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Tomorrow on the show;

Ted Alexando (8:15)

Mark Burnett, Roma Downey & Diogo Morgado - Son Of God (9:30)

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Time 6:07-6:20

It’s Wednesday. Weather. Traffic. News: Former TV sportscaster Don Tollefson was charged with theft for stealing from charities. Used celebrity statues to get money and kept the money for himself. Authorities have arrested ironworker’s union members. Union boss Joe Dougherty was among 10 men arrested. Members used bats to beat people up who were nonunion workers. Man was shot in the face while answering the door. He was rushed to the hospital to undergo surgery. Sports: Winter Olympics men’s hockey Czech Republic beat Slovakia 5-3 to take on USA in quarter final. Latvia beat Switzerland 3-1. Now they will face Canada in the quarter final. USA is tired with Netherlands for the most medals at Olympics. Sixers lose to Cavaliers. They have lost 19 out of 22 games. Phillies pitcher Mike Adams might not be ready to pitch by Opening Day because of had right shoulder surgery last summer. 300 movie passes. Scott Hartnell is going to be in studio this morning. We are going to go live on Fox good day. Singles Mixer Revel. Secret text.

Time 6:32-7:07

The sun is nessacary at this point. Traffic. SQ: Birthdays: Tony Iommi; 66, Benicio del Toro; 47, Justine Bateman; 47, Jeff Daniels; 59, Ray Winstone; 57, Prince Andrew; 53, Haylie Duff; 29, Smokey Robinson; 74. SA Entertainment News: Deadline talked to Leonardo DiCaprio about the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Yea Uncle Roy is in the backyard. Winning an Oscar can be great success for the film. UK’s the guardian talked about Ellen Page being gay. She is 26. Michael Lohan’s girlfriend came out and said she faked the drama. She tweeted that she was being threatened by Michael Lohan by a knife. Kate Middleton brought Prince George to her friends kids christening. Josh Gad the voice of Olaf in the movie Frozen welcomed his second daughter with his wife Ida Darvish. We ask you to respect our privacy. Anne Hathaway is going to be a presenter at the Oscar’s. Michelle Rodriguez is dating 21 year old model Cara Delevingne. She has a unique look to her. A guy from Delco is at Children’s hospital because of because of astrocytoma, which is a cancerous tumor on the spinal cord. Christian Bale sent a picture with Dan’s the man on his face. Jason Sudeikis has to give up his partying ways. Olivia Wilde is anti-drug. Julianne Hough promised to stay single for an entire year. She is focusing on her work and loving life. Sharon Stone has gotten to a place where she accepts her aging body. You hear a trumpet solo when she crosses her legs with panties on. Clips: Three days to kill director McG, Mark Wahlberg for the Wahlberg’s. Singles Mixer Revel.

Time 7:20-7:48

Snow is going to dissipate. Traffic. Super Pole Party. Top 5 Common Themes people regret on the way out Steve wanted to do was somehow make the world a better place. He wants to be remembered in a positive light. 1. Most common regent among people was wishing to have the courage to live a life true to myself not the life others expected. Hot tub confessions. Caller Flossy is having regrets of not having enough patients with her mom. 2. I wish that I haven’t worked too hard. Preston wishes he would of finished school. Casey wishes he paid more attention in college. Caller Ed regrets never joining the Military. 3. I wish I had the courage to express my true feelings. 4. I wish I had the chance to stay in touch with my friends. Caller Rachel regrets switching schools, but doesn’t because she met her husband. 5. I wish I let myself be happier. Caller Britten wants to try to get into acting.

SQ: What airline was Sully Sluinburger aflying when he landed a plane in the Hudson.

SA: U.S. Airways.


Time 7:54-8:07

Live on Fox Good Day: new dating show called Naked Dating. They are going to put the bars in the appropriate place. They are going to go to places where being nude is allowed. You will notice them standing further apart. Preston thinks the show will fade out. We did a thing called the Bambi Hunt. Casey was strolling around naked. Traffic. Bizarre File: Chinese zookeeper saved a life of a mentally ill man after he offered his bodies for the tigers to eat. He climbed into the cage expecting the tigers to pounce on him. He was attacked by the male tiger. Tampa Man was charged with manslaughter after beating is roommate with his fist over a chicken foot. He was arrested 19 times. A backyard tattooist was arrested because he drew a penis on a man’s back. A woman cheats death after falling under freight train as she tries to jump on it. Secret text.

Time 8:18-8:50

Green Day American Idiot. Traffic. Pot Holes: Preston was driving last night and hit a pot hole. Steve was coming up City Line Ave and could see the pot hole and had to slow down. Casey cousin blew out a tire last night when he hit a pot hole. They are going to fill the pot holes with gravel for the time being. The pot holes are bad in between the lanes on highways. This is got to be good for the economy. Caller Kyle had two of his rims bent on 95 south. The roads by Casey’s development are only two lanes. On Steve’s way home he has to drive like he’s getting on 76 than swerve right onto the other lane to avoid pot holes. Caller Andrew drives a 21 foot trailer. A pot hole picked up the trailer and blew out the suspension on the trailer. Caller Kalie drives 422 and it is the road contractor’s job to fix the road and pot holes. Caller Brian hit a pot hole and blew a tire and had the wrong lock nut keys to take off tire. Caller Amy drives from Millville to Cherry Hill and hit pot hole and driving on a donut on 55. Caller Collin works for a tire whole seller the run flat tire runs for about 180 dollars markup. You don’t get discount scuba gear. Caller Casey drives a box truck and hit the top of his box truck with his head. Caller Dustin loves this weather. He owns a tow truck company business is 25% busier than last winter. Can we start our own tow truck company? Caller Joe went to Home Depot and picked up tar and fixed the pot hole himself. Caller Don says that Camel tow and Recovery is already taken. Caller Lisa a 911 dispatcher gets calls from tires and over turned cars from pot holes. An armored car flipped over because of a pot hole. Singles Mixer Revel.

Time 9:01-9:22

Joan Jet on WMMR. Traffic. Super Pole Party. Darren Stinson pointed a gun at a guy demanding his rock salt. They were pranking them using a gun. They are treating it as if it was a real gun. They are both 21. One guy drops to the ground thinking it was real. Candy Crush is going to make a lot of money they gained a half of billion dollars. 93 million people a day play the game. Casey has been crushing Candy Crush. Is on level 149 and was on 99 before the weekend started. Kathy will play if she is sitting in a doctor’s office. Casey only plays it for a hour. Steve’s wife only plays it for an hour. Preston stopped playing phone games. It’s a really good time killer. Caller Tim got to level 400 he would close his eyes and see the game. Powerball is over 400 billion. The Korean ladies that do Kathy’s nails always talks about her. Caller Conner got to a point where he couldn’t advance in the game. Caller Matt is at level 530 you finally get to meet God. Preston does easy cross word puzzles just to kill time. Secret text.

Time 9:32-9:59

Beastie Boys on WMMR. Singles Mixer Revel. Traffic. Scott Hartnell In Studio there was a captions practice. Feels good after 10 days off, he’s a little nervous. Took 3 or 4 days off and did workouts. Loves yoga, he can balance on his fingertips. Steve’s wife loves yoga. The Hartnell down foundation is figuring out ways to raise money. A few people did and didn’t like the idea of writing a children’s book. His sister sat down and did a lot of it. There is a part of the book where you’re moving up in age groups. He has been in Philly for 7 years. A lot of girls are playing hockey. Casey watched hockey for 2-3 minutes before he realized it was women. The biathlon got better when they took out the soup portion. The most exciting spot he has done was curling. It is pretty cool to watch. There is a rule where you have to have forward momentum while making a penalty shot. The U.S. hockey team used T. J. Oshie over and over again during the Olympic shootout. He hopes there is a Canada and U.S. final. Started his career in a foreign country. It’s cool to see rookie’s smiles on their face and just want to take them under your wing. The Flyers keep the Flyers alumni in Philadelphia and working. Preston got cut by his father’s putter. The Hartnell down foundation gets kids to go out and watch professional hockey player’s workout. He donates 50 dollars every time he falls down. Casey and Claude Giroux are going to bowl for at least 5 frames during his bowling event.

Time 10:10-10:41

Red Hot Chili Pepper Scar Tissue. Secret Text. Bizarre File: couples wedding celebration was interrupted by a fist fight over pork pie. Executions have sped up dramatically in Israel. 16 prisoners were released after they remembered the quaron. Even their lawyers where cowboy hats. A germen woman let her horse stay in her house. The horse got so conferrable he doesn’t want to leave. The horse is not a fan of the wind and rain. A woman had a 10 year old warrant. She rented a movie Monster in Law and never returned it. She never got a late notice. Bill Weston is wearing a mock turtle. There might have been an earthquake. Secret Text. Caller John felt a shake about 15 minutes ago. Caller Andrew felt something in Norristown. Caller Brian is in Bala saw a big flash. It felt like the earth moving under your feet. Preston was ascared. Caller Brian thought it was thunder. Bill Weston is coming to the mixer. Songs inspired by disasters LQ: Hollywood Trash: Justin Bieber 11 million dollar masion, Malin Åkerman ankle tattoo, Khloé Kardashian steps out in fur coat. LA: Music News: Bob Casale of the band Devo died from heart failure was 61 years old. His blood pressure dropped to low and passed away. Trent Reznor spoke about his performance with Dave Grohl at the Grammy’s saying it was a complete waste of time. My chemical romance released final song from current album. Former guitarist John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers is announcing going solo. Weezer released new song back to the shack. Eddie Vedder joined Bruce Springsteen and E Street band performing Highway to Hell in Melbourne Australia.

Time 10:35-11:03

Black Keys on WMMR. The big shake that we had earlier had to do with how cold the air is. Hey we can put stuff on our Frech Fries too. Wrap-Up: Pierre felt the shake and doesn’t think it was an earthquake. We had thunder snow over the weekend. LOTD. Tomorrow on the show Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and Diogo Morgado. Also comedian Ted Alexando.

LQ: Chicken feet don’t grow on what?

LA: Trees


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