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Black Listna Party

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Time 6:15-6:25
Today will be high of 50! Traffic. News: A water main break has caused many people to be misplaced from their homes. A couple was sentenced to prison after two of their children died.  They chose not to take their children to a doctor saying that God would take care of them. The winning $425 million lottery ticket was sold in CA. Sports: JVR scored a goal in USA’s 5-2 win over the Czech Republic. The Canadian women’s hockey team is playing USA for the 4th time in the last 5 Olympics. Ted Alexandro in studio. Mark Burnett, Roma Downey, Diogo Morgado in studio today. WoW. Mixer - Revel. Plus our internet is down!

Time 6:36-7:04
Marcy Playground. Traffic. Stupid Q. Celebrity Birthdays: Rihanna, 26. Sidney Portier, 87. Cindy Crawford, 48. Lily Taylor, 47. Lauren Ambrose, 36. Charles Barkley, 51. Ivana Trump, 65. Patty Hearst, 60. Stupid A. Entertainment News: An explicit photo supposedly of Emma Stone is reportedly not her. Philip Seymour Hoffman left his entire estate to Mimi O’Donnell for his son. Liam Neeson was seen touring Boston College. John Travolta credits Scientology for helping him cope with his son’s death. The second Lego Movie may hit theaters earlier than thought.  Aren’t they doing a Lego Django Unchained? Jayden Smith tweeted his support of Shia LaBeouf’s recent antics. Patrick Stewart is taking being wrongfully outed as being gay in jest, saying “I have like 5 or 7 hetero friends and we totally drink beer and eat lots of chicken wings!” Ellen Degeneres won’t let gossip get to her. What got her up, looking at her bank account? Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are officially married. Aaron Paul spoke out his appearance on the Price is Right. Wellington, Florida will name Vanilla Ice its outstanding citizen of the year. Clips: Alicia Silverstone on Angels on Stardust. Anthony Bourdain on The Taste. Mixer.

Time 7:14-7:49
Kathy spilled coffee! Chuck – Put down the tarp! It’s a bad day. Traffic. Steve’s seen Preston go through this funk periodically over the years. There’s medicine you can take that’ll make you suicidal. An analysis of tweets says people are happier in the morning. Preston prefers morning, when it’s quiet. More than half a billion tweets were analyzed, and people got grumpier as the day went on. Casey actually thought about shooting people driving to work. International Insults: Chinese insult “your mother is a big turtle.” Spanish “I crap in the milk.” Another  “you sir, are ass dandruff.” Rocky – We are the same. Finnish “your mother married a reindeer.” Yiddish “may you lie in the ground and bake bagels.” Caller Michael knows “your mother is a whore” in Pilipino. German “you’re one who parks in the shade.” Jamaican “asswipe.” Albanian “f*** your eye whites.” Turkish “may the bow of a violin enter your anus.” Persian “try to paint my fart.” Japanese “twisted belly button.” Talk to the hand! Don’t slam the paper door on the way out! Your nipples look like Snow Caps. “May the cat eat you, then may the devil eat the cat.” May the dog eat the cat that ate the devil. E-i-e-i-o. Dutch “eel skin full of crap.” Romanian “I can blow farts in your spoon when the soup is too hot for you.” Italian “take a dump in your hand and then slap yourself.” Hindi “seat of a lizard’s ass.” Caller Lindsey, Polish “may your ass sprout boil in your sleep.” African “I hope your fingers change into fishing hooks and you get an itch on your balls.” Bulgarian “you are as ugly as salad.” Australian “may your ears turn into arseholes and crap on your shoulders.” Non-Stop. Black Listna Party next Friday. 

Time 7:59-8:12
Black Listna Party invites. Traffic. Nick has an appearance Saturday at Harley Davidson. Bizarre File: Two security officers/former Navy SEALS were found dead on the same container ship used in Captain Phillips. Two boys were hospitalized after a science project with model rockets went wrong and blew up their house. An AK man was charged with 1st degree murder after shooting into a car of teens for egging his house. 5 of 7 Japanese women who disappeared after a diving expedition were found by a fishing ship. A south Florida artist is facing criminal charges after smashing $1 million vase at a Miami art museum to protest the lack of local artists. Black Listna invites: A salute to the 1980s. Caller Kim has been to all of the Black Listna parties. I’m Kim with the boobs. It’s more like Boobs with the Kim. Caller Karen from South Philly is “the Prince fan.” She’s going to dress in neon with shoulder pads. Caller Delores. Zachary’s BBQ will cater. 

Time 8:23-8:43
Mixer is tonight. Traffic. Ted Alexandro in studio: So I’m here to pick you up? I drink a lot of coffee and wine. Coffee is there to get you going, wine is there to say “we’ll get them next time.” When you’re in your 20s you can treat any day like it’s the weekend. In your 40s, you pick Friday or Saturday and it ends early. Has a new hour special out called “I Did It,” based off realizations from your 40s. What do you still want to achieve? I’m not big on achievements. When you’re in your 40s you’ve done everything. Isn’t married, and isn’t looking for it. Doesn’t like the vows. “In sickness and in health” – how bad is the sickness? Hey man, are you going to be at the party on Saturday? I vow to. Valentine’s passed and he didn’t care. Kids are great, hates when people say their baby is flirting with him. The baby is eye-banging you. As a former music teacher, he only taught students 3 notes, they never caught on. Had a girl in his class who studied at Julliard, was in 5th grade. His show Teachers’ Lounge will be on Huffington Post next month. He opened for Louie CK, and was on his show. Ted was on Seth Meyers’ show a few days ago. You can pay any amount for “I Did It.” The highest payment was $51. How is mom? Catch him at Helium this weekend. 

Time 8:57 - 9:34
Traffic. Super Pole party is next week! List of prizes. Preston needs help, letter from a littler kid in March 2012, can’t read the address to write back. Casey deciphered it immediately.  US Hockey won again. Canada is struggling, semi-finals are today. Sweden vs Finland. Ladies gold metal today. Tonight at the Painfully Single intern Sarah will be in AC as a 21 year old for the first time. Kathy will be using the advice a fortune teller gave her at the casino tonight. Is it SAT time yet? A number of colleges no longer require SAT scores for admission. Standardized testing is a nightmare for most people – if you do poorly you can kiss your life goodbye. Nick had high SAT scores but was a terrible student. Bong rips I did right before the test did not help. Number 2 pencil and bong rips. A study shows no GPA difference between college students who were required to take the SATs and those who were not. The whole atmosphere of standardized testing is awful. Voice to text technology can help some with writing papers. Caller Jim was charged $1500 for prep. Caller Carol had to prepare for bar exam, it took two days. To get into med school you have to take the MCATs. Just replace the gavel with sutures. Caller Steven took philosophy class, final exam was one question: “Why?” Nick had a test with question “What are we all?” The answer was “dust in the wind.” Can you tell me another invention from Eli Whitney? He invented something other than the cotton gin? George Washington Carver didn’t invent peanut better. It was John Jiff, and was a murder/suicide that Carver witnessed. Bizarre File: A wild pack of Chihuahuas have been terrorizing a neighborhood by chasing kids and raiding yards. A man was restoring an ex-roommate’s home when the police beat him and maced him after not understanding his sign language. A woman who has dedicated her life to transforming her body to look like Body, is using hypnotherapy to be more clueless. Barack Obama’s image is being used to sell Viagra to men in Pakistan. 

Time 9:48-10:03
Volbeat – Angela Perfetto hates them. MMRBQ. Super Pole - Risque. Traffic. Kathy finally got past that level on Candy Crush! Was stuck in traffic and beat a hard level. Lesson Q. Hollywood Trash. Lesson A. Music News: Pierre sat down with Kings of Leon last night. Casey was at the show, thought it was great. Arctic Monkeys took home Brit awards for Best British Band and Best British Album. Coldplay will perform at the iTunes Festival in the US on opening night. Korn singer Jonathan Davis said in an interview that “Spike In My Veins” was about the future of the US. 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell was arrested again for a DUI. He is still awaiting trial for vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. Robert Plant is in sessions for his album with his band The Sensational Space Shifters. 

Time 10:07-10:25
Revel. Mark Burnett, Roma Downey in studio: Steve saw some of the Bible series, it was one of the highest rated series in all of TV history. It beat the Walking Dead. Headline was “God Beats Zombies.” Movie “Son of God” is a lot of the same cast from his Bible miniseries. Series was filmed in Morocco, and they decided they should make a movie. The last big movie about Jesus’ life was 49 years ago. Special effects in this movie are big. Steve always thought laughter and a human element was missing from other religious movies. Mark and Roma always joke that as a married couple that produce films together, they’re still talking! They wanted this to be gritty and just be an amazing relatable movie. Does that mean you had to leave Shark Tank out of the movie? They’re Christians and wanted to make this movie as quickly as possible without waiting for permission. Mark found Morocco by traveling around the world for Survivor. Roma plays Mary in the film. During the credits a song called “Mary Did You Know” sung by Cee Lo Green. Casey played Jesus in 5th grade. They were doing Pippin. People who followed Jesus didn’t know he was the savior, they thought he was the next king. Roma didn’t originally want to play Mary, she tried to get another actress for the role. Shot a series for ABC called AD, all about the first 10 years after the crucifixion. This is Mark’s favorite movie he’s ever worked on. There won’t be a movie about Jesus like this for another 30-40 years, and it will be seen by millions of people. The Pope was delivered a version of this film last week. Preston likes Shark Tank, it’s shown him not to invent anything. There’s a kids episode coming soon. Son Of God is in theaters next Friday. 

Time 10:34-10:43
Mixer tonight! Super Pole. Next thing is the Cardboard Classic! Hunting with Ted Nugent and Pierre Robert. WoW. Pierre was at Kings of Leon last night, got to interview the band. Did they ask for hunting advice? He’ll play some excerpts of the interview later. Thanks to Ted Alexandro, Mark Burnett, Roma Downey. Pierre admits coffee spills have taken him off the air before. Thanks to Waffatopia. Thanks to sponsors. Mixer. 

Lesson Q: What was the Simbionese Liberation Army’s favorite song?
A: Let’s Get It On

LotD: U

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