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Tomorrow on the Preston and Steve Show:
Kevin Hines – Survived Jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge – Phone
Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:10-6:20
Good morning! Weather. Traffic. News Gunman opened fire to a 24 year old veteran on the force. He was released from the hospital yesterday morning. Six men have been arrested following a prostitution ring over this weekend. A man accused of asking women to use Swiss cheese to perform sex acts has turned himself in over the weekend. Sports Both the Sixers and the Flyers were off last night. The Sixers have lost 16 games this season and will be going against the Lightning tonight.  The Flyers are off until tomorrow night when they return home to go against the Capitals.
Time 6:32-7:08
It’s a cold morning today. Weather. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays Jason Newsted; 51, Evan Dando; 47, Steven Weber; 52, Mykelti Williamson; 54, Catherine O’Hara; 60, Chaz Bono; 45, Len Wiseman; 41. SA. Entertainment News Scarlett Johansson is pregnant with her first baby. Charlize Theron and Sean Penn were all over each other while attending Madonna’s after Oscar party on Sunday. Jennifer Lawrence did not let her Oscar loss keep her from partying at the Oscar after party where she wore a sheer dress. Ben Affleck did not join Jennifer Gardner at the Oscars, but did meet up with her at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. 43.3 million people tuned in to watch the Oscars on Sunday – making it the highest watching total in a while. Lupita Nyong’o still cannot believe that she won an Oscar. Chrissy Teigen wrote “shitting down” instead of “shutting down” when  posting a tweet about sitting next to Angelina Jolie. Arby’s got their hat back and put up $44,100 to buy Pharrell’s hat. Frozen achieved a box office mile stone by making it the first Disney movie to cross the 1 billion dollar mark. I got sick when I ated dat apple. Kelly Osbourne was officially made up with Lady Gaga. Disney Princesses  That Mickey Mouse short – them crazy black people. A lot of older Disney movies were racist when you watch them now. Preston can name every Disney princess, but doesn’t think that Pocahontas is considered a princess since her dad was a Chief. Clips where’s da Socoli guy? Sullivan Stapleton talks about people trying to pronounce his character’s name in 300. Lauri Fraser talks about  Ty Burrell voicing Mr. Peabody in Mr. Peabody and Sherman.
Time 7:18-7:50
Cardboard Classic is this Friday! Traffic. Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon ate Pico’s Pizza on the Tonight Show. She was on promoting the Muppet movie talking about how Europeans do not have a lot of food on movie sets. Luke Cunningham, writer for the Tonight Show, is an Upper Darby native. The major late night talk shows are all mainly coming from New York now instead of LA. The Philadelphia Accent is starting the fade away. The New York Times wrote an article about how the accent has become softer. South Philly & DelCo accents have not softened at all. Some people say “Philwy” instead of “Philly.” Casey didn’t realize he had an accent until he traveled somewhere else and they pointed out the way he talked. The Boston accent is still completely different from any other accent. Everyone has their specific dialect for their specific region. When Preston first moved here he noticed u’s, o’s, and a’s where always drawn out. National broadcasters generally have generic accents. Preston used to have a pronounced Southern drawl. You folks want some more Cho Mein? Jacky Bam Bam has a distinct Philly accent & doesn’t hide it. Kathy doesn’t pronounce the traffic street names with a Philly accent.
SQ: What two types of animals are on the Pennsylvania state flag?
SA: Bald eagle and horses.
Time 8:03-8:16
It’s going to be really cold in the Lake Harmony area for the Cardboard Classic. Traffic. Steve sent a link to Preston of Janette McCurdy’s twitter account where she has been posting sexy selfies. Bizarre Files A Huston man says he was forced to use his Zelda replica sword when his girlfriend’s estranged husband arrived at their house. A teenager known only by his twitter handle “Versacepockets” wanted to gain internet fame by having sex with his hot pockets. Police say a Cincinnati man is recovering after being shot 14 times. A runaway pick-up with two-dogs at the wheel caused traffic issues after the dog put the car in gear. A man was arrested over the weekend after telling the cops that he thought “cocaine was pretty much not legal.” Two men disturbed a play a kindergarten play after beginning to fight. A woman was arrested after stealing 330 pizza rolls from Walmart. Rocky
Time 8:28-9:11
Preston likes the U2 performance on the Oscars the other night. Traffic. Weekly Rush – the most recent has man-woman-lady-person, Big Jay Oakerson, Carlos Mencia, Scott Hartnell, an animated segment, Philly’s hottest chick wit, & Steve talking about the snow. Scott Hartnell was at the Claude Giroux bowling charity event. The whole team was there to support the event. Jim Jackson & Preston hosted the event and made him sneak in the word tumultuous. The event had two different rounds of bowling & kept score of each of the bowlers. The competition was pretty close, but Claude ended up winning 83-77. Now Casey has to clean his pool in a thong, but Claude still is coming over to play hockey with Casey’s kids. Fat Tuesday is today. The tradition of bead throwing originated by the King of the first day time Carnival in 1872 & wanted the colors to have specific meaning. If he saw someone exhibiting a color, he would throw the colors to that person. New Orleans is one of those places where you need to experience one time in your life. The jazz throughout the street is absolutely amazing and definitely is alive. Kathy and Casey are giving up sugar for lent. Malin Akerman the correct pronunciation is “it’s like a shopping mall and going into it” – mall-in. She has had so many different pronunciations of her name that she’d just used to it. A lot of people have to go through dealing with ex-wives, that’s why Trophy Wives resonates with today’s viewing audience. Malin was in CBGB and was able to be Debbie Harry. There is nothing in the works for Watchmen 2.
Time 9:20-9:31
Gadzooks! WOW. Traffic. She’s only the 9th player to play with the Harlem Globetrotters TNT Maddox is in studio! Preston is bringing his family out to the event this Friday at 7. She went to Temple and played Temple with them. TNT’s main skill with the Globetrotters is being fast and dribbling. She’s proud to be in an organization where it is so fan friendly and is happy to be back in Philadelphia. TNT played in Sweden for two years and was asked to try-out for the team. In the audition process, it’s a traditional process and towards the end they ask for specific skills. There’s no hazing with the Globetrotters, but it is tough and is a lot of practice to get those skills. There is a series of specific skills they need to learn, but it’s up to the player. Preston and Casey can spin the ball on one finger, but can only hold it for a bit. Outreach into the community is important for the face of Globetrotters.
Time 9:42-9:55
Volbeat in WMMR – they’ll be playing the MMRBQ. The Super Bowl even of chocolate is happening this Thursday called the ALS Hot Chocolate Event. The Hot Chocolate event has been happening for 7 years and will be at the Aquarium. There will be 20 different vendors with over 2,000 pounds of chocolate at the event. They brought in a 15 pound cake pop into the studio today. It’s like a Rosie O’Donnell bowel movement! You are encouraged to go around and pick up goodies from each station. All the proceeds from the ALS Hot Chocolate event go towards supporting ALS.  
Time 10:07-10:31
The Cardboard Classic is this Friday and the weather should be great. Bizarre Files A man who claims that he was sitting outside his home when a bear lunged at him has changed his story. He originally stated that the bear stack him, but then changed the story to he was chasing after the bear. A New York judge is drawing criticism when he said that a man who was having a heart attack could “wait a few more minutes.” A fisherman who got a seeming small scrape over the weekend, died from attracting fresh eating bacteria. A Florida woman was arrested for battery after striking her daughter in the face with a dirty diaper. Tattoosday today! RC teamed up with Intern Kevin today to make a Star Wars themed tattoo. LQ. Hollywood Trash Miley Cyrus made out with a random fan at her Bangerz tour in LA. Scarlett Johansson is pregnant.  Chris Katan’s recent bizarre acts have been due to the back medication he is taking. LA. Music News Dave Grohl appears in a new charity video with LA singer/songwriter Taylor Greenwood for her new song “Sing Me to Sleep.” A former financial office of Pearl Jam’s financial company has been charged with stealing money from the band. The 55 year old Goodrich pleaded guilty after using money from the band to go on expensive family vacations. A judge ordered Thee Doors Down bassist to move after being arrested on a DUI charge in Mississippi. He was told not to drive in an circumstance and was placed on house arrested. A man who claims that he was been a roommate to Kurt Cobain has went on Craigs List in order to sell Cobain’s items. Some of the items that Kurt reportedly left behind were; skis, A Swatch Phone, and a Kingman video game. A lot of people are believing this person was a fraud, but he is stating that he has photos of Kurt using these items as well as friends who would definitely claim that he was living with the famous singer. Anchorman 2 screening passes.
Time 10:39-10:51
The Ramones on WMMR. There’s a great commercial about great things that started in a garage & The Ramones are one of them. Today is the day that P&S first met Pancake because it’s free Pancake Day. Supposedly Preston gave Pancake advice at a strip club that got him to the position he is today. Go by IHOP today and go get some free Pancakes. There are bars open already for Fat Tuesday. Thank you to Malin Akerman, TNT Maddox, Listener Shaun, and the people who stopped by for the ALS Hot Chocolate Event. Pierre Robert is back from Colorado! LOTD. Tomorrow on the show we are going to have our Fox Good Day hit and Kevin Hines – on of the survivors from The Bridge.
LQ: What is Steve giving up for Lent?
LA: Catholicism
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