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Here's what happened on the show today:

 Time 6:10-6:23

Weather. Kathy is at Kathy’s Cuts. Traffic. News: Police say a 3 year old child playing found a dead body in North Philadelphia. The body was wrapped in a sheet with duct tape. The rain forced people to evacuate and people needed to be rescued from cars and homes. Authorities in AC are trying to figure out who spray painted the belly of a beached whale with Greek Letters. Sports: Phillies had two days off in a row but will play tonight against the Nationals. NHL Montreal won against the Bruins and now have home ice advantage. Kathy is coming from us live from True Beauty Concepts.  Have a busy day today with Rob Schneider, Jenny McCarthy, Elayne Booster, and the Pituation. WoW. Last night was crazy. They ran out of sanitizer. 

Time 6:33- 7:07

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Traffic. Revel Casino Web Cam is live with Kathy. She looks lovely in turquoise. Lucy is getting her hair cut with her sister Elena. 2 years ago she and her sister were fighting on the air. SQ. Birthdays: Dwayne the Rock Johnson, 42. David Beckham, 39. Christine Baranski, 62. Donatella Versace, 59. NASCAR driver Kyle Bush, 29. SA Celebrity News: There is a big focus on George Clooney’s upcoming wedding to Amal Alamuddin. Prince Harry attended a bachelor party in TN. Can Robert Downey Jr. convince Jack Nicholson to come out of retirement? He wants him to take a role in Sherlock Holmes 3. Jack’s last film was How do you Know? Preston has a man crush on Seth Rogen. Rogen is not a sports fan but he wants to smoke a joint with David Beckham. Jennifer Lawrence has been named FHM’s sexiest woman in the world. Sarah Jessica Parker has regrets about joining social media. It has got to be tough to type with those hoofs on. Jason Priestly is releasing a book that covers certain things like Shannen Doherty’s diva behavior. Donald Sterling gave consent for his raciest conversation with his girlfriend to be taped. Edie Brickell smelled of alcohol during her domestic dispute with Paul Simon. Hugh Jackman is not sure if he will do another Wolverine but if he did it would have to be better than the last one. Clips: Scott Caan from Hawaii 5-O talks about loafers. Tony Hale on VEEP discusses whether he would ever get naked on the show. Kathy’s Cuts  

Track 3                                   Time 7:17- 7:43

That’s Volbeat. Traffic. Kathy’s Cut’s is full. Wigs for kids make wigs that stay on when you swim and do kid’s stuff, also they don’t charge. Nick has a ticket Raid tonight and Marisa has one tomorrow. Have you ever found a dead body? Steve always looks around for dead bodies when he goes to Kelpius cave which is sometimes used for cult ritual. Preston would freak out if he saw a dead body when jogging. Steve once saw a dead body hit by a car. Marisa dated a firefighter and she saw a body that had been disfigured in a drunk driving accident. Dave and his little brother saw a dead 13 year old girl in a creek. Tony was playing golf when he found a boy who died of an overdose. Patrick found a dead neighbor on the toilet. Dying on the toilet is the worst way to die. People who work around dead bodies get used to seeing bodies, except dead children. Chris and his girlfriend were running and found a guy with a gunshot wound. An EMT found a girl in the fetal position with her eyes still open that had been dead for days. Do you evacuate your bowls when you die? If so then Steve wants to die on the toilet. How do you want to die? Casey wants to die in his sleep. Preston wants to be vaporized; Steve wants to die in an explosion.



Time 7:53 – 8:05

Shine down. WoW Show today. Traffic. Kathy’s Cuts. A crier is on her way to the studio because she only trusts Angela. Bizarre File: Angela Lacky falsely reported that she had been sprayed with Pine sol. When in Jail she pooped herself and smeared the feces on the wall. A man has a 48,000$ fine when he installed a phone jammer in his vehicle so no one could use the phone when he was driving. NJ seniors were arrested when they broke into their school and urinated in the hallway and vandalized other areas for a senior prank. Perkins invented radiation proof underwear to protect men’s sperm. Houston police are looking for three clumsy suspects who were trying to rob a boutique and accidently discharged their weapons when they and thought they were in a fire fight.

Time 8:15 – 8:42

Weather. Traffic. Angela is cutting Mackenzie’s hair on Revel Casino Web Cam. Rob Schneider Studio Philly used to be a tough town. Thinks Philly is a real, real city and that Helium Comedy Club is a real club. Schneider is surprised that no one is talking about Donald Sterling’s girlfriend who betrayed him, “Calling an owner a raciest - that used to be a qualification.” Casey has never met a billionaire but Schneider has a couple of really nice billionaire friends. The average American works 17 hours longer than European’s and are at or near the poverty line. “It’s tough out there.” The Rob Schneider music foundation keeps music in schools. He is a fan of Jazz music. Just did an 8 episode show called Real Rob about his family and work life. One of the episodes is his wife wants him to get a vasectomy and he goes to Norm MacDonald for medical advice, but instead Rob makes his assistant get it instead. Think’s he is going to work with Adam Sandler one more time in a Western. Sandler wrote a movie for Rob Schneider and David Spade just so they could hang out. Sandler friendship started because they were both unemployed at the same time. Get to keeps your stories everything else comes and goes.

Time 8:49 – 9:24

Getting right back into it. Jenny McCarthy PhoneSteve is surprised that she is able to do her comedy while being on The View. Her comedy tour is called Dirty, Sexy, Funny and it’s about what women think about during sex. Jenny is coming back in town with her comedy tour and book signing. Marisa is in love with News Kids on the Block “A true Blockhead.” Jenny really loves her own fan base and her fiancé’s, she understands it because she had that kind of fan love too. Jenny McCarthy looks back at Playboy and thinks why didn’t I shave? Casey wants her to visit next week but Jenny cannot. McCarthy made a promise that she would be in studio by the new year but if not she will donate to or go to Camp Out for Hunger.  Kathy loves Jenny McCarthy. Traffic. Kathy cut a girls ponytail. Can be seen on Revel Casino webcam. Ladies Night Party Recap Never had a group so committed to winning the amateur dance contest. You couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a vagina. Sarah was the winner, she was completely naked from beginning. She would run at the pole like a “charging rhino.” All the girls in the final were naked. Pituation studio Gaf laugh. 24 hour game show marathon to raise money for CHOP May 17. Lock themselves in a TV studio and replicate popular game shows. Donate on website. Pitch is doing social media for a couple of car dealerships and doing a podcast. Did his Walken impression, Australian accent, Frosty the snowman 



 Time 9:31- 9:59

WoW Traffic. Kathy talking to Dan who got pulled over on his way to Wigs for Kids by an officer whose daughter received a wig from the organization. Dan was allowed to go on his way. Kathy’s Cuts. We have Angela cutting hair in studio. Elayne Boosier studio. Did comedy with Leno, Letterman, and many others. She started as a singer and backed into comedy. At that time no one knew you or you were incredibly famous and there weren’t many comedy clubs. She was the first woman to have a HBO cable special. Has Tails for Joy a charity raising money for animals. Donate locally. Preforming at Sellersville and it is benefiting Last Chance Ranch. Husband, Bill Siddons, is the manager for the Doors. Bill threw Crosby in jail to try to help him get clean. Bill started being their manager at 18 and just had to learn the business. They met at Clinton’s inauguration. Her show is clean, old-school comedy. Writes for the Huffington posts but didn’t get paid. Bill rebuilt Alice in Chains. What business is more cutthroat of the two? Elayne thinks bankers. Bill’s problem is he is the nice guy.

Time 10:07 – 10:29

Weather. Elayne Boosier is getting her hair styled. Kathy’s Cuts. Sydney who is 3 years old is getting her hair cut today. Her mom donated a couple of years ago and is donating again with her daughter. Sydney’s five year old brother Mason is there for support. Bizarre File: A chef came out screaming with a butcher knife at a patron who complained about the fat content in the tuna. This is how you do it. A male model that ran his car into a building was more concerned about his face and his photo shoot than he was about the damage he caused. Kids who eat chicken drum sticks are more likely to be aggressive than children who cut it up in little bits. A block long sink hole developed in Baltimore. Train tracks and cars were devoured by it and residents had to be evacuated. The revival of the gory Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus play has caused audience members to faint. LQ Hollywood Trash: Tori Spelling wants to meet Emily Goodhand. LeAnn Rimes is freezing her husband’s sperm. LA Music News: Avenge Sevenfold has posted to a condolence statement about a 16 year old who listened to their music and watched videos before he committed suicide. Cage the Elephant has started working on their 4th album. Black Keys have released the official music video of Fever. Calling the number on the video. Preston accused Angela of giving her the business and then Angela calls him the Sassafras. Giveaway Fit Bit Tracker.

 Time 10:39 – 10:50

Kathy’s Cuts. Sidney and her mom are the center of attention. It is in the 7th year and Kathy wants to give a couple thank you. They do a really great job the haircuts look phenomenal. More thank you’s. Pierre and Bill has had a lot of interactions throughout the years. When Crosby got out of jail WMMR was the only radio station he would talk to. You should send Pituation and Kill Bill hunting. LOTD WoW . Nick’s ticket raid at French Creek outfitters and Marisa at Rafferty Subaru.


SQ: Who was cutting a rug down at a place called the jug?

SA: Linda Lou

LQ: The Pituation laughs so hard it becomes what?

LA: Gaff laugh


WoW: Birth

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