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Tomorrow on the show:

Christina Grimmie- 9:00

Heres what happened on the show this morning:

                                   Time 6:11- 6:21

Hottest Day of the week. Traffic. News. 29 year old man in Mt. Airey killed after peering out the door. Someone knocked on the door and shot through the peephole. Sounds like an execution. 3 People died in hot air balloon crash in Virginia. Delaware native Ginny Doyle was on board. Captain of balloon was Daniel D. Kirk. Drifted in to power line. Plane from Venice to Philly was diverted to Dublin after 9 flight attendants got sick. Sports. Antonio Bastardo blew a 3 run lead as Phils lose to Mets in extra innings. NBA playoffs. Clippers beat Thunder to tie series at 2 games a piece. Pacers come back from 19 point deficit to lead Wizards 3-1. NHL playoffs. BlackHawks beat Wild. Rangers avoid elimination and beat Penguins. Audra McLaughlin coming in today. Even though shes good, no room in the River Valley Vocal Band. Brett Dalton calling in. Maybe a member of Volbeat. Recap MMRBQ. WOW Steven Singer Gift Card. New movie screening.

                                   Time 6:31-7:08

Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Drummer from KISS, Eric Singer, 56. Jason Biggs. He’s on Orange is the New Black. 36. Steven Baldwin. He was brilliant in the flintstones. Emilio Estevez, 52. Ving Rhames, loved him in Pulp Fiction. Kathy hated it. Gabriel Burn, 64. Burt Bacharach. Yogi Bera is 89. Yogisms, I just killed my mother. Steve Windwood, 65. SA. Entertainment News Sheppard and Lamar Shelly are fighting over surrogate child. Lamar also filing for divorce. Rosie O’Donnell on her way to getting in shape after her heart attack. She’s lost 50 pounds. Jessica Alba and husband went to Vegas to celebrate 33rd bday. Which Jessica is better, Alba or Biel? No one buys Lindsay Lohan miscarriage, but she’s sworn it under oath. Jake Gyllenhaal sat courtside at the Nets game w/ Jay-Z & Beyonce. Vanessa Hudgens excited for Ashley Tisdale’s bachelorette party. Kendall Jenner has shot a new spread for Vogue. Dylan Penn, Sean’s daughter, also doing a shoot. Ann Curry rescued by a Boy Scout troop while hiking last month. Preston’s son is a general in the boy scouts now. Cancellations for Networks as pilot season begins. Some had cool concepts, but poor execution. Tomorrow People canceled, what about the later on people. were here from tomorrow to tell you about yesterday. If we can’t get TV thing right, what will happen to us 100 years from now on. Parks and Rec renewed. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones worked through problems. Clips Cartoon Network’s Regular Show, Bill Salyers. Godzilla, Director Gareth Edwards. X-Men screening.

                                   Time 7:21-7:38

Traffic. Shartout, women’s apartment set on fire. Audra McLaughlin shocked getting voted off, but amazing experience. Checked iTunes to see where she was standing with audience. Had feeling she would be in bottom 4.  Currently still in contract with show, flies there Thurs for finale. Was in Top 8, out of her contract with show in 30 days.  Planning to go to Nashville to write. Blake Shelton wants her to keep in touch. Most fun moment: working with Blake.  Appearing on P&S.  People know her now because of show. Rooting for Jake Worthington. Preston never watched show until she was on there. Blake didn’t tweet out Adam Levine’s real number.  Not moving to Nashville yet. Dad works for US Airways. Has written a lot of songs but has to update them for country radio. Single. Relationships are distracting when starting music career. 22. Male fans contact her on twitter. Brother is “protector”. P&S are upset she was voted off.  

SQ: How many beats in a rotation in the Macarena dance.


SA: 16

                                   Time 7:51-8:07

Traffic. Recap MMRBQ. Rob Caggiano? Reopening of Washington Monument  Stacked stones, no glue or anything. Would have held up better in earthquake if it did have glue. 150+ cracks. New exhibits installed.  Preston never been up there, Steve was years ago. Baseball thrown from top, knocked out 2 of the catcher’s teeth. Statue of Liberty shut down for a while. Can’t go up in torch of Statue of Liberty. Chinese Train Chinese gov hopes to construct train that would go from North China to US, 8,000 miles. Would have to go 124 miles under Bering Strait. Would be very expensive. Tunnels that go underwater are amazing. Bizarre Files Woman stuck Pop Rocks in you-know-where for sexual fantasy. Piles of headless birds are being dumped in alley in Vegas, could be religious practices. Deontay Wilder beat up Charlie Zelenoff, who’s been harassing him for years. 2 female students from University of Georgia posted on Craigslist for a hit man to hurt but not kill them to avoid their finals. X-Men screening.

                                  Time 8:19-9:13

Traffic. MMRBQ Recap Guy asked crew to sign his face, Preston signed dickhead across forehead. Took Preston 2 hours to get there, tree knocked over onto Schuylkill. Huge crowd. Volbeat was really good. Preston walked into Pierre/Volbeat interview. Pierre ask if band is fans of Nirvana, Michael Poulsen makes Pierre start interview over. Preston tweeted about how Volbeat guys are rude. Interview was overall awkward. Jon Larsen told interviewer to leave and come back when “he figured out who he was talking to”. Pierre was frazzled, had 4 interviews to do. Rob Caggiano On in response to fan’s tweet. Rob was supposed to be the one doing the interview Preston mentioned, but pal Jim Breuer was playing at same time. Band loves doing interviews, but at bigger shows some aren’t “so real”. Bad person to ask wrong question to. Like saying to OJ “We hear you’re a real family man.” Excited for project with Jim Breuer. Volbeat leaves for Europe in 3 weeks. Matt Cord Excited that his question to Volbeat wasn’t wrong, terrified to ask question. He and Preston talked to Rob Zombie. Steve jokingly mistaken for Woody Harrelson, joked back that Brett Fuel was Kid Rock. Doug Benson looked really high, hung out with Dropkick Murphy’s. Nick had Canadiens hat on but he’s a Flyers fan. His loyalty is with Al Queda. Marisa licked Preston. Stump Drinking Game Caller talks about tailgating game, flip hammer in the air, that’s how many times you hit your nail into wooden stump. When nail is all the way in, person chugs beer. Preston is tired of drinking games. Waste of money if you get hammered and only see one band. Another caller’s husband played same game but with ax instead of hammer. A lot of people injured by this game. Keenan’s is a week from Friday. Hairy guys, don’t shave, P&S have something planned. Preston went to 6 Flags for Mother’s Day, didn’t get to ride El Torro. Ohio woman gave birth to mono mono twins. Shared the same amniotic sac and placenta. Twin speak, Preston’s twin uncles don’t remember doing it. Brett Dalton Steve loves the show. Character was boring until he became evil. They gave the character a lot more. Brett’s grandmother is in distress over the character. Wants to know if he really has to kill everybody Captain America helps focus plot line Continuity in Marvel universe, crossover between movie and film world. As soon as character turned, he changed his twitter. Season finale is insane. Shartout to Firefighters.

                                   Time 9:29-9:46

Traffic. HGTV Show Flip or Flop, houses auctioned for sale for a lot less than they’re worth. In one house previous owners put cement in every toilet/bathtub so it would harden in pipes. Costs thousands of dollars to replace. Sabotaging foreclosed houses as revenge on bank. Female host is stunning. Kathy knows someone who had a blowout party and trashed in foreclosing house. Steve saw a house that had “F the FBI” carved into entire wall. Caller’s brother had to evict a tenant and the guy poured cement down drain. Another caller works as property specialist, maintains property until it’s sold. Has seen a lot sabotaged houses. Hurts next owners. People have holes in copper pipes. Flipping Homes People across from Nick have been flipping for 8-9 months. Steve knew a guy who used smoke and mirrors in order to sell the houses. Casey knows people who have done it in 2-3 weeks. Caller is an attorney who represents banks, rare for flippers to buy foreclosed houses. People owe so much that the bank ends up taking it. Flipping houses has become glamorous because of the shows. Many regret getting into this line of work. X-Men Screening.

                                   Time 9:52-10:00

Traffic. Bizarre Files Someone stole a center piece from a playground for a Sandy Hook victim and called to torment the family, called shooting a hoax. Arkansas clerk issued first gay marriage license Saturday to Kristen Seaton and Jennifer Rambo. Experts at Disease Control have noticed spike in salmonella. Most illnesses come from chicken owners who treat chickens like family. 1 in 10 admit to kissing chickens. Home damaged after driver swerved to avoid hitting moose, driver not hurt. Preston will see moose in Maine. Moose are incredibly dangerous.

                                   Time 10:08-10:23

A lot of MMRBQ recaps today. Jackie Bam-Bam talks too close to Jason Bonham. Jackie asks Kathy’s husband what he should eat. He’s waiting for Kathy’s marriage to break up, he’s already got an engagement ring probably pierced somewhere on his body. Can pick out his listeners out of a crowd. LQ. Hollywood Trash Elin Nordegren, Tiger Wood’s ex, gave a speech to her graduating class. Kim Kardashian had bridal shower in Beverly Hills. Guests were driven up to the hotel in a Khole-drawn carriage. Miley Cyrus stimulated oral sex while performing at a London nightclub. LA. Music News Keenan’s – Coors Light. Patrick Carney addresses feud with Justin Bieber fans, says Bieber is an F-ing idiot. Eddie Vedder debuted “I Won’t Hold On” in Brazil. Jack White and Meg White will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Black Keys album. Thank you people who came out to Walk a Mile in Her Shoes.

                                  Time 10:32-10:50

Casey’s air conditioning stopped working yesterday. Preston’s pool opens today. Cold weather and snow killed Kathy’s tulips. Guy whose face they signed called in. Stayed the whole concert, took a nap during Led Zepplin. What would Casey do in caller’s situation? Get face signed. Thank you to Audra McLaughlin, Brett Dalton and Rob from Volbeat. Pierre had a marvelous time at BBQ. Salutes people on lawn,. LOTD. Pierre and Pancake took on pit during Fuel and Dropkick Murphy’s. Got interview with Peter Criss. Had to pull Jackie back from Jason Bonham. Review of the Volbeat and Pierre incident, Michael Poulson was married at Graceland. He then was confused of which questions were for Volbeat and which were for Black Keys. Tour manager apologized to Pierre. Tomorrow Christina Grimmie for the Voice is on.

LQ: What did Yogi Berra use to kill his mother with?

LA: Phone receiver.


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