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Here's what happened on the show this morning:

Time 6:13-6:26
 Can you smell it? Soup baby. Soup there it is! Soup Bowl today. Traffic. News: Man shot after a robber snatched his girlfriend’s purse. He is listed in critical condition.  Firefighters fought massive 5 alarm fire in Trenton. Rescued one woman and aided several babies. Amanda Knox and boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito  were found guilty again in the murder of Meridith Kertcher again in Italy. Her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito  was convicted as well. Sports: Ducks beat Flyers. 76ers back home tonight against the Atlanta Hawks. Super bowl this Sunday. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:25. Morabito brought us Bread Bowls. 8 different restaurants bring in soup.  Soup bowls from Clay Studio Olde City. – cool bowls, hilarious business card.  Preston doesn’t think it’s possible to sample every soup but he’s going to try.  Party-goers will be here soon.  Easily the most ridiculous event in P&S history.  We also will have Justin Guaraní in the studio as our half-time entertainment. Nick Calender raid at the Wings game.

Time 6:35-7:08
Red Hot Chili Peppers. Soup Bowl today. Traffic. SQ Birthdays: Johnny Rotten: 58, Justin Timberlake: 33, Kerry Washington: 37, Portia Derosi, 41, Minnie Driver: 44, Anthony Lapaglia: 55, Kelly Lynch: 55, Harry Wayne Casey: 63, Nolan Ryan: 67. SA.  Entertainment News: Top secret Jerry Seinfeld project is soon to be released. Rob Ford has been defending Justin Bieber. “He’s a young guy, at 19 years old I wish I was as successful” Think of all the crack I could’ve bought. Preston loves the headline: “Lindsey Lohan loses her fur.” Part of her $75,000 night club went missing at a night club. Being back in the clubs? GREAT CALL. Kylie Jenner announces new clothing line Pac Sun. Christie Brinkley wearing bathing suit on cover of People Magazine at age 60. Scarlett Johansen was forced to step down as an Oxfam global ambassador. Rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker will replace editor-in-chief at Vogue. Zooey Deschanel discusses her fashion roles in Lucky magazine, stating “Daisy Dukes are not for people after 30.” Claims she will be coupling with Tommy Hilfiger for a new collection. Tommy Want Wingy: for the woman shaped like Chris Farley. McConaughey and Amy Adams to appear on Inside the Actors Studio.  Clips: Kate Winslet talks about film Labor Day. Chris Lowell talks about new show Enlisted about 3 brothers in the military. 

Time 7:20-7:49
It smells divine in here. Soup Bowl: Morabito Bakery has our bread bowl helmets we can’t wait. Traffic. Soup Bowl today. Lindsay our sexy soup eater from our calendar is on our hottie cam. Wings Calendar Raid. Preston thinks we should have a bowl contest “hottest bowl.” A listener has a “soup sandwich” set that says Preston & Steve Soup Bowl right on it. Preston will try the Tomato Basil for the first ceremonial soup ladling. I use a toilet brush to eat my soup. It’s awesome. We can bring in the bread bowl helmets now.  What’s great about them is they’re adjustable. We know how staggeringly stupid this is, but it’s so good. Lots of tweets from people now craving soup. Casey wants to start the soup revolution for Super Bowl parties Caller is using Super Bowl as another Thanksgiving. Texter: “Beer and weed.” Still 18,000 tickets available for the Super bowl on Tuesday. Steve thinks nothing can rival watching at home. Preston wouldn’t want to deal with traveling there and back. Casey said there is a campaign to move the Super bowl to a Saturday. I don’t get it. But I’m just a man with bread on his head.

SQ: Gene Stallings coached what football team to win the 1992 sugarbowl?

SA: Alabama.

Time 8:01-8:12

All is right in the world for Preston at the Soup Bowl. Everybody’s happy. Traffic. Steve’s favorite soup so far is Buffalo chicken. French Onion from Mel’s was fantastic as well. I’m going for the Kenneth Square Mushroom. That sounds like a dance Do the Kenneth Square Mushroom. Bizarre File: Man passed through a wood-chipper while cleaning it and actually lived. Man in Portland accidently shot himself in the testicles. An elementary school teacher was arrested for animal cruelty when police found hundreds of dead and dying ball pythons in his home. Also found an infestation of rats and mice that began cannibalizing each other. Chicago woman has been trapped inside her home for weeks because her door has been encased in ice. A neighbor’s leaking pipe has caused it to freeze. We have Motley Crue tickets to give away. Justin Guarini will be stopping by.

Time 8:24-8:59
Anastasia, Slash and Miles Kennedy. First Annual Soup Bowl Party! Traffic. Bill Weston has just entered the studio wearing a hazmat suit. “I just want to keep this a safe and clean workplace.” Congratulations on another fantastic stupid idea. Morabito’s. Preston is doing career day at his son’s school today. He’s kind of scared of the hundreds of 7th grader. Preston and Steve did a presentation at a Juvenile Delinquent facility. These kids were drawing on their notebooks ways to kill us. Google State keywords. Google did a map based on the most searched words about each state in the union. Example: Why is TX so big? Why is NY, CA, AK so expensive? Why is PA so … milf-tastic. It’s actually why is PA so haunted? Why is IL so corrupt? Why is TN so racist? Why is NJ so bad? Why is WV so poor? Why is NC so cheap? Why is SC so poor? Why is CO so fit? Why is UT so morman? Why is OR so good? Why is Delaware so boring? Casey wants to know what there is in DE that is awesome besides tax-free shopping. Casey would buy cigarettes down there because they were so cheap. Why is the Outer Banks so cigarettes? Caller Eric likes the Hagley Museum in DE. There is a tile factory up near New Hope that is unbelievable. Sassy caller Renee cites Firefly, beaches, and many other reasons to DE. Kathy purchases her alcohol in DE. They’ve been busting people crossing the border. Caller Ron says every time he’s in DE he doesn’t get tipped on furniture delivery. Preston had a guy work on his washer and he denied a tip. You wanna show gratitude? Pull on this. Justin Guarini is in studio!

Time 9:11-9:31
That was “Going the Distance”- Cake. Traffic. We have new ladies on our hottie cam. Our “soup bitches”. Justin Guarini. Your bread hats make you look like demented wise men. You are promoting Love Sick which will be at the Bucks County Playhouse Valentine’s day and the 15th. “This is my original show based on all the wacky places love has taken me in my life.” Love can make you do some crazy stuff. Just talk to OJ Simpson. “I’ve had more shorter relationships rather than long-term until I met my wife of 6 years.” It’s an “evening with” type show. Has a 9-piece funk band with him as well. Tells stories in between songs. “Love is the gap between wanting something and getting it.” Afterwards he will be in a Broadway show for 9 months. Working with Orlando Bloom: He really is a generous and nice guy. “I’m almost sad to say that there’s nothing bad about the guy.” Played live cover: “I’m so lonesome I could cry.” Aren’t there dudes who they’ll call in to be a whistling on an album?

Time 9:42-9:58
Hottie Cam girls charity. Models of Mayhem. Traffic. We have a variety of photos from the Soup Bowl Party. Morabito Bread Helmets. Bizarre File: Owner of a dog in Nigeria that bit a man’s penis has been arrested. Woman is ready to legally change her name to Sexy Crabtree. If the judge does not allow she may go for Sparkle Crabtree. Young boy was on car ride home and thought he saw a dog in a garage who was actually an old woman who had slipped and fallen, saving her life. A Seattle pot grower has named a powerful strain of marijuana “Beast-Mode” after Marshawn Lynch. Doctor from Calgary died after a failed flight in a wing suit in a Colorado River canyon. A man who apparently stole a ferry as a birthday present for himself has been arrested. Kevin Crowley: “I think I’m 5 bowls of soup deep.” He lives in Manyunk not far from Steve. We’ve got a game tomorrow night at the Wells Fargo Center 6:30-8:30.  You can pick up an official Wings calendar for free.  Wings are 2-3 on the season, just coming off a bye week and a road trip. Kevin is originally from Vancouver and his parents actually hold season tickets to the Vancouver Stealth. “Lacrosse is growing across the country.” Preston thinks ice lacrosse would be pretty intense. Tomorrow night is American Heroes Night so we’re recognizing armed forces, officers, firefighters, so come out and support.”

Time 10:10-10:29
Counting Crows- Mr. Jones. Preston’s in pain from all the soup. We are giving out bags of all kinds of soup courtesy of chunky Campbell’s soup. Thank you to Theresta LQ. Hollywood Trash- Amanda Knox sentenced- 28 years of Italian food, I’m gonna get so fat. Toxicology reports show Bieber was on marijuana and Xanax at the time of his arrest. LA. 4 tickets to the Philadelphia Golf show. Music News: Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith says Bruno Mars wanted them on board as a guest for the Super Bowl, they did not expect to be asked. He confirmed they will be playing at least one of their own songs. They are ready to start writing again soon with a different approach. Dave Grohl has opened up about the new Foo Fighters album saying, “We recorded something the other day that’s unlike anything we’ve ever done.” Rumors have it they will record 12 different songs in 12 different cities. An opera singer Renee Fleming will be doing the national Anthem at the super bowl this year, changing it up from pop singers. James Hetfield says Orion festival has been a disaster financially and will likely not happen again. TMZ captured footage of Daft Punk without their masks.  Taking callers to give away 4 packs of tickets to see IFrankenstein in theatres.

Time 10:37-10:56
We’ve eaten a whole lot of soup today at the Soup Bowl party. Chuck Demico wins the bread helmet of the day. Morabito Bakery. The plate and bowl combination with “Preston & Steve soup bowl” painted right on it takes the prize for the best soup bowl. Thank you to Justin Guarini for being here. He has his show Love Sick at Bucks County Playhouse Valentine’s day weekend. Thanks to Kevin Crowley Wings Calendar Raid.  Daddy Daughter Skate Date Tomorrow. Pierre is in studio and is amazed by the soup and loves the bread helmets. Thank You’s: Saladworks 10:44 / Soup King – 10:45 / Mel’s Kitchen 10:46 / Ladles Out 10:48 / Bridget Foy’s 10:49 / Iron Hill, The Restaurant Store, The Clay Studio, Liz Kinder Ceramics/ Campbell’s WoW. That’s it we’re done. Rage On.

LQ. Who always used to say “Shoot your ass, it’s better than your balls!”?
LA. Steve’s Mom



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