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Time 6:09-6:24
Weather. Traffic. News: A 4ft propane tank on a food truck exploded yesterday. It injured 11 people. The footage is amazing, it looks like a bombing. There were five children left in an SUV on one of the hottest days of the year. No one was hurt. The woman responsible runs a daycare from her home. The national weather service has released a heat warning for today. It’s Wawa hoagie day.  Sports: U.S. was eliminated by Belgium yesterday. All goals were scored in extra time. Marlins beat the Phillies 5-4. Cole Hamels pitches tonight. Rafael Nadal was upset by number 144 at Wimbeldon, Serena Williams fell ill before a doubles match, and Maria Sharapova lost in an upset. We will be doing a Lunatic Wakeup call later this morning. Secret Text Word.  
Time 6:34-7:10
LotD. WoW. Secret text word. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Larry David, 67. Olivia Munn, 32. Got a promotional item from Deliver us from evil, it looks like an Owl. Jerry Hall, 58. Richard Petty, 77. Lindsey Lohan, 28. SA. Entertainment News: Kendra Wilkinson did not react well to her husband cheating on her with a transgender model.. There are rumors that Kendra has a film crew documenting the whole thing. Barbra Walters admits that the people behind the View are not sure where it is going. Sheri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy are leaving but were they fired? Former Man V. Food Adam Richman has issued an apology for using the hashtag #thinsperation and then responding to the negative comments he received for the hashtag. Casey thinks we are apologizing for too much now-a-days. Idina Menzel discussed the trouble with dating as a single mom. Shia LeBeouf is currently getting help for alcohol addiction. There is an Alcoholics Gregarious. “Guess who can’t stop drinking!” Robin Williams has gone in to a sobriety commitment center. Portia de Rossi has entered a rehab center for drinking. Welcome to Passages. Julianne Hough feels like she has finally entered a good relationship with Brooks Laich. The characters Anna and Kristoff have been cast in the series Once Upon a Time. Clips: The director Steve James talks about the movie Life Itself. Tio Helm talks about his favorite scene to film in Earth to Echo. Secret text word. 
Time 7:20- 7:41
It’s hot today! Wawa Traffic. Check out our revel casino webcam. Watching our next guest’s video. Matthew Silver (studio): Was punctual and is in studio in his underwear. He started as a performance artist 9 years ago. He got bored with his life and just started to go out and do these performances. He loves to preform and entertain but the positive message is what’s important. Was a video editor before performance artist. Franklin Furnace gave him a grant for this summer. Doesn’t mind if people laugh at him or with him he just wants to encourage his positive message. Jim Gaffigan filmed him a couple years ago. His website is People often ask him for advice and when he is in performing mode it’s difficult to get back to a normal level, but if people ask it after the performance it’s easier. This is his first time in the area as a performer. He performs 3-5 times a week. Bacawk! He is anti-drug. Thinks he should add music to his performances. The greatest thing about being alive: is being here looking at the people and their faces and we’re all hear ready to see our magic. Bllpp. Bacawk! He’s ready for the wakeup call. He just Michelle the woman he brought to the studio. He eats a lot of hotdogs. 

Time 7:53 – 8:15
Matthew Silver is on his way to a Lunatic Wakeup call. Traffic. Fox Good Day: There is a new app that is a way to rate your co-workers. Marisa is the one everyone wants to party with and she would vacation with Steve. The biggest gossip might be Kathy, Preston thinks it’s himself, but Casey and Kathy think its Casey. There has never been an inter-office relationship. Office rating app: You can vote anonymously about people in the office. The show members don’t interact with a lot of the people at work because of their hours so they miss a lot of the gossip. Think they should start a new segment called MMR gossip. Shart Outs. Should Casey drop Caseyboy now that he’s almost 40. Bizarre File: A woman lost her wedding ring 5 years ago and then her dog started vomiting and the dog threw up her wedding ring. A sandwich found inside a church organ is 118 years old. A Detroit man was reunited with his Corvette that was stolen 30 years ago. Man has claimed the record for longest name in Sweden, its 63 words long. Fire officials are looking into what caused a laptop to explode in Bucks Co. Painfully single mixer giveaway – 12 callers.         
Time 8:26-8:57
We are going to do a wakeup call. Traffic. Summer Session: Nick went to summer school. Preston thinks he would have run away from home if he had to go to summer school. Casey went to bible schools during the summer and loved it. Casey starts singing the Father Abraham song. Steve’s niece just finished her first year as a teacher and decided to tutor instead of teach summer school. Nick’s teacher friends would paint. They all agree the last day of school is better than the first morning of summer vacation. Lunatic Wakeup Call: E-mail from Listener Mairead: her younger brothers typically wake up around 1pm. Mathew brought a drum and Sarah will hold the phone. Mathew is very pumped up but the megaphone isn’t working. Bedroom one is on the 1st floor. Mathew is yelling about seizing life. Brendon is on the phone “this isn’t the first time a half-naked man has run into my room.” He was surprised shocked and stunned. Mairead will now hold the siren. They wake up the second brother and we can hear the siren. Bacawk! Peter was startled waking up and he is surprised that he didn’t hear Brendon’s wake up call. Matthew and the three of the boys put together a performance for the neighborhood. Steve ordered a new megaphone during that segment. WoW
Time 9:10- 9: 32
WoW. Secret Text Word. Traffic. Coors Light Skip Friday. Pelvic Exam: New guidelines say most woman can skip their yearly pelvic exam. You’re supposed to go once a year, Kathy doesn’t go enough, Marisa goes once a year and started going when she was 18. Dr. Mike: He is yelling at Kathy for not going enough. Kathy can’t find a new gynecologist that she likes. Dr. Mike doesn’t like the new guidelines because he thinks if you don’t look for things you won’t find them. The study thinks it’s not worth it because it makes women uncomfortable or it can sometimes lead to more unnecessary tests. It’s incredibly important to find a DR. you like. Listener Tracy: Her life was saved by a pap smear at her regular treatment. Preston doesn’t like the dentist. He doesn’t think it’s that urgent and he gets cavities all the time. There’s the family doctor, a dermatologist, a gynecologist, a podiatrist, an orthopedic doctor. At 50 is when you get a prostate exam. The first time Preston had that exam done Preston and the doctor made a joke. Painfully single mixer giveaway – 10 ladies. 

Time: 9:44- 9:57
Secret Text Word. Traffic. Champs: Nick was there with his son to watch the soccer game. It was very crowded so the manager set up a table at the couch in the waiting room so Nick and his son could watch the game. Sex apartment at the Piazza: It looks like the couple had moved out. So either they were kicked out or were moving out. Joe Matarese:  A friend of the show was on America’s got talent, he made it through and will be preforming at Comics in AC. Bizarre File: death of a prom king in May was due to a lethal dose of caffeine powder. A new exercise class is BDSM based and is forced fitness fetish. Ray takes the class and he is sexually excited but it is also physically hard work. A nine year old will be staying with her grandparents because she told the police that her parents are growing pot underneath the house. Breaking News: Claude Giroux has been arrested in Ottawa for revealingly grabbing a male police officer’s ass. He is expected to be released without any criminal charges. Secret Text Caller : 3 
Time: 10:10- 10:20
LOtD Secret Text Word Caller 3: Monster. Adam Taliaferro All-Star football game. Takes place at Richard (Dick) Wackers field. LQ  Hollywood Trash: Chris Brown had to be taken out of the BET’s party. Bill Unger of the Disney Show’s Lab Rats recently got a DUI. Kendra Wilkinson is still living with her husband even though her husband was found cheating with a transsexual.LA Music News: Red Hot Chili Peppers that drummer Chad Smith has compiled his five favorite recordings and put them on a free EP. Metallica’s Kirk Hammet will be playing at Fear FestEvil. Godsmack drummer and guitarist will be playing in a new blues type band with front man Ray Cerbone and bassist Brian Carpenter. Painfully Single Mixer Giveaway - 12
Time: 10:30- 10:20
We’re wrapping up. And we get to say thank you to Matthew Silver who is in studio. He uses Facebook which links up to Twitter. He will be preforming tonight in Brooklyn. Matt Cord is in studio and was able to talk to Matthew. Matthew wants people to be aware that everything is spiritual. Bacawk! bllpp! LotD Bruce Springsteen, Judith Priest, and Pearl Jam are what’s coming up. WoW Thanks to our sponsors. That’s it, we’re done, rage on. 

SQ: If you are spelling out numbers in numerical order what would be the first number to have the letter A? 

SA: One thousand

LQ: What will you find one mile east of passages rehab facility?


LotD: T


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