johansson has a drastic new look. Tweet from Australian paramount pictures shows TMNT falling off of a burning building. Along with the date of release being Sept 11, some took it offensively. Maxim from Dancing with the Stars is not coming back next season. Clips. Calvary, Brendan Gleeson. Child of God, James Franco. TMNT 10 Callers. STW. 

Time 7:17-7:48
Weather. Traffic. Freddie Prince Jr. was at Comic Con and commented that Keifer Sutherland almost drove him out of the entertainment business. Career changes because of jerk at work – Program director, went by Action Jackson was mean to the promotions director, he would complain about him openly in front of everyone about him, made him quit. Caller Dan: This woman was horrible and kept him up at night and gave him a medical condition. She would threaten him, would badger about sales goals. At Y100 a guy made a speech saying he loves firing people because it gets rid of dead weight. Dan had a death in the family and the boss said “it was two weeks ago, get over it.”  Caller Mike: Electrician, started at a company, co-worker took hazing to a new level. Took piping and wire darts and hit him with them. He is now a health inspector. Caller Rob: Worked for a law firm, worst experience of his life. It’s a world of inflated egos. Sr. Partner in firm would intentionally ask questions hoping you were wrong so you would get in trouble. Caller Lisa: HR Department. People don’t have to put up with that, it’s frustrating that people don’t just tell someone about it. People need to stand up for themselves. Caller Ryan: His superior in the military acted like he was god, had no one he could talk to about it. Caller Georgia: Refused to take crap from their boss, Steve couldn’t understand what she was saying at all. Caller Becca: Worked at a camp, was so excited, director was only focused on money, not kids. Sorority party.

Time 7:56-8:22
Live on Fox Good Day. Today we are going to focus on Casey since he is never mentioned. Refused to mention Nick. Dream girls: Casey’s is Michelle Duggar. Steve says Sofia Vergerra. Kathy loves Eva Longroia. Rebecca from full house was cute, John Stamos says she is the one who got away. Mike says Marisa won’t attract a man… even though she is dating someone now. She tries to avoid the statement. Casey says she gets around. Marisa yelled and ran back in the room. Casey: She’s back Steve: She’s like syphilis. Traffic. Event Announcement: Preston and Steve’s Granny and Grampy Grand Prix—Battle of the sexless. Bizarre Files. UK Artist creates furniture that looks smells and feels like human skin. Toddler crashes jeep wrangler into neighbor’s house. Louisiana woman left kids unattended in her car to give her boyfriend oral in his car. “mommas gonna use her mouth to make some guy happy” S. Carolina man says he has been struck by lightning 10 times. London taxidermist has created a line of hats. Philly’s Hottest Selfie Announcement: 3rd place: Olivia Dello Buono, 2nd place: Tasha Steppa, 1st Place: Hayley Gray. Selection process for the totally office calendar is starting now. 

Time 8:32-9:06
Arctic Monkeys. Traffic. Preston got a Cat Scan and met the coolest person ever. Preston, Nick and Casey went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Preston thought it was great. Rock Star Rob said that this was going to be this generations Star Wars. Preston knew nothing about any of these characters, didn’t give him any problems. Chris Pratt was great. There was a major applause at the end of this movie. Preston almost cried in the first few minutes of the movie. Michael Rooker’s character has one of the coolest weapons in the movie. His character still has a southern accent, he said ‘boy’ a lot. Craig Leggons was there, he thinks it is the best marvel movie that has ever been made. The music was a big part of the movie. Michael Rooker’s character is really the Hawk Eye to the guardians. It was a standalone film. Casey’s kids are into the Marvel Universe, the son kept asking Casey questions about the universe.  There will be an extra bonus at the end of the credits in theater, but there wasn’t one at the screening. Kathy should make up fake spoilers PYT Burger now has the Doughnut Cheesesteak Burger. Study which ranks how countries feel about USA. Greece is in the top 10 countries that hate USA, that’s where Marisa is going.  The Philippines favors us the most. RenFaire.

Time 9:20-9:42
Granny Grampy Grand Prix. Traffic. Granny Grampy Grand Prix. John Bolaris. Prank called him; he realized it was a joke. He’s in Montauk right now working on weather savior. Trying to develop an app and get sales for advertisers. He got a cat, its name is sushi- rescued her from the woods. He is supposed to do a Celebrity Boxing Match. He was convinced to do it, given a trainer. Everyone is telling him not to do it, its bottom of the barrel stuff. He’s rebuilding his reputation. He changed his mind because of the guys. He misses being on TV and Radio. Steve thinks the antique roadshow is a better fit for him. His girlfriend bartends at The Sloppy Tuna That was Kathy’s nickname in college. Casey apologizes for Hal Sparks comments the last time he was here. He said some mean things that was disrespectful to John and also to the show since he is their guest. Casey thinks it might be John Gosling he was supposed to fight. Steve doesn’t like the Weather Savior, it sounds too religious. 

Time 9:52-10:03
Phillys Hottest. Traffic. Phillies Hottest Selfie winner was Hayley. Amanda, former Preston and Steve Calendar Girl, is running the PnS Calendar Girls twitter. Bizarre Files.  Albuquerque man broke into a woman’s house wearing a bathing suit and purple robe. Florida Supreme Court suspends lawyer claiming she has a microchip implanted in her brain. Doctor in custody for pointing rifle toward women at Phoenix airport. Woman arrested and put in jail to make her testify against her boyfriend who is mentally unstable and kidnapped her to get the aliens out of her body. Sorority Party.

Time 10:13-10:31
Weather. Traffic. Preston wants Steve to bring his drone with him to the sorority party, he’s not comfortable just yet around water but the next event he will. LQ. Hollywood Trash Radar online says Kim and Kanye plan for another baby on hold because they are fighting over balancing family time and their career. Kim is too focused on her career, she had to be reminded she was having another baby. Kendall Jenner says her name makes it more difficult to be a fashion model. Lily Allen says she shed 40 lbs by only eating potato chips. It makes her fart plastic wrap LA. Music News Muse gave hints about their new album on twitter. Woman who has been stalking Chris Cornell and his wife has been arrested. She claims he stole her music and she is the mother of one of his kids. When they are so accessible on twitter, people think they are friends. I hear Dannica Mckeller had that same problem… nick. Tool front man and wife just had their first baby girl. Can’t figure out how to say her name. Spelled Lei Lee, is that two names or one? Casey thinks it’s kind of like Joann/Jo Anne. Steve wants his new name to be Steve Barleycorn. Scott Weiland says his days of 'dope use' are 'long' behind him. Linkin Park has released a song/ video from their new album. Kevin James Tickets.

Time 10:37-10:46
Balloon sculptures still look great from yesterday. Forgot to pick a caller so we picked a small number- Caller 2. Tomorrow we will play a game “Who’s Marisa Dating”. Her belly button is showing, Shes presenting. LOTD. Secret Text Word Winner. Tomorrow we will have Todd Glass and Michael Giacchino, composer for Star Trek Into Darkness.

SQ: In Avengers and Captain America, what is the name of the cube everyone is trying to get their hands on?
SA: Tesseract

LQ: What movie is Hector and the Search of happiness a lot like.
LA: Milo and Otis


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