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Monday on the Preston and Steve Show:


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Here's what happened on the show this morning:


We’re here and it’s Friday. 80 degrees on Monday. Traffic. News: Police looking for a sexual assault and robbery suspect in center city. The man met a stranger on an LGBT site, told him he had a gun and made him make several purchases of Visa gift cards. A FedEx tractor trailer crossed a freeway median near Sacramento and crashed into a school bus, causing a fiery explosion. Two more explosions then followed. 10 people were killed including at least 7 students. Authorities are confident that signals detected 15,000 feet deep in the Indian Ocean belong to the missing Malaysian airlines flight’s black box. Sports:The Flyers will open the playoffs on the road, either against the Rangers, Penguins, or Bruins. Phillies lost 6-2 to the Brewers. Defending champ, Adam Scott shot -3 on the first day of the Masters.

Cage the Elephant on 93.3 WMMR. Sunlight starting to happen. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Peter Riegert; 67, Joel Grey; 82, Vincent Gallo; 53, Jennifer Esposito, 41. SA. Entertainment News: CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert has signed a 5-year deal to take over the Late Show. Reports say that Big Sean has broken off his engagement with Naya Rivera saying that she was too controlling. Amanda Bynes’ family has issued a statement saying that all of her behavior was attributed to smoking pot and that she is not schizophrenic. Her mother has allegedly taken her off her meds. “I took ya off your heart meds because you haven’t had a heart attack in a while!” Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were recently spotted together in public acting “lovey dovey and playful” following their alleged divorce. Someone asked Nick where the “Couple” audio comes from and he said he had no idea. Nick: It was me actually stumbling over the word ‘couple’ then correcting myself immediately but it sounds like two different people. Paramount has announced a new ‘Truman Show’ TV series. 20th Century Fox is considering an X-men spin-off focused on Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique. We have some mystery clips. Clips: Nicolas Cage discusses his new project ‘Joe.’ Mads Mikkelsen discusses ‘Hannibal.’ Cheerleaders giveaway.

We have a Grand Text Lotto giveaway coming up. Traffic. Men’s Health: Tricky Questions Women Ask: 1. “Do you love me?” Best response: “You’re the most generous person I’ve ever met and I love you more and more every day.” The handies have never been better. Casey’s wife doesn’t have to ask him if he loves her. 2.“Isn’t that the most beautiful diamond bracelet?” Best response: Do you like eating government cheese? Kathy thinks the response should be “don’t worry you’ll have it one day.” 3. “When are we going to have kids?” Who are you? Nick recently found out that a family friend didn’t tell her husband that she had stopped taking the pill. They have a great relationship but he wasn’t ready and she was. There is a happy medium though, you could abduct a child. 4.“What are you thinking?” Bill Weston asked Preston this question in a meeting recently. “What do the smurfs eat to make them blue?” 5.”Why haven’t you taken care of this yet?” Best Response: “I’m feeling overwhelmed right now can we come back to this in 30 min.?” One texter says “tongue punch her fart-box.” Those are the best 5 words ever. Let’s give that guy something. Preston and his wife try to take care of things right away. Caller John says his wife picks a fight every night when he gets in bed. 6.”Do you like my new dress?” Casey: it brings out your jugs. It makes your privates look less like a loose meat family. 7.”Do you mind if I go out with my girls?” The guys all don’t mind.

Preston announces grand text lotto word: stand. Traffic. Bizarre File: Christopher Lanning is 4’10” 80 pounds drove non-stop from Kansas to Florida have sex with a 14 y.o. girl who turned out to be an undercover cop. Lanning’s vehicle smelled of human waste and a bottle full of urine was found. A man locked his wife in a shed and punched her after she said “ding dong the witch is dead” following her mother’s death. A black bear was found passed out after drinking 36 cans of beer on a camp ground. A taxi driver in Hong Kong had his cellphone stolen, then had his car hit with a falling turtle. Are they suspecting suicide? The turtle was a pet that climbed out of a tenth floor window. Preston announces the ‘I Bleed for Preston & Steve Blood Drive’. Belle Knox in studio: How did this all happen? Belle, 18 y.o started doing porn to pay for her education at Duke. She kept it a secret for months until a friend of hers found out and told everyone. Belle says she wasn’t forced into porn; she decided to do it after weighing her options. She applied to a few agencies online and received calls within days. Belle went to the school newspaper before someone else could expose her. She receives death threats and there was a petition started to have her expelled. Belle thinks people have an issue with women speaking their minds and being assertive which is why she’s received such a backlash. Belle:“We hate people who do sex work.” The Fannies VIP tix Giveaway. Grand Text Lotto winner Sharon.

U2 Invisible. Everything that rocks. 73 degrees. Traffic. Zeta Eta Pi Sorority Party Recap: Preston and Steve had a great time. There was an on-going line to get into the 360 lounge. Fellas, if you’re smart you will linger nearby at these events because at one point the event will end, the flood gates will open and there were some great-looking ladies. Preston and Casey danced on stage to ‘I’m Every Woman’. Nick said it looked as if it was rehearsed. Preston had a great experience at Parx Casino and got there early to gamble (in Mr. Devereaux mode). The Steven Singer pledge pins look great. Kathy stayed afterwards and went Salsa dancing. When I go to the club I usually dance solos. Having an addiction to taking selfies may cause mental illness: Danny Bowman would shoot about 200 photos of himself each day (over 10 hours) to try to get the “right picture.” He attempted suicide due to this. Casey’s son smiles weird any time there is a picture being taken. Steve claims he ruined every family photo from the age of 7, on. It took me years to break my model smile because that’s what I was mostly known for; my calendar days. A company has created a mirror that takes your picture for you and posts it on twitter. 

We already gave away $1,000 this morning, stay with us for more. Traffic. Giffords Lane In studio performance: These kids opened up for Quiet Riot at the Wells Fargo Center last year. Serena; vocals, Salvator; guitar, Dylan; bass, and Nicky; Drums. They all met through the “School of Rock.” This song is for Jason Bonham Zeppelin’s Black Dog. Do you guys get nervous? Sal: Sometimes when we play real big shows we get a little nervous but it goes away as soon as we start playing. Casey thinks Disney needs to lean more towards rock and roll. They have a new EP with 3 original songs. Original:Higher Love. They play JC Dobbs tonight at 7:00. The booze is served in sippy cups.

MMR Rocks. Traffic. Hundreds of texts came in about Giffords Lane: nothing but positive reviews. They’ll be at Xfinity from 5:30 to 7 for the Phillies pregame tomorrow. Bizarre File: A 53 y.o. man admitted to peeing in a man’s coffee. A British man places a 1,000 pounds bet on Rory McIlroy after allegedly seeing his face burned on top of his Danish.  A Maine man tried to avoid being charged with marijuana possession when he admitted the car he was in was stolen. An argument about taking a pit stop ended with a transgendered woman being arrested after hitting a man in the head with a golf club. She was intoxicated and claimed she only hit him after being punched in the face. A 24 year-old New Hampshire man was arrested for burglary after calling Apple customer service and using the serial number on a stolen laptop. French Creek Outfitters giveaway. 

93.3 WMMR. MMR-B-Q will be here before you know. Tickets on sale now. Nick Chester Springs Harley Davidson Ticket Raid. LQ. Hollywood Trash. LA. Music News: Nirvana and KISS were inducted into the Rock n Roll hall of fame amongst others last night. The living members of Nirvana performed 4 songs with singers such as Lorde, Joan Jett, and St. Vincent taking the lead in place of Cobain. Casey wonders if choosing all females was a deliberate slap in the face to Courtney Love. Courtney Love accepted the award on Cobain’s behalf along with his mother. Tom Morello inducted KISS into the Hall of Fame. Gene Simmons accepted the award and spoke kindly of all former and current members. No KISS songs were played. Queslove of The Roots saluted Hall & Oates. Bruce Springsteen inducted the E Street band. Chris Martin inducted Peter Gabriel. Linda Ronstadt was inducted as well. What’s  the one Hall & Oates song? “Because I got high?” Billy Joel got to watch a Billy Joel concert Wednesday. The Piano Man himself was a surprise guest in the audience at Glen Cove's Deasy Elementary School spring concert, "The River of Dreams: A Billy Joel Tribute." He showed up 5 minutes before the show began. 

70 degrees today, 70 tomorrow. Preston will be emceeing CHOP’s at Walk for Hope. Philly’s Hottest Hand-bra voting wraps up this weekend. Pierre Robert is here and says it is lovely outside. Pierre as you all know has a chicken coop at his house. LoTD. Thanks to our sponsors. Thanks to Belle Knox, adult film star and Giffords Lane; A great group of young rock stars in the making. WoW. We have Jane Goodall and Marc Summers next week. That’s it we’re done. Rage On.

What brand Ping Pong paddle did Forrest Gump endorse?

SA: Flexolite

LQ: according to Steve what does ‘SLR’ stand for?

LA: Slap the Little Runt



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