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Good Morning! Weather. Traffic. News Police searching for man who assaulted a woman jogging on a trail. Police are urging joggers to be careful and aware of their surroundings. Keith Crisco, a 71-year-old businessman who was battling the former American Idol contestant in a congressional primary, died following a fall at his home just days after saying he wasn't ready to concede to Aiken after last week's close-call democratic vote. The US has revealed it is flying manned surveillance missions over Nigeria to try to find more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by the militant Islamist group Boko Haram. It comes after militants released a video of about 130 girls, saying they could be swapped for jailed fighters. Sports Phillies off yesterday, falling short of sweep against Angels. LeBron James ties his playoff record beating the Nets in game 4. Canadians force Game 7 with 4-0 win over Bruins.

Time 6:29-7:14
Weather. Traffic. SQ Birthdays include: Robert Pattinson 27; Darius Rucker 45; Steven Colbert 50; Harvey Keitel 75; Dennis Rodman 53; Stevie Wonder 64. SA
Entertainment News George Clooney, Amal Alamuddin toast to engagement in Malibu. Jay Z was ferociously assaulted by Beyonce's sister Solange. Jay Z did not retaliate. The body guard seperates her, that’s what he pays a lot of money for… 
yea to snap her neck, Bruno kill her! I don’t wanna get any blood on my white tux. Jennifer Esposito Slams Ex-Husband Bradley Cooper as "Master Manipulator" in her new book. “Project Runway” whiz Tim Gunn says Anna Wintour is still angry at him for comments he made about her years ago. The brouhaha began in 2010, when Gunn wrote in his book, “Gunn’s Golden Rules,” that he saw the Vogue editor being carried by minions at a Metropolitan Pavilion fashion show to avoid having to ride in a public elevator. A judge on Monday ordered an investigation into the whereabouts of Casey Kasem after an attorney for the ailing radio personality's wife said the former "Top 40" host had been removed from Los Angeles without his children's knowledge. North Carolina businessman Keith Crisco, a Democrat who ran for Congress against former "American Idol" star Clay Aiken, was found dead at his home Monday. Hugh Jackman just revealed last week his second bout with cancer. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski 'buy $2.75 million Hollywood Hills home weeks after welcoming their first baby.‘Man of Steel’ director Zack Snyder teases Batmobile reveal on Twitter. The Music Man to become a series on NBC. Clips Chloe Bennet on Marvel Agents of Shield. Jon Hamm on Million Dollar Arm. 

Time 7:26-7:49
Colonial Hyundai. Traffic. Going back to the Jay-Z thing, Solange Knowles kicks, punches, claws Jay Z in elevator video at Met Gala after-party. Defend your spouse or family member? Preston recalls talking down to a family member in defense of his wife. Kathy’s best friend of many years got into an argument with Dennis’ brother. They didn’t know what to do so they separated and reconvened afterwards. She claims everything is fine now years later… however Preston believes something is still lingering out there. Steve hates to say it but between mom and wife… wife trumps mom. Caller Dan had a situation where he had to decide between his wife and mother, his mom told his wife she should leave him and go find herself. Dan responded by writing a lengthy letter to his mom and still hasn’t talked to her in 5yrs. Everyone agrees that when a situation is unfolding and you’re not directly involved…it’s AWESOME! It’s uncomfortable when you’re watching along and someone drags you into the argument. Xmen days of future past giveaway!

 Time 7:58-8:11
 Music from Cage the Elephant. Weather. Traffic. Bizarre File New Hampshire wildlife officials believe a bear is the suspect of several car break-ins. A Singapore housewife was bit by a python that came out of her toilet. North Carolina man arrested for sitting naked at a waffle house and starting a conversation about his genitals. A man was charged with serving a woman and her son marijuana laced cake. A bad combo of weed, restraining orders, reading books about monks drove North Star artist Christ Bearer to cut off his own penis. A parolee sentenced to 7yrs for stealing money from a helpless woman with dementia under his mother’s care, depleting her bank account and practically stealing her life. One of the purchases included a sex swing. 

Time 8:22-8:43
Volbeat. Traffic. A week from Friday is our broadcast at Kennan’s in Wildwood. We want hairy guys to send shirtless photos to Marisa’s email. This is for a contest at Kennan’s live broadcast. Alien artist H.R.Giger died at 74. Cruise ship playing Seven Nation Army by White Stripes through their horns. Scarface mansion is for sale going for 35 million located in California on 10 acres. Ron Hextall congratulations on the new position! Ron believes you need to find valued players in draft and come up with some gems. A focus of his is to build strong through the draft and within the organization. Ron claims he has two things in his life; his family and hockey. He believes it is valuable to know what players are going through. Preston asks if retired players always want to work within the organization…Ron explains some guys do and know it right away and some guys just want to get away from it. Casey recalls Ron Hextall scoring a goal in the Playoffs in 1987.. Nick and Ron recall the noise level of the Spectrum back in 1987. X-Men giveaway for first 10 callers.

Time 8:53-9:31
Weezer on 93.3. Weather. Traffic. Preston is proud of himself for knowing an internet thing before Marisa. She was issued a cold water challenge. A challenge that has stirred around social media where you film yourself dunking into very cold water and challenge 3-5 others to do the same and if not done within 24hrs those people must donate a certain amount of money to a charity of their choice. Marisa is deciding between Logan Square or Love Park. Casey thinks she should do it now on the air. Donald Sterling audio from Anderson Cooper interview. In the audio Donald defends his racist remarks and situation with V. Stiviano. Also talks about age difference. We’re only another older man making plans for retirement and considering the twilight of his life apart. It makes finger blasting mean a whole new thing, I got big knuckles the size of bowling balls. Donald Sterling comments on Magic Johnson should be ashamed that he messed around with so many women and got AIDS. Sterling asks Cooper about girls, not knowing Cooper was gay. Bathroom Technology automatic toilet flushing; the direction doors open; automatic faucets; water pressure adjustments; hand sensors, etc.The retro fit kit goes for about $150. Women getting hand lifts after engagement ring selfie trend. Preston claims he can never be a hand model because of his cirrhosis. Kathy says hands can tell a person’s age no matter how much plastic surgery. Nick asks if any of the guys have ever gotten a manicure, they have and Steve claims it’s torturous. Kathy says the more you go the less it hurts. Cheerleaders open bar event giveaway to caller #7.

Time 9:41-9:59
Joan Jett on 93.3WMMR. Preston heard she may play a show with Roger Daughtry soon in the  area. Traffic. We have yet to hear from Marisa. Casey wonders if she had winter bush and needed to go home and shave first. Bizarre File Man arrested Wednesday after getting in fight with his girlfriend in parking lot of police department on his birthday. The man has 10 prior arrests for similar situations. Miami high school student faces charges for hacking into his schools computer and changing students’ grades. Medical director accused of molesting his patients while sedated over a period of 10yrs. Athorites raided popular animal clinic after claims that a dog was still alive after thought to be youthonized, the animal clinic was using the dog for blood transfusion for other dogs. Antoine Cantin completes rubik cube with one hand in 12.7 sec. Caller Bob used to complete the cube and attempts to explain the procedure to the guys. Caller Jen knows a 4th grader who can do this by learning on YouTube, it’s all about algorithm. Marisa is prepped at boat house row ready to do her cold water challenge in the river when we come back. 

Time 10:10-10:29
Bully on 93.3. If you have a Marisa thing you need to log in to and check out Marisa in a cute outfit. Marisa’s Cold Water Challenge Marisa jumps into muck and water about 8-10inches. She accepted her challenge from a fellow firefighter and calls out any firefighter she has ever been associated with to do this challenge. On top of that Marisa still donates $100 to a charity of her choice. LQ Hollywood Trash LA Music News Joan Jett rumored to be on bill with Roger Daughtry at Kimmel Center. Soundgarden going to perform Super Unknown in its entirety in New York. Remaining Beatles to possibly reunite in LA. Black Keys release 8th studio album “Turn Blue”Today and set to tour album. Coldplay’s 6th studio album now streaming on iTunes. Judas Priest singer Rob Halford will undergo surgery for hernia.  Ozzy’s plan to convert a barn into 2 bedroom home was denied, council believes bats will nest there. Ozbourne legendary for biting live bat head off during show early in his career. Keenan’s. We need hairy gorilla like guys to enter a contest for next week’s broadcast in North Wildwood. 

 Time 10:39-10:52
Beastie Boys on MMR. Weather. Marisa did her cold water challenge. We got some good video out of it. Before we wrap things up we have listener Joe for Tattoosday. Joes tattoo is for his 2yr old Daniel who is terminally ill. His tattoo is of a turtle which reminds him of Daniels first birthday theme. The turtle has wings and is colorful, Joe is permanently disabled with stage 4 sleep apnea. Joe shouts out to his mom who’s watching Daniel right now. He reaches out to our audience to donate money for research on his son’s condition. Pierre is here, and asks Marisa why she came back and didn’t go home to get in DE fertilizer. Pierre heard the audio of Marisa’s challenge and just thought it to be grim. Pierre believes the river is chemical melting pot. Casey recalls swimming across it during the y100 days and swallowing a gulp of the water, and he was fine. Preston asks how cold the water was and Marisa said not that bad, she didn’t want her face going into that. You’ll be saying that a lot in life. LOTD Colonial Hyundai Pierre previews todays show ahead. Including a workforce block of Black Keys. Thank you to our sponsors including; Barbara, Cure Auto Insurance, and FOX29 News. Tomorrow the great Robert Duvall. Sending the end of this show to listener Matt we met at the MMRBQ…Rage On! 

LQ: What color is the toothpaste on Tattooine?

LA: Orange 


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