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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Subaru Broadcast!!
Susie Essman – Comedian
Wings LAX Players
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:14-6:30
We’ve begun! Weather. Traffic. News An internal investigation is underway of a shooting of a pizza man from police officers. A Bucks Co. family’s house caught on fire now are being treated for smoke inhalation and ankle injuries. The federal government wants to band sales of electronic cigarettes to minors. Pretzel rods, that’ll get you off cigarettes. Sports The Dodgers beat the Phillies last night in Los Angeles. New York Yankees pitcher, Michael Pineda admitted to using Pine Tar on the field. The Eagles regular season schedule has been released. Casey slept in the morning.
            Time 6:42-7:16
Island in the Sun on WMMR – the song makes you think of summer.Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Kelly Clarkson; 32, Cedric the Entertainer; 50,Djimon Hounsou; 49,Barbra Streisand; 72, Shirley MaClaine; 80, Richard Donner; 84. SA. Entertainment News Oprah’s stepmom Barbara Winfrey is bad-mouthing Oprah because she is getting kicked out of her house. Barbara mentioned multiple times about how she has never seen Oprah and Stedman together. I don’t care who you are, get out da car! That nocks my ashy penis up. Jodie Foster married her girlfriend, Alexandra Hedison this past weekend. A new trend in Hollywood is trying to keep your wedding completely private and then announce everything after the wedding celebrations are over. Lupita Nyong'o has been announced as People Magazines 2014 Most Beautiful Person of the year. Meg Ryan has been picked to voice “the mom” in the How I Met Your Mother spin-off called “How I Met Your Dad.” Amanda Seyfred and Justin Long made their debut as a couple at the premiere of Hedwig and the angry Inch. Bachelorette contestant, Eric Hill passed away during a paragliding accident. George Clooney stormed out of a dinner with hotel developer, Steve Wynn after calling President Obama an a-hole. Charlize Theron and Andy Samberg are scheduled to host the last two episodes of Saturday Night Live. Rebel Wilson tweeted a photo the other day of the first day of filming of Pitch Perfect 2. Casey is insanely excited. Sony Pictures is trying to turn the Barbie franchise into a life action movie. Clips Nicki Minaj talks about meeting Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman. Retta talks about the sixth season finale episode. Flyers Clue Contest Clue  #1 – “I played right wing.”
            Time 7:25-7:53
Preston hates Nirvana in the morning. Weather. Traffic. Flyers Contest guesses: Tim Curr, Michael Renburg, and Zumbris – all incorrect guesses. Michael Pineda was caught using Pine Tar. His reasoning for using it was understandable, but he made it obvious by having the tar on his neck. Cheating in Sports Preston knows a cheat in golf that actually works and includes chapstick. He felt horrible and was actually disgusted in himself. Casey was playing a drinking game called a-hole & caught one of the girls cheating. Cheating is really big in Monopoly too especially if you’re the banker. Casey played a game at a carnival just because the people were really drunk who were competing against him so he knew he’d win.  Sometimes Preston has been paid too much at a Casino & didn’t mention anything. Cheating in baseball is pretty common, but people don’t notice what’s happening. Back in the day, skee-ball was pretty easy to cheat, but now they remodeled the machines. Preston cheated one time on a test & was busted. Flyers Clue #2 - “I played for the Flyers, Minnesota North Stars, & the LA Kings”
SQ: Who was the only girl in the Little Rascals?
SA: Darla Hood
            Time 8:01-8:13
Clue #2 was announced for the chance to win Flyer’s tickets. Traffic. Walk A Mile Event. Next set of guesses for the Flyer’s clue – answer: Ilkka Sinisalo, congrats Listener Denise! Ilkka was one of the first European players to play for the Flyers & scored a lot of goals. Bizarre File A sore loser sent a SWAT team against his video game opponent for beating him in Call of Duty. A man used a potato to pretend he had a gun while robbing a Road Island business. Bat beats potato.  A murder suspect who has the word “murder” tattooed on his neck is trying to get the tattoo removed because he believes it will negatively affect him during his murder trial. A 19 year old Tennessee woman had a loaded gun hidden in her vagina when she was arrested. Sorry, it’s that time of the month when I reload. We need a tampon and gun reloading kit.  Spiderman
            Time 8:21-9:00
We have a guest in studio! Traffic. Our next guest is going to be at the Comedy Cabaret, we have Todd Glass in studio. Todd is now a published author and is called “The Todd Glass Situation.” If people pre-order the book – it will help Todd get on the New York Best Seller list. For his book, he did not have a ghost writer & managed to keep everything linear. He is extremely into landscaping and paid to have landscaping done on his house. His mom was impressed with the work done on the house & his Dad eventually paid him back. In the book, he also mentions his struggles with ADD, dyslexia, and ADHD. Bert Kreischer is on the phone & has a new show called Trick Flip. He was the one who put the little mini alcohol bottles on our Preston & Steve sign in studio. Bert filmed his latest episode in Costa Rica – Todd can’t say Costa Rica. Bert also has a book coming out called “Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb.” Next Wednesday – the newer episode of Trick Flip centers on Sturgis.  He’ll be at Helium on May 29th. Gary Gulman is on the line! He’s going to be on Seth Myers tonight with Cameron Diaz. Gary hasn’t read Todd Glass’ new book and mentioned his name in the book. Todd Glass just wrote a phone book. Gary asked Todd to tell him if his stand-up comedian girlfriend was funny. After his act, Todd told him that he has to leave her. Next Wednesday, Gary is going to be on the Pete Holmes show & just saw the gang on Always Sunny.   Sarah Silverman recorded a little bit for the Preston & Steve show. She wanted to sleep instead of giving an interview. Todd Glass had a picture of him about to have a heart attack – it’s the worst to have a heart attack around a bunch of comedians. Todd is on the Revel Casio Hottie Cam.
            Time 9:13-9:29
Todd Glass is still hanging around. Traffic. Gary Gulman is back on the line & remembered a story. Gary is sharing stories from when they were in high school together. Todd also used to be a computer hacker & almost started a nuclear war. His book is officially out on June 3rd & really wants Philly to pre-order the book! Todd put his heart and soul into this book & is really proud of what he created. He thinks people shouldn’t be done evolving & thinks that people should use adjectives to describe people or offensive terms. There were some really nice things written about Preston and Steve in the book. He’s afraid of birds & hates when people say mean things on Twitter. Todd Glass’ Mom is on the phone. She is in rehab for her leg and is now going through physical therapy. Would you like some Preston & Steve boy shorts? She is extremely drugged & is at an out-patient rehab place.  Risque.
            Time 9:52-10:13
The morning is rolling along. Weather. Traffic. This is going to be our last segment with Todd Glass. He thinks it would be weird if you’re getting a massage and they play the song “The Stripper.” Everything on his IPod is on his phone & thought it would be funny if he would play that song while working out. He created a song just for the Preston & Steve crew called “Oh, audience.”  He thinks that Salisbury steaks are a lie & lobsters should go away. Grilled cheese sandwiches should get the credit that they deserve & Todd has never been to Melt Down. Telemarketers are a scam & we should eat pigeons. Todd Glass also hates dancing & had a security officer at the mall pull him over, but didn’t because he’s a fake officer.  Subaru. Bizarre File A man with a degenerative of eye disease has recently received a bionic retina and can see shapes of his wife and child. Two twelve year old German girls found ammunition in an Easter bonfire. A woman sold heroin when was a patient in an intensive care unit as a patient. Cuba’s Island Protection is trying to fix a shortage of condoms by reselling condoms with expiration dates.  
            Time 10:18-10:34
We got Glassed this morning. Our former intern Erin is here this morning & she is getting married tomorrow with the Irish man she met on the show. LQ. Hollywood Trash Justin Beiber apologized for honoring soldiers in a mass slaughter. Gwyneth Paltrow had filed a restraining order against her stalker. Teri Polo from Meet the Parents had filed for bankruptcy. LA. Music News The Black Keys are going to be the musical guest on the May 10th episode of Saturday Night Live. Courtney Love premiered a new named called “You Know My Name” in Britain along with a tune called “Wedding Day.” Both songs are going to appear on her new album entitled “Died Blonde.” The line-up of this year’s Austin City Limit has been announced and include: Pearl Jam, OutKast, Lana Del Ray, and more. The event is happening on October 3-5 and the 10-12th – tickets are on sale now. Brenna Gray, the widow of Paul Gray from Slipknot, testified in trial that his doctor was a part of Paul’s death. The doctor who is being accused is also being accused of killing 8 others. She stated that the last days leading up to his death were drug filled & she was not able to get help from any of the band members or the doctor. Coldplay has announced that they will be playing their songs from their upcoming album “Ghost Stories” in an upcoming hour-long event that will be aired on NBC. The set list also included past songs from their older albums. Ghost stories will be out on May 19th. In a recent interview with Robert Plant said that there is a zero chance that there will be a Led Zepplin reunion. Spiderman.
            Time 10:42-10:52
Tomorrow morning we’re broadcasting live from Subaru. They won the award of bringing in the most donations at our Campout for Hunger. Intern Erin in studio with her soon to be husband Sean. They met in our studio & are getting married tomorrow. She knew from the first time he met him that she he was going to be her husband.  Sean is getting used to living in Philly. Moving somewhere you’ve never been is frightening & was hard for Sean because he’s close to his family. Beth and Nick made Erin a wedding cake that is a huge ladybug. Thanks to Todd Glass, Bert Kreisher, Sarah Silverman, and Gary Gulman for being on the show. LOTD. Tomorrow we have Susie Essman, some Wings players, & a ticket raid!    
LQ: What is the name of the private detector in the movie Amistad?
LA: Frank Amistad
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