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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:

We'll be talking about the Ryan's Cup Charity Hockey Game (9:00)
Lauren Hart, Jess Kyle, & Cheryl Colleluori talking about the 4th Annual Lime Light Gala (9:30)
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:

Date: 03-05-2014

Good morning, welcome to Wednesday. Weather. Traffic. News: Woman found dead and 7 injured after gas explosion in Ewing, NJ. Body was found on top of car near the homes that were affected. Contractor had damaged a gas line, and the explosion occurred when workers were attempting to repair it. RadioShack plans to close up to 1,100 stores after a disappointing holiday season. There will still be over 4,000 stores left in US. A Clifton Heights US Postal Service carrier, Amina Medley arrested for stealing cash and gift cards from mail. She was caught with $200 cash and 14 open envelopes in her mail bag. Sports: The Flyers have acquired Andrew McDonald from the NY Islanders. The Eagles release wide-receiver Jason Avant. Cliff Lee allowed 1 run in 2 innings in Phillies spring training loss. 
Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: John Frusciante: 44, Jake Lloyd: 25, Penn Jillette: 59, Eva Mendes: 40, Kevin Connolly: 40. SA. Entertainment News: Despite rumors, Zac Efron did not take a sober coach to the Oscars with him. His companion was actually his manager. Sam and Kat star Jenn McCurdy is in “crisis mode” after racy selfies surfaced recently. Lea Michele defended Corey Monteith and his drug addiction in a statement recently. Chris Evans is planning to take a short break from acting after playing Captain America. “Dancing with the Stars” has announced the cast for next season including, Charlie White and Meryl Davis, Drew Carey, Diana Nyad, Billy D. Williams, Sean Avery, Candace Cameron Bure, Nene Leakes, James Maslow, and Danica McKellar. Kathy doesn’t watch “Dancing with the Stars” anymore. Captain Phillips star Barkhad Abdi recently revealed he is broke. He was only paid $65,000 for his supporting role. Preston doesn’t see much of a future in acting for him. No, Captain Phillips 2? Bill Clinton posed with 2 prostitutes for a picture at a recent event. Tony Danza will read to students at Fox Chase Elementary School today. Clips: Director Robert Minkoff discusses what drew him to the Mr. Peabody character. Jason Schwartzman explains his upcoming film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Traffic. Ewing, NJ Gas Explosion: 7 injured, 1 dead. 55 Units were damaged total while 1 was completely destroyed. Steve explained how a woman was trying to describe the sound but couldn’t even put it into words. Casey said he is the same way. During the recent storm when he lost power, Casey had his father-in-law coach him through starting his gas fire place. Preston smelled gas in his house pretty recently. He had his whole family leave the house and made a phone call to have things repaired. It turned out that the propane was just low. Caller Jill was 2.5 miles from the explosion and felt her house shake. Caller Tim was about a mile away and thought it may have been a plane crash. Caller John was a quarter-mile away, “felt like someone picked up the building and shook it.” Debris landed near his office. I have a feeling Dancing with the Stars is somehow involved with this. Caller Michelle could smell gas long after the explosion. Caller Patty experienced a gas explosion on her own block a few years ago. She said her parents basically started from scratch after that. “I can finally hear a fire truck and not want to burst into tears.” What is the one thing you would never want to lose in a fire? Kathy: her shoes. Casey: his kids’ videos. Preston: statuettes of kids. Steve: VHS copy of the Marky Mark workout tape. Steve only had one recording of his mother’s voice but the tape deteriorated.

Time 7:55-8:11
Traffic. Good Day Fox 29:  “What are you all giving up for Lent?” It’s gonna be tough, because I’m addicted to them, but, prescription drugs. Kathy is giving up sweets for Lent and vows to go to church every Sunday. Casey is giving up sweets so he ate a pint of Ben and Jerry’s last night.  Bizarre File: 21 year old Kendra Harrison peed on officers when they attempted to arrest her. An ill widower died after being taken off life support by an acquaintance who passed himself off as a step brother after clearing out his apartment and bank accounts. The hospital never asked for proof of being related to the patient. Attempted sexual assault in a bathroom by a man dressed up as Barbie doll. Doctors have removed a rare tumor from a 4-month-old’s brain that contained teeth.
Time 8:24-9:04
Traffic. Accepting Philly’s Hottest Hand Bra contest submissions now. Feel Good Stories: 8-year-old Miles Eckert found $20 in a parking lot and gave it to a soldier wrapped in a hand written note to thank him. Miles’ dad was a soldier who was killed just 3 years ago. After giving the soldier money, he wanted to go see his father’s grave stone. Nick’s son told him yesterday he was his BFF. Preston’s daughter once said “Daddy, I’m happy with my life just how the way it is.” Rachel Canning is suing her own parents to have them pay for her school tuition and transportation costs.  She claims she was kicked out before turning 18 while her parents claim she left on her own. Her parents deny her claim that she endured emotional and psychological abuse. The judge ultimately ruled in favor of the parents. Parenting/Getting in trouble as kids Nick’s dad had one rule “no watching shows with Tony Danza in them.” Steve said the worst trouble he ever got in was when he was 7 or 8 and put rocks in the gas tank of his dad’s car thinking they were dinosaur eggs. It turns out there was a flaw in my science. It destroyed the engine. Casey had a BB gun and sold it to his little brother’s friend who then brought it to an 8th grade dance. When Preston was 14 or 15 he shot his neighbor’s garage lights, embedding BB’s in their siding. When Preston was 16 or 17 his dad found his pipe while in the passenger seat. Caller Bill shot crossbows into the side of the house and caused $20,000 in damages fist fighting with his brother.
Cardboard Classic in this Friday. Weather. Traffic. Last year had the highest number of Suicides on the Golden Gate Bridge: There is a documentary called “The Bridge” that actually discusses the issue of suicide and this bridge. Kevin Hines calls in: Survived a suicide attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge in 2000 (1 of 33 people all-time). There are discussions of receiving federal funds to go towards a safety net below the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin has bipolar disorder. He was hearing voices telling him that he had to die by suicide. He did not want to but felt he had to. He regretted it instantly and prayed to live on his way down. He broke his back and legs and could barely bob up and down. He believes a sea lion helped keep him afloat. Kevin thinks one of the best things you can do if you are having suicidal thoughts is reach out to NAMI. Kevin still struggles every day but the difference is that he is self-aware of his mental-illness. “People take their lives when they believe they have no future.” He has been strongly encouraged by his family.

Traffic. Bizarre File: An English man was attacked by a cat because it hated his aftershave. The cat has a phobia of pungent odors, leapt up onto his head and began scratching at his neck and ears. A pregnant woman was robbed at gun point while in labor. Louis Corbett will eventually be blind. His family has made an ocular bucket list including the Grand Canyon and other attractions. His number 1 wish is to see the Celtics play a game before he goes blind. Robber left empty handed after he held up workers with a cucumber demanding cash. “It was a F***ing cucumber, I’m getting arrested for this?”
Van Halen on MMR. Secret Word. LQ. Hollywood Trash. LA. Music News: Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, and AFI have teamed up for a tour starting Aug. 8th. Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is launching a side project called Birds of Satan. FUN. and the Killers will join Bruce Springsteen as headliners at the March Madness Music festival. Previous headliners have included Muse, Kings of Leon, Taylor swift and more. An ad placed by a man reporting he was a former roommate of Kurt Cobain has turned out to be a hoax. ACDC’s Phil Rudd lied about his past drug use in order to attain his pilot’s license. Kings of Leon had a “cheesesteak contest” while in Philly for their Wells Fargo Center show. The judges decided the best cheesesteak in the city is Jim’s.
Time 10:37-10:45
Nick just went outside and said it’s actually kind of nice outside right now. Nick: “Anything better… is better.” Thanks to Kevin Hines. Pierre thought it was an incredible conversation. LOTD. Tomorrow we’ll have more give-aways. That’s it we’re done. Rage On.

SQ. How many finger holes are on a rotary telephone dial?

SA: 10

LQ: Eva Mendes met Ed Norton while playing which super hero character?

LA: Mrs. Hulk

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