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Tomorrow on the show:

Keith Robinson (8:30)

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Heres what happened on the show this morning:

 Time 6:11-6:23

Sunny and cold today. Traffic. News A man was attacked with a hammer in west Philadelphia. Two people are recovering after a building collapse in Philadelphia. Officials from Septa are considering keeping the trains running until 3 am on weekends. Sports Dale Ernhardt Jr. became a two time Daytona 500 winner. Canada defended the Olympic men’s hockey title against Sweden. Russia was the overall champ, while America was in second. Sixers are back in action today against the Bucks. Claude Giroux will be in today with Zac Rinaldo as well as Jim Florentine. Super Pole Party. WOW prize

 Time 6:36-7:10

Weather traffic. SQ Birthdays Dominic Chianese is 83, Billy Zane is 48, Paula Zahn is 58, Edward James Olmos is 67, Berry Bosworth is 69, Abe Vigoda is 83, and intern Peyton turned 21 on Thursday. She is babysitting for Steve and Nick. SA Entertainment News “The Lego movie” continues to be first in the box office, followed by “Three Days to Kill” and “Pompeii”. Snooki is pregnant again. She released a book in September. Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles have ended their relationship. Mel Gibson’s ex, Oksana Grigorieva is filing for bankruptcy. She receives $20,000 a month in child support from Mel Gibson after passing up a rumored $15 million settlement. Maria von Trap died over the weekend; she was the second oldest daughter. She was played as Louisa in the Musical, “The Sound of Music.” NBC has talked about bringing back “Heroes,” for a thirteen show mini-series. Peirce Morgan’s prime time show has been axed by CNN. Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have split but Odom says she will always be his wife. ABC confirmed that Brooke Burke- Charvet will no longer be on Dancing with the Stars, Erin Andrews will be the new host. Lena Dunham said she was fired from a small gig on the HBO mini-series, “Mildred Pierce”. Clips The Fosters- Jennifer Lopez is an associate producer. Top Gear- host Jeremy Clarkson. Claude Giroux and Zac Rinaldo are coming in to promote the Giroux and friends bowling tournament. We will also have Jim Florentine in and Calendar girl and cover girl Caroline on the hottie cam.

 Time 7:23-7:50

Volbeat. Caroline on the Hottie cam. Traffic Claude Giroux stopping by later. Super Pole Party Thrusday. Beautiful Weather Yesterday everyone was out yesterday. There were lots of joggers and bikers yesterday. But there is not much room because there is still snow on the side of the road too. Are you supposed to run with traffic or against traffic? Casey thinks you’re supposed to ride a bike with traffic and run against it. How else would you do that cool thing where you jump up and the car goes under you? Casey drives to other towns so he can run through it. A runner and police office Tim calls in and says you ride your bike with traffic because of hand signals. You should skip with traffic. Nick’s son skips everywhere. Kathy was in the city and she was almost hit by a biker crossing the street. She wanted to chase after him and kill him. She had the right of way. A few years ago there was a mountain of snow so big it was in the Granite Run Mall parking lot until July. Going to snow soon again. Cardboard classic coming up. Preston says hello and thank you to Michelle from dental solutions, it’s the old Y100 building. There were four bathrooms at that studio. They preferred the basement bathroom. Movie passes Non- Stop.

Stupid Q: Who was in the white bronco with OJ Simpson?

Stupid A: Al Cowlings

Time 8:00-8:29

Caroline on the Hottie Cam right now. Traffic. Shart Outs John Clement Burn, to Chuck from step daughter Chelsea, Adam for Valentine’s Day from Maura, Mary from husband Bill. Claude Giroux and Zac Rinaldo went to Canada during the break. Record breaking cold temps in Canada this year. They’re pretty happy about Canada taking the gold. Started practice again yesterday and they’re first games Thursday. Claude Giroux and friends bowling tournament is coming up. Giroux got a game in on Saturday. Casey ordered a couple flyers logo balls. The charity associated with the event is the children’s hospital. Some Wings guys and Union players will be there too. Hockey was a four season sport for them in Canada. Casey is asking about Canadian TV shows, they do not know all of them. It was weird to not have hockey for 2.5 weeks during the Olympics. In 2010 they went to the Stanley cup finals after the Olympics so maybe this will be a good thing. Maybe they should watch some Canadian TV. There needs to be a wager on the bowling tournament. If Casey wins Giroux has to come over a play hockey with the kids. Rinaldo thinks that he should clean Giroux’s pool. Suggests he comes to practice with them if Giroux wins. How about Casey shaves Bob Kelly’s back if you win? They have a week to decide what he will do if Giroux wins. We have some Flyers tickets to give away. Caller 7.

 Time 8:39-8:53

Nice Monday morning. Traffic. Black listna party. Bizarre File Tim Margus the director of public safety at a Concordia university  is accused of pleasuring himself into another employees shoes. You’ll be gellin like seaman. 53 year old SC man tried to pay with a trillion dollar bill. Illinois search for a small mountain of road salt. 80 tons of salt was stolen. Police are hunting for a pair of suspects who assaulted a man with a large icicle. 96 year old Joseph wanted a slice of cake from his favorite bakery, but got diarrhea from a dead rat in the cake. Preston ordered an off the shoulder outfit for the Black Listener party. Caroline is on the hottie cam right now.

 Time 9:06-9:34

WMMR rocks Traffic. Jim Florentine Interview The snow has been bothering him too. He has a neighbor with a snow blower so he lets him do his drive way. Steve bought a snow blower, he says it’s really fun.  Jim isn’t handy around the house at all. It’s not worth it to be good at it, cause then everyone wants you to do stuff. The only thing he was good at before comedy was landscaping. Preston was only good at handing his dad stuff when he needed it. Jim has a 3.5 year old. They’re so useless at that age. He thinks 1 kid is enough. Steve’s sister in law has 9. It works out because she has a staff of kids to take care of the younger ones.  He’s not the dad that has the DVD player in the back of the minivan He cranks Ozzy while his sons in the back seat. He knew the “Cat Scratch Fever,” chorus by the end of listening to the song. Talk about KISS has announced they’re not going to play the rock and roll hall of fame. Jim hasn’t done any music cruises, he doesn’t like them. Preston is waiting for something big to come along. The last big movement in rock that really took over was the grunge thing. Florentine says he doesn’t know with DJ’s and their laptops now. Florentine will be in Bethlehem and Phoenixville doing shows. He didn’t watch any of the Olympics. He doesn’t know how you get tickets to his show in Bethlehem Friday. There’s a link on the website. More snow so he’s bring his neighbor chicken soup so he’s ready to help Wednesday.

 Time 9:46-10:06

U2. Traffic. Caroline is on the Hottie Cam. She’s great because she’s punctual. Danny Hammond died over the weekend condolences to his family and friends Moviefone is gone. It is still an app AOL. has picked up moviefone. Nick still has an AOL account. Preston finally gave in and got a fandango membership. Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Nancy Kerrigan was injured by Tonya Harding’s body guard and husband she was clubbed in the knee before a huge competition. Tonya Harding says she apologized so many times she says it’s not her fault anymore. In the end of the interview they asked Nancy if she believed that Tonya knew anything about it and she said it didn’t matter. Liam Neeson and Bono Neeson brought up how Bono helped his younger son after his mother died. Bono and Neeson’s son were both 13 when they lost their mothers. Bono is a friend of Neeson’s. Neeson was also critical of his performance in Schindler’s list. Holocaust Survivor The oldest living holocaust survivor has died. She talked about how music saved her. Music was the only thing that helped her to have hope, like a religion. She said Music is god. You can feel it in difficult times. There is a documentary called SHOA that is 9 hours long and is all holocaust survivors. Trying to be more upbeat. Claude Giroux and friend’s charity bowling tournament tickets.

 Time 10:18-10:40

Incubus yesterday was so nice it’s hard to believe were going to get more snow.Traffic. Bizarre File two men are accused of abusing cows, they have been charged with sexual misconduct. One of the men was filming while the other was trying to do this. A school teacher in Florida was suspended without pay for being so drunk on the job she could barely stand but has not been arrested because it is not illegal in Florida. A man and woman who were in a guest house in Africa got stuck together when the man could not remove himself from the woman. Police arrested a Camden county man who stole a sound system and then returned for the remote control he forgot the first time. A man has filed a federal law suit against Hardy’s by an employee who was pressured into sexual relationship with his supervisor and then fired when he ended it. LQ. Hollywood Trash Miley Cyrus chewed on a fans used thong and then drank from anothers drink. 60 year old Hulk Hogan will return to WWE. Lamar Odom says Khloe will always be his wife no matter what.LA Music News KISS announces no members of KISS will be performing at the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Slash was asked in a UK interview to name the most lucrative song he’s ever written and he said Sweet Child of Mine. Kurt Cobain’s hometown named last Thursday Kurt Cobain day and unveiled a statue of Cobain. Billy Corgan will play a 9-10 hour show of a 1922 spiritual novel. Movie passes Non-stop Caroline on the hottie cam.

Time 10:49-10:57

Wrap Up Claude Giroux and Casey are competing in the Giroux and friends charity bowling event. Jim Florentine was in too. LOTD Also thanks to cover girl Caroline.

Lesson Q: ‘You’ll be gellin like, what?’

Lesson A: Seaman


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