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Time 6:08-6:22
Weather. Traffic. News Temple University men and women’s row crew returns. Other sports including baseball were cut. Temple officials say those teams have no facility. 2 storage lockers owned by Don Tollefson in Penn’s Landing were auctioned off. The lockers drew 2 dozen people. MMR uses a storage locker, we store the big gorilla there. 1 million dollar mega millions ticket was sold at a 7/11. Sports O.J. Mayo scored 7 three pointers against the Sixers. Bucks have worst record in NBA. Sixers have lost last 21 of 24. Nick Foles engaged to long-time girlfriend. Pennsbury Falcons tonight against Conestoga at Temple 7:30. Today we have Rob Minkoff, Keith Robinson, Tattuesday, meet & eat.   

Time 6:33-7:06
Mary-Jane’s last dance. Traffic. SQ Birthdays Rashida Jones 38; Sean Astin 43; Tea Leoni 48; Sally Jessy Raphael 79. SA What’s your favorite color? Preston usually gravitates towards yellow peanut M&M’s. As a kid if you ate a green M&M you hit a homerun.  Entertainment News Harold Ramis passed away at 69yrs old. Alec Baldwin doesn’t want to be famous anymore. He writes I’ve lived this for 30 years and I’m over it. He is craving living in L.A. again because he feels less exposed in the public eye. Baldwin also bashes NBC claiming they broadcast the same BS all the time. Robin Thicke and wife Paula Patton call it quits after about 10 years. Amanda Bynes attorney Richard Hutton reaches a plea deal after 2012 arrest charging Bynes with wet reckless driving.  So she was aroused? You can cut diamonds with those nipples. She just left a stain that’s all. She has been sentenced to 3 years-probation. Julia Roberts was seen wearing all black with blonde hair. Comedian named Brando Murphy suing Eddie Murphy for deformation for $50 Million dollars on claims that he built his career on saying he was Eddie’s son. Salma Hayek’s brother involved in fatal car crash. Nickelodeon announces nominees for awards. Oprah Winfrey was photo bombed by Idris Alba while taking a selfie. Kendall Jenner’s modeling career is taking off. She recently walked a show with a see-through shirt on with no bra. Rob Ford, Toronto mayor ran into a fire hydrant after Canadian wins Medal. CLIPS Our movie screening is tonight. We have an announcement a little later. 

Time 7:16-7:46
Stone Temple Pilots on MMR. It’s cold, and grey, and going to last the rest of your life. At this point it’s like going up to the elephant man, like uh you got a zit. Traffic. Harold Ramis he created ‘Bluto’ John Belushi’s character in Animal House. It’s hard to track down a list of one-liners from all the great Ramis movies. He had a childish infertile type humor, and it worked. Casey likes the line from Knocked Up “I wasn’t stoned all the time, just the evenings and  all day on weekend”. Animal House, Meatballs – Bill Murray breakout role, and right on the heels of that was ‘Caddyshack’. Ramis audio clip quoted saying Animal House will be the greatest comedy of all time, and then had same expectations for ‘Caddyshack’. There is something about’ Caddyshack’ and ‘Animal House’. Casey can’t go golfing without hearing a comment about ‘Caddyshack’.’Animal House’ developed a lot of people’s college experiences, like how ‘The Godfather’ did for the Mafia.  Steve states he owes Harold Ramis for a lot of the enjoyment in his life. He perfected that sort of dry delivery on SCTV. He wasn’t as confident in his own delivery. Directing wise, Steve’s favorite ‘Groundhog Day’, he loved it when he saw it, but loves it even more so now that he understands it more. Very sad news, but definitely worth talking about.  

SQ: How many colors are currently in a regular bag of M&M’s.
SA: 6   

Time 7:58-8:24
Traffic. Got a lot of stuff on our plate. Contest announcement:  NewPhilly’s Hottest.. Hand Bra! Send pictures to Nick. Send several pictures to choose from. Bizzare File Japanese plant worker dies after 13 tons of molten alloy poured over him. Woman comes forward after cab driver attack, beat her up, and knocked her unconscious after she wanted to pay with a credit card. After 66 rounds of a spelling bee, an 11 year old and 13 year old used up all the words available, therefore haulting for further date. Man fell 17 stories in trash shoot, after fleeing from police. Rob Minkoff in studio talks about upcoming film Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Apparently Mr. Peabody invented Zumba. Minkoff went to CalArts, started in Disney in the early 80’s.First live action movie direction was Stewart Little. Computers have a huge impact on animation over the last 20yrs. “We use to say making an animated movie was not rocket science, now it is.” Harold Ramis, Mel Brookes were influential to Minkoff. Minkoff’s wife is 76th decedent of Confucius. Movie comes out March 7th. Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Time 8:34-8:58
Cold one today.Club Risque Traffic. Keith Robinson in Studio Mr. Peabody inspired him, he’s going to get a white baby. White babies cost 35,000 a pop, to adopt a white baby. I can afford a 12 pack of Asian babies and make my money back. Kevin Hart was at the laugh house in Philly when they met. Keith did pretty well at Star Search, made it to the final round for 100,000 but lost. However Keith spent the money prior assuming a win. I thought I was going to win because Al Sharpton was one of the judges. I was going to get a check and go to a nice check cashing place, like on 52nd & Lancaster. Do you write something and say…this one is mine. “Of course!” Keith was living in L.A. for a few months writing for the Wanda Sykes show, but it did not last. Doesn’t get to Philly often. He has a son who lives in Philly, who is 19 with no job…”my son is selling bricks!” He is actually boxing at the gym on 44th and Lancaster. Being from Philly you had to know how to fight. It was hard to come out of the closet as a Cowboys fan. Became a fan in the 70’s, the cheerleaders, always look like they’re in slow motion, the flex defense. Went to Wanda Sykes super bowl party. The party included Gabrielle Union, who made Keith speechless. He chose between Kevin Hart and Wanda Sykes parties. Keith wants to sell out theatres, that is his goal. Keith is playing Helium Comedy Club tonight and tomorrow. Keith is working on filming a 1 hr special that Kevin Hart is producing. 

Time 9:10-9:40
Volbeat on MMR. Playing the MMRBQ. Traffic. Riddle Ale House is here, and it’s delicious. Congratulations to Brain Taft of 6ABC, him and his wife are expecting twins. On the phone, former councilman Rick Marino. McDonalds changing breakfast time? McDonalds has regulations they meet. Taco bell will start doing breakfast, beginning with taco waffles. They also have the a.m. crunch wrap, a bacon and egg burrito, and a sausage melt. They have a new dessert, cinnamon bun balls. Steves favorite new snack is dark chocolate covered blueberries. These are angel turds! Casey wants to give up sugar on Fat Tuesday. You would get in a van now if you were offered candy.
He has a week to decide. Giveaway for Giroux and Friends in Claude’s suite. 

Time 9:49-10:03
Traffic. Philly’s hottest. Send your beaver shots to Nick. Preston asked for 3 callers for Black Listna contest. Bizarre File Nepal puts more restrictions on Mt. Everest after a fight broke out on the mountain. Couple pops pimples on neck and face during train ride. Woman will not face charges for stabbing man with comb and killing him. Police say a man and his date had sex in back of a cab and did not have fare money. They thought the sex would be enough. Black Listna Caller Denelle recaps prior black listna events. Zachary’s Bar-B-Q. It’s snowing right now in Bala Cynwyd. I miss the snow.

Time 10:14-10:26
Eve 6 on MMR. Cardboard Classic. Selling coors light in parking lot. Get there early, lot gets jammed. Before 8 if you can. LQ Hollywood Trash LA Listener Mike wins cardboard classic package. Music News Soundgarden decides to release deluxe editions of music containing 5 discs. Motley Crue recently announced they’re final tour, while Drummer Tommy Lee just got engaged.  Beck released new album ‘Morning Phase’ becks first album since signing with Capitol Records. Claims 6 year gap was due to health issues including back problems. Preston gives away Riddle Ale House gift cards to 2 callers. 

Time 10:37-10:46
Oasis on 93.3WMMR. Busy day with announcements and guests. Preston announces new Philly’s Hottest Contest, the Hand Bra contest. Send your pictures to Nick. Thanks to Rob Minkoff for stopping by, director of Mr. Peabody, and Keith Robinson stopped by performing tonight at Helium Comedy Club. Joe showed up for his tattuesday and RC did not come by. Thanks to Nick and the gang at Riddle Ale House Get their pulled pork sandwich, it is delicious. Matt Cord is filling in for Pierre today. LOTD Today Matt has a tribute to Jimmy Buffet. Matt plays true or false on his show today. Thank sponsors, Doylestown Hospital. Cure  Auto Insurance, tomorrow going live on FOXnews. Thanks everybody, we’ll see you tomorrow.  

LQ: In League of their own, what is the name of the team from Pittsburgh?
LA: The Pittsburgh Vaginas


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