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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

Sheena Parveen- IN STUDIO- 9:00 AM

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Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:10-6:21

Time to get started. Weather. Traffic. News periods of heavy rain are expected today. The flood waters already sparked rescues in New Jersey. A woman fell onto septa tracks. The rail that she fell onto was pulsing with electricity. Ikea recalls wall mounted lamps because of strangulation. Consumers are advised to stop using the product immediately. Sports The Flyers forced a Game 7 against the Rangers and it will be tonight in Manhattan.  Wayne Simmonds had a hat trick. The Flyers won Game 6 by a final score of 5-to-2 Game 7 is tonight at 7 at Madison Square Garden. The New York Mets beat the Phillies 6-to-1. The start was delayed by rain for 1 hour, 28 minutes. The series continues tonight and game time is 7:05. Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life by the NBA in response to racist comments the league says he made in a recorded conversation. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said he will try to force the owner to sell his franchise. Sterling also was fined $2.5 million. Today on the show we will be joined by RZA, Jim Florentine and Don Jamison who will both be in studio. Spiderman screening giveaway (20 callers).

Time 6:31-7:13

Volbeat is going to be at the MMRBQ. Nick ticket raid French Creek Outfitters. Traffic. Would you recognize Lincoln without the big hat? SQ Birthdays Kirsten Dunst; 32, Willie Nelson; 81, Burt Young; 74, Cloris Leachman; 88, Johnny Galecki; 39. LA Entertainment News Price Harry is back on the market. His relationship with Cressida Bonas ended after two years. The cast of Star Wars episode 7 has been released. Actors include Andy Serkis, Adam Driver and returning will be Harrison Ford. The nominees for the Tony Awards have been announced. Hugh Jackman will host. Josh Hartnett explains why he gave up his life as a heartthrob in Hollywood. He moved back to Indianapolis. Kate Hudson celebrated her birthday with her celebrity friends. Naya Riveras days on Glee seem to be over. A source said her trailer was taken off Paramount’s lot. Olivia Munn called it quits with Joel Kinnaman. A lot had to do with distance. David Arquette and his girlfriend welcome their first baby. Kim Kardashian may become Mrs. West this week. Excuse me where’s the bathroom? Michael Fassbender wants to make an Assassin's Creed movie. They are working on an adaptation on Splinter Cell. Clips Giancarlo Esposito talks about Revolution; RZA talks about Brick Mansions. Margo Sokol Wigs for Kids Special Events Director on the Phone they collect the hair and create the wigs. They hand tie each strand of hair. The families are never charged for the wigs. They also make wigs for boys. 95% is mainly girls, but the take care of boys and girls.

Time 7:25-7:49

Pearl Jam on WMMR. Secret Text. Traffic. RZA in studio he loves the city of Philadelphia. They are all playing gang members on a task force. They actually had a real task force to train them for the show. He has the writer from Fast and Furious. The show has a very diverse cast. He has a strong Brooklyn accent. He’s living proof that dreams do come true. He is a man whole loves a challenge. During the movie shooting he was only dealing with 20 people who spoke English. He thought Paul was a great guy. He got a vegetarian Philly Cheesesteak while in town. Some of his acting skill comes from watching. Scenes for the show are shot in Compton in Las Angeles. Though his music he tries to put out a warning and don’t rush into things.             


SQ: This man escaped from becoming famous under his real name, who is it?

SA: Harry Houdini


Time 7:55- 8:09

Getting right back into things. Traffic. You make me feel so good. Live on Fox Good Day Nick has a playoff shirt that he wears. Person used to hang a Viking helmet. Casey got cookie dough from a Rangers fan. Mike Jerrick checks Twitter over the TV. Sue Serio sleeps though the game and Kacie McDonnell check her Twitter. In last night’s Flyers game was everything you wanted in a hockey game. Nick’s son is very excited about the Flyers series. Bizarre File Riot police accidently turn soccer fan into a huge fireball. He was not hurt that bad. A Florida Key man threw a bucket of urine on a code inspector. A Milwaukee woman is charged for scrapping with a 12 year old boy during a dodge ball game. A teenager was told by staff that he was too young and was banned from buying a box of chicken at a KFC in England. Club Risque Ladies Night (5 callers).

Time 8:21- 8:59

Rainy today. Traffic. It looks like Casey just went through the cookie isle. They are small beautiful cookies. Flyers Game 6 Recap Casey said “what if the flyers score 6 goals” and it almost happened. Nick, Casey and Preston were texting back and forth during the game. Nick watches the Flyers game with his son and thinks they will win tonight. Wayne Simmonds had a hat trick and Steve Mason was awesome. Hockey is Steve’s favorite sport to see live. There was a huge brawl in the 3rd period. The Rangers guy was being loud and flung his arms and hit someone in the face. Caller Kevin was 2 rows over from the fight. Dr. Mike on the Phone after an 11-12 hour day his son wants to play hockey with him. Dr. Mike never looked in Nick’s butt. Dr. Mike took Nick to a Flyers game while Ed Snider was in the box. There is a game tonight. There are 3 game 7’s tonight. Nick was at a party where the was no TV. After Wayne Simmonds hat trick there was a yellow shoe in with all of the hats. After a hat trick at the Wells Fargo Center discounted their hats 30% off. The big issue is in Buffalo where they throw buffalos on the ice. Steve just brought a Brunswick bowling ball. Caller Connor was working in the box for his company and gave hats to 130 customers not knowing that the Flyers were going to get a hat trick. Caller Maryanne saw a man throw is underwear onto the ice during a hat trick. Men and Women have different wishes when traveling Steve wants to just get to the location as quick as possible. Kathy may go to Hawaii during Christmas break. It takes 10 hours and 20 minutes to get there. Steve is all about getting there and starting the vacation. Women like to travel further distances than men. Casey wants to drive cross country. Casey tried to incorporate this into the show. Spiderman screening (25 callers).

Time 9:11- 9:38

Arctic Monkeys on WMMR. Secret Text. Traffic. Jim Florentine and Don Jamison in studio their show is like a big meet and greet. They are going to play stump the trunk. They took this show in Mexico City. They were a great crowd. They are the longest running show in VH1 Classic. Preston draws the line where you can’t understand what the singer is saying. They love the band Amon Amarth. Ingvay was on their show. Preston’s band wanted to play glam metal and get all the girls. Preston’s band was named The Image. They have been doing live shows for about 6 months now. Nick you would be a good metal singer.  


Time 9:48- 10:00

Van Halen on WMMR. WOTW. Secret Text. Traffic. Bob Hoskins died at 71. One of his big roles Who Framed Roger Rabbit. You want them to at least blow up. Bizarre File the Moon cafe in Tokyo provides a stuffed animal companion that sits across from you. A couple in upstate New York kill themselves from an oncoming train. They were purposely waiting for the right moment. Police arrest a man at an Old Country Buffet after a couple complained that he was drinking his own urine. A Harrisburg man was arrested when he thought he was in New York, but he was in Pennsylvania. The man knocked on the door and asked for Lindsey. Spiderman 2 giveaway (13 callers)

Time 10:11- 10:27

Sound City Players on WMMR. Club Risque Ladies Night. Casey wanted to do the Broad Street run, but he has foot problems. Plenty of time to eat cookies. It is Matt’s last day he was interning for Beth and Nick. He does lighting for the band GoodMan Fiske. LQ Hollywood Trash Robert Pattinson on Mission Blacklist, Selena Gomez on Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Donald Sterling exchange with photographers. Our friend Audra has made it to the top 8 on The Voice. LA Music News Coldplay released to more tracks from the album Ghost Stories. The song can be heard streaming online. Chris Martin revealed that he was actually kicked out of the band for a couple days. Rage Against the Machine has not played live in a while. Their last show was in 2007 at the coliseum. Judas Priest have released title track of their new album. Their new 13 song track is classic Judas Priest. ACDC drummer has commented on Malcolm Young. Saying he was a metronome.

Time 10:35- 10:46

Blink 182 on WMMR. Secret Text. Wrap up we have a last second special guest Markus in the darkest. Everyone knows about this, but Casey. Markus accidently took Casey’s headphones during his interview. In the world of radio you don’t touch anyone else’s headphones. Markus saw the E-Mail and knew they were in his space. Pierre is not particular about headphones. Jason still uses his over the weekend. Casey doesn’t care if they are used just don’t take them. Markus put cookies in Casey’s headphones. Preston and Casey used Audio Technica. Steve uses the same headphones as Casey and Preston. Thanks to RZA for coming by also thanks to Jim Florentine and Don Jamison LOTD. Tomorrow on the show Tracy Morgan and Sheena Parveen. Rage on!    

LQ: Deja Vu is a strip club in Minneapolis that is home to the yodeling what?

LA: Vagina




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