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Time 6:08-6:19

Weather. Traffic. News. Tornado in central Arkansas has raised its confirmed death rate to 16 people. Sunday was the third anniversary of a 122-tornado day, which struck parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia and killed 316 people. Mother dead and daughter injured- struck by pickup truck in Voorhees NJ. Small plane overturned in NJ airport. Sports. Rangers beat flyers 4-2. Chicago Black Hawks beat St Louis Blues 1-5. LA Clippers staged silent protest owner Donald Sterling. Phillies ended a ten game road trip with 6 wins. 1000 AmEx Gift Card, 24 Live Another Day (WOTW Prize). Steven Singer- I love mommy necklace.

Time 6:32-7:06

Better Than Ezra in studio today. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Jessica Alba, 33. Penelope Cruz, 40. Jorge Garcia, 41. Bridget Moynahan, 44. Jay Leno, 64. Anne Margaret, 73. Preston is turned off by her “broadway” singing voice. Harper Lee, 88. SA. Movies Entertainment News. George Clooney is engaged to British attorney Amal Alamuddin. She was seen wearing a mysterious ring. What is a mysterious ring? Like you hold it up to a green lantern. Clip of George Clooney saying he’s never getting married again. Columbus Short will not return to Scandal because of allegations of abuse. Alicia Silverstone is under fire due to her new book, The Kind Mama, because of its advice. She says vaccines are bad, postpartum depression is cause by diet, kids shouldn’t wear diapers, and you shouldn’t wear tampons. What about panty shields, they make incredible colonel mustaches.  Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber ready to get married. Mary Kate Olsen and fiancé have purchased a new home. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are accused of using Selena. Instead of bum fights you should have bum news “My names donkey, I was reading my blanket last night” Valerie Harper sued for $2 million by Matthew Lombardo for not informing him she had cancer. Amanda Seyfried is going to be playing Wendy’s mom in Pan, a Peter Pan adaptation. Another useless story: Cameron Diaz insists she is happier now than she ever was. Clips: Walk of Shame, Elizabeth Banks. The Amazing Spider Man 2, Andrew Garfield.

Time 7:17-7:51

Congratulate Tony Hammer, Registered to be the Kind of the Cue. Traffic. Owner of Clippers, Donald Sterling, He was caught talking on tape talking to his younger girlfriend. He’s married. They were arguing that she has pictures of herself with black men on instagram, and he does not like it. She is probably setting him up; she’s obviously using him for money. Clip from her phone call with him. “Don’t bring black people to my game, don’t come.” I don’t care if you’re a million years old, I’ll play with your dingle. Clip from Snoop Dogg to the owner of the Clippers. Have you ever had a friend who said something that crossed the line, so you couldn’t be friends anymore” Steve had a friend who joked about cheating on his wife. Kathy has a friend who makes racist jokes. Nick and Preston don’t like to challenge what a person says on the spot if he doesn’t like it. If they are old and racist, they are a lost cause, there’s no going back. Anonymous Caller, she’s black and her boyfriend is white and racist. It’s unbelievable that a man who owns a primarily black NBC team is racist. Steve gets fuming mad when there are huge blanket statements about white people. Sterling came forward and said, I bought 20 of the good blacks!

SQ: What State is the only one that can be typed on one row of keys?

SA: Alaska

Time 8:01-8:12

Girls from South Street Festival on Revel Hottie Cam. Traffic. Kathy wants to thank everyone who came out for the 5K. Wigs for Kids/ Kathy’s Cuts. Bizarre File. Pennsylvania bride fatally shot her niece over an argument at a bridal party- They were arguing about who would drive. Dallas woman arrested after flashing a knife and threatening workers. She paid 75 cents for a corndog and was upset when she received a microwave corndog instead of a fried one. Teen kills 16 year old girl because she refused to go to prom with him. Small plane crash landed on a man on a riding mower, chopped off his hand. Topless woman walked into the mayor’s office in Niagara Falls. Club Risque- Caller 7&8

Time 8:25-8:52

Better Than Ezra is starting to get set up. Traffic. Shart Out. Mainline Spine Surgery Center. Question for Kathy: How long do you hang on to a pair of underwear? She only wears the lace thong, she keeps restocking. There is a study about men, how long will an average pair of underwear last? There is an average amount of time a guy will hold on to their underwear: 7 Years. Casey is wearing brand new underpants, did not wash them before wearing them. Casey is wearing Puma, Steve is wearing Jockeys. Casey gets his underpants and socks at TJ Maxx. I’m here to purchase underpants. Preston doesn’t throw away underwear unless it has holes in them. They have memories behind them! Do they sell underwear in a thrift store? Well they sell bra’s at a thrift store what’s the difference? There’s less pee and poop. Survey said 22% of men admitted to wearing the same pair multiple days in a row. Casey needs to stop calling them underpants. What is the oldest piece of clothing you own? Steve has one of his dad’s old shirts. Kathy has a shirt from 93. Preston has a DRE t-shirt which is over 18 yrs old. Kathy what do you call your underwear? Sally Caller Joe: Had a co-worker who never had underwear in his laundry because he would wear it once and throw it out. Caller Greg: Went to salvation army to get underwear. I used to get all my used condoms from there, right Kathy? Men’s 5 pack is 5 for $14. Caller Kelly: Grand pop uses underwear as wash cloth.

Time 8:59-9:26

Playing the TLA tonight, Better Than Ezra. Played at the 9:30 Club in DC and it was an early night so we could be ready for you guys today. How long will you be on the road? It was originally a 2 week run on TV and Radio. The title is a reference to the Beatles. Last time they were here Kevin was by himself. They are bummed the girls left the room. the singer demands the ladies in the room. This song: is called Crazy Lucky, available on Itunes. Friend from Y100 named Kristen loves you guys and at a festival Better Than Ezra said “Thanks for having us” and she said “Thanks for the music” and it tortured her for years. Nick met Dave Matthews and asked him if he’s been to all 50 states. Preston’s friend met Flea and said “Hey thanks for turning me on to John Coltrane” and then they got into a big discussion about John Coltrane. **Traffic** Lorenzo brought us pizza. Do you still live in Louisiana? Tom does. Playing May 1st. Casey just paid them two dollars by buying Deluxe on Itunes. Kevin loves going to jazz fest whether he is playing or not. Playing: Desperately Wanting. Kevin saw Preston stand up and stretch, thought he was going to get up and dance. I always have tangible memory of this song, I’m driving.. I’m driving and the girl in the drunk is pounding away and the cops are following me. Revel Hottie Cam.

 Time 9:36-9:58

Spring Festival. Traffic. May 11th is mother’s day, make sure you get her something special. Is it mean that I’ll kill my husband if he doesn’t get me anything? It’s not mean it’s just stereotypical. Steven Singer I love you mommy necklace is a sculpture of a woman holding her child with a crisscross to show your eternal love. They start at $149 and it has an adjustable chain. You don’t have to worry about getting one for you mom or your wife, you can get one for both for very cheap. There’s 1 diamond for 1 child, 2 for 2 children up to four children. Spring is when people fall in love, women take off their jackets and men fall in love. April showers bridal event yesterday. Steven Singer brought in 5 to give away. Caller 3 & 9. Bizarre Files 14 year old boy caught by police for attempting to torture and kill an 80 year old in a nursing home. Police murder squad was called to a parked car after blood was seen dripping from car. It was an undertaker who was delivering a body bag that was not fully closed. Military veteran bikers force squatters out of Florida soldier’s home. Woman suing owner of pet duck because it attacked her and made her fracture her wrist. Pissed off birds swan’s and geese are the scariest. Casey is pretty sure he could kick a swan’s ass. Preston just saw swan’s banging at his golf course. How did they do it? Swan-y style. Swans mate for life. There is no swan divorce court? Wait you were going to ask me something, no? Mocking in accents Caller: Amanda, caretaker at a zoo, attacked by geese. Only way to get them off is by hitting them with a rake. Steven Singer Giveaway- Caller 12, Revel Hottie Cam. 

 Time 10:13-10:24

Spring Fest. Lorenzo’s. LQ Hollywood Trash. Ok magazine reports that Gwyneth Paltrow’s wishes she didn’t split with husband Christ Martin wrote on goop “I decided not to continue our conscious uncoupling and instead will initiate a reinstatement of our matrimonial structural integrity. George Clooney’s is keeping his reported engagement on the down low in case the sex gets bad. Donald sterling is questioning the authenticity of a shocking tape where he overtly says racist comments during a fight with GF. Sterling says, “Yes it sounds exactly like me and yes my girlfriend says it’s me… wait what’s my point again?” LA Music News Marilyn Manson made his tv scoring debut during Salem’s opening credits. Liam Gallagher took to twitter to post cryptic tweets about the possibility of an Oasis reunion. 30 seconds to mars is finally unsigned, makes them feel free. Documentary is called Artifact. Lizzy Hale featured on new Lindsey Stirling song. Steven Singer caller 7&8

 Time 10:36-10:45

Arctic monkeys. Preston has enjoyed this Monday morning. Live music from Better Than Ezra, great guys. Revel Casino Hottie Cam. Lorenzo’s. Spring Fest. Wrap Up. Pierre went to the soul game, can’t remember what else, but it was fun. LOTD. 24: Live Another Day, AMEX. Tomorrow In Studio: Eddie Izzard


LQ: What could George Clooney’s possible fiancé hold her mysterious ring up to?

LA: Green Lantern



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