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On Tomorrow's show we have:

Jim Jackson 8

Glenn Howerton 9:30

Maisie Williams 9:40

Larry King 10


Here's what happened on today's show:

 6:15 - 6:27

Weather. Traffic. News: Police have identified the sky diver who died in an accident in Washington Township NJ. The diver was wearing a special wing suit but it is unclear if that is the reason for the accident. A South Korean prosecutor has detained four more ferry workers for failing to protect their passengers. Kraft foods is recalling Oscar Myer wiener dogs for mislabeling cheese dogs as regular hot dogs. Sports: Flyers beat Rangers 4 – 2. Before yesterday’s win Flyers had lost 9 straight at Madison Garden. Phillies beat the Rockies 10 – 9. Boxer Ruben Hurricane Carter, who was wrongly convicted of murder, died yesterday at 76. Sarah is coming in with Bu-Cookie options. For Flyers tickets tweet #slapshot. Preston shaved down to a goatee for Casey. The guys miss intern Rob who went to Kathy’s gym’s locker room naked with another intern. 

 6:42 – 7:17

That was Harvey Danger, Flagpole Sitta. Traffic. SQ Celebrity Birthdays: Iggy Pop, 67. He should put his shirt back on. Robert Smith of The Cure, 56. James McAovy, 35. Tony Romo, 34. Andie Macdowell, 56. Tony Danza, 63. Nick’s family had a rule that there were no Tony Danza shows in the house. Charles Grodin, the original Heart Break Kid, 79. ”Heaven can wait”.  Queen Elizabeth, 88. Vinny Lecavalier. SA Tab was nasty very chemically. Box Office: Winter Solider #1, Rio 2 #2, Heaven is Real #3, Transcendence #4, A Haunted House 2 #5. Celebrity News: NBC will air a 3 hour tribute to SNL for its 40th anniversary. An overzealous fan interrupted Neil Patrick Harris’s Broadway show and Harris responded in character and in good fun. Jon Hamm appeared in Men Fitness and thinks more people need to tell young stars like Beiber “no”. Lindsey Lohan’s audio from OWN documentary says she had a miscarriage for the 2 weeks she didn’t film. Kim Novak has opened up about being bullied after the Oscars in an open letter. Gwyneth Paltrow needed a girl’s night out and went to the vegan restaurant Crossroads. Crossroads a different pooping exprience  Animal rights activists gathered in front of Liam Neeson’s house to protest his pro-horse-drawn carriage stance. Clips: Leslie Mann, the Other Woman. Jermey Shada talks about the weird fandom of Adventure Time. Revel Casino Hottie Cam

7:28 – 7:53

King of the Q. Traffic. Flyers Tickets Slapshot contest. Hottie Cam. Boston Marathon is starting now. Nick says it is a really fun event to watch. There is extra security because of last year. Preston used to run 8 miles until his knee started to hurt him. Steve now speed walks for exercise but he is also a naturally fast walker. Facial Recognition software now is astonishing. 36,000 people in the run they have to qualify. Palcohol powered alcohol. Just add water for an instant cocktail. Marketing it for sporting events and concerts. “There is nothing worse than watch football sober”. You can snort it but “it would be irresponsible”. They have 7 different varieties. How do you asses how strong the drink is?  Benjamin: a chemist says that it is near impossible for it to have a high alcohol content. The venues freaked out with winoculars, beer belly, and beer bra. Tailgating: Preston got bombed at Lalapalooza. Nick urinated in the parking lot at an Eagles game. A drunk Rangers fan urinated in public with no cover at the Flyers game. Steve once saw a man peeing on the outside of a porta-potty. Spiderman 2 giveaway. 



8:05- 8:21

Weather. Morgan on the Hottie cam. Traffic. Ladies Night at Club Risqué 10 people giveaway. Bizarre File: Family was caught between a fire and a pride of lions when they’re car over heated and caught on fire during a safari drive. The family was picked up by rangers and no one was hurt. A car thief was forced to pull over because 7 year old twin boys attacked the thief.  Eventually the car-jacker pulled over and dropped the 2 boys and their 1 year old brother out on the side of the road. A Pittsburgh man faces assault charges because he threw hard boiled eggs at his girlfriend and then attacked police. During a Easter Egg hunt in TN a 2 week old decaying body was found underneath the deck.  In SC a man walked inside a local Wal-Mart naked. The man doesn’t know why he did it but he is embarrassed. Surprise for Casey: Fried PB&J!

8:35 – 8:51

WoW. Traffic. Thanks to Insomnia cookies. Gun virgins at French Creek outfitters. Preston took his son to the event and they had a really good time. Recap Gun Virgin’s trip: There is a noticeable difference in a gun with a silencer on but it’s not like the movies. The Gun virgins really loved it. Nick will be there next weekend. Joe was there had a great time and said that Preston’s son was a great shot. Officer Corbol gave the guys a bunch of gifts: Marisa has a to go cup that’s a wine class. Nick has a mug that says I’m a douche on the bottom. Steve has a mug that says I’m the best lesbian. Kathy’s mug says I love farting. Casey’s mug is a self-stirrer. Preston got ball sacks. A thank you to Bob’s haven deli and Tony’s family restaurant for bringing food. Morgan is back on the hottie cam in a wardrobe change. Spiderman 2 giveaway 10 callers.

9:01- 9:40

Blink 182. Traffic. Kevin Connolly Has a hurt leg right now. Thank God for hockey. Kevin is an Islander fan but is also a huge fan of the game. Kevin and James Van der Beek did a movie in the 90s called Angus so they have been friends for a really long time. They both play gynecologists. The cast has great chemistry. Filming in a live studio audience so it is very different then Entourage which was like a thirty minute movie every week.  Entourage movie had to shut down for a little while because of Kevin’s leg, will pick up for the last 2 days once his leg is better. The Bu-Cookie. The Saucy little red head brought many different flavors and they will pick their favorite one. One is a soft pretzel with chocolate cookie baked inside of it. Steve’s never seen a cookie baked inside of a pretzel and “I’ve seen a man pleasure a camel” Not sure if it is cookie enough for it to be the Bu-Cookie. Everyone thinks the Bu-Cookie can be whatever they want it to be. Final vote for the Bu- Cookie is the soft pretzel wrapped around a cookie. School Assemblies: A PA high school student got a 3 day in-school suspension for asking Miss America to prom when she visited after the officials had told him no. Steve always had drug addicts speak at his school. Assemblies were great because you would get out of class. Nick’s son is going to the movie Bears. Nick just found out he is related Bob Kelly. During assemblies Kathy would sneak out with the teacher she was dating. Come on baby this will be a real snoozer. Both Steve and Preston had teachers in middle school who flirted with students. Preston also had a teacher get attacked by a leopard. Casey was the mascot at Pep Rallies. Souderton school district did a video and the school is massive. Casey was always jealous of schools with a quad, it was a smoking area.





Morgan has gotten over 2000 followers on Twitter so Morgan will twerk for us. Traffic. A guy texted in and said Morgan was a really good twerker so if she got her extra followers she said she would twerk. Morgan Twerking on the Hottie Cam Girls who can dance are great. Shakira can dance really well and she is a Mensa member. Audra McGloughlin is on the Voice tonight vote for her! Morgan is twerking again in honor of Audra. Bizarre File:  Diners at a high class Manhattan Sushi destination found a roach infestation because the roaches fell from the ceiling. They even fell on patrons but no famous cliental was there. Scientists in Australia have been watching pitch since 1927 to show that solids can flow like liquid. One drop has fallen in 19 years. Hawaii lawmakers believe that the law that allows police to sleep with prostitutes needs to change. At a fast food restaurant people were accidently charged thousands of dollars for food. Doctors at a city hospital found 12 gold biscuits inside an abdomen of a business man. When the doctors asked what happened the man refused to talk about it.  

 10:19 - 10:31

Weather. Beautiful Weekend. LQ. Someone made a hand drawn cartoon about it. Hollywood Trash: Katie Holmes celebrated her daughters 8th birthday with a huge cupcake party. Miss America didn’t take the PA student’s up on the date. Miley had to cancel tour dates. LA. Hello is it me you’re looking for? Used to be Casey’s voicemail and Vai Sikahema once left a great response message to it. It has sold over 15 million records. Music news: Gobsmack has finished recording they are all excited about the new album. The mixing consul that was used to record albums from Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and others is in need of repair. The consul is a nev and it would be very expensive to fix the board so the studio is looking for donations. This was weekend #2 of Coachella.

10:40- 10:49

Shinedown with Enemies. Weather. The sunshine and the twerking has helped make the day better. Wrap Up: Morgan is on the air. She is a waitress at Appetites on Main in Exton. Want to thank Sarah our Saucy little Red Head for making the Bu-Cookie. Sarah’s bakery is being sold so she is looking for another job. She did the flounder lanch cake. Thanks to Kevin Connelly. Pierre went to the Philadelphia Soul opening and saw Jerry Blavet’s doo-op show. In one of Jerry Blavet’s shows there is a band that sings the Lion Sleeps Tonight. It is one of Preston’s favorite songs and it is on his work out playlist.  Pierre will have a special block of 420 songs in honor of yesterday. Thanks to Julie and Insomnia Cookies and Scott Schroeder. Deadline is over for the Slapshot pictures.




SQ: What was Coca Cola’s first Diet Drink launch in 1963?

SA: Tab



LQ: Kathy’s teacher thought the assembly they were watching was a real what?

LA: A real snoozer




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