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Time 6:04-6:14
Weather. Traffic. News: Talks between Septa and Union officials are going well. Strike may be avoided. Regional Rail lines and Lucy bus do continue to operate during a strike. Police say a 77 y.o. man was beaten with a wine bottle by a man who lived in his house in Huntington Park area. Charles Bangle and his wife Mary were charged with Tax Evasion from profits from Mac and Mancos. Sports: Columbus Blue Jacks won 2–0 in Philadelphia last night. Sixers play the Boston Bruins and are competing for the worst record in the NBA. Phillies play the Cubs this afternoon. WoW prize. 

Time 6:22-7:01
Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Josh Todd; 43, Robert Downey Jr.; 49, Hugo Weaving; 54, Craig T. Nelson; 70, Natasha Lyonne; 35, Maya Angelou; 86, David Lee Kelly; 58, Christine Lahti; 64, Clive Davis; 82, Nancy McKeon; 48, Barry Pepper; 44. SA. Entertainment News: Dave Letterman has announced the end of his run with the Late Show within a year. Chris Brown was taken into custody to stand trial on a charge of assault after breaking a man’s nose for sneaking into a picture being taken of him and some female fans. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was barred from entering the US after admitting that she has used cocaine. Amanda Bynes is being chaperoned by her parents on her spring break trip to Mexico. Brian Cranston plans on publishing a memoir, revealing “the secrets and lies that he lived with while shooting Breaking Bad.” Charlie Sheen has reportedly refused to pay Denise Richards child support for the last 3 months. An anonymous woman recently revealed to NY Magazine how terrible it was to work as a personal assistant for an un-named A-List actress. Nickelodeon has announced there hit show Sam and Cat will be taking a hiatus. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin allegedly had an open relationship throughout their marriage. Clips: Jack Gleeson discusses how he makes his character, King Joffrey so evil in Game of Thrones. Shia Lebeouf talks about a shocking moment during the shooting of upcoming film Nymphomaniac. 


That’s called Fever- Black Keys. Traffic. Guests today: Mike Birbiglia, Bam Margera, Scott Stapp. Poll: private school antendees tend to be more sexually adventurous, including being more likely to have sex every day, have a 1 night stand, or have a threesome. Casey once had a girl tie him up with her leggings. Killer put to death after his lawyer questioned who supplied execution drug.  Smell this… this stuff’s no good. Could you imagine being the executioner? Positive or Negative person at birth: Researchers found that we are born with a positive or negative disposition. Preston thinks he’s more positive than negative but believes there are some things that you can’t change. Like your love of bondage. Steve agrees but admits he’s sarcastic and cynical. Preston sees the glass half full of bourbon. Nick thinks he is too cynical and is working on it. Casey thinks sometimes it’s very hard to be positive but you are in control of your mood. Marisa saw herself going into a “negative spiral” recently. She had some life-changing things happen. But, you’re gonna keep the baby…? Steve and Preston want to try isolation tanks. Caller Brian went to a float tank place and said it’s amazingly relaxing. Do you think taking an upper-decker would be just as therapeutic? He said the temperature is perfect so it really feels like you’re actually floating.

7:53- 8:09
Hottie cam is on, Welcome ladies from Mad River Manyunk. Traffic. Mad River Manyunk. Parx Sorority Party. Grand text lotto. Bizarre File: Ronald Benjamin found body of a 96 y.o. woman in a parking lot and thought it was a manikin involved in an April Fool’s joke. He then dropped the body in a dumpster. It turned out to be a suicide. An alcoholic Manhattan stenographer went rogue, typing “I hate my job, I hate my job…” etc. He also allegedly typed gibberish instead of transcripts in many cases. A Texas couple claims they’ve found a living chupacabra. Experts say… That he’s a moron… and his wife is ugly. Realistically, it is likely to be a dog or fox that has lost its hair. We have audio of the chupacabra growl that apparently convinced the man that it was indeed the mythical creature. That sounds like a Casey fart. Irish Pub.

Traffic. Mad River. We have two guests here: Bam Margera and Mike Birbiglia: Mike is here even though he doesn’t have a show to promote, he just loves being here. Bam is on his way to pick up 4 piranhas to prank his friend Novak for wrecking his car. Bam’s Badass Game Show airs April 14th on TBS. Contestants compete in jackass-style stunts to win $10,000. Bam said last time they had almost all soccer mom’s so it was hilarious. Another time, Bam tried to buy raccoon piss for a prank and the store wouldn’t sell it to him. Mike Birbiglia: “Bam, I don’t know you that well but I feel like every sentence you say yields 1,000 questions. You just passed over raccoon piss like we all understand.” Bam’s got a movie coming out as well called “I Needed Time to Stay Useless” which he wants to end with a 40 foot loop in Anguilla. He is building the ramp for that now. Casey is just watching Birbiglia’s face the whole time. Bam’s favorite part of “Bad Grandpa” was the crap on the wall scene. He thinks Johnny Knoxville is the most deranged of the whole crew and that he smiles and laughs all the way up to each stunt. Bam planned on installing boobs on Novak for 6 months but his girlfriend and mother begged him not to. One time Mike accidently threw himself out of a second story window while sleep walking. Mike- “I did one time, what Bam does every day.” It is documented in his film “Sleepwalk with me.”

Some Rush for you on MMR. Traffic. Mad River Manyunk. Mike Birbiglia: Mike rips into people who are late to his shows. He claims late people are always good looking like “uh I’m sorry I’m not on time but I’m looking great. And Late people are always ‘5 minutes away’. They have no idea how long 5 minutes is.” Mike is very sad to hear of David Letterman retiring. Mike will always remember Letterman as the greatest late night host ever, but he feels like he’s been doing it for so long that he’s now “over it.” Mike was first booked on Letterman when he was only 24 and has appeared 5 times total. He almost forgot his jokes but luckily had a huge cue card to go off of. Sometimes Mike takes requests during the encore but forgets some of his oldest jokes. He is currently on a 100 city tour. Mike will be in an upcoming Judd Apatow film called Trainwreck and another film called “The Fault in Our Stars.” Bizarre File: 19 y.o. student broke into a spa with a flower pot, ate hot pockets, macaroni and passed out eating drumsticks. This is a spa that sells hot pockets? Comcast contractor hired homeless men to drop off fliers at homes, one of which defecated on a woman’s lawn. Man caught in murder of 82 y.o. woman after leaving the woman’s toilet seat up. 16 y.o. British girl got stuck in a storm drain in search of her iPhone.

Mad River Manyunk. We some live music coming up. Traffic. Scott Stapp is here to perform acoustic, he is at the TLA tonight. He feels his voice is at its best when they only play 2 or 3 nights in a row. The most fun things about being on the road for Scott is the new scenery, meeting people, and energy from fans. And using the easy pass lane? I’m sure that’s cool. He and the band are perfectionists and always re-cap the show. Preston- have you ever had to leave the stage mid-song to take a dump?  Scott says there was a show in ’99 that he had to cancel after 3 songs. The first song is called “Proof of Life.” Scott got into eastern style music for a while and his wife is Arabic so it has influenced his music. They mainly have been playing songs off of his recent album Proof of Life but also usually mix in 7 or 8 Creed hits to each set. The next song is called “Dying to Live.” The last time Scott was here we played him a video called “Creed Shreds” and he was a great sport about it, thought it was hilarious. 

Nick texted Preston last night that his 7 y.o. said “Preston is your leader, he’s definitely in charge.”  Apparently Kathy almost threw up on Good Day this Morning. Casey has created a “Wee guess what I guess to do list” which is a dry erase board for refrigerators. LQ. Hollywood Trash. LA. Ticket Raid. Irish Pub. Music News: This Saturday marks the 20-year anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. In honor of Record Store Day, Jack White plans on recording and pressing his single Lazaretto all in one day to break the Guinness record for the “world’s fastest record release.” Mike McCready of Pearl Jam talked to Rolling Stone about how much he loves KISS and how he was heavily influenced by them. Preston doesn’t listen to KISS any more. You don’t put on the make-up… sit in front of the mirror? Word of the week when we return.

It’s Friday! 51 degrees and cloudy. Craig Gass Xfinity. LOTD. Thanks to Bam Margera, Mike Birbiglia. Pierre loved Mike’s comments on late people. Thanks to Scott Stapp for performing, he is at the TLA tonight. Thanks to Olivia, Jackie, and Taylor the hottie cam girls for today from Mad River Manyunk, and thanks to Irish Pub. WOW. Before we go we have one last minute guest. Kathy Romano is on the line- “It’s weird listening to you guys in my car when I’m usually sitting next to you.” She thought it was much different than radio but it was “laid back news: That’s it, we’re done, Rage on.

SQ: what high school did Benjamin Netanyahu attend?

SA: Cheltenham

LQ. Experts agree that the man who allegedly found a chupacabra is what? And his wife is what?

LA. A Moron / Wife is Ugly



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