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1 Time 6:13-6:25
Weather. Traffic. News Today is St. Patty’s day, and there is a winter weather advisory. Mother Nature will not rob us of St. Pat’s day. Some places have up to a foot of snow. A Delaware man was charged for a string of burglaries at construction sites, how much copper do you need to steal to make it worth your while? It’s the copper to heroin ratio. Mike Schmidt reveals he recently battled stage 3 cancer. Preston goes to the dermatologist and found he had pre-cancerous cells on his nose, had to burn them off. Did he use a lighter? Sports St Joes beat VCU. Villanova and UD are in east bracket. Wayne Simmons had 2 power play goals and Flyers beat Penguins. Sixers lost 20 games in a row, playing pacers tonight. Pirate beat Phillies. Preston says they are already serving alcohol at Finnegans Wake.
Time 6:40-7:08
Live at Finnegan’s Wake. Traffic. SQ. What was St Patricks Given name at birth? Birthdays Patrick Duffy, 65. Kurt Russell, 63. Gary Sinise, 59. Rob Lowe, 50. Billy Corgan, 47. John Sebastian, 70. Paul Cantner, 73. Mia Hamm, 42. Rob Kardashian, 27. SA Top 10 Movies. Entertainment News Wayne Night let the world know he is not dead. Internet claimed he got in a car accident. 2 broke girls stars are slamming rumors that Lindsey Lohan was a horror to work with. Scarlett Johansson talks to The Guardian saying that Dylan Farrows open letter is irresponsible. Philadelphia Comedian, David Brenner died this weekend. Cleavalicious Monster Preggo Jugs at CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Premiere People thought he was going to take over for Johnny Carson. MTV has pulled the plug on Teen Mom 2. Kim Kardashian wants the world to know that Kendall Jenner is making it in the modeling world on her own. Amanda Seyfried snuck a swiss army knife on her flight then admitted on twitter. Johnny Depp and Amber Herd hosted an engagement party this past weekend. The 'Modern Family' Dunphy home Is officially for sale. Clips. Bates Motel. Wrong clip was played. Muppets Most Wanted, Ty Burrell. Jordan Fabian was the first person in line this morning. Left at 230 this morning to get there. Giving him a prize for being the first person there. Official first toast for the morning. Raise your Budlight.
Time 7:22-7:47
Budlight Traffic. Shart outs. Harley Davidson. FOP president John McNesby.
Raising money for the survivors fund & collecting money for bullet proof vests. Finnegan’s Wake. Contest: St Pottys Day, Breakfast O’ Champions Contest. Cereal with beer. Beer is liquid bread so it’s like toast. Eating it out of a child’s toilet. Casey: brought them from home. Contestants: Mike, Jen, Erin, Steve Whats your shirt say? Pull the trigger, bitch. Budlight. Mike is having a hard time eating it, he’s going to throw up. Winner: Erin- 100$ AMEX Gift Card. Hair of the dog only delays the inevitable. Pierre is doing his show from Irish Pub. Budlight. Jaxon followed by Matt Cord in Manayunk. Prestons daughter made a leprechaun trap last night. So did Nick’s son. So do they catch it then kill it? No they catch it and it leads them to gold, but first you have to water board them. Live music, Philadelphia Police and Fire Pipes and Drums. Played over in Dublin. They have to stick their mouths on their pipes and blow their bags. They have cup holders on their straps. Who isn’t wearing anything under their kilt?

 Time 7:59-8:13
Budlight Traffic. Kathy is wearing green eye shadow and green nail polish. Instead of the eye shadow I did green anal bleaching. Owner of Finnegan’s Wake, Mike Driscoll. In Ireland they say ‘Paddy’s Day’. Bizarre Files Jimmy the Greek Taverna owner was stabbed by employee because he posted a picture of him online. Dog was eaten by a python, dog owner finds snake in kennel with a chain hanging out of its mouth. Snake is believed to be 50 yrs old. Florida man armed with an oozie style weapon, dressed as Rambo disarmed inside bar. Wesley Warren, 132 lb scrotum, died this past weekend. Saudi Cleric issues fatwa banning all you can eat buffets.
Time 8:23-8:47
U2. Traffic. We’re giving away a $100 AMEX GC Contest: Strokin’ the Shillelagh. Contestants: Chris, Clark, Maggie, I’m in the porn industry, Heather. you’re in the porn industry as well? Yeah I’m a fluffer. Winner: Clark. $100 AMEX GC. Name that Tune. Live music, Philadelphia Police and Fire Pipes and Drums. Contestant: Mike, it’s his birthday. Did not guess it. Contestant: Pat. Did not guess song. Kim guessed correctly. Contestant: Chris. Did not guess song. Tierney guessed correctly. Contestant: Troy. Guessed correctly. Contestant: Mindy. Did not guess song. Contestant: Rocco. Guessed correctly.
Time 9:03-9:20
Volbeat. Traffic. Preston giving a shout out to all the sexy red heads in the audience. Some Pig Food Truck serving breakfast. Leprecondom Contest. Contestant: Victoria, Emily, Krista, Heidi. Top of the condom to ya! 100 Steven Singer GC 9:08 Winner: Heidi. Preston is blowing up a condom; it got to the size of a water melon. Preston got light headed Irish potato sack race by sack they mean scrotum, Contestants: Sean and Chuckles. Sean is a good looking guy, and chuckles is the exact opposite in every way. Sean is from Langhorne, and sells hotel rooms for weddings. Chuckles from Salem county NJ and is an XRAY tech at a child’s hospital. They are in nothing but tighty whities. Each person has to get as many potatoes in their underwear as possible. Chuckles is confused about what to do, he is mainly running in circles. Chuckles has 4 potatoes, Sean got a lot and is the winner! Chuckles got a box of Irish potatoes, Sean won Phillies tickets.

Time 9:32-9:57
Weather. Traffic. Live music, Philadelphia Police and Fire Pipes and Drums. Played over in Dublin. Bizarre Files. Man fatally shot a 17 yr old boy who was in his 16 year old daughters room. Daughter said she didn’t know who he was. She later admitted she did know who he was. Florida student was arrested for putting hand sanitizer into a teachers drink. Pastor died while congregation was yelling at him. They were praising him for admitting he had an affair a while ago. He had a heart attack. Hawaiian legislation is being asked to ban eating cats and dogs. Somali police officer says suicide bomber accidentally detonated his explosives while trying to parallel park. No others were hurt. Pizza in S. Los Angelo’s was laced with drugs. Philadelphia Wings Players Throwing t-shirts into the crowd with their sticks. Chuckles got a shirt, he needs a large. There are a ton of red heads here today, some girls are from Delta Phi Epsilon. Contest: Big Jug Jig girls have to do an Irish jig and make their jugs bounce, winner based off of crowed applause. Contestants: Victoria, Emily is a “CD” cup size, and lastly Shelly girl who is a DDD, Casey played a “nice bouncing jig”. Victoria’s shirt started to rip. Emily needed some scissors but she is pretty much just hopping around. Shelly girl is up next, she just ripped her shirt off. Shelly won. Steven Singer GC and all other women get a gold rose. Kenny proposes to his girlfriend Heather on stage. She said yes.
Time 10:08-10:33
Giving out gold coins. LQ Hollywood Trash. Lamar Odom quit Spanish basketball team saying Donde esta la biblioteca. Miley Cyrus revealed new tattoo she described as a sad kitty. LA Music News. Sound Garden reveals details about their tour with Nine Inch Nails. Red Hot Chillie Peppers had complaints about their Super Bowl halftime show performance because their shirts were off. Final Contest: Kiss Me I’m Irish. Strangers have to make out for a minute. Could be two guys or two girls or a guy and a girl. Contestants: Amy, Danielle, Lauren, Greg, Jordan. John. Black Listna, Troy, subbing in Greg. Prizes: 100 AMEX gift card, $100 Steven Singer, Phillies tix and gold rose. Lauren and Danielle are first. Amy and Jordan are second- took her bra off but hardly kissed him. Troy and Greg are last- didn’t really kiss at all. Winner: team 1 and 3. 100 AMEX gift card, $100 Steven Singer, Phillies tix and gold rose. Shart out. LOTD Sabotage


SQ. What was St Patricks Given name at birth?
SA. Maewyn Succat
LQ What did preston’s dermatologist use to burn off precancerous cells on his nose.
LA a lighter.

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