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Date: 06-06-2014
Time 6:08-6:21
Weather. Traffic. News Anniversary of D-Day. A man in his 80’s was killed in a fire at 2am this morning. 3 Penn State Abington were taken into custody for having an air soft rifle on campus causing a lockdown. Sports The Nationals beat the Phillies. The Spurs defeated the Heat 110-95 in game 1 of the NBA Finals, game 2 is Sunday. California Chrome is a 3-5 favorite for the Belmont Stakes tomorrow and has a chance to win the Triple Crown for the first time in 30+ years.  Pocono 400 giveaway- steve hit a bird while driving at the track.
Time 6:31-7:09
Friday Morning Preston and Steve. Word of the Week prize is a 4 pack to Dorney Park. Pocono 400. Traffic. More info on the Pocono 400. Mistake for coolest teacher this morning- there were no votes. Today’s School: Bucks County Tech High School. SQ Birthdays SA. Casey needs people on his team for the Irish Pub Tour de Shore. Casey says the problem is everybody else has been talking trash. Entertainment News The creator of is targeting the Long Island Medium to prove that she’s a fraud. Rihanna is going to be on the guys choice award on Spike, receiving the guys most wanted award. The new Jessica Alba magazine cover is good. LAPD has arrested two people who allegedly stole Miley Cyrus’ Maserati. Tom Cruise and Sofia Vergara may have a romantic history. Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend were photographed making out and holding hands. Nick misses him when he sees him on TV. Adam Richman is showing off his weight loss by posing nude for UK Cosmopolitan. Kourtney Kardashian is expecting another child with her boyfriend Scott Disick, Kris Jenner wants them to get married for the show. Matthew McConaughey said he’s interested in doing another season of True Detective. Former Facts of Life Stars Lisa and Kim Fields are working on a hallmark channel movie. Kevin Spacey scolded an audience member for having a cell phone go off during his one man show. Clips. Taylor Shilling Orange is the New Black talks about being nude for the show. Mike Birbiglia from the Fault in our Stars thought priests always got the most laughs. Secret Text Word for Pocono 400. 
Time 7:19-7:48
Weather. Pocono 400. Traffic. Connor Barwin is coming up later. Dive In festival for handicapped divers on Saturday. D-Day 70th Anniversary. The longest seaboard invasion in history. Band of Brothers highlighted it as well as the Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan. Amount of industry and time that went into the attack is unbelievable. The attack was expected to begin one day earlier. Weather and Ocean conditions had a lot to do with the attack as well. Interesting D-day facts. Actually had a rehearsal for the attack, 800 people killed during the rehearsal, more died there than on some beaches that day. Allies leaked fake plans to try and trick the Axis powers. Planted false info on already dead bodies. Dummies dressed in uniform were parachuted and equipped  with sound effects. Invasion was also expected in late May. Eisenhower Clip. Craters from the destruction still exists on the beaches. Caller Ed: Military Historian- Gives more detail about DDay. Eisenhower famous photos with the paratroopers from this day. Eisenhower said Andrew Higgins is the man who won the war for us because of his invention. If Higgins hadn’t built them, the strategy of the war would have been very different. Audio of veterans from the Normandy invasion. 93 year old did a tandem jump for the anniversary. 
Time 7:56-8:12
Beastie Boys won their lawsuit against Monster Energy Drink. Pocono 400. Traffic. Former video intern Matt got checked badly in a non-checking hockey league. Hockey players are on a different level than Basketball players. Bizarre File Toronto police charged a man who was performing an indecent act with a cucumber at a library. 24 year old Ohio Woman died from walking into a spinning airplane propeller at a Sky Diving business she worked at. Zoo Worker in Gorilla suit shot with tranquilizer dart. Senior prank at a Santa Barbera high school got a mariachi band to walk around with the principal all day, the band kept going for an hour in a half. Police are investigating how a loaded gun ended up with the children’s toys at a Target in South Carolina. A Phoenix woman said she received a letter to stop doing cartwheels during government meetings. Giveaway of 2, 4 packs to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 tomorrow morning. New Tom Petty after the break. 
Time 8:19-8:54
New Tom Petty. Traffic. Preston described each Weekly Rush. Summer Camp. Nick wishes he wasn’t as homesick and that he did it more. Kathy was never allowed to go to camp. Best letter ever- Kid wrote to his mom about getting diarrhea. Kathy always thought about what she would do if she went to camp. The last song at camp dances was always Stairway to Heaven at Nick’s camp, it was Last Dance at Preston’s camp. You can’t slow dance with a girl to Last Dance. Native American tribes were bunk names. Caller Morgan is a counselor at Taqua right now. It’s her favorite place in the world. Tackowogh is close to a military testing ground so the force of sound waves would shake the cabins Kathy went to cheerleading camp and hated it… someone stole her water bottle. Is camping as popular as it used to be years ago? Care packages make kids the most popular in the cabin. Nick went to the same camp as the Bacon brothers. Caller Dave said he was homesick so much he started sleepwalking through the camp.Every summer there was one kid who just couldn’t take it. No outside communication where Preston went. Preston always thinks about summer camp when Let’s Dance comes on. Cheerleaders. Pocono 400. 
Time 9:05-9:36
Pocono 400. Traffic. Shart out’s. Pure Leaf contest announcement. Connor Barwin. Says offseason is good, Official Team Activities (OTA’s) are going well. Talks Jon Dorenbos’ video featuring Brandon Boykin. Connor takes a month off of everything when the season ends. His goals this offseason are to get bigger. He wants to start at 270 and end at 265 later this season. Talks about his concert coming up at Union Transfer. Make the world better is Barwin’s foundation. The Proceeds from the show are going to be matched by his foundation which works to make parks and rebuild/restore existing parks This is going to be the inaugural benefit show. Contest: Testing his music knowledge. Only got 2 right. Was born deaf, received major surgery until he was 12 years old, can’t hear out of his left ear. Seattle Seahawks fullback is completely deaf. Didn’t know he was deaf until he was 2. Signing autographs this weekend at King of Prussia mall. Says a lot of Eagles will be at his benefit show on June 20. Caller 25 for Pocono 400. 
Time 9:38-9:57
Weather. Philadelphia Union. Traffic. STW Pocono 400. Belmont is tomorrow, California Chrome is a 3-5 favorite. Local Smarty Jones was the last chance. 1978 was the last triple crown. Preston visited Secretariat’s grave. They don’t actually bury the entire horse. It’s tough to read the graves of other horses around it. Jockeys have to go through a lot. There are horse jocky groupies. Marisa won Dunkel Dare. Steve says Double Dare should come back. Marisa had to catch chocolate covered chickens. Today is national Donut day. The origin of donut day was created by the Salvation Army to give back to veterans, it started during (or after) the first world war. The last time Casey got donuts he ordered a dozen and ended up with a bakers dozen. Preston went to Red Stone and thought they were being nice when they gave him dessert. PPL Giveaway caller 5
Time 10:07-10:28
Pancake is getting married this weekend. Legitimize that child. Dadication weekend deadline is next Friday. Preston is seeing Book of Mormon in New York this weekend. Bizarre File. It’s confirmed that there is a book bound in human flesh of a deceased female mental patient at Harvard’s library. Man jumps into the gulf of Mexico to save tranquilized black bear.Gulf of Mexico. A 77 year old man was arrested on Wednesday after a woman said he rubbed his private parts on her at a market, a witness let her know what was going on, he was tackled down until the authorities showed up. A woman who weighs 900 pounds left her bed room for the first time in 2 years on Tuesday, it was a community effort and it took six months to devise a plan. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Comic Con. Disney is working on a live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. Bradley Cooper was sighted making out with his girlfriend. Pharell is accused of misappropriation of Native American culture. LA. Wawa Welcome America. Music News. The Beastie Boys won their copyright violation lawsuit against Monster Energy Drink. Monster Energy admitted to doing it but said the Beastie Boys were asking for too much. Glam Rocker Gary Glitter will be charged with sexual assault. Linkin Park is headlining an event at Comic Con. Mtv will air a special on July 27. Tony Iommi has been appointed visting professor of music in England. Dave Coulier admits that the Alanis Morsette song is about him, he said they already broke up at the time. Anthony from the Red Cross calls in to say there are 975 donors scheduled right now and there are still spots available right now. Looking to get 1200-1400 to sign up.Brookside Country club is also doing a giveaway for the blood drive. 
Time 10:36-10:49
Listener Mark brought in a product he invented called the toss away, can store a plunger and also works as a room deodorizer. Thank you to Connor Barwin who’s foundation has a benefit concert at Union Transfer on June 20th. Pierre Robert is in the studio talking about the clouds. Kathy says she thinks it was a drinking game before. LOTD is S. Nick asked if Pierre needs a producer today. Kevin Gunn tells the story about the Duke. Pancake is getting married this weekend. Howard Eskin actually contributed to Pierre’s older music show called The Breakfast Table. Telling stories about Buzz. WOTW. Prize was 4 passes to Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. HIYEE. Show wrap up. Next week. Mark McGrath, The Last International live performance, Jason Kelcee and Brent Celek are standing buy. 3 cases of Amstel Radler giveaway. 

SQ: What are the 3 countries on the island of Borneo? 
SA: Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia.

LQ: Where does Slayer like to go to get dinner?
LA: Golden Corral 


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