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On tomorrow's show: 

              Chris Governa: 7am

              Robert Irvine: 8 am

              Brenda Song: 9:30 am 

Here's what happened on the show today:

Time 6:10-6:25

I like cheese sandwiches Weather. Traffic. News: 21,000 do not have power. The peak power outage peak was 850,000 after Wednesday’s storm. There is expected to be another storm on Wednesday. People need to learn what to do at an intersection when a stop light is out. People sat on an airplane for 7 hours. One person died in a multi-vehicle car crash on the Jersey turnpike. A tour bus crashed in south west PA when the driver lost control of the bus. Michael Sam is expected to be the first gay Football player. Sports: Blake Griffen had 26 pts. last night when LA beat the Sixers by a record breaking score. Flyers have a four game winning streak coming into the Olympic break. Oklahoma State star has been suspended for shoving a Texas Tech fan.  Chris Creveling- Bucks CO resident will compete in the short track speed skiing at the Olympics. Releasing MMRBQ information. Nick Elmi will be stopping by. Alison Dunlap will be giving information about her charity. Word of the Week Prize.

 Time 6:37- 7:12

Song about Temple Granden. Traffic. SQ. Birthdays: Elizabeth Banks: 40, Emma Roberts: 23, Laura Dern: 47, Greg Norman: 59, Mark Spitz:64, George Stephanopoulos: 53, Robert Wagner: 84, Chole Grace Moretz:17, Lenny Dykstra:51. SA. Lego movie was the winner at the Box office. Celebrity News: Fox has announced that the X factor is being canceled. Shia LaBeouf walked out of a press conference early and then walked the red carpet with a paper bag on his head. Russell Brand believes that Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death could have been prevented. Clint Eastwood saved a choking man’s life. Michael Jackson’s at his death was estimated to be worth 7 million dollars, now IRS is estimating it to be worth over a billion dollars. Dylan Farrow has responded to Woody Allen’s article that claims that Mia Farrow convinced Dylan that she was molested. Justin Bieber hit speeds of 130 mph before his arrest. Neil Patrick Harris dressed in drag to accept award at Harvard. Valentino got backlash for promoting Amy Adam’s carrying his bag to Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral. Clips: Kevin Bacon talks about his character in the Following. Nathan Fillion talks about Castle. Mixer Nicolas Elmi will be stopping by and MMRBQ reveal.  

 Time 7:23- 7:45

The Clash. Weather. Traffic. MMRBQ announcement in an hour. Olympics: Kathy thinks the opening ceremonies were boring that we were spoiled by Beijing, Steve thought it was cool. The Olympic ring didn’t open and the ceremony glossed over huge chunks of Russian history and played the song without any lyrics. Police choir sang Get Lucky. Winter Olympics have fewer athletes and fewer events. Have quirkier events like biathlon. 15 year old Russian ice skater is like a fairy. Kathy watched the downhill and saw that coaches sit in different trees along the course. Ashley Wagner mouthed this is BS-new Olympic meme. Jonny Quinn had to break through door to get out of the bathroom. Steve had to break out of the handicap stall in studio. Medal count: 2 Gold 2 Bronze. Netherlands and Norway are ahead. Skii jump is taller than Big Ben. Medal count up 5. Hockey starts tomorrow. USA, USA! The tax is 10,000 for a medal. 10 passes to Robo Cop 


Time 7:58- 8:09

MMRBQ announcement coming up. Word of the Week Prize. Traffic. Snow has gone from exciting to pain in the ass to boring. It’s like walking into a prison shower and spreading your own butt cheeks. It’s tiring constantly wearing this many clothes. Bizarre File:  Colorado executive committed suicide by shooting himself with a nail gun. His company is under investigation. In James City county Virginia a girl is being charged with child pornography for taking and sending naked pictures of herself. Parody Coffee shop mocking LA has gone viral. Lines are wrapped around the block. Women in Tokyo are threatening a sex boycott if men vote for Yoichi Masuzoe because he claims menstruation makes women unfit for government. NY strip club has a 25 ft. stripper pole and has a 3 stripper capacity. Give away gold dipped rose MMRBQ announcement.   

Time 8:20- 8:58

Weather. Video of little kid yelling up “Jesus make it warm” Traffic. Congratulations to Kyle McCardy for making the Air force Band. MMRBQ Announcement is Saturday May 10th at the Susquehanna center. The Bands: Fuel, Dropkick Murphys, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience, Volebeats, the headliner is: Rob Zombie. And Jim Breuer Band. Bill Weston with Jim Sutcliffe and Jeff Gordon. They are talking about getting everyone out. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon they are $49. 50- pavilion and 35- lawn. VIP sale starts Wednesday at 10 am. Beatles Salute Recap LL Cool J hosted it started with Ringo and Paul walking the Ed Sullivan studio with Letterman. Ed Sheeran played “In my Life”. Maroon 5 covered “All My Lovin’”. Stevie Wonder covered “We Can Work it Out” and “funk-a-fied it”. They did sweet little bio’s and interview’s and Paul discussed doing Yesterday on the Ed Sullivan show. The audience was multi-generational. Edited footage of Beatles doing “Don’t Let me Down” into Keith Urban and John Mayer playing it live. Julian Lennon should have been there but feel bad for him because John Lennon was not a good dad. Dhani Harrison looks like George and played “Something”. Paul and Ringo played “We get by with a Little Help from my Friends”. “Let it Be” was covered by Alicia Keys and John Legend. Joe Walsh and Ringo are brother-in-laws and became close friends by getting sober together. Preston defends Ringo. And Paul preforms “Sgt. Pepper”. Ended with everyone preforming “Hey Jude”. MMRBQ information recap. Nick Elmi will be here.

Time 9:10- 9:27

Word of the Week Prize and Mixer giveaway. Traffic. Nick Elmi is in studio Won Top Chef in Oct. had to wait until last week to tell people. Nick is 33 owns his restaurant. Top Chef has gravitas and the cooking process is pretty organic. Would cook when he was 6-7 and when he was 14-15 he had a day of the week he had to cook. Is always stuck with cooking at family gatherings, but also a bit of a control freak in the kitchen. Go to food is Pasta. Being able to sustain a restaurant is very difficult. Elmi’s plan is to hold onto Restaurant East Passyunk for a long time. Went to Culinary Institute of America. Owning a restaurant and working in a restaurant is very risky, 70% of restaurants fail within the first 3 years. Showing his cooking scars. Top Chef Winner gets 125,000. His restaurant is Laurel at 1617 East Passyunk Ave.


 Time 9:39- 10:03

Recap of MMRBQ set list. Traffic. Preston and Casey trip: this weekend they went away to play golf. They saw a Wawa in Florida, sold beer in the store, and it was very nice. Preston learned that Casey eats more than anyone else he has ever met. Casey trying to defend his eating habits- he loves soup. Casey gained 8 pounds over the weekend. Casey farted on a double parked Corvette on the way out of the restaurant. They went on an Alligator seeking mission and saw an 8 or 9 ft. one on the way to the airport. The golf course had lakes all around and is home to rattle snakes and alligators, though they didn’t see any there but did see an otter. Got in a hot tub together. On the 7th hole Casey hits a golf ball towards the resort and then loses sight of the ball. Then they see a golf ball in the parking lot. A day and a half later they find out the golf ball was Casey’s. Bizarre File: St. Louis man sentenced to 2 years’ probation for sending cat feces to companies that did not hire him. Denmark’s Copenhagen zoo killed a two year old giraffe and fed it to lions while patrons were there. The zoo said they couldn’t keep the giraffe because of risk of inbreeding.  A French judge said that a frozen chicken could be considered a weapon. Murder was committed because a man’s honey bucket was spilled accidently. Honey bucket is a poop bucket. Hawaii real estate is fairly cheap. Robo cop passes.

 Time 10:16- 10:32

Accidently started with Pomp and Circumstance. LQ Hollywood trash: Valentino was promoting Amy Adam’s bag she brought to Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral. There was a streakier at a fashion show. And Clint Eastwood saved a choking man’s life. LA. Music News: Chris Martin wants to move back to London he hasn’t been happy in LA. Daft Punk’s “Get Luck” was covered by the Russian’s Police choir. Bruce Springsteen covered “Highway to Hell” as a tribute to Van Scott. Gwen Stefani is expecting a baby boy and had her baby shower this weekend. Free Music Monday: Artic Monkeys: AM in stores at ADA. GETHRR: Michael McManus for Alison Dunlap donate a dollar once a month. Creating a community to inspire good and help out locally. Ex: High fives for soldiers. The organization also picks out what local projects to put the money towards. Gethrr instead of “get-her”. Donate through the website.

 Time 10:43- 10:52

Weather. Tired, hungrier, takes more time. Wrap Up: There are three different scenarios for this storm on Wed. Bruce Springsteen is playing at Hershey Park after the MMRBQ. MMRBQ set list recap. Thanks to Nick Elmi. Pierre went for a walk yesterday, this weather is causing a weariness. The temp at the Olympics is 60 degrees. LOTD: B, WoW, Marisa talks about her weekend Do AC trip. Robert Irvine is stopping by tomorrow.     


SQ: It is reported ironically that this animal is all southpaws.

SA: Polar Bears

LQ: Getting used to this weather is like getting into a prison shower and doing what

LA: Spreading your own butt cheeks

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