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Time 6:14-6:26
Have you heard the latest it’s Friday. Weather. Traffic. News passengers were forced to evacuate a plane. U.S. Airways Fight 1702 blew a tire. 149 passengers and 5 crew members were on board. All passengers were loaded on busses and would be rescheduled for a different flight. Police are investigating a death of a one year old girl. Toddler was transported to Christiana Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Officials have not commented on the cause of death. Malaysia Airlines may have flown on for hours after its last contact with air traffic control nearly a week ago. A U.S. official said that the plane still had the capability to connect with the satellite and was automatically sending pings. Sports Sterling Gibbs hits buzzer beater as Seton Hall beats Villanova in a 64-63 win. Darren Sproles was traded to the Eagles from New Orleans Saints yesterday for a 5th round draft pick. The Eagles also agreed to a 2 year deal with Nolan Carroll from the Miami Dolphins. Sixers will host the Indiana Pacers tonight. Phillies are playing the Pirates in a spring training game in Bradenton, FL Tropicana. St. Patty’s day.

Time 6:38-7:11
Foo Fighters. Traffic. Finnegan’s Wake. SQ Birthdays Billy Crystal; 66, Michael Caine; 81, Chris Klein; 35, Taylor Hanson; 31, Wolfgang Petersen; 73, Dave Naballski; 34. SA Entertainment News Someone was trying to remove items from Paul Walkers accident scene. Cameron Diaz is going to be on a special on Own Network about women aging gracefully. Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker reveled that she has a strict anti-drug policy in her house. Chris Evens Caption America is looking for a wife. He goes to clubs and kinds of wish he was at home. Famke Janssen is going to be Liam Neeson wife in Taken 3. The first two movies grossed about 600 million dollars. Lindsey Lohan will guess star on 2 broke girls. The taping was not pretty. Lindsey’s lips were so fat from Botox she could not even pronounce words. The final product airs next month. Optimus drunk. Hal Douglas who narrated a ton of movie trailers passed away Friday in Virginia from complications from pancreatic cancer. Emma Watson reveals that she is jealous that other actors can be like normal people. Elizabeth Olson is engaged to boyfriend Boyd Holbrook. She is a coupon clipper. They started dating in 2012. Clips Kurt Russell for The Art of the Steel, Neil DeGrasse Tyson for Cosmos. Kildare's Mention. St. Pattys Day.

Time 7:22-7:54
A little toe tapper. Traffic. Calendar Raid, Ticket Raid, Xfinity Live. Fear of Flying Casey and his wife were flying home from Boston and he had a really bad feeling about the situation. Took bags and drove home. Kathy’s brother was on a plane for 7 hours without even taking off. Caller Daniel was outside when the plane went down yesterday. There is an onsite fire team at the airport. Nick was on a flight back from New Hampshire with emergency crews waiting for them to land and actually said they had to prepare for a crash landing. Caller Tim was flying to Jamaica and his wife had an uneasy feeling and had to get off the place. It’s alright an engine blew. Kathy had a big black man sitting next to her on a flight and she woke up with him grasping her. Caller AJ sat on a plane for an hour and a half. There was an airline that was showing the movie Flight. Caller Chris was on a plane that did a 360 barrel role. Kathy’s friend was on a flight where they lost cabin pressure and it nosedived. Caller Krista had back to back plane incidents. Kildare's Mention

Time 8:05-8:18
Red Hot Chili Peppers. Tropicana. Traffic. Ella the Bernese mountain dog is in our studio. Casey knows a Bernese mountain dog that sits in the passenger seat with the paw hanging out the window. Kathy loves these dogs and wants to get one. Bizarre File A 21 year old women was stopped at a traffic light and a man loses a temper after the women and her passengers were staring at them. The man followed her to the next light and threw a piece of concrete at her car. An angry elephant went on a rampage in a village. The elephant stopped the destruction when it heard a baby crying. The elephant saved the baby. A man is charged for selling a sex act for a boat trailer. He was booked and later released. Idio hockey fans sues arena because they charged three dollars for a lager cup of beer when it’s the same amount of beer that’s in a small cup. They were looking for 10,000 dollars. A man was arrest for breaking into a downtown Boston police station. He became belligerent and yelled at the officers. Kildare's Giveaway.

Time 8:28-8:54
Sublime What I Got. Traffic. It is WMMR’s Jason Zajac’s last day he fixes stuff when we break things. Casey’s Speech Casey was chosen to speak to an assembly at his Alma-Mater Cardinal O Hare. He spoke to 1,200 students. The picture that they used on the big screen at the school was his senior portrait making an intense Caseyface. He cracked a couple jokes. He said it was very nerve racking, but he’s glad it’s over. Hal Douglas voiceover game Caller Lee guesses Marvin’s Room, Incorrect. Caller Matthew has no guess. Caller Dan guesses Dos Butt, Incorrect. Caller Mike guesses Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, incorrect. The answer was Men In Black. Caller Jim guesses Die Heard with a Vengeance, incorrect. Caller Caption guesses Men In Black 2, correct. Craig Gass. Caller Matt guesses Meet the Parents, correct. Caller Katie guesses Forest Gump, correct. Caller John has no guess. Caller Toby has no guess. Caller Ryan guesses Philadelphia, correct. Caller Chuck guesses Lethal Weapon, correct. Craig Gass. Caller Brian guesses Armageddon, incorrect. Caller Kelly Speed, incorrect. Caller Adam guesses Con Air, correct. Kildare’s Giveaway.

Time 9:12-9:46
Led Zeppelin. Traffic. Tom Arnold in Studio Lived on a small farm in Iowa. His life was an eating contest until months ago. His parents would lock the cabinets. His airplane was behind the plane that blew a tire at the Philadelphia airport. The pilot told the passengers on his plane that there was a mechanical issue on the runway. He got pictures from people from the incident as he was tweeting. All he wanted to do was land so he can get a cheesesteak. He could smell the fumes from the other plane inside of his plane. He got famous because he was with someone that was famous. Worked on the Roseanne show from 1988-1994. True Lies was the Tom Arnold turning point for Preston. I knew he wasn’t going to get the role he just wanted to meet Jim Cameron. When he got the role in True Lies he couldn’t tell anybody for 3 weeks. Roseanne freaked out when he got the part in the movie and wanted to get back together. He has done the Roseanne roast and Joan Rivers roast. On the Roseanne show he said “No” a lot. Everyone noticed that Mo'Nique’s legs were very hairy. She went and grabbed Kevin Heart and had him on the ground. His second wife was 21.He has been married 4 times.

Time 10:00-10:11
Stone temple Pilots Out of Time. Traffic. Dave Magrogan for Kildare’s in studio they have Blackthorn performing tonight. Dave emailed doctors notes to their VIP’s with his signature. They are giving away Guinness cupcakes tomorrow. They brought the Irish breakfast and a lot of people are not eating meat. Bizarre File a baby’s medical condition stopped a plane. It was uneventful until the baby’s face turned purple. A driver in a flap blamed his parent in his jacket. He swerved too close to the cyclist. He claimed to have a dying parrot. An 8 year old boy was punched in the face and an Ipad was stolen from him in Minneapolis. The victim has been arrested 60 times. A man on his honey moon got so drunk that his flight was diverted because he was fighting with his wife. He is in jail in another country. Calendar Raid, Ticket Raid.
Time 10:19-10:28
Song request from Steve. Philly’s Hottest. LQ Hollywood Trash Tom Cruise living in scientology retreat, Conrad Murray wants to be a doctor again; Lady Gaga’s born this way organization. LA Music News Godsmack is starting to record their 6th album. San Francisco Giants second annual Metallica night will take place on May 16 at AT&T Park vs. Miami Marlins. Today is national pie day 3/14. She made it up with a cake from Omaha steaks.
Time 10:38-10:48
We’re going to do the end of the show here. Wrap-Up thanks to Tom Arnold he is a really nice guy and he seems like he’s in a really good place right now. Thanks to Kildare’s. thanks to Beth’s friend Emily and Joe for bringing the dog by. LOTD. Casey wants to request a song. Pierre will see what he can do. Pierre wanted Pancake to bring in all his hats and they are only Philly sports teams. Puts it on as soon as he gets up. WOTW. Calendar Raid, Ticket Raid, Xfinity Live. Next week on the show live from Finniagns Wake for St. Patty’s day and a whole bunch more Rage on! 


SQ: What board game uses cue cards that are called “hum dingers?”

SA: Caranum

LQ: According to Steve what is the name of the sequel to Taken?

LA: Taken to the limits one more time. 


WOTW: Salad      

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