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Kathy's Cuts 

Rob Schneider in studio - 8:15

Jenny McCarthy - 8:55

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                          Time: 6:12-6:27 
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Heavy rain across the Delaware Valley has cause flooding and evacuations in many areas. Flood warnings may linger for rivers and streams until Friday. A gas explosion has injured many inmates as well as police officers in a Florida jail. Police say a man who was convicted of stalking and stealing a woman’s underwear has now been found to be doing the same thing at Villanova’s campus. Sports The Flyer’s season is over and lost game 7 last night against the Rangers. There’s a twitter account called Steve’s Rectum.LA Kings beat San Jose sharks 5-1. The Phillies-Mets games was cancelled last night due to weather. Ladies Night. 

                          Time: 6:35-7:14 
The traffic report today is crazy. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Emilia Clarke; 27, Jamie Dornan;  32, Wes Anderson; 45, Judy Collins; 75, Rita Coolidge; 69, Tim McGraw; 47, You’re forgetting Ozzy’s turn as Franklin Roosevelt. Ray Parker Jr.; 60. SA. Kathy’s name was Thunder Snatch. Entertainment News Zac Efron has opened up about his drug issue and stated that he went to rehab twice, drank a lot, and his lifestyle became the main issue in his problems. The Seattle police department has released a note that would found in his wallet at the time of his death that mimics his wedding vows. The note is the latest piece of evidence for the scene of his death. Duck Dynasty star, Missy Robertson said in a recent interview that she had a miscarriage. Kim Kardashian was photographed wearing denim on denim in Paris while looking for a wedding dress while hanging out with Serena Williams. Ellen Page opened up about her struggle of opening up about being gay in the latest issue of Flair magazine. Renee Zellweger absentness from Hollywood may be from the reaction to her plastic surgery embarrassment. Jason Priestley chatted with Us Weekly doesn’t appreciate Tori Spelling selling off his own memorabilia. HBO has announced that they are bringing back Project Greenlight. Bill Cosby has confirmed that he is planning his t.v. comeback. FOX has pulled the plug on Almost Human. There should be a celebrity book of pronunciations. John Wayne is Jim Juan. Sharknado 3 is coming to Sci-Fi and will air the Summer of 2015. Casey wants to see Shartnado. Clips Ari Graynor talks about what makes her character so much fun. James Marsden talks about Walk of Shame. Ladies Night.   

                         Time: 7:24-7:49
You don’t need a jacket today! Weather. Traffic. Preston drove past a couple of creeks yesterday that was completely flooded. Casey likes to run over the puddles. Hitting pedestrians with water is hilarious. Heavy rain stories Getting hit by water from the other side of the road is so scary and disorienting. Casey hit a puddle without realizing that it was 2-3 feet deep. Steve hydro planed, spun around, went on two wheels, and landed. There are times where the wind shield wipers do nothing and you just need to pull over in the rain. Hitting a hydro plane, there is nothing you can do and you’re just a long for the ride. Kids love this kind of weather because they can mess around outside. Manayunk is trying to make sewage containing tanks that will keep the sewage from mixing in with flooding. Preston has a sump pump that is powered by the force of the water pressure. We want to send an intern out with a Go Pro camera and see if they can get splashed by a car. One listener called in who hit a large puddle so hard the water caused the muffler to explode. Be careful of puddles in the rain! The rain is hectic, do make sure to drive slowly. 
SQ: In our comic book, The League of Extraordinarily Stupid Gentlemen, what was Casey’s superhero name?   
SA: Milk Dud 

                         Time: 7:59-8:11
Sheena Parveen and Tracy Morgan are going to beon the show later. Traffic. Kathy’s Cuts. Bizarre File A 20 year old girl was caught jumping over the jail fence in order to be booked into the jail to be with her brother. However, her brother was already released five hours earlier. A photographer was viciously attacked by a squirrel when he was trying to get a selfie with the woodland friend. The residents of a small town in Canada fear the possible explosion of a whale carcass that washed ashore earlier in the week. Ottowa police arrested a 62 year old man named Donald Popadick for exposing himself at a park. Mama dick, poppa dick, and little baby dick. A writer for the guardian decided to eat his wife’s placenta and document the experience. Neighbors.

                         Time: 8:21-8:57
The weather is crazy, try to stay in today. Traffic. Book on burial of Boston bombing suspect is planned by Worcester funeral director Peter Stefan. Many people are offended by burying the Boston bomber’s body and are calling him “un-American” and “traitor.” Each place that the body was taken to was picketed until they removed the Boston bomber’s body from their premise. Intern Splash Experiment We have Intern Gabe on the phone and we are trying to splash Intern Judge Dread. They are near the Police touch Museum. Judge Dread has the Go Pro in his hand and is standing right next to a puddle. One guy turned around to splash Dread again and splashed him head to toe again & just got a face full of muddy water. Rich people like to buy people from snobby people. People wanted to buy the item even more when it was highly snobby. However, it needs to be the right store and have a right kind of snob. Kathy walked into Louis Vuitton store by herself and the sales person didn’t help her. Do you know who I am? I am Kenny Knight. A lot of it is about appearance, if you look expensive people will treat you like you have a lot of money. Steve is a really great tipper because his wife was a waitress. You need to offset the dicks that leave no tips. Steven Singer. Ladies Night 

                          Time: 9:07-9:35
Guns and Roses on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. There are a lot of closures and traffic lights in center city are completely out. Sheena Parveen is not going to be in studio today, she is stuck in Center City. There is a golf outing this Monday for Breast Cancer – there’s more information on One of the prizes is a vacation to Italy. Bigger the penis, the more likely your wife will cheat. Researchers asked the woman to measure the member when it was at full potential. Everyone in longer increased the chances of a woman being in an extra martial affair. The bigger the penis would lead to pain and discomfort for the woman. The average single girl is not comfortable to have sex with a date on the 5th date. They typically go through a check list, multiple texts, and phone calls. She is looking out for warning signs for getting intimate too quickly or getting too attached too soon. Sometimes sex too soon ruins things and can change things. Dating turn offs for women are; Bill Weston doesn’t want us to go from 10-1. I’m going to go get soup from my car. Seeming needy, texting during date, awkward silences, talking about exs, selfish talker/poor listener, not seeming interested in conversation, being rude to bar staff, looking at other women, no chemistry, & body odor – that is the easiest thing to change when you’re going on a date. Ladies Night. 

                         Time: 9:43-10:05
Smashing Pumpkins on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Bizarre File A dental crown worn by Elvis is being used to make people aware of mouth cancer is going on tour. A New Jersey woman has admitted to killing her neighbor’s small dog by throwing it into oncoming traffic after a fight. A man was caught on Tuesday straddling the back of a train after he missed getting a seat. A raging bull escaped into a town, but freaked out when he saw his own reflection in a butcher shop window and was shot by a nail gun by the butcher shop owner. Our next guest is going to be performing at the Tropicana, we have Tracy Morgan with us! He once called Lauren Harris a fine bowl of pineapple juice. He is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and thinks that his name would have been “Man of Conda.” He has a structured show, but there will also be a lot of improv. Everything in the show is from his personal experiences. Stand-up is his favorite part of comedy and loves going back to the stage. He’s going to be doing a sitcom with the Always Sunny crew on FXX. He’s friend with people on the Clippers, even the owner & didn’t know he got down like that.  Tracy wants to buy the team with Paul Reubens. He’s watching the Exorcist right now. If Sonny from the Godfather has Easy Pass, he would have lived. AC is the beginning of his tour, so it will definitely be good.  

                          Time: 10:12-10:22
Rolling Stones on this early morning. Weather. Traffic. LQ. Hollywood Trash Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly going to get married sometimes this week. Miley Cyrus has had a health set back. Joe and Kevin from the Jonas Brothers are going to get personal about their band experiences. LA. Music News Foo Fighters shared photos of them recording a new album. A woman who has launched a Facebook campaign to have Ozzy Osbourne knighted has gotten more than 4,000 of the 5,000 needed signatures. Ozzy’s daughter, Kelly tweeted about this campaign and stated “this needs to happen.” ACDC has tapped Brendan O’Brian to produce the band’s new studio album. Brian produced their past album “Black Ice.” Blink 182 bassist, Mark Hoppus, released that he is going to be a part of a side album called “Nothing and Nobody.” Jimmy Page will be the commencement speaker at Berklee college of music. Page who is now 70 has been playing the guitar since he was 12 years old. Bruce Springsteen blew his audience’s minds when he performed “Linda Let me be the One.” He has been spotlighting his 1980’s track and playing songs that he rarely plays in concert. LOTD.

                         Time: 10:29-10:36
Finger Eleven on 93.3 WMMR. Ladies night. There’s a piece of audio that is a mix-up of Seinfeld audio with Donald Sterling.  Mookie Blaylock was indidited on a charge of vehicular homicide. His name was the original name of Pearl Jam. We sent Intern Judge Dread out to get splashed by cars is up online at Thank you to Tracy Morgan for being on the show. It is bizarrely warm out today. LOTD. 
LQ: Who does Tracy Morgan want to buy the Clippers with?
LA: Pee Wee Herman 

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