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Time 6:18-6:29
Weather. Traffic. News. Philadelphia off duty police officer was stabbed outside of a bar. Officer was a 19 year veteran. Bartender also stabbed. Pregnant woman and boyfriend jumped from a burning Camden house. Ricin was mailed to an apartment complex in Hatboro. Man sent it to ex-girlfriends current boyfriend. Where does one buy ricin? You can’t even buy helium for science fairs Police believe he made the ricin in his home. Intent was to scare ex-girlfriend in hope of reconciling. Sports.  Shabazz Napier scored nine of his 24 points in overtime in UConn’s 89-81 win over Saint Joe’s in the second round of the NCAA tournament last night. Wildcats beat Milwaukee, 73-53. 12th seeded North Dakota State Bison beat the Number 5 seed Oklahoma, 80-to-75. Flyers are playing St. Louis Blues tomorrow afternoon. Give Away: Captain America, Sabotage Giveaway.   

Time 6:41-7:12
Prize blowout today! Traffic. SQ. Birthdays. Kevin Federline, 36.  Matthew Broderick, 52. Timothy Dalton, 68. Rosie ODonnell, 52. Gary Oldman, 56. Roger Hodgsen, 64. Deryck Whibley, 34. Eddie Money, 65. SA  Entertainment News Amanda Bynes, finished her first quarter at the FIDM. Khloe and Lamar are done but they are still in contact. Khloe checks in to see how he is doing, but they will not be getting back together. In the woods, rubbin’ my butt against a tree. Damon Lindelof says Lost may be brought back in some way, Not by original creators but by another creative team. Former News of the world reporter, Clive Goodman read private messages of Prince Harry’s. Hugh Jackman had a hair-filled razor thrown at him by a crazed fan. Zoe Deschanel went out with Selena Gomez and another friend to Soho house. 80’s Cartoon series, Jem and the Holograms, is being adapted to the big screen. They announced on YouTube that it will be live action. Olivia Muhn has been named the new face of Proactiv. Camron Diaz believes everyone can relate to her new movie, The Other Woman, saying “Everyone will be cheated on ... You cannot go through life unscathed”. Mind Blown, Just Sayin’. Kate Winslet is in no rush to lose her baby weight. Too many people focus on the “Post Baby Body” Clips Cosmos, Seth MacFarlane talks about the realistic imagery. Who’s Line Is It Anyway, Colin Mochrie explains what viewers can expect. Sabotage Giveaway 

Time 7:22-7:44
Foo Fighters. Traffic. Caplans in N. Liberties brought some Challah bread to the guys and Preston is still eating it. Phillies Hottest Hand Bra is up and ready for votes. Fred Phelps died yesterday, founder of Westboro Baptist Church, one of the biggest douche bags in the world. Preston: Have you ever thought, I just want that person dead? Kathy: Not really, unless they abuse a child. Steve: Kim Jong-Un. Nick: Dead is an extreme, I just want them out of my life. Caller John: Daughter was born, had to take her to CHOP. There was a family center there and they went to get coffee, his girlfriend left her purse, went back to get it and it was stolen. Baby tapes and all. Steve: Did you see twitter and some of the stuff people are saying? Do you mean that stuff you’re saying? His son didn’t even talk to him. He had ten kids. Yeah Jan, Bobby and of course Marsha. And Oliver. No he killed Oliver. Clear Channel now has a ‘Mist Tunnel’ when you get off the elevator. They are in 21 billion dollars of debt and continuously lay people off. They want the mist so they can display images on it. Preston: I just want the fat pictures of me in the hallway gone. Nick: I’d like a new couch. Captain America Giveaway.

Time 7:56-8:06
Traffic. Mcdonalds is here with shamrock shakes. Bizarre Files Man arrested and put in detention because he said he had a bomb in his rectum at the Beijing Airport. Agitated with how slow the security line was moving. Police asked him to take off his shoes and then he yelled “Do you want me to drop my pants too since I have a bomb in my ass”. Armature Athlete injected breasts with Vaseline to try to make them bigger. US scrap metal dealer discovered that an ornament he was going to melt down for its gold found that it was worth 33 million. Man alleges that a former deputy parliament speaker raped him. 

Time 8:19-8:50
Weather. Traffic. Mcdonalds- Charity Next Tuesday. Steve gave up chocolate chip cookies for lent. There are two cracks to me, actual crack and chocolate chip cookies. Chocolate chip cookies were made in Toll House in Massachusetts. It was made by a woman, Ruth Wakefield, who wanted to revamp her butterscotch cookie recipe in her restaurant ‘Tollhouse’  I would have banged her 9 ways to Sunday, she’s a genius. This led to the invention of the chocolate chips. You can’t do that, people are gonna make fun of you, it looks like there are bugs on it. She sold it to Nestle. Preston: Is that restaurant still around? Nick: It was burnt down Casey: turned it into a strip club. Everyone this is where the toll house cookie was invented and now savannah shows you her vagina. Are there specialty resturaunts? Preston: There is a place where they literally throw rolls at you from across the room. Isn’t there a place where they are purposely rude to you as a joke? Nick: Yeah it’s called dicks. Steve you would hate it. Steve: Yeah I’d slit his throat. Oh sorry I didn’t get your joke. Caller Ed: There’s a place called Victors, the wait staff all sing opera. Caller Alan: If you misbehave at a restaurant in Disney- Hollywood Studios they put you in a corner. This is the most popular Vasectomy time because people usually have a few days off and March madness is on. Steve: Nick, are you going to get one? Nick: Nah I wanna be 70 and knock up a 25 year old. When Casey was getting his Vasectomy he was awake and his doctor saw his tattoo. 

Time 9:03-9:27
Nirvana. Traffic. Mcdonalds president is here. Todd Herremans Hoops for Help next Thursday. Dinner and Drinks, everyone who shows up will be assigned a team & the team that wins gets a prizes. Todd Harreman’s Foundation was created about a year ago. Money is split up between 6 foundations/charities. Casey asked Herremans how much he benches, He said “That’s a highschool question” Steve: are you discouraged from giving suggestions about who to put on the team? Herremans: Yeah I mention sometimes but he never listens to what I say. Casey: Do you have any input on the new talent from college? Herreman’s: Not really, I don’t pay attention to that stuff. Casey: Do you still have your vespa? Herremans: Yeah, I wish I had a side car For casey? No for me. Casey: I like your hair by the way. First you asked what he bench presses and now youre saying you like his haircut. Can you hold me down and tickle my ass with a feather. Contest: Herremans name that chick flick- listeners have to guess if he’s right. Herremans: Ghost. Caller: Agree. Won: Captain America. Herremans: Dirty Dancing. Caller: Agree. Won: Philly Wings. Herremans: Pretty Woman. Caller: Agree. Won: Philly Wings. Herremans: Titanic. Caller: Agree. Won: Captain America. Herremans: When Harry Met Sally. Caller: Agreed. Won: Captain America. 

Time 9:35-9:59
John Leguizamo Ghetto Clown premieres on HBO 3/22. After playing crackshot with us he bought an airsoft gun. Back on stage for Ghetto Clown, this si his life’s work. He talks about everything in his life. Steve: Even though you’ve been successful you have ben self-conscious. John: Yeah I always have some stage freight. My first performance was on a subway and after he was arrested. John: It was my first bad review, getting arrested. John: This show on HBO is like the final chapter, my show is at its best right now. My director was Fisher Stevens, the director from The Cove, that sad dolphin movie… I figure if he can direct dolphins he can direct me. I wanted it to feel like a documentary. Preston: Has anyone ever been hurt finding out what you say as them on stage? John: Yeah I’ll go to family gatherings and they will be like “don’t say anything he can use” then they get drunk and start yelling at me saying “How dare you!” Traffic. Mcdonalds- President of Ronald Mcdonald House Charities. Tuesday 3/25 It is a telethon starts early in the morning and goes until 8pm, raised 1 million last year. Philly Ronald McDonald House is the one that started it all, 40 years old. Over 300 internationally. It’s more than just a place to sleep, we provide food and activities for siblings so they have a sense of normalcy. All houses are in close proximity to hospital. Shamrock Shake was the first fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Bizarre Files 16 year old was able to slip through a fence, sneak past a security guard, and climb up one of the unfinished Twin Towers. 6th Grader came to aid of a student who was cutting himself with the razor, she threw it out. Because she was the last to touch the weapon, she was suspended. 26 year old woman showed up to jail naked and drunk. Medical student is auctioning off her virginity, and will donate 35% of proceeds to charity. 44 year old Netherlands man fathered 98 children the old fashion way since sperm donation has been banned.

Time 10:05-10:14
Car Show. LQ. Hollywood Trash. Juan Pablo and Nikki Farrow met with marriage counselor. He reported: Things went berry, berry goop. Johnny Weir and husband have split off. Weir says he didn’t like his hobbies which include big stock car racing and game hunting. LA  Music News. Amy Lee is a free and independent artist now. Lee who is pregnant, sued her longtime label saying they attempted to sabotage their career. Kurt Cobain’s Suicide was reopened briefly. Did not find anything new. It is not being fully reopened. Mick Jagger arrives back in the US to support family after long time girlfriend’s suicide. 

Time 10:24-10:36
Texter: You’re playing a song from a gossip girl, good job MMR. Dan’s Last Day Giving the guys a shart out, been here for 6 years. How Dan got the name ‘Legend’: They were talking about high school days, and he turned to someone and said I’m a legend there! And that’s how the name came to be. His friends call him Bacon. Pierre: Who is your favorite actor. Dan: William Shatner. Preston: What are you doing? Pierre: Unwrapping flowers. Preston: You’re doing it so violently. Are those for Dan? Pierre: Yeah sure, no they are for everyone because its spring! LOTD WOTW. 

SQ: in a deck of cards, which is the only king with a mustache? 
SA: King of Hearts

LQ. What will our receptionist, Donna, do when you come to the station?  
LA She lights her farts.

WOTW: Prize

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