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Time 6:09-6:18

The show starts now. Weather. Traffic. News Texas gunman who killed 6 people was stopped by his 15 year old daughter after her father shot her during his spree. Woman was held hostage in Wilmington when a SWAT team went in for the rescue. A young couple was arrested in regards to a DE County hit-and-run, the victim lost his leg in the incident. Sports Phillies won  4-2 last night. Argentina beats Netherlands & advance to the final in the World Cup. Today we will be giving a trip away to see the premier of Hercules in LA. DC Curry will be in today for his show at Helium. Painfully Single Mixer. 

Time 6:28-7:07
The Offspring on MMR. Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Sofia Vergara 42 her boyfriend has a body of God, Jessica Simpson 34 talk about fun bags, Adrian Grenier 38, Elijah Blue Almond 38, Ron Glass 69, Jake Lemotta 93. SA Entertainment News Rumors that Eva Mendez is expecting her first child with Ryan Gosling. If you’re not sure about your relationship the best way to fix it is to have a kid. George Clooney received an apology from Daily Mail regarding comments about religious differences between him and his fiancé. Clooney’s a scientologist and they’re all shriners. Former View co-host Elizabeth Hasselback is not pleased about Rosie O’donnell’s return to the show. Speculations that Rosie will have issues with other co-host Whoopie Goldberg. Mel Gibson is paying-it-forward by defending Shia Labeuf for recent antics. George R.R. Martin is upset that Game of Thrones fans thinks he will die due to health issues before the series will finish. you gonna make it Tubby? Lindsey Lohan has fallen back into her old ways.. Long John Silver’s doesn’t have chicken…no, they do. It’s good. Long John Silver’s has the best crumbs. If it happens to fall in your mouth it’s wonderful but you feel like a whore going on your own…if a woman is in your bed with a peg leg you’ll think about it. Lindsey reportedly spent all night clubbing then showed up late to rehearsals. J.K. Rowling wrote a new spin-off for Harry Potter but fans should not get hopes up to seeing Daniel Radcliffe again. Kendra Wilkinson has support of Hugh Hefner after recent troubles with Hank Basket. Robert Redford will be playing Dan Rather in movie adaptation about government scandal. Madonna’s ex Guy Richie will become a father for the fifth time. Clips Director Ron Howard made documentary debut with Made In America and talks about getting to know Jay-Z. A Long Way Down follows four people who form a surrogate family. Pierce Brosnan speaks about it. Mixer

Time 7:15-7:41
Led Zeppelin rocks on MMR. Traffic. Old People and Dating Casey is 39 now, congrats on being sexually invisible to younger women. I feel invisible to people in general. It’s like the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. Old people have their own little world that exists only to them. eat me you turd. 62% of women assume men passed 39 are taken. When does the slower speech of being old kick in? I’m really worried about my mind. I’m a hideous creature in ways but my mind stays sharp. 54% say the sign of “being invisible” is that no one will approach them at the bar, double chin, and gray hair. You can’t walk into a sorority naked though without them seeing you. The app Lulu reviews guys for women based on hashtags, Philly is one of the cities on the list: #smellsamazeballs, #amazingcuddles and #boring. Is it possible to start a serious relationship over social media? It’s easier over texts because you can be wittier and in person you might smell bad. Call me maybe! I wonder if you can do it with only postcards. Caller Alura met her fiancé over Chat Roulette. What if you’re a guy that sounds a lot like a girl? Anyway, hopefully you smellamazeballs today. Time for a break. 

Time: 7:50-8:01
Stone Temple Pilots on MMR. Traffic. Big congratulations to Nick Murphy and his wife on the birth of their first son and child, Desmund Harrison Murphy. Harrison, that’s my mother’s first name. Casey has an issue with thinking before he acts, like putting sunflower seeds in his mouth right before going on air. They’re really yummy, they’re the buffalo ones. Bizarre File co-author of a book about surviving bull runs was gored twice in the head by a bull. Well-known American-Indian artist was arrested in New Mexico when his dog Han Solo crapped in his car and was trying to clean it out. British chef left his job because the sight of beans made him nauseous. An elephant was held in chains for 50 years and cried when he was released by a wildlife excavation. In 1933 two doctors stacked weights on their genitals to study the effects of deferred pain on the human body. The Knick on HBO is a show about a doctor doing bizarre experiments for scientific research. I wanna see the testicle episode. Time for some ixer minvites. 

Time: 8:11-8:55
Twisted Sister Rocks. Weather. Traffic. Shart out to the guys down at the Navy yard listening to the show, and Sam who is traveling the country to all the national parks who listens to the show every day. The bugs are insane this year. The electrified fly swatter is the game. To keep green head flies away, drink tonic water. Soda Stream. Have you zapped yourself with the fly zapper yet? Casey is eating on air again. Mobsters or Menu Contest  time. Ladies call in and tell us if the word I read is a name from the Godfather or an Italian restaurant menu item. Sauce vs. Gravy Caller Alfredo says any sauce from a jar is illegal, just like Spaghetti-o’s. If you use tomatoes it’ll prevent anal cancer. Italians are very protective when it comes to family. Caller Susan says meat drippings turn a sauce into gravy. We need to get a bunch of Italians in here that have never tried Spaghetti-o’s for their first experience. Caller Melissa got backhanded by her grandfather for calling sauce gravy. You whore! I will rip out your uterus! How’s your lasagna? Can I get some pasta fagiolli, please? We’ll be back in just a few minutes. 

Time: 9:05-9:27
Arctic Monkeys, everything that rocks. Traffic. Preston broke his phone case. There’s some crazy stories about people dying trying to save their phones. A psychologist explained “cost is a factor, but it’s beyond that. Smart phones bring so many things together in our lives that people see it as a bond with their surroundings.” People get antsy when they don’t have their phones. DC Curry in Studio got in last night and went to the bar in the hotel. Been at the game for quite a long time: 30 years. Comedy career started in minor league baseball. There used to be so much more comradery in sports. Now I’m living the quiet life on my farm. Born in Denver but ended up in Chicago. I like voice over work but not as much as you’d think. I just shot a movie called Black Jesus. Black Carl was the name of Casey’s old black, midget neighbor who had a twin midget brother. It’s a great time to be a comedian because of all the craziness, like people crying over the World Cup loss in Brazil like it’s the end of the world. I like watching sports but I’m a big golfer now. I love comedy though, I try not to piss too many people off by equally insulting everybody. Thanks for coming in and good luck tonight! 

Time: 9:36-9:55
A little jazz intro? Traffic. Have you seen the stuff going on between Duke University and John Wayne? It’s kind of weird. DU and John Wayne’s heirs battle over Duke Alcohols, specifically bourbon, about their name. Estate of John Wayne agrees with the name but DU says it gives false impressions about the university. John Wayne Enterprises is now going to court over the matter. The Cowboys is such a good John Wayne movie. True Grit is great true great is grit. The keyword for the Nazis is amazeballs. Cut. It. Out. Props to Dave Coulier. The Chism was good. I’ve got some chism on my back, that’s why I don’t like sleeping close to the fellas.  Bizarre File a woman showed up for work on Tuesday when she encountered a wild deer foaming at the mouth; she fended it off using a hand bag as two men nearby ran over to help. Watch out for those scab deer, craziest animal in the god damn forest. 79 year old man tried to kill his 73 year old wife because he thought she stole his check book and struck her on the head with a hand gun; he then fired the gun at her but missed. 11 year old boy fatally shot and killed his grandfather when the grandfather injured the boy’s dad with another gun. Got some interesting stuff in music news when we get back. 

Time: 10:05-10:21
The latest on 93.3 WMMR. Weather. Tomorrow we’ll be at Xfinity Live from 1-3pm, it’s called Skip Friday. LQ. Hollywood Trash Rosie O’donnell’s return to The View is not one of excitement according to the rest of the show members. The ICP was ruled a gang by certain people. LA. Music News AC/DC completed work on their 16th album without one of the founding members, Malcolm, who left the band with undisclosed illness. Weezer will release their 9th studio album in September. Stevie Nicks will be coming to prime time TV this fall as a judge on The Voice. Arctic Monkeys were accused of taking part in a tax avoidance scheme in the UK. Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea put his LA estate up for sale for $6.8 million. Metallica bassist released a video supporting actor Don Cheedle’s India Go Go campaign. Bruce Springsteen premiered a 10 minute long video on his website for a song off his latest album. He also posted a thank you note under the video to all of the fans.
That’ll have to do for today. Gonna take a quick break. 

Time: 10:27-10:32
Beastie’s, 93.3 WMMR. Wrap Up It was a fun Thursday. Next Thursday will be better with the Mixer. It’ll hopefully be a wonderful summer evening. If it’s nice we have a huge stage set up and everything but if the weather is crappy we’ll head right inside and it’ll be just as great. HOLD THE PHONE! What a dramatic entrance. He’s an octor. Pierre, you ready? Always have been. Today’s show is brought to you by the Daily Letter S. Got some wickedly cool workforce blocks for today. Got a cool vinyl cut of Ringo from the Beatles. Congrats again to Nick and his wife on the birth of their son. Thanks to our sponsors. That’s it we’re done, rage on! Buh-bye. 

SQ: The name Iago was in what Shakespearian play and what Disney movie?

SA: Othello and Aladdin

LQ:The mother of George Clooney's fiancée, Amal, has issues with which charitable organization?

LA:The Shriners


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