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Here’s what happened on the show this morning:
Time 6:10-6:24
Weather. Traffic. News: Snow Emergency declared at 10 pm, all schools are closed. City had to give out 1000 tickets last storm and all vehicles that are not removed from emergency routes will be ticketed and towed. This is the 15th snow storm. The Red Cross is opening up heating stations. Chris Christie has declared a state emergency, Jack Marcel has for DE. 1-3 inches in the Philadelphia more snow south of us. Oscar Pistorius pleaded not guilty to murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Pistorius claims he shot his girlfriend by accident thinking she was an intruder. Sports: Flyers had a 5-4 win over the Capitals. Darren Hilliard scored a record 28 pts for Villanova’s win. This is the 26th regular season win for Nova which is a new record. Burnett pitched against his old team the Pirates. New WoW prize. Have LoTD. Cardboard classic is Friday.
Time 6:35-7:08
Less Snow. Traffic. SQ.. Celebrity Birthdays: Jessica Biel 32, David Faustino 40, Herschel Walker, 52, Jackie Joyner Kersee, 51. Miranda Richards 56. Julie Bowden, 44. SA Non-stop was 1st at the box office Son of God 2nd, 3rd was The Lego Movie. Oscars:  Gravity won the most including Best Director. Leto, Mcconaughey took the 2 male acting categories. Best Picture is 12 years a slave. Cate Blanchett won best actress, Lupita Nyong’o won best supporting actress. 34th Razzies: Worst Picture Movie 43. Worst actor Jayden Smith After Earth, worst actress Tyler Perry in drag, worst supporting actress Kim Kardashian, worst combo Jayden and Will Smith, worst screenplay Movie 43, Celebrity News: Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter and has deleted her old tweets. George Lopez released a statement to defend his arrest for public intoxication where he fell asleep on a casino floor after a gig. Amanda Seyfried was annoyed when she ran into Paparazzi at American Airlines. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged and plan to tie the knot quickly. Lea Michelle reveals she and Corey Monteith discussed their future, snubbed in the Oscar montage. Mary-Kate Olsen engaged to Olivier Sarkozy, she’s 27 he’s 44. Real Housewives of NJ stars Teresa and Joe Giudice have reached a plea bargain for fraud. Clips: Bates Motel, Hotel Impossible.
Time 7:17- 7:48
Weather. Traffic. Selfie Monday listener is flipping off bad drivers. David Murphy Storm is not as bad as it could have been because storm went south. Need 6” to break record. Does this mean we will get a mild summer- not usually a direct correlation. Philly will get 1-3” storm should end around 9-10. It should get warmer later this week. Stitches: Nick son needed 10 stitches, Ben is 7 1Ž2.Worried the hospital will think child abuse and when Preston got his vasectomy they asked if there was any kind of abuse. Do you ever put your finger in your butt and smell it? Nick’s brother, walked across a heating grate and Nick’s father got accused of child abuse. Tonya: Got glass in her hand and she needed to be sedated because she kicked the dr. in the nuts. Billy: Used Miller Lite boxes as a splint for a nun. Preston’s worst injury was when he tripped over his cowboy boots. Dawn: Son had neck pain and the nurse accused her of shaken baby syndrome. Then found out he had cancer. Son is fine now.  Chris: Everyone gets asked if you feel safe. Make sure everything feels right.
Time 8:02-8:12
Caught Kathy singing to the song. Traffic. Bizarre File: Officials at Swiss Business school says a teacher was fired when Porn of women with amputated limbs, showed up on his BlackBoard. Police busted 4 University of Utah’s students smoking pot in an Igloo. Georgia man who faced 3 years for texting his dong to a woman. He is “getting off” because of a loophole law from 1970 that says there must be a warning in 8pt font but that doesn’t exists in text. 2 year old accidently cut off 4 of her own fingers when she had got a knife from the kitchen and cut herself while pretending to cook. California man is suing McDonalds because he only received 1 napkin and it gave him unnecessary mental anguish. Giveaway Giroux and Friends tickets. Caller 15.  
Time 8:23-8:52
Coming up is Oscar Recap. Traffic. Marisa is trying to beg Preston for bagels with a 5. Anyhow bring bagels to Marisa. Oscar Recaps: 86th Academy Awards, ceremony lasted 3 hours. Kicks off with Best Supporting Actor but then go through a lot of awards that people don’t care. They need to sprinkle in one big award in the middle of the ceremony. Ellen DeGeneres did a fine job it was a lot like her show. Kathy was a little disappointed it wasn’t as much as a spectacle. Ellen got the biggest stars in Hollywood in the most retweeted selfie in history. It shut down twitter for. Acceptance Speech: The women in 6 speech choked Preston up. She died hand gliding.  Kim Novak and Mathew Mcconaughey gave a cringe worthy moment talking about animation. Bill Murray came out with Amy Adams and threw in a little tribute to Harold Ramis. Pink did a very good job singing for Wizard of Oz tribute. At this point Kim Novak and Liza Mennili were fighting. Pharrell and U2 were very good. Best Director: Gravity, Best Picture: 12 Years a Slave. Acceptance Speeches: Alfonso Curran’s, wise guys at Warner Brothers (meant wise men) Mathew Mcconaughey alright, alright, alright.
Time 9:00-9:38
WoW Traffic. VIP Screening of Rocky Giveaway. Cardboard Classic. Troy Gentile: The creator of the show is from Jenkintown and it makes it look authentic. Troy really loves his job and is excited to go to work every day. He is very tired this morning. Troy really enjoyed playing Jack Black as kid but working on the Goldberg’s is his favorite thing he has ever done. His character is always wearing the Flyers logo and the Flyers have sent him a bunch of stuff to wear. Pizza: Researchers have found that you get the most “bang for your buck” with a large pizza. Nick folded two pieces together and ate both pieces at the same time. Only reason to fold pizza is if it’s flimsy. Nick like’s Lorenzo’s pizza but you can’t eat it without folding it. The bigger the pizza the cheaper the slice. James: makes pizza sandwich with hot sauce and ranch. Kathy used to eat mustard on pizza. Will: Cut’s his pizza with fork and knife. At home order Sicilian pie and dip it in ranch and hot sauce. Dave: When I was younger used to ask the guy not to cut it and would fold it and eat it like a sandwich. Jim Jackson: Won’t be bowling and if the event doesn’t happen tonight it won’t happen. Last night was an impressive win. Went to Hawaii during the Olympic break it’s his only time off. Calling a hockey game is great because it is fast pace but like’s baseball because it is more of a story. It’s a bowl off between Giroux and Casey. Casey’s average is very good but Giroux doesn’t like to lose. Just pulled up a video of a Fox 29 newscaster getting hit by a snow plow.
Time 9:50- 10:04
Cardboard Classic. Traffic. Since we got a light amount of snow do you kick the rear out a little bit if there is no traffic. Turn off of City Line and then drive full speed into the building. During one of the earlier snow storms Casey did donuts. There are two cars that face the entrance and hang out around 5:15. There is also a guy that waits for the gym that opens around 5:30. Bizarre File: Seattle store is selling horse head squirrel feeders for $15. A registration mishap on trip advisor made Mary Johnston an 87th ranked tourist attraction. South Carolina took a Georgian man into custody when they found his mom in the trunk of his car. A Spanish politician was staring at naked women when he was supposed to be debating. Claimed he was trying to find a specific article. One driver had to wait out traffic during a hot day when he had a lion in his trunk. No cage or bars. A talented high school musician died after what appears to be complications from having his impacted wisdom teeth removed. Giveaway VIP Rocky passes caller 12.          
Time 10:15- 10:38
Counting Crows with Mr. Jones. Traffic. LQ. Hollywood Trash: Bieber turned 20 and the cake said happy birthday bizzle. Paula Patton addressed her split to Robin Thicke on Instagram with a quote “If you love something let it go, and see if it comes back.”  The Game is reported to have dated Kim Kardashian. LA  Adam McKay Anchorman 2 rated R second version. 763 new jokes. The cast and crew basically shot 2 movies at the same time. Never expected the 2nd version to be in theaters. Preston doesn’t understand why the Oscars don’t have a comedy category. McKay doesn’t think we need awards because the movies are much more fun to make. Comedy is usually appreciated 20 years down the line. Comedy’s tend to have more of a cultural effect. For example Groundhog Day. Harold Ramis was a really great guy and was one of the Titans of comedy. During the Oscars everything in Hollywood shuts down. McKay is not part of that scene he did watch Walking Dead. Giveaway 5 passes to Anchorman 2  Music News: Coldplay will release their 6th studio album, Ghost Stories, in May. Magic is the first single and can be found online. Slipknot has said that the band will work on their next album this month. Thinks fans will be very excited. Rob Zombie is teaming up with American Psycho writer for a limited series based on Charles Manson. This is the project that made him shelf the Broadstreet Bulies project. Metallica’s 1991 self-titled album will pass the 16million mark this month. Gwen Stefani had a baby Apollo on March 1. 3D documentary on Guns and Roses will have a theatrical release in April. It is 2 hours 47min long.
Time 10:48-10:56
Had some inclement weather but still a good show however everything was closed. Only 2 more days of cold then it will start to warm up. Wrap Up: McDonalds was open. Matt Cord is in studio. Popeye’s was open, it is past St. Joe’s. Thank you: Troy Gentile, Jim Jackson, and Adam McKay. LOTD: P The Allen Iverson event on Saturday went really well. AI has a documentary coming out which looks really great. AI is not 6” but he is taller than DeShawn Jackson. Pierre is trapped in Colorado.  
SQ: PA law requires a minimum of how many school days per year?
SA: 180
LQ: What song number by Kim Novak and Kirk Douglas was scrubbed by Oscar producers?
LA: You’re the one that I want
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