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Tomorrow on the show:

Cardboard Classic!                  

                          Time 6:09-6:21
We welcome everyone who is joining us this morning! Weather. Traffic. News A police officer was injured sitting in police SUV after a driver slammed into his vehicle. A pregnant mother drove into the Atlantic Ocean with her children, aged 9, 10, & 3, after she spoke about demons haunting her. Police are searching for suspects in an identity stealing gang. These thieves target places such as gyms, breaking into cars, and stealing identities to withdrawal cash from the victim’s banking accounts. Sports Flyers won 6-4 over the Washington Capitals. The Phillies and Braves honored the late Jim Fregosi last night. The Braves and Phillies tied 2-2 and will be hosting the Yankees. Cardboard Classic. Preston is sick! Rocky. 

                          Time 6:31-7:10
Linkin Park on WMMR. Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays David Gilmour; 68, Shaq; 42, Tom Arnold; 55, Rob Reiner; 67, Moira Kelly; 46. SA. Entertainment News former Fraiser star, Kelsey Grammer is having his 6th child with new wife. Katie Holmes is on the new issues on UK Elle magazine where she talks about motherhood. Mary Kate Olsen’s fiancé tried to propose to her a year ago and she said “no.” Amy Adams and Kate Blanchet were seen hitting up a tattoo parlor with their husbands. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have set the date for their wedding in Paris and are going to exchange vows on May 24th. Lea Remini is reentering the world of reality TV and will be doing a 12 episode series on TLC with her family. Directors are fast tracking filming for Scarlett Johansson’s part in the Avengers to work around her pregnancy. A 31 year old man is reporting that Michael Jackson is his father. Joan River’s and busted on Elsa Hemsworth dress at the Oscars, even though she is pregnant. Ashton Kutcher recently discussed in Men’s Fitness about how he does not miss being single. Jenny Garth wants to set the record straight that she and Shannon Doherty never did fight during shooting on 90210, but they not like each other. The Stinky A-Hole! Viviane Jolie-Pitt might have a cameo in her upcoming film Maleficent. Clips Sophie Lowe discusses why the audience will love the new spin on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Elijah Wood talks about learning the piano for Grand Piano. Cardboard   

                          Time 7:21-7:50
Queen early in the morning. Philly’s Hottest Hand Bra is up and running! Traffic. Preston is trying to find any kind of silver lining in the horrible winter we’ve had. Experts say that the harsh winter has killed off an extreme amount of destructive bugs. One of the main populations that have diminished is the stink bugs. New research has found that there are 10X the amount of fish in the sea then we previously thought. Scientists only went 1,000ft. under the sea level & didn’t take in account over fishing. Bioluminescent brissle mouth fish is the most abundant species on earth. In Massachusetts, up-skirting is legal. The high court rule practice stated that the practice was legal because the women photographed were not nude or partially nude. There are no PA laws that state that you aren’t allowed to have your photo randomly taken in public. The news sometimes does this, not to this extreme, with stock footage. Part of taking up-skirt photos is the excitement of doing it and the possibility of getting caught. The worst part is knowing that someone is watching you without your knowledge.  Philly’s Hottest

SQ: What is the real name of the Michelin man?
SA: Bibendum 

                          Time 8:01-8:16
The one and only Cardboard Classic is tomorrow. Traffic. In 10 days, we are having a live broadcast from Finnigan’s Wake for St. Patrick’s Day! We’re heading back to Finnigan’s Wake, it’s the best place for the celebration. It starts early, but the party goes on throughout the day. Pierre will be live from the Irish Pub. St. Patrick’s Day aircheck. Last St. Patrick’s Day Preston told his wife’s friend how good at sex he was at Kildare’s. St. Patrick’s day in Philly is rivaled by none. Spring is here, celebrate by getting hammered. We might have to take a 3-day weekend this year since it’s on a Monday. We defied the laws of physics last St. patty’s Day. Bizarre File Thee third graders were caught smoking weed in the bathroom. A 58 year old man and his family were arrested at their high priced house after being caught with a 7 million dollar shoplifting spree. The California couple who found gold coins in their property are allowed to sell the coins since they were found on their property. The head of an elementary school called the police after she found out that student weren’t going to smile for a school picture. An 8 year old Michigan boy paid off all the school food loans after he found out his friend couldn’t afford food. Rocky.   

                          Time 8:29-8:58
There are lovely ladies on our Hottie Cam! Traffic. We’re getting some Big Muffs and Little Muffs from the Hungry A. For Lent, Casey gave up sweets & has been doing a great job, for the day, until our listeners gave up donuts. Casey forgot donuts were considered sweets and completely ate it all. He used to be a vegetarian until he ate pizza rolls with pepperoni in it. Nicki, who comes into studio to give us massages, is pregnant! Has she picked out a manger yet? She is currently 5 ½ months along. Preston realized that he has a negative sensation to tissues. When he was a kid, at lunch he would get two chocolate milks and apparently they weren’t paid for. The teacher chastised him in front of the class for not giving his milk to someone else who didn’t one. Preston started crying and the teacher gave him a tissue & it was crumpled up. It’s amazing how we continue to have negative sensations toward things that happen in our childhood. Steve got in trouble once for throwing up after eating the school’s made baked ziti. The Big Muffs are here! 

                          Time 9:12-9:33
The Hottie Cam girls are on right now. Traffic. We’re heading out again to Finnigan’s Wake to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. Our former Intern Erin e-mailed Preston telling him that Shaun is finally going to be moving to America to live with her. There’s a Daily Rush that is going to be uploaded that is footage of Casey picking his nose. There was a dead mouse in the green room on Tuesday. Weekly Rush. Picking flights based on price or convenience Both Preston and Steve look off of convenience. Kathy looks more with price and compares flights a lot. Study shows best time to buy flights. To get the best price on a domestic flight, they should be purchased 48 days in advanced. Booking in the winter months 5-6 months in advanced makes for a better flight deal. There is an airline that wants to make international flights $10. Sometimes paying by points costs you more money from fees and taxes than the actual ticket. Preston has been signing up for all the rewards programs. Nick is flying to Miami for $15 because of points. He’s jumping in a suitcase. Preston made an itinerary for when Casey and him went to Florida.  

                          Time 9:43-9:57
Cardboard Classic is tomorrow. Traffic. The Limelight Gala is happening on March 21st and we have Lauren Hart, Jesse Kyle, and Cheryl Colleluori in studio. Cheryl’s son Nicholas “Head” Colleluori was diagnosed with lymphoma and created the HEADstrong and The Limelight Gala to make an impact with people dealing with this disease. Both Lauren and Jesse had lymphoma and felt as though it was necessary to team up to help this foundation. The Limelight Gala is a party to raise awareness and to celebrate Nick’s life. They are trying to help the most people we can who are living with the disease. The money that is raised in this gala goes right to the people who are living with lymphoma within the area. Jesse had a stem cell transplant on Thanksgiving and Cheryl visited – that’s how she met her and became interested in the organization. There are different packages for the events and prices range from $200-$1,000. You can make donations online at   

                          Time 10:09-10:24
We have drunk girls on our Hottie Cam. Bizarre File Indian Police have no investigated hundreds of complaints of fraud because they forgot the password to their computer. A Veteran who was living in a car with 23 cats & dogs has checked herself into a homeless shelter. The animals were taken to a shelter & all the animals seemed to be in good condition. A Russian woman was put into a trance by a couple who claimed they were hypnotists and stole her jewelry. A wife told her husband he was too drunk, she he decided to drive it off. A tanker truck hauling 6,000 gallons of milk over turned and crashed into a home. LQ. Hollywood Trash Chris Harrison says that he does not know if The Bachelor would benefit from having an overweight or gay Bachelor. Kylie Jenner has gone under the knife for multiple operations. Katy Perry and John Mayer’s break was due to the large age gap. LA. Music News Tool kicked off it’s Spring tour in Washington on Tuesday with a 2 hour collection of fan favorites without a new song in sight. According to Rolling Stone, the LA opened their concert with “Hooker with a Penis” and ended with “Stink Fist.” The phone just rang in the studio asking for a girl named “Alison.” Kathy is pretending she is “Alison.” Drummer Danny Kary says that it always takes time for Tool to get used to what they are doing on stage. Ozzy Osbourne is continuing with his solo career. His guitarist stated that he has a contract for another three solo albums and he definitely wants to do one. Nine Inch Nails and Queen of the Stone Age are currently touring together in Australia and recently told and Australian radio station that, if this concert goes well, they might continue to have an ongoing concert series. Cardboard.

                          Time 10:36-10:50
93.3 WMMR! Pierre is going to be joining us at the Cardboard Classic tomorrow. Thank you to Bailey, Chelsea, and Lindsay for being on the Hottie Cam. The Hamilton Township Police department is going against the Fire department in a hockey tournament this Sunday at 3 to raise money for Ryan’s Quest charity. Pierre has just arrived and Listener Dave just called to us that he has already passed three trucks filled with Cardboard. We’ve seen a lot of awesome cardboard creations over the year. Let us never forget the time Pierre crashed with one sled. LOTD. One of the members of the Tiki-E group called in – their sled is a house boat this year. 

LQ: Why was Steve’s nickname in high school “The Grandma Banger?” 
LA: Because he banged his grandma.


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