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Weather. Traffic. News. Man charged with killing 6 family members of his ex-wife, including 4 children. Each was shot in back of head execution style after they refused to tell him where his ex-wife was. 15 year old daughter pretended to be dead after being shot and called 911 when he left. She saved her grandparents life by getting them out of house before he arrived. Former daycare owner awaiting trial in a boy’s drowning. Pleaded guilty in court for taking public funds to run 2 Philadelphia centers. Police investigating shooting of pharmaceutical delivery man. Robbers shot him in hand but didn't get away with anything. Police think the robber knew the pharmacy delivery schedule. Sports. Jimmy Rollins helped Phillies win against Brewers in Milwaukee with a 9-1 win. Back home this weekend against Washington Nationals. It’s final weekend for the World Cup. The 3rd place game is between Netherlands and host country Brazil. Championship game will be between Argentina and Germany Sunday at 3. Today on the show we have Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth. We also have Melissa Carlisle. Go-Gos tonight at PPL Park. Also Keenan Wayans. Philly Zoo will be stopping by. Emmy nominations came in late yesterday.
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U2. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Richie Sambora, 55. Bruce McGill, 64. Lil Kim, 39. Giorgio Armani, 80. Nadya Suleman, 30. Also known as octomom. Her plastic surgery mission was to look like Angelina Jolie. SA. Entertainment News. Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly announced the Emmy nominations and HBO shows got the most love. Game of Thrones got 19 nominations. Show is hosted by Seth Meyers and will air on NBC August 25th. Drama series nominations. Comedy Series nominations. Jimmy Kimmel and wife Molly welcomed first child together, baby girl. Jimmy already has 2 kids in their 20’s. Paris Hilton has given up fast food. Joy Behar has strong opinions on The View’s cast. Appeared on CNN and responded to Elisabeth Hasselback’s comments on Rosie’s return. Mike “The Situation” got the black eye from his mother after he got in a fight with his brother at tanning salon last month. Glee star Becca Tobin’s boyfriend found dead by maid in a Philadelphia hotel. He was a night club promoter on a business trip. Sharon Stone is ready to find love again. Justin Theroux’s relationship with Jen Aniston is not difficult despite being in headlines. Filming has wrapped on next Fast and Furious movie. Paul Walker’s brother was brought in to finish scenes after his death. Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Models, has passed away at 92. Farah Abraham is opening froyo shop called Froco Fresh Frozen in Austin. Clips. Penelope Mitchell talks about why she wanted to be a part of this Netflix series, Hemlock Grove. Ben Savage talks about new fans vs old fans for Girl Meets World. Original Rocky was rated PG. Pain Single Mixer. 
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Black Crowes. Weather. Traffic. Never think about poison ivy when golfing, usually think about ticks. Steve started to get a rash on arms and doctor said he has poison ivy. Thinks he got is from hugging and touching dog. It wasn't as bad as some people get, the butt was really itchy. Casey’s friend is a tree surgeon and got it all over his face and couldn't drive. So bad he had to go to ER. Steve is taking a minor topical steroid. Nick went camping and someone grabbed stick that had poison ivy on it. Smoke got in boy’s lungs from it being burnt. Do people grow it on purpose? Caller: Him and buddies were having campfire and throwing in branches. There was poison ivy on the ones he was throwing in. The fire made poison ivy go into smoke and he had to go to ER. Loads of toxic plants you don’t think about. Caller Andy: Her and brother were playing in woods as kids and brother starts itching all over. Got home and he had it in throat, balls, butt and all over. Nick asks what do you do to get rid of poison ivy? They spray it or use weed killer. Someone says it can live on fabrics up to 5 years even after washing. Better to trash any used clothing. Scientific name for poison ivy is toxicodendron radicans. Caller Jason: Used leaves as toilet paper when pooping in the woods. Caller Dorton: Friend when younger was doing army crawl through field and got it so bad his eyes were swollen shut. Mom then took him to mall. Caller: User dryer sheet which absorbs oil. Caller Rachel: Some people have more of a reaction than others. Look for linear patterns of poison ivy. There’s been a lot more cases of it this year. You should familiarize yourself with what it looks like. Philly’s hottest selfie.
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Black Keys. Movie Premiere. Traffic. Philly Zoo brought in tasty food. 6th annual Summer Ale Festival. Steve will be making an appearance at The Promenade this Sunday. Bizarre File. Man who came to visit son was trapped in empty maximum security visiting area in a jail for 31 hours. Rescued once he broke a sprinkler head. Room is used for highest level criminals and no use to check on room since it’s rarely used during weekends. Police have search warrant out for teen accused of sexting video to girlfriend. He is facing charges of possession of child pornography. In order to verify it is him in the video, they need to force him to become erect by taking him to hospital and give him an injection. Delaware man stuffed 16 baggies of heroin in his baby’s diaper. He was originally arrested for shoplifting in a Verizon store. Police officer was enjoying a calm day at home in Uganda when a tortoise walked in his home and it would not leave. After he shot it a Christian group prayed and burned it to ashes. We will be at Xfinity Live later today and will be giving away $1,000 cash prize.
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Alice in Chains. Traffic. Childhood Houses. House Kathy grew up in is gone. Her mom grew up in that house and it’s about 60 years old. Your house defines all your memories. Growing up her house was open to anyone. In the room that people would stay in her cousin found a bag with hearts on it, and it was a dildo. Beth went over to Kathy’s house and there is a tour of the home on the website. The finale is Kathy singing with a hair brush doing a rendition of Heaven is a Place on Earth. There are houses for sale near the house Nick grew up in. Caller Erin: 5 years ago parents were painting kitchen in house. When they took down wall paper the walls said “Johnny is a pimp” which was name of previous owner. Nick’s dad offered him to buy their house and would have given discount but it wasn’t in great condition. Caller: Ron Jaworski bought his parent’s house but doesn’t know if he still lives there. People who bought Casey’s house put up basketball hoop and neighbor’s said when Casey lived there his net fell on a kid. Uses same lie with all neighbors. 
Caller: Monthly rent he charges for house is how much his grandmom bought it for in 1920. You can look at your house from all different angles on Bing Maps. Caller Zach: Mom had a cabinet of dildos and was terrorized when they found them. Single mixer.
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Queen. Traffic. Preston is eating food off the floor because it’s so good. There is a paid pharmacy commercial gig. Casey posted a picture of his new pedicure. A carbuncle is larger than a boil. Bunions you have to have surgically removed. They can be from tight pointy shoes or hereditary. Dog and Beth are on the line.  Separate phones in the house. Preston and his wife were them for a costume party. People dress up as them in front of them. Beth says reality tv used to be outrageous characters and their families so it was fun to see what they did at home. They don’t let anybody tell them what to do on the show. The second season of the show they can’t say that there’s no blood shed and no one’s been hurt. They went to rougher parts of the country they’re not used to. Teach people how to use non-lethal weapons. Hard to talk someone out of using a gun. Better be prepared if you bring a gun that other person can take it from you. They are live tweeting throughout all the shows so fans can ask questions then.  Belinda Carlisle is on the line. She’s in Manhattan right now. Touring with other bands who had big hits in the 80s. Everyone doesn’t have an ego anymore and they’re just having a good time. Looking forward to the show at PPL park. Has been living in France for 22 years but also lives in LA. Played Velma Von Tussle in London’s production of Hairspray and loved it but would never do it again. It’s a lot of physical work and took her 6 weeks to recover. Her advice to young bands is to split the publishing and don’t do drugs. Ferris Bueller scene when the nurse comes to the door. New study reveals sniffing farts may be good for your health. Hydrogen sulfide is one of smelly gases that helps fight illness. Your own gas doesn’t repel you like someone else’s does. There can’t be anyone that doesn’t fart. Kathy went into bathroom and lady warned her she doesn’t want to be in there with her. The shiny hiney is a facial but for your butt. Goal of treatment is to make skin clear as possible which cost from $59 to $100. Belinda Carisle tickets.
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We’ll be talking to Keenan Wayans soon. Traffic. Intern Christina was on Kelly and Michael this morning. She sent in a video of her dancing in a bikini and they played it before their travel trivia this morning. Her phone has been blowing up since it aired. Bizarre File. 2 stoners broke into a Florida elementary school and stole fruit loops. Were released within hours from the county jail. First man that legally bought marijuana was fired from his job for smoking pot. An Alabama church that has it’s own 12 lane bowling alley is holding an open house to strike up interest. An nj man that stole a cell phone has posted selfies of himself and his family. Nobody has been able to identify the thief. The phone was stolen when he was at a Bank of America branch. Philly zoo tickets. 
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Bush. Keenan Wayans on the line. Will be going to see Damon Wayan’s movie Let’s Be Cops. Earlier versions of the show were produced by people who didn’t understand comedy. Comedian can’t be funny in an empty room. Happy with level of talent on show Last Comic Standing. For In Living Color audition they did the character and then he brought in groups to do improv where people really got to shine. On the show comics are set up to improve. Other judges are Rosanne Barr and Russell Peters. He’s out on tour with brothers right now and fortunate to have different views of comedy. The family is all super talented. He thinks he’s good at telling people what to do. Damon Jr is the private school Wayans. The show just came back for the summer but he’s not sure if it’s going to come back. We’ll see what happens. Wayans Brother Tour is coming to the Borgata. LQ. Hollywood Trash. John Legend celebrates diverse women beauty in his new music video. Kim K and Kanye inspect her body every week to look for imperfection. Mike the situation is being sued by his lawyer for unpaid legal bills. LA. Music News. Papa Roach has set FEAR as title of band’s 8th studio album which will come out early 2015. There are elements of hard rock, heavy metal and pop. STP and Chester Bennington are working on songs for the next album release. Green Day bassist to produce indie film “Crickets”. Sum 41’s lead singer says Iggy Pop is supporting his recovery from alcohol addiction. Godsmack has uploaded five webisodes showing footage from their recording sessions. Philly Zoo.
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Guns N Roses. We’ll be at Xfinity Live today with many activities and games to play. 
Thank you to Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife. LOTD. Pierre talks about concert. WOTW. Next week Marilu Henenr, The Situation, Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars and Steve-o. Come out to Xfinity Live today. That’s it, we’re done rage on. 

LQ: What treat does Rocky want to take Clubber Lang out for after Rocky III?
LA: Frozen Yogurt

SQ: What year did Kobe Bryant graduate from Lower Merion High School?
SA: ‘96


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