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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Ralph Macchio – Phoner
Doug Benson – Phoner 
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:09-6:19
Weather. Traffic. News. Body was found outside of house on fire. Fire Dept. rescued 2 women and were searching for missing man. Found man later and are working on getting body removed. 13 year old boy shot Monday in South Philly. Shooter still on loose. Police searched house that shooters went into, guns were found. 13 year old just had bike stolen, father got in fight with someone. Powerful tornados in Northeast Nebraska killed 5 year old, injured 19 others. Town is ruined. Sports. Clint Dempsey scored one of fastest goals in world cup history. Brooks goal won the game for USA. Tony Gwynn, died yesterday at age 54. Phillies won in extra innings last night against Atlanta. Concert Announcement. Hershey Park. Blood Drive. Kiss Def Leppard Tickets
Time 6:32-7:11
Lightning Bolt from Pearl Jam. Weather. Traffic. Coolest Teacher Mrs. Sacrenty at Academy Park High School. Kathy’s congratulates her husband on becoming a doctor. Nick picks tomorrows school; Camden Academy Charter High School. The gang reflects on school ending going into summer. SQ Birthdays: Thomas Hayden Church; 54. Will Forte; 44. Jason Patrick; 48. Greg Kinnear; 51. Joe Piscopo; 63.  Barry Manilow; 71. Venus Williams; 34. SA Entertainment News Ryan Gosling adopted baby hoax fools one million Facebook users. Daniel Radcliffe: I turned to alcohol to cope with fear of failure and fame. He quit alcohol in 2010 because excessive drinking had been 'unhealthy and damaging'. Joss Whedon on Avengers and super hero movies, recognizes that of all of those things crashing into other things is an attempt to harness somewhat newly found visual effects. Coolest Teacher Mrs. Jessica Sacrenty is on the phone and ready to go into labor! Has been teaching for 3 years at Academy. Jessica is from Delco! More Entertainment The ring is off! Melanie Griffith leaves gold band from Antonio Banderas at home just 10 days after filing for divorce. Anna Kendrick Opens Up About Her Parents' Divorce, Says She's Far From 'Broken'. Kourtney Kardashian Once Kissed Jackie Cruz Of 'Orange Is The New Black'. Miss USA Nia Sanchez forgets capital of 'home state' Nevada. Steve Martin Back for 'Father of the Bride 3' with Gay Marriage Twist? Story not true. Robert Pattinson Squashes "B.S." Indiana Jones, Han Solo Star Wars Spinoff Rumors. Clips Mila Kunis on 3rd person. Martin Freeman on Fargo series. BREAKING NEWS celebrity hair styles! Including Kaley Cucco,  Adele and Katie Perry. Hershey Park giveaway (5) four pack tickets.
Time 7:22-7:48
White Stripes with 7 Nation Army on WMMR. Coolest Teacher info. Traffic. Preston made an effort to watch World Cup last night, and he feels that he may be in for the long hall. World Cup Soccer Casey doesn’t understand the time in soccer. Ghana has beaten USA last two meetings before last night’s loss. Steve believes if we can take this to the finals it may ignite the interest of the sport. Videos were shown from all over the nation of fans celebrating and they started in Bethlehem. Yea Jesus played soccer. Casey’s sister in law lives in Brazil, has been waiting 4yrs for the games and her power went out. American Football will never be an international sport. Audio of first goal by Dempsey. Listener Sean explains time to Casey. When at a game the passion takes over and you get swept away by it. Audio of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti dropping the F Bomb. Casey explains how he turns off his language around his kids. Instead of swear truck Steve’s family had a swear steamer truck. It is all in how it sounds. Preston told his son to stick a raft up his ass. Pope Francis doesn’t like the Pope Mobile, Calling it a glass sardine can that separates him from the people. Hired Hells Angels as security. Steve would be a great marketing partner to the Pope. Was invited to Philadelphia Wouldn’t it be cool if the Pope could fly. Transformers giveaway (10) callers.
Time 8:00-8:15
Jimi Hendrix on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Game of Thrones Finale. Shart out! To all Maryland teachers from Emily Claypotch. Brian Rigney from Baltimore sends a shart out to friend Steve Fresca who introduced him to P&S show. Bizarre File Chinese football fan dies after staying up for days watching the World Cup. Imagine staying awake to death. New study finds that early human ancestors got herpes from chimpanzees. Canadian man suing hospital for shortening his penis, he claims it ruined his marriage. Misdiagnosed as a minor trauma, a fractured penis. Hershey Park giveaway (10) 4pack of tickets.
Time 8:26-8:52
Weezer on MMR. In studio working on new material, we need some new Weezer. Traffic. Shart Outs! To Anne from Husband during Liver surgery. Shart out to Ann Marie who is celebrating a birthday. Mike sends shart out to wife Chris. Shart out to Steve and wife Deb listening in Aruba, who can’t go without listening to P&S.
Jiberish Game  Audio from movies; (Bruce Almighty) Listener Kate guesses ‘Mask’ incorrect. Listener Eddie guesses right, wins case of Amstel Radler. (Blazing Saddles) Listener Matt guesses Animal House, incorrect. Don guesses correct! Wins Transformers tickets. (Billy Madison) Listener Jeremy guesses correct! Wins Hershey park tickets. (Rocky 3) Kevin has no idea! Incorrect. Listener Matt guesses Rocky 3, Correct! Wins tickets for Earth to Echo! (SlingBlade) Listener Ed has no idea, incorrect. Listener Jeff guesses SlingBlade, correct! Wins tickets to Hershey Park! (Despicable Me) Listener Jim guesses correct! Wins tickets to see Jim Florentine. (Snatch) Listener Hank guesses wrong. Listener Josh guesses wrong. Captain guesses wrong! Brad Pitt’s character stumps our listeners. (Usual Suspects) Listener Mike guesses wrong. Listener Rob guesses right! Wins tickets to Hershey Park.
Time 9:04-9:31
Weather. Traffic. Concert Announcement. WMMR is presenting The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival on August 26. Godsmacks, Seether, Skillet, Buckcherry, Escape the Fate, Pop Evil. Tickets on sale on Friday. Brian Williams raps Baby Got Back. Marisa made Fresh Prince of Bel Air Smash up with local newscasters. The famous parking garage where Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward met his secret Watergate source, known as Deep Throat, 40 years ago will be demolished to make way for residential and commercial buildings. Technological Devices  Dominos new mobile app. You can speak to ‘Dom’, computer animated voice, imitating Siri. The O Phone sends 3000 unique aromas. Preston read ‘Ready Player 1’ and a lot of the stuff written in the book are starting to surface in reality. Casey would send farts. Preston saw a story where a guy has created a contraption called the ‘Auto Blow 2’ a device that uses a motor to give a man the real life feeling of a blowjob without using hands. The campaign made more than 6x the amount goal of $45,000. The BJ robot everyone is talking about.
Time 9:44-9:55
Weather. Traffic. Putting a deadline on Phillys Hottest Selfie. Bizarre File 3yr old girl asked to leave KFC because her face was scaring customers after getting bit by pitbull. A woman found out she was pregnant when in surgery to get ovaries removed. Assault victim saved by Scooby doo costume. Cyclist punched in face by driver by refusing to run a red light. Friday a deputy spotted a man not wearing seatbelt, after pulling over car realized the man and passenger were nervous. After bringing in a drug enforcement dog they found 23 grams of marijuana and cocaine and hand gun under the passengers belly fat. Follow Up to KFC, the company will be donating $30,000 towards the little girls surgery.
Time 10:06-10:20
Blood Drive this Saturday. Tattoosday client Kristen got a tattoo of Gadzooks in the shape of Love Park. Kristen just moved out to Denver and wanted to get a tattoo to remember Philly. RC also touched up a previous wrist tattoo Kristen has. She sends a shout out to friends and family. LQ Hollywood Trash LA Music News Linkin Park releases 6th studio album The Hunting Party today. Band leader Mike Shinoda claims the album is more harder and heavier than most pop style songs you hear nowadays on the airwaves. Taylor Momsen is looking to get married. Offspring frontman Dexter talks about album ‘Smash’ success was overshadowed by events like Kurt Cobains death, whose body was found the same day as ‘Smash’ release. Pub in Birmingham in England ‘The Crown’ where Black Sabbath started has been sold and may be demolished. Hershey Park giveaway (2) 4pack tickets.
Time 10:31
New track from Tom Petty ‘You get me High’ on WMMR. There is a very cool prize for word of the week. Thanks to Rachael Leigh Cook for not coming on the show today. Thanks to RC and client Kristen for Tattoosday. Thanks to Jessica Sacrenty our coolest teacher. LOTD Thanks to sponsors; Gary Barbara. Cure Auto Insurance. That’s it, Rage On!
SQ: In a traditional chess set, what is the tallest piece?
SA: King
LQ: Who did the Pope hire for security?
LA: The Hell’s Angels
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