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Time 6:09-6:16
Weather. Traffic. News: Coast guard crews are looking for a missing boater in Pontoon County. One boater was able to swim to shore and call police is partner is still missing. A 44 year old paraplegic man shot his brother when allegedly protecting his sister from abuse. One of the fugitives wanted for cheating by Nevada gaming control board was caught. Sports: Braves won against the Phillies 8-2. 25 year old Rory Mackelroy won the British open. Hercules giveaway – 8 pairs of passes.
Time 6:29-7:05
We’re at 6:30 on a Monday morning. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Josh Hartnett, 36. Jon Lovitz, 57. Robin Williams, 63. Gary Trudeau, 66. Ali Landry, 41. Janet Reno,76. Ken Starr, 68. Nick McIlwain, 39. SA. Entertainment News: James Garner was found dead at the age of 86. He won two Emmy’s for Rockford Files and was nominated for an Oscar for Murphy’s Romance. He was in the Great Escape and, for younger audiences he was also in The Notebook. Casey Kasem’s body was flown to Florida for funeral arrangements after it was ordered to stay in his Tacoma for an autopsy now the body is missing. His children are worried that his wife might ship the body to Canada or have it cremated. The teaser trailer for 50 shades of Grey debuted on Beyoncé’s instagram this weekend. Elizabeth Berkley is not interested in a behind the scenes made for TV lifetime Saved by the Bell movie. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be in a movie together called “By the Sea”. They will also reteam in the movie “Cleopatra” with their 6 children. Skye Mccole Bartusiak, Mel Gibson’s daughter in the Patriot, died at 21 this weekend. American Idol’s ratings have dipped. Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Theo Huxtable, will be on Son’s of Anarchy. Hank Azaria will be the lead in a new animated series. Fox is considering a return of the series 24. Sarah Hyland, she gushed, she’s one of those, about her Modern Family’s costar’s new relationship. Brody Jenner explains that he missed Kim Kardashian’s wedding because he had already committed to Reggie Bush’s wedding. He said he doesn’t know Kanye but is very close to Reggie. Clips: Ladies of London. And So it Goes. Hercules giveaway – 10 passes. 
Time 7:17- 7:46
WoW. Traffic. Sex Spread Sheet:  a man made a spread sheet detailing his sex life with his wife. There is a whole column of excuses and reasons for not having sex. Some excuses: watching my show, I feel gross I need a shower, I’m tired, I’m trying to watch the movie, I’m too drunk and I ate too much. There was 17 days between the two yes’s. The sheet takes place over a month and a half and they only had sex 3 times. Caller Pat: Thinks they should start having shower sex. Caller Allison: What’s he not doing for her to have sex? She was in a relationship where her partner became very overweight and she was no longer attracted to him. Casey thinks getting divorced because your spouse gets overweight isn’t okay. “For better or Worse” Steve agrees. Preston and Nick think you need to have some basic attraction. Caller Dave: Think’s it’s all just a lack of honesty and a little sad. Caller Angela: Thinks he’s not helping out around the house. Steve doesn’t like the idea of sex being a reward for chores. Kathy’s reaction to the list would be you should clean up and help out instead of making a list. Casey thinks the excuses are fine; sometimes you don’t want to have sex. Maybe he’s terrible in bed. She posted it online so she thinks it’s funny or she is trying to piss him off. Hercules – 8 callers         

Time 7:57-8:12
Weather. Traffic. Michelle Helms from Philadoptables: There is a kitten shower being held on August 9th. They are taking in 125 animals a day and they do not have enough space. The event will be at the Hunting Park shelter. Bizarre File: A Maryland man faced murder charges when he accidently shot his friend when testing out a bullet proof vest. A man visited China with some stomach pains and blood in his urine only to discover that he’s actually a woman and he was menstruating. An enraged woman walked into a burger joint, assaulted the employees there, and then dropped her pants. A Dutch cyclist confirmed that he narrowly escaped death twice after almost flying on both doomed Malaysian flights. A stranded hiker survived on bugs and snow for 6 days after a boulder fell and broke his leg. Woman was arrested after she posted a selfie of herself in a stolen dress. A New Zealander has set the Guinness world record with the greatest number of tattoos of the same cartoon character. Concert Announcement: Judas Priest preforming August 15th alongside Steel Panther- Caller 14.    
Time 8:20- 8:50
WoW. Traffic. Casey’s Tweet: There was a golf tournament over the weekend and they did celebrities read mean tweets. Larry the Cable Guy read Casey’s tweet: “Larry the Cable Guy looks like a fat Brett Favre.” A dad beat up the guy trying to molest one of his kids: There is audio from the 911 call. The man has been molesting the child for the past three years, and the father will not be charged for assault. Steve would be the worst 911 dispatcher because of his inability to remain calm. Steve: “Kill him, kill him now! Remember to wipe your finger prints off the knife.”  Men’s voices change when they are attracted to women: REALLY When men are attracted to women they talk with a deeper voice and in a more sing-songy way. Men who speak in this way are not aware that they are doing it. Kathy thinks that women notice it. Smoking: Preston and Casey think it’s hilarious watching a novice smoker. Why do you hold joints, cigarettes, and cigars differently? It’s harder to pass Medical Marijuana laws because PA is a Quaker state. Guardians of the Galaxy-10 callers   
Time 9:03- 9:31 
Weather. Traffic. Nick just pulled up the revel casino hottie cam where our Philly’s Hottest Hand bra winner is doing a photo shoot. Philly’s Hottest Selfie voting is going to end this week. Congratulations to our former intern Jake Mattera – he’s a finalist for Helium Philadelphia’s funniest. Company sued after man died from smoking: Damages were awarded to a woman whose husband died after smoking. The company was accused of not doing enough to alert people of the damages of smoking. Caller Joel: the man was originally a part of a class action suit and in this suit the jury was just awarding punitive damages. Nostalgia: Research has been done that nostalgia is remembering the past in a sanitized version. Terrible stories become “funny little ditty’s” after a couple of years. Young adults participate in it the most. Preston tried to buy a children’s book for $1000 because he was drunk. Preston remembers life in chapters. One chapter for Casey is Saturday morning cartoons. 34 years ago today ACDC released “Back in Black”. Preston thinks of his life through certain songs and how certain songs opened up new genres of music. Teenage mutant ninja turtles. 10 callers

Time 9:42- 10:09 
Weather. Hottie Cam. Traffic. Shart outs. Shriners Children Hospital Centurions:  Joe and Stephanie talk about the 18th annual toy run for Shriners Children hospital. It’s this Sunday there will be breakfast and then an after party. Every dollar they raise that day will go to Shriners hospital. Shriners hospital provides care for kids with orthopedic care regardless of anyone’s ability to pay. Kids come from local areas and out of state areas for treatment. There are 80 Centurions in the Philadelphia area. Bizarre File:  Woman became so upset with her lover, that he didn’t produce enough batter, that she accused him of having an affair and then shot him. A firefighter lost his hand to flesh eating bacteria after a simple puncture wound. 102 year old woman killed her 100 year old roommate at the Branden woods nursing home. The Amir and Ammon of a Philly mosque were thrown in jail after they tried to cut off a man’s hand with a machete. Wawa is closing their original store on MacDade Boulevard to make it a super Wawa. Wawa does not own the land the current Wawa is on. Nifty Fifty’s is still opened even though they had some legal trouble. 5 Nifty Fifty owners were sent to jail for tax evasion. Across the street is where Pat’s chilly dogs used to be. They should make the original Wawa a merchandise store. There was a 6ABC store in the mall. The guys want to create Jim Gardner underwear. Or shave Jim Gardner’s moustache to raise money for the Camp Out for Hunger. 
Time 10:20- 10:31
Weather. Movie Screenings: Hercules, Guardians of the Galaxy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Morgan is on the Revel casio hottie cam. This weekend Preston saw homeless people asking for money on every single corner. LQ Hollywood Trash: Backstreet Boys have canceled their upcoming concerts in Israel. Prince George is shown walking in a new official picture released by the Royal Family. Brody Jenner said he opted out of going to Kim Kardashian’s wedding because he doesn’t know Kayne. LA  Music News: Former Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland said he would work with Velvet Revolver for festivals to make “easy money.” Black Sabbath was born in Birmingham England. Fred Durst directed three spots for eHarmony commercials. Longtime Primmest drummer suffered a heart attack last week. Slipknot has posted another eerie teaser on their website. Guardians of the Gaxlaxy 5 callers.      
Time 10:43-10:52 
The movie Rockstar with Mark Walhberg. They have found Casey Kasem’s body in Tacoa. Thank you’s to Philadoptables and Centurions. Pierre Robert is here him and Marisa gave a tour and went to a pop up beer garden with the Royal Blood. Marisa knows everywhere to go in the city. Pierre starts doing an accent that turns into an Italian John Wayne. LOTD Thanks to our sponsors. We are done rage on!  

SQ: Who was the only girl on the Little Rascals was named what?

SA: Darla

LQ: What is the new one from Neil Young?    

LA: Finger the B

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