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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve show:

Matthew Silver- IN STUDIO (7 am)

Melissa McCarthy- PHONER (11 am)          

Here’s what happened on the show this morning:  

                              Time 6:12-6:22

Hot again today. Traffic. News GM added 8.2 million vehicles to Re-call list. This raised questions about ignition switches on all manufactures.  Police respond to person under stress, was teenage under debris. Illegal to smoke E cigarettes in public places. Sports In World Cup: France beats Nigeria 2-0, Germany over Nigeria 2-1USA vs. Belgium today at 4pm. Phils tonight against Marlins @ 7. This month dedication goes to calendar girl Sarah Clayton.  Creepy stalker guy Sara tribute.

                                  Time 6:33-7:08

Cake for breakfast. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Debbie Harry; 69. Liv Tyler; 37. Pamela Anderson; 47. Dan Aykroyd; 62. David Prowse; 78. Jamie Farr; 79. SA World Cup Uruguay history. Movie reference ‘Victory’ with Pele and Sylvester Stallone. Entertainment News Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Arrested For Cocaine: Are Genetics To Blame? Audio of Robert Downey Jr.  Billy Unger arrested for D.U.I. In LA.  Emma Watson faces probe over maid 'working illegally in Britain': Home Office to investigate allegations Harry Potter star's housekeeper only had a tourist visa. The bong-tossing case against Amanda Bynes was dismissed Monday. When "Frozen" opens today, Jonathan Groff will be the first openly gay actor to voice the romantic male lead in a Disney movie. Mark Ruffalo Doesn't Read Internet Comments. Melissa McCarthy throws near perfect pitch at Dodger stadium. Model Ireland Baldwin has broken her silence about her romance with rapper Angel Haze, insisting the media should be happy for the couple. Thanks to ‘Better Call Saul’s’ flexible timeline, Walter White may be returning to TV. Casey isn’t paying attention to the show; he is actually doing a crossword puzzle. He claims he’s searching for a stupid question for tomorrow. Nick and Kathy back him up; Preston kills all their mic’s. 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Director Leaks Script Image. Guillermo del Toro working on 'Pacific Rim 2' script. There will also be an animated series. Clips Derrick Waters. Susan Sarandon on Tammy.

                                  Time 7:20-7:50

93.3 WMMR. Traffic. Selina Gomez thinking about getting a boob job. She already has decent sized breasts. Nick remembers Lauren Harris asking him advice on getting boob job. Women get boob job to stay with man, or because man told them? Why is Selina fighting to keep relationship with Justin Beiber? Preston’s wife got a boob job, but not an implant. One guy got a six pack implant, then got fat so he had beer gut and six pack abs. We should give Steve a fitted wig to see what he looks like. Bad Toupees Usually only older gentlemen. It looks horrible, especially when they don’t maintain it. David Spade in Tommy Boy has the best toupee moment in cinema. Revel Casino It’s funny when the toupee flies off. Christian Bale in American Hustle is very meticulous about his. The Bad Toupee Hunt was an early internet fad, people took pictures of bad toupees. Nutella creating Nutella Ice Cream through Carvel Four flavors. Nick wanted ice cream at the Flyers golf outing, he missed his chance. Is there a home ice cream machine? Sorry, I need to fix my hair McDonald’s It’s pronounced “na-tella” not “nu-tella”. Steve does his Bane voice. Carvel is turning 80, Nutella is turning 50. Eataly is a marketplace in New York that has a bar that sells only Nutella. Hershey has a spread like Nutella. Pizza Hut and Taco Bell song. They used to be with KFC as well. Dunkin Doughnuts and Baskin Robins are together too.

SQ: What nation won the very first World Cup in 1930?

SA: Uruguay

                                  Time 8:00-8:16

Jane’s Addiction. Traffic. Steve, did you get a haircut? Sarah Clayton Sarah is this month’s calendar girl. She’s in Hazelton, PA, has 113,000 twitter followers. She loved the tribute from earlier. Revel Casino Making-of calendar shoot with Sarah is up now. Creepy stalker guy singing Sara. Tomorrow we want to do a wakeup call. Performance artist from the meaning of life video. Bizzare File Man left job interview by performing strip tease of “It’s Raining Men.” He did not get the job, but got a letter congratulating him on the performance. Man in Idaho mistakenly arrested for a drug deal while griping about Nickelback. Former NASA engineer designed 70ft tall robot capable of juggling cars. An operator sits in the head to control movement. Woman was run over by three trains and survived in Times Square. PA gun showman accidentally shot a woman when went to demonstrate, thought gun wasn’t loaded. New Jersey woman launched website through which she chronicles experiences with life size cutout of Bradley Cooper. Deliver Us From Evil callers 5&6

                                  Time 8:27-9:02
Weather. Traffic. Preston didn’t see Eric Lindros at Flyers golf outing. Todd Fedoruk is taking over Flyers Alumni Association. They are going to fix our studio doors, it will take 3 days. The main door fell off its hinge. Jacky Bam Bam moved everything in front of the broken door and opened it, so it broke again. Jacky is like a dog that peed while you were gone. Sorry I ate your crayons Philly bans E-cigarettes in same places as normal cigarettes Steve says it is fairly benign solution, and is helping people quit. It has gone from helping people quit to people just strictly smoking them. Old movies, people puff away at work. How did we live like that? They don’t know long-term effects of the vapor. Preston considers himself an idiot for having smoked when young. You have the right to smoke, no matter how stupid it is. Large majority of active smokers want to quit. Some people enjoy it, and would do it if there weren’t negative effects. Cigarette breaks can make habit worse at work, when you hate your job. At Hershey park, they have designated smoking areas, people with e-cigs didn’t use them. Part of convenience of e-cigs are that you can take one puff and put it down. Not everyone has common courtesy to not smoke in front of others. Like a good neighbor, state farm is there. Kathy hates perfume/cologne, would put a ban on that if she could. E-cigs heats an oil that vaporizes, no ignition involved. Smoking can be attractive while bored. Listener Mario owns a vap store in Philly. Says good e-cig companies do research and use proper labels. Would you be willing to include pretzel rods? UFC Revel caller 5

                                  Time 9:16-9:29

Yellow Ledbetter. Weather. Traffic. Rick Williams Vern Odom is an old school journalist. New anchor at ABC, from Dallas, joins Rick and Monica Malpass at 5:00. Rick thinks she’s good. 4th of July Philly show, the largest free concert in America. The Roots, Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson. Philly’s 4th of July fireworks are spectacular. There will be a parade early in the day. Wawa hoagie day is tomorrow. Rick is still doing Krav Maga training, a few belts away from black. Cecily Tynan is crazy during work outs. She will call you out on slacking. Rick looks forward to talking to the Roots. Look forward to the Action News Calendar Deliver Us From Evil Callers 3&4

                                  Time 9:40-9:53

Bush. Traffic. Tattoosday, Brenden. Wearing a Chico’s Vibe shirt. Casey said this was one of the best tattoos he’s ever done. I lost my crossword puzzle Bizarre File Florida man arrested after he ran strip club out of his barber shop. Minnesota man bent the door of a burning car to save the passenger. In North Carolina, a family saw a car driving on highway with a man tied to the trunk. 17 year old boy fell after doing handstand on a railing on the second floor of the Mall of America. New kind of thermal heat treatment in Shanghai is based on ancient Chinese practice involves lighting body parts on fire. Oddball Fest caller 20

                                  Time 10:03-10:30

MMR top ten song lists this weekend. Preston’s is top 10 Rush songs. Nick’s list will air late Sunday night. Rabbi hates Nick Starts on Thursday, 8pm. Creepy stalker guy sings Hall and Oates Sing a longs are Preston’s favorite part of doing this show. Doesn’t care if listeners hate them. Marisa has a bunch of sing a long clips. LQ Hollywood Trash Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer heading back to the cast of the real house wives of Beverly Hills. Elton john believes Jesus Christ would support gay marriage. Lionel Richie’s name was misspelled at the BET awards. LA Announcement: the next painfully single mixer. Xfinity Live 12 callers10:16 Music News Seether’s latest studio album released, titled Isolate and Medicate. Tool guitarist shows off new lick that supposedly will be on the new album. Jack White covers Metallica’s Enter Sandman at Glastonbury Festival. Dolly Parton sold over 100 million records in her career, she played saxophone at Glastonbury. Dolly is 68 and still tours like crazy. Her first hit was called stank whore Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister says he’s going to keep touring as long as possible. Gary Lower is the first caller for painfully single mixer. We need to give him some training before the mixer. Let’s use a dog trainer. Steve’s Gary voice. It’s getting sharper. I spent so much time whacking it. Where you from? Do you like it from behind? He’s genuine, just needs some work. 5 Star Wars T-Shirt to 5 callers.

                                  Time 10:39-10:49

We’ve been giving away prizes for pictures of amazing food. Grand Prize winner: Marshall Pure Leaf 10:41 Wrap Up Matt Cord in studio. LOTD10:42 Goodbye to intern Dredd. We helped fix his teeth. Got picked up as a set director for a movie. Works for big brothers big sisters. Favorite show member: Marisa. Most memorable moment: when he got splashed by a car. Matt’s plan for the day. Thanks to the sponsors.

LQ: In the 6abc calendar, what month would Vernon Odom’ month be?

LA: December


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