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Time 6:07-6:16
Monday morning. Weather. Traffic. News Septa back on track after one day strike. Failed to reach a contract with their engineers. Obama created an emergency board to settle the dispute. Engineers are seeking raises. 2 armed men were involved in a shoot-out in North Philly. Both suspects were shot, one in stable condition while the other is in critical. Flight was forced to make an emergency landing a few hours after leaving Philly Pilot attempted to fix gear but failed. None injured. Sports Phils lose to Cubs 3-0. Spurs beat Miami in 5. German Martin Kaymer won US Open. US team begins play tonight in World Cup. Blood Drive. Brent Celek and Jennifer DeCillis coming in. Trip to premiere of Tammy. Hershey Park tickets. Coolest Teacher. 

                         Time 6:30-7:06
933 WMMR Rocks. Weather. Traffic. Coolest Teacher at Conwell-Egan Catholic High School is Chris DiLeonardo. Tomorrow’s school is Academy Park High School in Sharon Hill. Chris DiLeonardo taught at ArchBishop Wood last year, won then. SQ. Birthdays John Cho is 42. Diana DeGarmo is 27. Laurie Metcalf is 59.  Arnold Vosloo is 52. Roberto Duran  is 63. Joan Van Ark is 71. SA. 1st at box office was 22 Jump Street. How To Train Your Dragon 2 was 2nd, Maleficent was 3rd. Entertainment News Casey Kasem died yesterday. Family decided to take him off supportive methods. Harrison Ford recent injury on the set of Star Wars was downplayed. His leg was ripped off right? He will have to be shot from waist up. Katie Couric’s jump from NBC to CBS wasn’t smooth, according to new novel. Was resented by many. Compared herself to Hillary Clinton. Jason Biggs criticized Tara Reid, saying her body is “a hot mess”. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas are fighting over custody of their dog. She’s the better dog parent because the dog sleeps in her mouth. Kylie Jenner was nuzzled by Miles Richie, Lionel’s son. She dyed her hair black. The Sorting Ass. Richard Dreyfuss’ wife arrested for DUI. Jenna Fischer just had 2nd baby. Ratings for Keeping Up With the Kardashians have dropped 29%, no longer profitable for E! NBC creating new series about The Beatles. Jason Momoa casted as Aquaman Clips Wayne Brady gives advice to aspiring actors. John Lloyd Young discusses using same cast from stage to screen. Coolest Teacher Chris DiLeonardo, hopefully he doesn’t move anymore. Taught 9th/10th grade. Hershey Park. 

                          Time 7:18-7:47 
Whole Lotta Love. Brent Celek stopping by. Traffic. It’s Selfie Monday, and people are sending in “weezies” – more than one person in pic. TNT The Last Ship. Casey Kasem Family had squabble over who would take care of him, also money. Outtakes from his radio show. Request by listener for dog death dedication for dog Snuggles. Preston wants to know what song was dedicated. It was “I Am the God of HellFire”. It was “Shannon” by Henry Gross. I’ve found love with a dingo named Pip-Pip. Born Kamal Kasem. Debuted AT 40 on July 4th 1970. Took AT 10 to TV, then left and went back to radio. It was “Casey’s Top 40” until he got original name back. Went to Ryan Seacrest in 2004. Had star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Played Shaggy on Scooby Doo. Was on Josey and the Pussy Cats and Battle of the Planets. A lot of fighting surrounding his death, like Anna Nicole Smith’s situation when she died. More money involved, worse it gets. He lives on in Scooby Doo, still on TV. Hey it’s William Buckley! Do you think his headstone will say “In the ground but still reaching for the stars”? His hand sticking out of the ground, reaching for the stars. Transformers. 
                          Time 7:56-8:06
Brent Celek, Jennifer Decillis coming in. Academy Park High School. Bizarre File Thomas Hall tied himself to a rope to run down cliff with bucket on his head. Chinese woman breeds 100,000 roaches. Two green puppies were born. They’re laterns! Man tried to sell marijuana to a cop in uniform in Florida with two month old, was arrested for trying to sell it and child neglect. Nicole Reid stole by shoving 7 lobster tails down her pants in front of Publix employees and cameras. Woman charged with prostitution at public library. Hey, have you ever read Moby DICK? Earth to Echo. 

                          Time 8:18-8:42
Weather – it’s going to be really hot. Traffic. Hottie Cam. Brent Celek can’t have too much down time. A lot of the team is staying around now during the offseason. He is staying here forever. He loves Philly. NYC is so overwhelming, but Philly is just as amazing on a smaller scale. Preston just went up there Friday, is happy he doesn’t live there. At least when you see a guy taking a dump in Philly, they wave. In NYC they’re very stand-offish. PHILAnthropy Roll Karaoke Event at Yakitori Boy Thursday. Members of the team will be there. Isn’t really a good singer. Mark Sanchez can’t sing. Connor Barwin loves music, but can’t sing either. Foundation called Take Flight, they help kids in the hospital and make it more enjoyable. Food trucks have taken off in Philly. Works in the food cart. Has a collection of 16 man-bags. They’re satchels! He has a line with his friend who worked for Toms, everything is made in the US. Made of high-end leather. Best dressed guy on the team is Malcolm Jenkins. Players go to and from the game in a suit, but Chip Kelly has sweat suits for away games. Do any players opt to wear the sweat suit over the suit? Chip cares about players’ health, wants them to eat right/sleep well. Brent said he feels great if he can get 10 hours of sleep. He likes training camp moved back to the Nova Center. Casey’s suggestion to Chip is that Eagles practice at night leading up to night games. Chip gives them a light workout in the morning before night games. He’s excited to play in the new 49ers stadium, loves Arizona’s and Green Bay’s facilities. He’s getting a sushi roll named after him. Preston had really good sushi in NYC. Was at the rookie dinner with Lane Johnson for a little. He’s a huge foodie. His best dish is Cajun chicken pasta. Hershey Park. 
                          Time 8:54-9:18
Heaven Knows by The Pretty Reckless. Traffic. Weekend Activities Preston saw The Book of Mormon, written by guys who write South Park. His son’s birthday party was Saturday – boy/girl swimming party. He and his wife hired a lifeguard and ice cream truck. It was like an hour and a half open bar for kids. I’m driving so I really shouldn’t, but I’ll have another cone. The party was kickass. All the kids know Preston’s on radio, all the girls asked him if he’s met One Direction. On Father’s Day, they rented a theater with another couple for 2 hours and they played video games on the movie screen. Nick and Marisa did a junket for “The Last Ship”, took helicopter ride. Steve’s wife fed seals. They were regular seals, not Navy Seals. McSteamy was there. Show was really good. Casey had to cancel a camping trip on Friday because to was supposed to rain. He saw How To Train Your Dragon 2 instead, loved it. It was at the new dine-in at AMC. I need a waitress walking around like I need a hole in the head. His youngest didn’t want to wear the 3D glasses. Caller Debby says that it’s supposed to rain when you’re camping. Kathy got her father nose trimmers and bathing suit for Father’s Day. Casey’s dad only wants Wawa gift card. The new bathing suits are gross, just go to a nude beach. Nick and Marisa flew over a clothing-optional beach. 

                         Time 9:29-9:50
Under Pressure. Preston was in NYC when the Rangers lost. Traffic. Shart-Outs To Kathy from listener Cathy for suggesting on air to use baby powder to get sand off. Listener Adrianne’s boyfriend just got done chemo for testicular cancer and is cancer free. Listener Carlos’ girlfriend Katie takes her medical test tomorrow. Listener Tracy’s son Charlie wants Steve’s bear to mention him around his birthday. Listener Jack says Chuck is a great guy. Jennifer DeCillis was a calendar girl in 2010. Miss United States is in DC on July 4th. This Wednesday she is hosting a fundraiser for the pageant at PJs in Maple Shade, NJ. She went into Miss NJ the first time and got runner up, was excited to get that far because she never did anything like it before. She credits the show with the start of her career. She’ll be at the blood drive this weekend. Bizarre File 18 TVs stolen from a Walmart. Thieves slipped them through the roof of the Garden Center, the only part of the store not open 24 hours. Teen died after plunging 60 ft down sharp rocks while trying to take a selfie. A grocer and his employees were accused of improperly packaging pizzle for human consumption, when it’s normally used for dog toys or glue. Baltimore police shot and killed a steer after it escaped the slaughter house. They attempted to block the carcass after it was dead. Was its pizzle out? Louisiana tour guide jumped in the water to feed marshmallows and chicken to alligators. The video has gone viral, including getting the attention of state sheriffs. Jim Florentine. 

                          Time 10:03-10:16
Bad Medicine. WOTW. Traffic. Real Meals. LQ. Hollywood Trash Alex Trebek wins Guiness Book of World Record for most hosted Jeopardy shows. Melanie Griffith wants custody of the dogs. Marc Anthony owes ex-wife child support. LA. Music News Foo Fighters agreed to play a show in Virginia after town sold tickets in order to get them to come. Linkin Park debuted its new album in its entirety for the first time ever in a concert. Black Keys band members shop for vinyl. Coldplay, Black Keys and more are on the new soundtrack of a new movie spanning over 12 years. Rob Zombie that the American rock scene never recovered from the grunge movement in the 90s. Billy Joel Armstrong played a solo show with his son on the drummers. Chubby Checker wants to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame now, not when he’s 85. Free Music Monday. 

                         Time 10:26-10:35
Congos. Weather. Discussing when to Rock n Roll, then Rock n Roll turns into partying, and rock n rolling all night and partying every day. Bring powder. Thanks to Brett Celek, Jennifer DeCillis. Go out and support their events! Pierre didn’t get to go on Snake Pit in Dorney Park. They got behind on scheduling and then they shut down the park because it started to rain. LOTD. Tomorrow on the show Rachel Leigh Cook will be on. Hershey Park. 

SQ. Before coming to the US, who did David Beckham play for?  

SA. Real Madrid. 

LQ. What is pizzle get when you leave it out on the counter too long?

LA. It gets pizzle-osis. 


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