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Time 6:08-6:22  
Here at Revel, very hung over. Weather. Traffic. News: Philadelphia Police are questioning a 24 year old man in attempted abduction of a nine year old. The women found dead inside a car at 30th street station is Nadia Malik. Malik, mother of two, has been missing since February 9th. Philadelphia Police are searching for a suspect who robbed a TD bank in Old City. No one was hurt in the robbery. Sports: USA scored twice in the Olympic hockey game but Canada won the game in 8 min and 10 seconds overtime. Men’s Olympic hockey semi-round games will be played this weekend. Sixers were very busy during the draft. Cav’s have sent the Sixers two second round draft pick. Revel: Great party last night, everyone is very hung over. Preston/ Mr. Deverou took a hit last night playing craps. There is the world’s greatest shower at Revel. Need to find how Gary Lauer did last night. 

Time 6:32- 7:05 
Live at Revel just played Kings of Leon. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Ellen Page 27, Jennifer Love Hewit 35, William Baldwin 55, Kelsey Krammer 59, Alan Rickmen 68, Anthony Daniels 68, David Geffen 71, Chuck Palahniuk 52, William Peterson 61, Ashley Greene 27. SA Celebrity News: TMZ knows the name of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s child - Bodhi Ransom Green. Sarah Hyland left a party in Australia early and in tears because she was allegedly grouped by a fan. Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande might be taking legal question against Perez Hilton for saying she has a drug problem. James Franco wrote an op-ed in the New York Times supporting Labeouf. Bruce Jenner’s daughter Cassandra Marino is glad to have her father back in her life. Jessica Biel offered her fans a preview of her new family friendly restaurant, she had pictures of lemon bars and alfajores. Katie Holmes loves New York. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher like to have a low-key date night Oprah recently purchased a new house for her half-sister Patricia. Clips: Kiefer Sutherland talks about why Pompeii will be good film. Connie Neilsen talks about what made her interested in Three Days to Kill.  

Time 7:17- 7:42
Coming up is a recap of the mixer. Traffic. Norwegian Cruise Line. Vai Sikahema:  Canada v. USA game is a 12pm. 32 players have teammates on the other team. USA women’s had a hard loss against Canada last night. Canada hasn’t been playing very well but the USA and Canada have similar styles so it should be a very good game. Having Russia not in the medal rounds has given the games a weird vibe. There is zero talk at the Olympic Games about the Ukraine. Vai’s son went on date with an Olympic athlete who’s warm-up dancing video went viral. Porn/Sex Addiction: New research has found that there is no basis that it is real. How do you stop sex addiction if you can’t just stop like in AA. Once a day is a lot but more than once a day is excessive. Casey thinks more than 8xs a week. Preston once did it 5xs in one day. Nick knows someone who did it 8xs a day. Research claims there is no real physical withdraw so it is not an addiction but an obsession. Preston’s favorite scenario is the MILF category. Kathy has never been on a porn site. Norwegian Cruise Line. Have to recap the mixer, there were many hookups.     

Disc 2
Track  1                          Time 7:54-8-11
We are at Revel, also you should get registered for the cruise. Traffic. Happy 27th birthday to Lindsey who met her husband Nick at the studio. Apparently last night there was some on the knee action in the hallway. Bizarre File: A couple’s Valentine’s date ended with a man getting stabbed in his face with a fork. They got in an argument and apparently he punched her in the face. They were both put in jail. Southern Western Virginia Pizza Hut was shut down when the manager was caught on type peeing in a sink. A 13 year-old Girl Scout started selling cookies outside of a cannabis clinic in Colorado. A 22 South Carolina man was convicted of murder after his rap lyrics were used as evidence. Robert McKevitt was fired after using a fork-lift to try to get his snagged candy-bar in a vending machine. Last night Preston went to get some Chex-mix at the vending machine and he hit the 2 twice and got bugles instead, he did end up getting his Chex-mix but he also ate the bugles. Preston remembered that he loved bugles. The meatball sandwiches are only served on Sunday’s during football and Nick couldn’t try one last night. Revel

Time 8:23-8:52 
Kicking back at Revel casino, Kathy needs a mimosa. Traffic. Preston is saying what’s up to Freddy at the craps table, Preston just won 100$. Casey was playing at the next table and he and Kathy noticed intern Eddie hanging on Preston’s shoulder while Preston tried to play craps. Mixer Recap: Royal Jelly Club The burlesque show after the mixer, around 12:30, was great. Within 20 min. couples were making out. Statistically there had to be the most hook-ups ever. Intern Kill Bill has a very good looking sister. Growing up she would bury the people Kill Bill killed. Listener Jake is Robert Irvine’s doppelganger and he had a successful night. Carrie is a teacher and is a little embarrassed because she participated in the sexist kiss contest. Coors light Ivan runs Royal Jelly and he was calling Preston baby last night. Intern’s looked great last night. Marisa brought over the couple who were making-out on the couch, finished the night out in the room. Preston makes them kiss. Rick saw a girl on her knees down the hallway. Gary Lauer Kathy asked if he slept last night and Gary said “I don’t do drugs.” He was the “mayor of the mixer.” He was a happy camper but he did not find love. He met a very special hand last night. Gary is still waiting to meet a special lady and he needs to stop leading off with “I need to get laid.” 

Time 9:05-9:25 
Thanks to Coors. Traffic. Revel. A listener Ciara wants to give Kathy a chrunchie. Ciara is from Longford and she brought the candy bars for the hosts. She did not hook-up with anyone last night. Giveaways 5 in 10: Debbie from Wilmington (casino games), Kevin from Pottstown (things that have nipples),Richie from BucksCo (winter Olympic events). Quick sports update Sweden advanced to the medal games. Back to the contest Jamie is from KOP (stores in the KOP mall), Alexis went to Rutgers (deli meats), Brandon from Tabernacle NJ (stripper names), last 2 names were touchy and slut  Maureen (Jersey towns). Norwegian Cruise lines. Coming up we have Black listna party and Super Pole party.      

Disc: 3                                                                    
Track  1                          Time 9:35-9:51
Live at Revel in the winter it is summer at AC. Traffic. Birthday shart out to Anthony Graci and Karen is giving a shart out to her boyfriend Ken. Scott Kreeger: Owner of the club. Everyone really loves the casino especially the showers. 89$ Mon-Thurs. There is a black-jack tournament next month, will give away 2 million $. Mussel Bar is Scott’s favorite restaurant. Bizarre File: Man accused of robbing convenience store with a pizza cutter. A cleaning woman in southern Italy accidently threw away artwork at an exhibition. If Francis Weaver is convicted of murder he will be a part of 3 generations of murderers. Francis Weaver was the person who turned in his father for murder. Jay Bishop left his 11 month old daughter in a running vehicle because he claims he was being chased by a bike gang. Stressed cows produce less milk. So a University study said that the song “Everybody Hurts” help boost milk production. As do other slow ballad like songs. Cows are not fond of Willie Nelson. 

Time 10:02- 10:17
Revel. LQ. Hollywood Trash: Miley Cyrus want to play tinker bell in a live action recording. Perez Hilton thinks Seal and Hedi Klum are back together. Meghan Fox and Brian Austin Green named their son Bohdi. LA. Music News: Katie Holmes doesn’t like New York anymore. Rob Zombie has scrapped his movie to make a movie about Broad Street Bullies in favor to make a horror movie. Three doors down has issued a statement about their bassist Todd Harrell who has been arrested for DUI. He is suspended from the band. Miles Kennedy almost worked with the instrumentals of Led Zeppelin. They rehearsed in the summer but the project never came to fruition. Norwegian Cruise Giveaway Adam will pick the winner. He participated in the balloon costume and accidently brought hookers back to his room. Winner is Jenna M Pallicori.    

Time 10:28- 10-38
Kathy has her mimosa and a massage. Wrap Up. Thank you’s to Scott Keeger, Ivan, Sue, and Friends at IMS audio and video. And to Coor’s light the sponsor. Being in the casino they have no idea what the weather is like. Fog is nature’s way of saying slow down dickhead. LOTD. WOW. Pierre’s in studio telling us what’s coming up. Thanks to sponsors. Next week guests. Black Listna Party and Super Pole party are next week. Nick will be at Harley Davidson tomorrow and Casey has a calendar raid and a charity basketball event. 

SQ: How many boathouses are on boathouse row?

SA: 16

LQ: Who did dancing on the ceiling? 

LA: That Black Guy

WoW: Oui

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