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Monday- Better Than Ezra (In-studio)

Tuesday- Eddie Izzard (In-studio)

              Anthony Tornetta: Red Cross

Wednesday- Jenna: P & S girl 3rd Place Philly's Hottest Hand Bra (In-studio)

Thursday- Sheen Parveen (In-studio)

Friday- Pituation (In-studio) 


Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Broadcasting Live from our Campout for Hunger donation winner, Cherry hill Subaru. Weather. Traffic. News: High winds fueled several forest fires in South Jersey Thursday, scorching hundreds of acres in Berkley County and Ocean County. Weather experts say conditions are lining up to create a series of Tornadoes. Law enforcement officials say dating sites are becoming more common as a way for criminals to get closer to their prey. Tinder, Grinder, and Tango are among the sites coming under scrutiny. For my same sex encounters I use Sports: Carlos Ruiz helped lead the Phillies to a series win, taking 3 of 4 from the Dodgers. Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda has been suspended 10 games for use of a foreign substance. The Flyers will look to Steve Mason to stop the Rangers’ momentum, as he gets the start in net. Preston isn’t used to being out of the comfort zone of our studio and was just caught yanking some nose hairs out. Cherry Hill Subaru is almost like a resort; great food, nice scenery all around, great staff.

Traffic. Preston is looking at our Twitter account and Twitter is suggesting that we follow “Great ass and big T’s.” SQ. Birthdays: Renee Zelweger; 45, Hank Azaria; 50, Talia Shire; 68, Al Pacino; 74, Jason Lee; 44. SA. Entertainment News: Amanda Bynes is now free to get back behind the wheel of a car again following her 2 hit-and-run charges and DUI. Lawyers for the women held captive by Ariel Castro are demanding an apology for an insensitive joke made by Joan Rivers recently. She continued to joke about the incident stating “those women lived rent free for years.” Olivia Wilde, in her second day of being a mother; “Having an infant son alerts me to the fact that every man, at one point, has peed on his own face. #awesome.” Casey was an “angry Michael Jackson” this morning when he got a flat tire. X-men director Brian Singer has broken his silence in regards to recent sexual assault allegations. He said he did it right? No, he stated, “The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false.” Jon Hamm is fed up with internet obsession with his crotch. Diane Keaton recently revealed that she wishes she had gotten married. Lupita Nyung’o may get a big role in the upcoming live action adaptation of “Jungle Book.” “Big Bang Theory” may be coming to an end after its 10th season. It is currently the highest rated sitcom on TV. Clips: Tatiana Malzony.

Weather. Traffic. Tomorrow is free pretzel day. You can swing buy Philadelphia Pretzel Factory to pick one up tomorrow. Preston’s daughter’s birthday is tomorrow; they are having a “puppy party” at a pet shop. Casey’s flat tire this morning: He hit a pothole in the middle lane on 95. He knew as soon as he hit it that he had a flat. He meant to time himself to see how long it took to change it. Did you take Ralphie out with you or…? Kathy does not feel confident changing a tire. Marissa had a flat the other day as well, but it was in her parking garage. Luckily a friendly doorman offered to help. Marissa is scared to put air in her tires. Caller Steve, is a tire technician who says car tires can explode easily if you run them low and “it will kill you so easily.” Clearly he handles the trouble line. Caller Bobby had brand new tire blow up in his face and had to get 8 stitches. We had an intern pop all 4 tires on the spike strips in the parking lot that are meant to keep people from going the wrong way. Another caller knows of someone who was killed while changing a tire.

Time 8:03-8:30
MMR Everything that rocks. We’re here at Cherry Hill Subaru. Traffic. Dan DiZio; President of Philly Pretzel Factory: Dan was on undercover boss and takes heat from his wife because he cried on it, and never cried in front of her in 10 years. He says he learned so much about the company and the people by doing the show. They have almost 150 locations now and are still expanding. The first store was opened up on Cottman ave. Dan loves the “super hot” mustard on his pretzels. Casey: “Why do pretzels give you hick ups?!”  Bizarre File: A middle-aged business man fired his own urine out of a child’s plastic water gun at two strangers. A routine police training exercise at Anchorage International Airport in Alaska went horribly wrong when the rental company accidentally allowed an explosive car to be rented out. A man allegedly had all 32 of his teeth pulled out by a dentist for no reason. It turned out that they did not need to be pulled out and could’ve been salvaged. Last year Subaru of America donated 170 tons of food to Campout for Hunger: Matt Ritter plans on topping it next year as well. He says it is a very long planning process that goes into it. They’ve already held meetings to discuss plans for this year’s Campout for Hunger. Matt had the idea of giving better prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place winners to increase donations. 

We’re at Cherry Hill Subaru. We love coming here. Traffic. Susie Essman: “Besides the Betsy Ross you never see a bridge named after a woman.” Susie resides in New York. She was born in the Bronx. She hates ‘Downton Abbey’ “Oh please, I was so happy when Matthew died. Get rid of him.” If you don’t watch ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ you may know Susie’s voice from ‘Bolt’ in which she voiced the character Mittens. She never even met John Travolta who she was in every scene with. Susie did a reading at an elementary school and was asked by a kid if she knew Spongebob. Almost everything on ‘Curb’ is improv’d. It’s like I’m getting paid to curse at someone and yell and scream. Susie has been doing stand-up for 31 years. “New Yorkers are funnier than LA comedians because they deal with the elements.” Susie fell off a horse in her 20’s and will never get on one again. Susie is at Helium tonight.

James Marshall Hendrix on MMR. Traffic. The Amazing Spiderman 2 giveaway. Philadelphia Wings. Clips of Kids Cursing in Movies Contest: First contestant: Chris from Subaru’s marketing dept answered “Big”. Caller Captain disagreed. Big is correct. Next contestant is Beth from IT dept. Her answer is also “Big.” Caller, Parker disagrees. The correct answer was ET. Next contestant Kathleen from Creative Services dept. It was the unofficial sequel to big. Kathleen’s guess was “The Omen.” Caller disagreed. Answer was “the Exorcist.” Next contestant Tracy from marketing. Tracy passes, Caller Mark answered “South Park” correctly. Next contestant, Sarah Booth from HR. Told someone not to touch someone else lately? Sarah passes to the caller who does not know. The answer was “Talladega Nights.” Tracy from graphic design dept. is next. Tracy passes and caller Christian guesses “Meet the Fockers” correctly. Lori from marketing is next. Lori guesses “South Park” and the caller agrees. That is correct. Kevin from accounting is next. Kevin and the caller don’t know. The answer was “The Good Son.” 

Live from Subaru in Cherry Hill. Traffic. Kathy just sent Preston a hilarious picture, we’ll tweet it out. Brett Manney of the Philadelphia Wings: The Wings will miss the playoffs unfortunately, but Brett loves playing for the loyal fans and his teammates. “You just try to still be competitive, it’s just frustrating to know that after this last game that’s it for the season.” Brett coaches a JV lacrosse team as well. You also provide free mammograms correct? Brett is a local boy. He went to Holy Ghost Prep, UDel for college, and grew up in Newtown, PA. Wings tickets start at just $10. MMR-B-Q Ticket giveaway. A volunteer has to rub cream on Casey’s foot. Casey: “You have to rub it in really hard. That’s the rule.” It says you have to apply 5-10 minutes. And you have to unbutton 3 buttons on your top. Tom Doll Subaru of America COO: Cherry Hill Subaru plans on eclipsing 1 million pounds of food for next year. Tom’s favorite thing about working here is the people that he has the opportunity to work with. “The car is just the machine, the people really bring it to life.” Bizarre File: A woman became furious when a store clerk refused to exchange dollar bills for her jar of change. The woman took a swing at the clerk, missed, and hit a 7 year old in the face. A Houston news station aired footage of a witness’ crotch when covering a burglary because she did not want her face to be shown. Police in Macomb County are investigating after a body was found in a portable restroom near a boat ramp on Saturday. A fan of the 1994 film Speed has set up a twitter page from which he tweets every single line of the movie. Police are looking for a man who pulled a machete on someone after they were bitten by his Chihuahua.

Alice and Chains WMMR. Secret text winner. LQ. Hollywood Trash LA. Music News: Drummer for Metallica has updated Rolling Stone on the current state of their new album. There is no set timeline to record or release the album. “We are in the 4th inning right now.” Papa Roach on new album: “In the studio … making the sickest, most illest P-Roach record to date, guaranteed. It’s fiery, that’s how I explain it. It’s fiery. It’s like I’m holding a light orb in my hand and when I put it to the sky, I take off like a superhero if that makes any sense.” Black Keys say they don’t view themselves as underdogs anymore they’re more of a target. So they went from a flying canine to a department store. Damon Albarn admits to heavily using heroine while writing the Gorillaz last few albums. He claims he does not regret it and called it a creative drug. Paul McCartney announced that he will close out La’s Candlestick Park which is where the Beatle’s played their last show. Bruce Springsteen has announced back to back shows in Pittsburgh. Marla del Sorto of Philabundance: If it weren’t for people like everyone here at Subaru we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. They do family nights which are a great way to teach kids to give back.

Kings of Leon MMR. Thank you to Dan DiZio, Susie Essman, IMS technology services, Matt Ritter, and Subaru of America. LOTD. Thanks to our sponsors. WoW. We’re done, man. That’s it. Rage on.

SQ: How many stars are in the Subaru Logo?

SA: six

LQ: What term of affection did Preston call Philly Pretzel Factory CEO Dan DiZio.

LA: Sweetie


WoW: Earth

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