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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Jim Florentine & Don Jamison – IN STUDIO
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:11-6:29
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News A tornado went through Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Georgia killing 28 people. One TV station stayed on air the entire time as the tornado passed through the area. A West Chester woman has been charged with stealing over one million dollars from her employer. A man installed a skimming device on an ATM in a Bank of America in Evesham Township. A customer noticed a wire and reported it. No money was stolen; a photo of the suspect was released. Sports Flyers return home for game 6 against Rangers tonight. San Jose Sharks and LA Kings will go to game 7. Carlos Ruiz was named the National League Player of the Week. Jack Ramsey has died at the age of 89 after a long battle with cancer. Today is MMR’s 46 birthday. Eddie Izzard in studio later. Spider man 2 Cheerleaders Club Risque Flyers
Time 6:41-7:07
Stick around for Bizarre file. Eddie Izzard in the green room. Traffic. SQBirthdays: Jerry Seinfeld, 60; Uma Thurman, 44; Eve Plum, 56; Michelle Pfeiffer, 56; Daniel Day Lewis, 57; I will take this battle into space if need be Andre Agassi, 44. SA Entertainment News Paul Simon and his wife were arrested for a domestic dispute. It was nothing too serious. Rumor that George Clooney is engaged to Amal Alamuddin have been confirmed. Both Clooney’s mother and father have confirmed. French woman mistook Richard Gere for a homeless man. He was in character for a film. If it were Gary Busey, he wouuldn’t be in character Craig Ferguson announces his retirement from Late Late Show. Clip of his announcement. He planned to leave in summer but was asked to stay longer. WB announced Man of Steel Sequel will lead into Justice League movie. Zach Snyder will direct. Henry Cavil, Ben Affleck, and Gal Gadot will reprise their roles. Robert Downey Jr posted a picture of the Avengers cast on his Twitter. Fox will air 3 hour live version of Greece. Clips Ilan Hall Knife Fight. Jamie Foxx on Spider Man 2. Spider Man 2 5 callers
Time 7:17-7:48
Pierre will start special programming for MMR’s 46 birthday. Traffic. Eddie Izzard. Most extensive tour ever. Watching news broadcasts are great way to learn a new language. Eddie likes to learn nuances of making audience of different nationalities laugh. There is a mainstream and alternative sense of humor in every country. He studied British band tours of America. Eddie wasn’t always comfortable in front of an audience. He was originally interested in drama instead of comedy. Playing larger gigs is like playing a small gig, but the technology helps to command the room. Middle America doesn’t understand irony, but much of America does and those who do really get him. Our own Beth inspects Eddie’s nails, she does very intricate designs. She approves. His tour started in March of last year. He is working on Spanish. He will be doing three shows in three French, English, and German in one day in June. Eddie ran 43 marathons in 51 days for charity. He wasn’t much of a runner before. Trained for 6 weeks beforehand. Eddie does his James Mason impression, Steve joins in. Eddie is friends with Craig Ferguson. Reading lines from playwright David Mamet was great, but film is his first love. Eddie was in one of Steve’s favorite science fiction movies. Eddie was hoping to see Gettysburg while here.
SQ: Then Tribecular Meshwork can be found in what part of the human body.
SA: The eye
Time 8:00-8:17
Doc Magrogan caller 3 Traffic. We will be giving away Flyers tickets for tonight using trivia questions. Anthony Tornetta of Red Cross Our blood drive is coming up, June 21. There will never be too much blood. Don’t wait until our drive, go and give now if you can. Double Red Double White, whatever mood you’re in tonight. We will have giveaways and things at the drive. Bizarre File A woman’s neighbor’s corpse exploded. The woman had to pay out of her own pocket because insurer didn’t cover exploding bodies. The neighbor’s body rotted for two weeks before leading fluids. A woman died in a car crash seconds after posting on Facebook “Pharrell Williams’ song ‘Happy’ makes me so happy.” A Texas teacher gave a four minute lap dance to a student in a middle school classroom. A motorcyclist pulled over in Madrid and stopped traffic to look for his dentures which fell out when he sneezed. A woman heard a voice screaming “wake up baby” at her daughter, she discovered it coming from the camera in the room. Somebody had hacked into it. Flyers
Time 8:28-9:16
Weather. Flyers Traffic. Doc Magrogan’s Nick wasn’t wearing his lucky shirt when the Flyers lost. Preston will ask the question, if you get it correct he will pick an envelope that might have the tickets. Flyers Tickets Trivia Game Intern Sarah will blow the horn at the Wells Fargo Center if it is correct. Sarah will fart with her mouth if it’s wrong. She is too afraid to hold it for long. Jamie’s answer: 1967 and 1994, incorrect. 1967 and 1996. Only teams to come back from 3 games down to win a playoff series? Senators and Bruins, incorrect. Maple Leafs and Islanders. answer: 2009, correct. Doc Magrogan’s What street has always been mailing address for Flyers? Jim’s answer: Pattison, incorrect. Broad. Original 6 NHL teams? Bruins, Blackhawks, Rangers, Canadians, Maple Leafs, Red Wings. flyers tickets. What was Wachovia center’s original name? Core state center, correct. Spider Man 2 Washington Captials, incorrect. First NHL franchise in Philadelphia? Answer Quakers, correct. Ride Along  Eric Draper and Eric Johnson, incorrect. Ron Hextall, correct answer. Doc Magrogan’s  Pelle Lindbergh. First Flyers captain, Bobby Clarke, incorrect. Which players made up legion of doom? Correct. 24 Premier Flyers division from 1974-1993. American, incorrect. Patrick division. Flyers current GM, Paul Holmgren, correct. Ride Along Bobby Clarke’s hometown in Manitoba, incorrect. Spider Man 2 Who did Flyers beat for Cup in 1974. LA Kings, incorrect. Bruins. Who did they beat in 75? Bruins, incorrect. Sabers. Who won MVP of both Stanley cup series? Bobby Clarke, incorrect. Bernie Parent. Linesman that made infamous call, Allen incorrect. Leon Stickle. Joe Rogan June 2011 Flyers signed who? Ilya Bryzgalov, correct. flyers tickets Paranormal Activity The Hobbit Walk a mile in her shoes charity.
Time 9:29- 9:57          
Charity Mention. Traffic. Casey and Kathy fighting over studio temperature. Listener Josh sent an awesome fart. MMR 46 Birthday, #1 song each year for station’s history. [9:36] Happy birthday audio from this morning. FIRE DRILL - Cheerleaders girls leaving. Driver by 1 Bala to see them in the parking lot. Another reality show on Brovo, like pick your own ending. Audra on The Voice Last night. 60 minutes piece about submarines. Missile sites in the area. Text: Convo is all over the place. Do you guys know you’re still on the air?  5 Spiderman passes.
Time 10:07-10:27
Cheerleaders/Revel Traffic. Cheerleaders Bizarre File Police charged a woman with stealing toys from a baby’s grave site. The woman said she saw a dog and wanted to protect the toy from it. A man who planned to fall from a railroad bridge accidently hit a passing boat. A man accidentally cut off his arm while cleaning a pasta maker. An Australian man awoke to find a horse’s head dumped on his car. LQ Hollywood Trash. Several porn stars say chase bank is closing their accounts because they consider their occupations “bad risk.” Johnny Depp testifies that he is not the boyfriend of an alleged murderer. Chris Martin admit it was his own issues contributing to the end of his marriage. LA Music News Pierre will play top songs from each year in reverse chronological order for our 46th birthday. Chris Martin explains it was his own issues that ended his marriage from Gwyneth Paltrow. New Coldplay album was influenced by turmoil in his personal life. Linkin Park will collaborate with other artists on their new album including Page Hamilton, Rakim, Daron Malakian and Tom Morello. Elvis Costello announced a concert at Carnegie Hall. Listener Brandon from Trenton got a tattoo. He stayed in Poland for three years. RC has been taking ghost pictures around his house. Cheerleaders
Time 10:40-10:48
Cheerleaders Doc Magrogan’s Wrap UpThanks to Eddie Izzard, he was a super nice guy. Most extensive tour in history. Pierre was thinking of the overabundance of reality shows. Graham Nash was Audra McLaughlin’s voice coach. LOTD10:45 Pierre found an old MMR shirt and it still fits. It has the old style for the call letters. It also has a monkey, which used to be our theme. Tomorrow, the Rza
LQ: What scene do you really not see coming in Lincoln?
LA: Spaceships
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