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Monday on the Preston and Steve show:

John G. Avildsen (9:00)

Miss Philadelphia, Francesca Ruscio (10:00)


Here's what we talked about on the show today:  

Disc: 1                                                                     Date: 03-07-2014
Track  1                          Time 6:08-6:17
Jack Frost Mountain. Weather. Traffic. News. Shooting on North 13th street. Hit many parked cars. Philadelphia Police chased gunman down two blocks. Looking for second suspect. No police were injured. Police investigate shooting at firehouse in Kensington. Thought engine 25 was the target, but they now believe it was a person they were after, unsure who. 2 schools in philly school district have been closed today due to PGW incident. Closed due to gaswork.  Sports. Flyers playing Toronto tomorrow. Sixers playing Utah tomorrow night. Cole Hammels announced at training he is feeling fatigue in his arm. Cardboard Classic.6:13. Casey saw a group that wanted him to look out for their DeLorean they made, but they didn’t cover it properly so they lost half of it. 
Track  2                          Time 6:28-6:52
Volpe. Traffic. SQ 631 Birthdays. Laura Prepon, 34. Rachel Weiss, Married to Daniel Craig, 44. Peter Sarsgaard, 43. Are all the scarzgards related? Well he is saarsgard, and then theres Skarsgard, and also scotch guard. Wanda Sykes, 50. Willard Scott, 80. Michael Eisner, 72. Bryan Canston, 58. SA  Entertainment News Khloe Kardashian is buying Justin Biebers house. Kardashian sold her house to Kayley Cuoco. Angeline Jolie is on the cover of Entertainment talks about her double mastectomy. DNA test proves that Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson’s son due to DNA found on a dental impression. 99.9% DNA match. Brandon is distancing himself from this story, he didn’t bring the information foreward, he doesn’t want any money. His mom, Mikki, used to go by Billie, a year later Billie Jean was released. A source says that the rumor about Brandon being Michaels son is ridiculous, he is Joe Jackson’s. Sunday academy awards, Andrew Garfield, scheduled to make appearance as a presenter with batboy, Miles Scott, Andrew’s section got cut so instead Andrew brought batboy to Disney Land. Reports say it was because Andrew Garfield was acting like a diva. He says it’s because there wasn’t enough time.
Track  3                          Time 7:00-7:29
Technical Difficulties. Traffic. Entertainment Report Part 2. Neil Patrick Harris Relocated to NYC in Harlem. Jessica Biel will launch her restaurant while husband Justin Timberlake will be on tour. Arnold Schwarzeneggermade a burger with Epic Meal Time called the steak and egger sandwich. 4172 g of fat and 80,000 calories. IFC films will release Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last movie, Gods Pocket, will be released in May. Clips. Director of 300 rise of an empire director talks about the new movie. Neil Degrasse Tyson describes his new show Cosmo’s. Cardboard Classic. It’s a good day for this event. Some businesses allow their employees to work on the Card Board Classic rides in their warehouses, then allows half of them to go to the event. Preston, Casey and Sarah went bowling and Kill Bill showed up and freaked everyone out. Interns had a hotel room party, Marisa walked in and felt awkward because she was officially with the old group. Harley Davidson/ Cheerleaders/ Coors Light Casey: Remember when we tried to burn the cardboard one year? It turned out to be Apocalypse Now. Previous CC Favorites: The ball. The Robot. Preston’s Vasectomy. Price Is Right. Callers: Cardboard all on the side of the road up to JFBB. Someone believes we will see a Baby Wheel.
Disc: 2                                                                     Date: 03-07-2014
Track  1                          Time 7:42-7:55
Cardboard Classic. Traffic. USS Balls Cardboard sled riding in the back of someone’s car from Virginia. Bizarre Files. It’s been three years since someone saw a woman in a house on Savannah Drive, neighbors thought she moved, but it turns out she was dead in the back of her car. Police investigate death of two former navy seals. Prostitutes were last seen with the men and they had traces of narcotics in their blood and hypodermic needle marks. Woman bashed her mother over the head with a vibrator and left her bleeding.  Italian fan releases a magazine about the pope which has a centerfold of him. Caller: creator of USS Balls. Coming from University of DE, engineering students. Team name, Sons of Beaches. We are going to try to do the awards on the mountain today.    
Track  2                          Time 8:08-8:28
Weather. Traffic. Interviewing people at the Cardboard Classic Jacky Bam Bam wearing a ton of layers, not normal for him. These are the types of pants Kathy would wear. Marisa is out talking to people coming in to the Cardboard Classic. There is a sled that is a saloon with a bunch of Harley Davidson bikes parked in front of it. Nick thought it was a building but it is really a sled. There’s a Game of Thrones Sled, Emerald City Sled, and Oompa Loompas. Jacky Bam Bam is out talking to people. Found the guys who made the DeLorean sled. It’s their first year. At least they learned for next year. Marisa: Tell the DeLorean Crew to find 820**. Mike and his friends did Preston’s Vasectamy, and Kathy’s Box in past years and now they are doing a DelCo Vs BucksCo sled. Casey saw a guy unloading a giant penis sled. Jacky: These guys want Preston to ride down on their sled, it’s a castle and it says Kenny’s Knights of the Round Table.  Coors Light When you look at the video of people going down a sled and you do a close up of people’s faces they are really funny. 
Track  3                          Time 8:38-9:03
Cardboard Classic starting at 1030. JFBB, JP Moscaro Philadelphia Wings Traffic. Different Types of Sleds: Chris: Got hit with paper on his drive up. Mike: has a sled that is a giant Super Nintendo. There is a sled called the Dildo Dash. If you can’t be at the Cardboard Classic go to Facebook. Orgasm Machine: Creators say the machine would work by creating electrons to your nerves in the spinal column. The machine will be controlled by a remote and the procedure is highly invasive. Nick dated a girl who could not orgasm and she didn’t enjoy anything about sex. Kathy had a friend who never had an orgasm until her 30s. There are guys who can just will an orgasm to happen.  Sounds similar to a wet dream. Apparently this is a show in Tijuana. First Kiss:  At Preston’s son’s school they had the puberty talk. Steve and Nick had the talk in Junior High and in Church Nick had a very graphic sexuality talk. Nick found the class helpful. How did you learn to French kiss? Trial and error. Jacky has hickeys all over his chest. Machine that can turn water into wine: Called the miracle machine turns water into wine in 3 days. Just add a few simple ingredients. It usually takes a few years to make wine. Screening Calls: Apple might be making an app that lets you hear live voicemails. There are people who get mad when people leave voicemail. The Red Cross calls Preston on his landline all the time. Grape can ferment in one to two years. Rocky Passes 
Disc: 3                                                                     Date: 03-07-2014
Track  1                          Time 9:13-9:28
Weather. Traffic. Sarah Clayton is here from the totally office calendar. Casey: Wasn’t she supposed to bring some old guy? Preston: Yeah the guy from School House Rock. Steve: He’s Dead. Preston: Why did Pierre not stay over tonight? Steve: He had a thing, a hatchet throwing contest for his league. Casey wants to find bears and then realized they hibernate. Preston: Are there any bears that don’t hibernate? Steve: They go to bear raves. Bizarre Files. Police arrest Tampa man who was having relations with a dog. There was a crowd at the scene telling him to stop. There were 8 large pitbulls on his property. He now faces charges of cruelty to animals. Two intoxicated people were denied service at a pizzeria in Eugene Oregon and then set the place on fire with moonshine. Sandwiches have been banned from an officer’s mess hall in England because it has to be eaten with hands and gentlemen and ladies should only ear with utensils. They are eating with their hands, next thing you know they will drink liquids with their mouths.  When bears hibernate they don’t really sleep, they just hang out in their den. Craig Gas tickets
Track  2                          Time 9:41-9:59
Sarah Clayton from totally office calendar is at the Cardboard Classic. The line to get in is crazy. She wants to ride on a sled. Word from Pierres Producer, Pancake, says that he is on the turnpike Steve: Which turnpike? LQ.  Hollywood Trash. Simon Cowells says he was born to be a dad… who hires people to take care of their kid. Prenump agreement with Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. She wants to split everything 50/50 while he wants sole custody of her vagina. Khloe Kardashian purchases Biebers home, making renovations by putting salmon in the pool and a big toilet seat over the hot tub. LA. BucksCo vs DelCo float is having people pin their name and where they are from on either float to personalize it. Nick: Did you know the Swedish were the first to discover BucksCo? Music News Lincoln Park leaked their new single through Shazaam app. Features rapper Rakim. Guitars are back in their music. Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and AFI on tour. Distrubed’s Jon Moyer, launched his own clothing line called dread. Flea is going to voice a character in Disney Junior Show- Sheriff Callie’s Wild West- this Friday. Smart Studios will have a documentary featuring David Grohl and Billy Corrigan. LOTD WOTW

SQ What city did the drive in movie theatre debut?
SA Camden Nj

LQ Where is Muff Punchers?
LA Blue bell.

WOTW: Peach

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