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FOX Good Day - 7:55

                        Time 6:13-6:20
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Eight adults have been arrested and will be facing charges due to being the leaders of a drug ring that would distribute drugs to local schools. One listener called & stated the one member of the drug ring was really rude to him in school. Surveillance cameras successfully caught a teenage climbing into the upper wheel of a plane flying him to Hawaii. A passing jogger helped rescue a man who fell into the Schuylkill River when his boat driver had a seizure. Sports Phillies won 7-0 over the Dodgers. The Flyers are back tonight for game three against the Rangers. 38 year old Meb Keflezighi made history when he became the first American to win the Boston marathon since the 80’s. Spiderman.

                         Time 6:43-7:14
Volbeat on WMMR & will be at the MMRBQ. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Daniel Johns; 35, Jack Nicholson; 77, Jeffrey Dean Morgan; 48, Sheryl Lee; 47, Ryan Stiles; 55, John Waters; 68, Amber Heard; 28. SA. Entertainment News Kris Jenner sent Bruce Jenner a special message on Instagram stating about how much she loves him, even though they’re separated. Is she more of a momager or a munt? Kim and Khloe posted some vintage photos in instagram of Bruce and Kris. Let’s go get some space ice cream at the mall! Daniel Radcliffe has been able to keep his relationship with Amber Dark for over two years and now is just releasing their status. Olivia Wilde is expecting her first child and said that she is embracing motherhood. Julia Roberts lost her half-sister to an apparent drug overdose and just opened up about the incident. She stated that it was heartbreaking, but she keeps looking ahead. Dean McDermott’s marriage to Tori Spelling is on the rocks, but they are hoping to repair the situation with a new reality television show called “True Tori.” Ice Rock Truckers: Deadliest Roads star, Tim Zickuhr kidnapped,  beat a Vegas prostitute named “Snow White” after giving her ATM card. Tune in next week when the ice might not be as strong! Lindsay Lohan’s publicist denied that she was drinking during an interview at Coachella. Clips Captain Keith Colburn talks about what it’s like working around the production crew on the Deadliest Catch. Maisie Williams talks about how her character Arya Stark developed since the first season. 

                         Time 7:27-7:53
Tom Sawyer by Rush. Nick didn’t have his headphones on so he was just screaming random letters. Weather. Traffic. Main line drug ring of mainly teens and young adults. They were found out based off of text messages and how their business will take off. There are just as many drug dealers in a richer area as a poorer area. At a certain point, there is only so much that can happen before you get busted. People like getting into the industry because it is relatively easy money. Kid ran away from home and hid in a wheel of a plane. Running away VIA Stowaway running away on a cargo ship would be the easiest. Casey think’s that there is something romantic about that idea. Something seems so cool about leaving everything behind and running away. I thought there’d be more mountains. Listener Eddie used to go into the bathroom to get free train rides. One listener’s friend hoped on a train and ended up in NYC by mistake. In the movie Into the Wild he based his transportation off of being a stowaway. People fall asleep often on the train and wake up at the end of the line, which is frightening. How many people do you encounter that say way whatta or boy I oughta? So many people try to jump on the train & unfortunately die.  

SQ: What song won the first and only Grammy for best disco song?
SA: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

                         Time 8:05-8:15
 Jet on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. Kathy’s Cuts is happening on May 2nd and is partnering up with Wigs for Kids. Bizarre File A man named Siale Angilau was listening to gang initiations in court when he grabbed a pen, tried to attack a person, and was shot and killed in court. A 10 year old boy managed to escape the clutches of a kidnapper when he would not stop singing a gospel song and let him go. El Paso water rescue crews found a woman buried under multiple feet of hale. There’s a turf war happening over ice cream even though both the drivers work for the same company. It all started when one ice cream truck driver cut off the other. Ladies night.

                          Time 8:27-8:45
We’ve got a packed show with some awesome guests. Traffic. We have some tickets to be given away later on the show for the Flyers pay off. We asked people to translate the work “slapshot” and post the picture to Twitter. Jim Jackson is on the phone & is going to give us clues of how to win tickets to the next game. The numbers are favoring the Flyers and have been a very good home team. Injuries are normally top secret in the business because they don’t want the other team targeting their injuries. Claude Giroux doesn’t have a shot in this series because he only shoots if there is a great scoring chance. During tonight’s game we are giving Jim the mission to place a word in tonight’s broadcast. You need to find where he says the word, write the time, and call in tomorrow when Preston asks for the time Jim said the specific word. His word tonight is: “kerfuffle.” Nobody uses the word fistula for a homerun.  The game tonight starts at 8 and there will be all kinds of coverage leading up to the game. Jim’s favorite series is Chicago and St. Louis, but it’s hard to pick because they’ve all been great this season. Around playoff time, you really start to see a team’s true potential. We can’t take the Flyers being in the playoffs for granted! Casey’s “Fly like the Flyers” needs to be brought back into the limelight.  

                          Time 8:59-9:25
WMMR rocks! Traffic. Walk a Mile in He Shoes event is happening soon and Preston will be attending! It’s men walking a mile in high heel shoes to raise money for victims of abuse. First names of women who are gold diggers. Some of the names include: Angela, Nichole, Stephanie, Melissa, Amanda, Ashley, Lisa, Michelle, Jessica, and Jennifer. Jenny from Forrest Gump was a complete gold digger. I just made ice cream in my pants. There was this game M.A.S.H. that would predict your future. Kathy, Nick, and Casey used to play the game in middle school. Casey always had the name Britney or Tiffany on his list because it was considered a “hot girl” name. Preston and Steve already hate the game. Kathy just think it’s because they are grump old men It’s time for the amusement parks to be open. List of top 10 new roller coasters. Six Flags Great America – Goliath which is a wooden coaster with, Banshee at Kings Island and is being released this year, well I had to pop my sphincter back in so I guess it was good.  Verruckt in Schlitterbahn Park which sets the record for the tallest water slide in the world, El Loco in Las Vegas, The Thunderbold in Luna Park, Flying Parks at Knoebels Amusement Resort, Elysburg, Pennsylvania- which doesn’t have a track and is a free formed roller coaster, FireChaser Express at Dollywood, Lightning Run in Kentucky Kingdom, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World, and Roar-O-Saurus in Story Land. Casey was getting dizzy just looking at some of the pictures of the roller coasters. 

                          Time 9:33-9:54
WMMR Rocks. Traffic. The movie Fargo came out in 1996 and Nick saw it for the first time in France. Now, they’re making it into a show. The critical response for the television show has been absolutely awesome. Glenn Howerton is on the phone and it staring in the new show! The show exists in the Fargo environment, but does not mimic the characters from the movie exactly. Glenn plays a personal trainer on the show. He’s never sure how much he is supposed to say about the show because there is so much happening. He hasn’t worked directly with Martin Freeman, but has worked a lot with Billy Bob. Preston is so excited to talk to Maisie Williams who is one of his favorite characters on the show.  She just had a birthday the other day & turned 17. She is currently in bed, in England, and it’s 3pm there. Arya Stark has become a highly developed character. People are constantly trying to ply her with secrets from the show. She started watching the show with the rest of the world & her parents were all right with her watching the show because she was in it. She has a special relationship with the guy who plays the Hound because they spend a lot of time together as characters. It’s film quality television show that are an hour long and if you binge watch – it’s like a 10 hour movie.

                          Time 10:04-10:23
311 on WMMR. Traffic. Bizarre File Arkansas ex-cop killed while trying to set anti-corruption blogger’s hot dog cart on fire. I didn’t burn your hot dogs, they always burning since the world’s been turning. New world order. A New Jersey woman who was going on a first date with a man who she met online had her dog and flat screen TV stolen by him. A man was caught pleasuring himself in the gym multiple times. It’s a cool move when you’re pleasuring yourself. LQ. Hollywood Trash The sex tape featuring Mimi Foust is now reported the most pirated sex tape of all time. Alessandra Ambrosio brought her daughter to Coachella. Tim Ricker of Ice Road trucker has been charged with three fealonies for beating and kidnapping his prostitute. LA. Music News  Linkin Park Talk Heavier New Direction in Trailer for ‘The Hunting Party.’ Jack White successfully developed what he promised would be the fastest recording of a song. He recorded, mixed it, pressed it, and put in store in less than 4 hours. On the b side of the album, he performed a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Power of my Love.” The collector’s item of “Lazaretto” was only available on record story day. Alice in Chains will be playing at Atlantic City. Ozzay Osbourne topped the list of musicians who are most difficult to understand. Other artists who topped the charts were: Lady Gaga, Abba, Queen, and Madonna. The list was created based off misunderstood lyrics. Spiderman. 

                         Time 10:34-10:47
Don’t forget to watch the Flyer’s game tonight to catch Jim Jackson say “kerfuffle.” Our winner for our Slapshot contest winner who will be receiving tickets to tonight’s game – 2nd place Carla hojnacki and 1st place goes to twitter handle @iamvince! Congratulations guys and have fun at tonight’s game. Thank you to our guests: Jim Jackson, Glenn Howerton, and Maisie Williams. LOTD. Casey just farted and Pierre heard it from across the room. Listener Paul got the Phillies logo for tattoosday. The listeners Mike and Jeff in studio have the coolest shirts on today – it’s a homage to Wheel of Fortune and Wayne’s World. Tomorrow on the show we have Lisa Raymond as well as giving away more Flyers tickets!

LQ: What would Lindsay Lohan’s baby have been named?
LA: Chicken Finger


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